• Kitty man shot dead in car by nervy householder

    -woman critical

    5 hours ago

    Police are investigating the murder of Colin Perreira, 25 years of  Kitty, and attempted murder of Gail Ann Chacon, 20 years, which occurred about 2110h. 0

  • Norton calls drug bond controversy learning experience

    As he prepares to seek re-election as Vice-Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Minister of Public Health Dr George Norton is asking members to see past his mistakes in addressing the controversial Sussex Street drug bond contract, while saying he acted on information given by his staff. 0

  • ‘Satan’ charged with murdering Two Sisters girl

    Alvin Reid

    Alvin Reid, known as ‘Satan,’ who police say is responsible for killing 14-year-old Malika Hamilton, was yesterday charged with her murder, while alleging that the police had beaten him for a confession. 0

  • Cabinet advises sending GPHC CEO on annual leave pending review of audit

    Cabinet has recommended that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Michael Khan proceed on annual leave to facilitate a review of the findings of the forensic audit into the institution. 0

  • State assets recovery body requires constitution reform – GHRA

    A successful State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) requires constitutional reform, the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) said yesterday. “The misgivings of the GHRA are less with technicalities than with the consequences of putting the Bill into effect in our current political environment.  0

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  • Queen’s Park oval receives poor rating from the ICC

    3 hours ago

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, CMC- The Queen’s Park oval in Trinidad and Tobago runs the risk of being sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after its outfield was given a “poor” rating by match referees. 0

  • GWI Debt Collection Manager sent on leave

    Guyana Water Inc (GWI) Debt Collection Manager Lear Goring has been sent on administrative leave following reports of his previous narcotics convictions in the United States. 0

  • Robb St man denied bail over alleged bribery of cop

    Veerasammy Narine

    Despite his lawyer’s claim that he suffers from a heart condition, the General Manager of a Robb Street business was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge that he attempted to bribe a police officer. 0

Barbados: moving towards elections

A call by Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart  to his Democratic Labour Party supporters not to “jump ship”, and advice to voters to rally once again in the party’s support, suggest that he is beginning to feel confident that the difficult days of economic reform for Barbados are coming to an end, and that his party can begin the task of pulling back those alienated by the harsh economic policies which his government, on the advice of the international financial institutions, has felt it necessary to pursue since the last elections of February 2013. 0

Airy Hall

Youngsters taking a ride

Photos by Joanna Dhanraj   Reggae music blared from a house and a few young men sat under a tree chatting, otherwise Airy Hall on the Essequibo Coast seemed super quiet.

The Olympic Games in Rio

Interviews by Dreylan Johnson with photos by Keno George This week, we asked the man and woman in the street for their thoughts on the Caribbean’s participation in the Olympics, the performances of the Guyanese athletes and what has been the highlight of the Olympics for them so far.

  • Getting to Golden

    Lifestyle Toast

    For this edition of Lifestyle, in keeping with the celebrations of 50 years of independence—Guyana’s Golden Jubilee—our theme is ‘Golden’. In a historical piece, we trace the steps to independence.