Why are men pouting? 

During my work as an advocate for women, I cannot even begin to count the number of times a man has asked me, “What about the men?” Although I am a staunch believer in gender equality, this phrase always catches me off guard because it is an ironic question in so many ways.

Afghanistan’s terrorized women

Mohammad Musa Mahmodi is Executive Director of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission.By Mohammad Musa Mahmodi KABUL – Recently, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) office in Kudoz province reported the rescue of a young woman who had been imprisoned in her in-laws’ dungeon for seven months.

Abortion rights and wrongs

I have never written about abortion before because I attempt to steer clear of polarising subjects. However, since women are dying and allegations are circulating about the rape of women seeking abortions, now seems like a good time to address this sensitive issue.

Opposition made huge blunder

Notwithstanding all the opposition talk of seeking to create a new political culture in Guyana, its recent antics are as old as the hills, but the PPP/C is not without fault and should not use the opposition’s faux pas to prevent us from moving forward in a timely and efficacious manner.

Rotating speaker is a good suggestion

The current discourse about the election of a speaker for our new National Assembly has been variously described and assessed but here I will discuss the opportunity it presents us to identify and contemplate some important issues, the nature of which are likely to stay with us as we go forward in the present political context.

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