Ambition and vision? Or just greed?

World Cup Football, Race Realities

Hello friends, today’s lecturette is both brief and also my personal search for assistance with regard to the issue raised in the caption.

So basically I ask questions which some folks would know the answers to quite easily. Some would speculate; some would wax philosophical and yet others would relate to the concepts, tradition and “ethnic” embrace of profit – only as well as unvarnished greed.

Every now and then I bother my few close friends by asking things to which, they feel, the answers are obvious. As a relevant, hypothetical opening I might ask: “Why, if I win a badly-needed lottery prize of fifty million, would I need to play thousands the very next week to win big again?” The fifty million would have taken complete care of all my major outstanding debts, allowances for my own and my family’s expenses of all types, then some savings for the future, even as we all continue to earn – if necessary.

Some fellows respond with two basic explanations: the distant future will always attract additional, increased expenses and, secondly, there are those who are professionally genuine about continuous investment for both personal and national development.

I accepted these reasonings conditionally. Because I still hold the view that too many moneyed men amongst us ruthlessly trade on corrupt insider deals to own more, to exclude others through subterfuge and just to control our economy and destiny. In my society, Frankly Speaking, the acquisition and investment scales are also seemingly tipped towards one ethnic group.

Reliable GUYSUCO sources tell me of a former high-ranking official who “backs” a company which will supply equipment to that corporation. That retired official, naturally, welcomed Parliament’s approval of billions to GUYSUCO’s “recovery”. That official enjoys retirement most lucrative and has investments most varied. Why this need -or want- for more, and more, and more? (And the dickens with tender procedures!)


Personal Vision,
Economic Sense

Significantly interesting to me, it was an Afro-Guyanese entrepreneur, investor and international adviser who paused to explain to me that not all businessmen, community leaders, investors or politicians are greedy, selfish self-seekers.

I was told of a world of personal, long term vision and ambition. Of such concepts as maximum utility, who-dies-with-the-most-wins and the challenge of accomplishment. So when I see certain families erecting multiple commercial edifices; when I know of a few who build housing estates, venture into gold or pharmaceuticals, I am to admire commitment to a future. (For whom, I thought.)

I countered silently, that there are those – some with political connections, others heavily involved in obvious illegal pursuits – who create debts and must fill holes and satisfy new lifestyles and status craved.

It does make economic sense to manage both investments and accumulated wealth. Whether by acumen, luck or happenstance a family’s assets must have sensible stewards who respect the present and the future. I’m told that Hindus, Muslims and Christians all have “religious” approaches to wealth, wealth creation – and distribution. Don’t bury the money, let it inspire growth. (For whom, I wonder.)

I hope we discover a Buffet or Gates in Guyana; to share all that excess they or their generations can’t use up. I pray that greed is not the only mantra. What do you think?


Race musings during football

This is my modern-day impish, mischievous musing whenever FIFA’s World Cup tournament comes around every four years. Whilst there are those who question FIFA’s motives when they locate the finals in countries considered to be under-developed, I muse also over the Ethnic/Racial make-up of the 32 teams at competition.

Migration of African and Asian peoples to European and American shores and into their sport has caused current colourful combinations representing “traditional” European Football teams especially. Imagine Afros representing Holland, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Switzerland. When will a Korean or Japanese play for Ghana or Belgium?

Years ago the Italians refused to allow a mixed-race girl to be Miss Italy. “She does not represent Italian identity”, they declared.

Wartime racist and ethnic-cleanser Adolf Hitler stormed out of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium when Afro-American Jesse Owens triumphed repeatedly. Hitler’s grave is now outraged when he sees Blacks representing the German Fatherland!

Alas, you grasp the poor-rich divide in Brazil when you see the thousands of spectators. Like at American Basketball tournaments, Afro-Brazilians are on the team on the field but in the stands! Discuss.


*1) Throughout Latin America, check for African-descended persons in high positions in government. Yes, even in Brazil –-or Cuba!

*2) I have the Parties’ Campaign 2011 Manifestoes. Do you? Manifesto – – ho-ho-ho!

*3) The PPP, two Saturdays ago, hosted a dinner-“interaction” with “young professionals and entrepreneurs”. It was “to boost young people’s morale and confidence”. And such like. Promoting partisan promises for the campaign – PPP/C?

‘Til next week!



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