PPP/C gov’t using Stalinist methods to stay in power – Nagamootoo

AFC vice-chairman Moses Nagamootoo has accused the PPP/C government of using “Stalinist” methods to stay in power.

In a statement today, Nagamootoo, a former longstanding PPP insider before stepping away in 2011, accused the party of adopting a “no elections are better than rigged elections” strategy and he warned that after the parliamentary recess was over there would be no more excuses for the government as it faces a no-confidence motion.

Nagamootoo’s statement follows:

I view as sinister the accusation made by the PPP’s Manzoor Nadir that the Chairman of the Elections Commission Dr. Steve Surujbally is in conspiracy with the opposition to hold either general or local government elections.
Whilst Dr. Surujbally dismissed the charge as “dottishness” and the public might believe that discredited political operatives like Nadir, according to PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, are not just “dumb dumbs”, there are now solid reasons to believe that the ruling clique is using Stalinist methods to hold on to power.
The attacks on peaceful protesters in Linden, Essequibo and Mahdia and the insane campaign to destroy the independent press, notably Stabroek News and Kaieteur News, are signs of Guyana’s descent into authoritarianism.
Not only would the PPP avoid elections, it would resort to all foul methods to silence dissent and criticisms, including the use of libel actions as a form of political struggle.
It is with bitterness and shame that we still remember the wild, beastly, “feral blast” against Ambassador Brent Hardt on America’s Independence Day for speaking out as democrats the world over would do, and calling for local government elections in Guyana, after no elections have been held in 17 years.
The PPP has sadly adopted a strategy that “no elections are better than rigged elections”, which is confirmed by its pantomime with its dum-dums gesturing that “the people are not ready for elections”; “the Elections Commission is not prepared for elections”; “the people have to be educated about elections”; “political reality does not favour elections”, and similar other crap.
It is a great dishonor to the legendary Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who fought since 1964 against electoral manipulation and for free and fair elections, that those who have seized the reins of power after his death would seek to take away the right of the Guyanese people to vote and elect their governing bodies at both local and national levels. Those who sacrificed to end slavery and indentureship fought for this right as well. When we won in 1953 universal adult suffrage, the right to vote became a sacred right.
Having mishandled power and corrupted it, the post-Jagan PPP is afraid of all elections. They squirm at the power of the vote, after the 2011 elections. We saw how even internal party selection processes have been manipulated to oust their own credible leaders such as Moses Nagamootoo and Ralph Ramkarran, which rigging has both impugned and tarnished the credibility of the PPP.
Now, faced with growing isolation and unpopularity, the leadership wants to hold on to government office not for the people, but for personal, selfish reasons and the interest of its cronies who have both state funds and national resources in the bag.
Apart from the attack on the Elections Commission Chairman, we also see the antics of the regime to disrate AFC’s no confidence motion in the government. The motion has these powerful 10 words: “THAT THIS NATIONAL ASSEMBLY HAS NO CONFIDENCE IN THE GOVERNMENT”. The PPP’s Peeping Tom wants to see more words added, or else the Courts would be asked to rule the motion unconstitutional. What utter nonsense! It’s like saying that the Moses’ Ten Commandments was deficient, because it is only 10. Or, that a guillotine ought to have more than one blade to be an acceptable guillotine!
The cowardly regime would be protesting, opposing and kicking right up to new elections, either local or national, or both. Its leaders scorn elections in much the same way as we hated Castor Oils when we were kids. But we learned that though bad in taste, it was cathartic and necessary to get the worms out!
Imagine, what new elections could do for Avenue of the Republic and Chanderpal’s Drive! It is time for the Augean’s stables of corrupt, wasteful, inefficient and broken government to be cleansed by the people in fresh elections.
The PPP has the summer break to come up with workable strategies for holding elections, and mitigate the losses it has suffered with acts of blatant violation of our Constitution, specific laws, and all norms of good governance and accountability. After this recess, there would be no more excuses. The motion is in motion. Time up, Donald!

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