Dandelion Rubber

20100118 dave

No, that’s not a misprint; you saw it right.  There is such a thing as rubber from the dandelion plant; that yellow-flower weed that grows like crazy over a piece of land left unused.

A Decade of Women Parliamentarians

Viola Burnham

History this week… No. 2/2010 By Cecilia  McAlmont Introduction It was thirty years ago (in the month of February to be exact) that the party then in power, the People’s National Congress (PNC) introduced a new constitution called the People’s Constitution.

Financing Economic Development: The State Development Bank Option


Part 2By Tarron KhemrajIntroduction A State Development Bank (SDB) could be an important aspect of the financial system, which channels the society’s savings (cash and financial assets of households and government) to the private sector to invest in production activities (bio-fuels, agro-industrial processing, other manufacturing, financial services, eco-tourism, art and cultural industries, etc).