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This week, we’ll continue with the preparation of the two actors in the drama of canine reproduction. You may wish to look again at last week’s article on the subject.  Today is the continuation of those points.

Small dogs can be mated on a table with carpet for good footing. Support the female with hand under the pelvis.

The procedure for assisting at the mating of larger dogs requires two or three people.  The first holds the male on the leash. If the dog mounts at the side or front, that person gently pulls him off and heads him in the right direction, gently encouraging him to mount at the rear.  The second person sits on a stool at the bitch’s side. One knee supports the bitch’s abdomen. With one arm beneath the bitch, the tail is drawn in a circle around the outside of her opposite back leg and held.  A third person steadies the bitch from in front.

Intromission is a hit or miss affair for the male.  A cooperative and experienced female raises her vulva so that the male can make a straight entry into the vagina.  The person holding the bitch can make matters easier for the male by raising the vulva of the female with a hand placed between her legs.

Young and inexperienced males may become so excited that they ejaculate prior to intromission.  This is especially likely to occur, if an attempt is made to help the male by taking hold of his penis near the back of the shaft.  Having written all of the above, it must still be maintained that the least amount of human intervention, the better it is for the two dogs concerned.

If the bitch is ready to be mated, she will hold her tail to the side and stand quietly for the male while he mounts.  As the male begins to penetrate, he will grasp her with his forelegs around the loin and thrust forward raising her pelvis.  At full penetration, he will begin to tread up and down instead of thrusting forward.  A bulbular gland at the base of the penis swells and is clasped by the vulva.  This produces the ‘tie’ and stimulates the male to ejaculate.

After the ‘tie’ is accomplished, the male unclasps his forelegs and places both feet on the ground on the side of the bitch.  He may lift his hind leg over the back of the bitch so that the two stand back to back.  The dogs will remain joined (‘stuck’) for 10 to 30 minutes.  It is wise to have someone posted at the head of the bitch to steady her. Bitches may cry, whine or grunt during a tie.  This is not a cause for alarm.  The important thing is to be sure that the bitch does not become frightened and begin to struggle and try to pull away from the male.

When a dog and a bitch separate after a tie, momentarily it can be painful.  Be prepared for either one to make a sudden snap.  Please do not yank them apart.  When all the activity is finished, the two dogs will separate and part company.

A mating between a tall dog and a smaller bitch of the same breed can present a mechanical problem.The answer is to stand the male at a lower level or breed on a slope to equalize the difference.  Please also understand that it is not desirable to mate a huge dog (a Mastiff, say) and a Dachshund.

Besides the inanity associated with such a perverse undertaking, it is cruel, even dangerous, to the female dog during copulation and, later, when parturition (giving birth) time comes around.

Next week, we’ll deal with the actual mating act (the ‘tie’).

Please implement disease preventative measures (vaccinations, routine dewormings, monthly anti-heartworm medication, etc) and adopt-a-pet from the GSPCA’s Animal Clinic and Shelter at Robb Street and Orange Walk, if you have the wherewithal to care well for the animals.  Do not stray your unwanted pets, take them to the GSPCA’s Clinic and Shelter instead. If you do not wish your pet to have puppies or kittens, you may exploit the GSPCA’s free spay and neutering programme. If you see anyone being cruel to an animal, or if you need any technical information, please get in touch with the Clinic and Shelter by calling 226-4237.

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