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Epsom is one of the smallest villages in the ancient county of Berbice. Located on the Corentyne Highway, 44.5 kilometres (27.6 miles) from New Amsterdam, the village has just about 30 houses.

Arts education in schools

This week we asked the man/woman in the street if more emphasis should be placed on arts education in schools. Their responses follow: Rosena Playter `Yes, because it will keep the children’s minds occupied, some may prefer arts and anything to do with drama and dancing rather than the book work.

  • ‘Jay’: Model and aspiring entrepreneur

    Parmanand ‘Jay’ Ramcharran is trending in Guyana’s modeling circles; it is unlikely that there is a renowned modeling agency or designer in Guyana who has never heard of him. 0

  • Brazilian police and squatters clash over eviction

      RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Protesters in the Brazilian city of Campinas set up barricades of wood and tyres yesterday as they battled military police trying to evict hundreds of people from squatter settlements where they had been living since July, local media reported.

  • Diplomatic noises on Guyana’s two most contentious borders

    Even at a time when the attention of Guyana’s coalition government is focused on energizing the country’s underperforming economy, the administration still cannot afford to allow its attention to wander from a foreign policy agenda that includes managing relations with two neighboring countries with which separate territorial controversies loom large.