Frankly Speaking

Opportunities to serve – and Lincoln’s take

- his mother wasted nine months?

(but did she disappoint him?) In my earlier life, or a phase thereof, both as a young professional and a more activist political Party member, I was obliged to attend most, if not all, of the Congresses and General Council gatherings of the “paramount” People’s National Congress (PNC) – my party of choice.

Career criminals studying law

-Bharrat’s hostile, critical support?

I don’t mean that the “professional”, recidivist criminals are actually choosing law school to qualify themselves as attorneys. Though there just might be some qualified law professionals who are tempted to try illegal things because they can extricate themselves from any possible negative consequences, I’m referring to those individuals who have decided on a life of crime and who, often guided by their legal counsel’s advice, briefs and defence- performance in courts, educate themselves as to possible acquittal scenarios and possibilities.

Corruption, Corruption, Everywhere

- Scaremongering? The President, The Minister – and My Citizenship

Today this should be my most brief in weeks. Much of it is necessary summarised repetition. To me, necessary because although (global) context is generally useful in locating issues, even theories, our once-innocent Guyana has recently ranked significantly high on the international listings of States that are characterized by pervasive government–generated and executive–friendly corruption.

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