Frankly Speaking

As May looms: Arrivals and departures

- Exploring a PYO mind

Next week Friday is Labour Day .

On funerals, transitions and corruption

- preparing for electoral defeat

Determined to be time–out brief today even as others plunge real deep into the electoral politics of the current robust campaigns .

Post-Nomination Day : Cheated?; Not Defeated?

-Dayclean breaks for the Coalition

As I wrote and promised three columns ago, today’s very brief piece is another contribution from me to GECOM’s and the political parties’ Voter Education process and efforts .

Cheddi’s sugar workers, as voters

-On Jesus, Christianity and Easter

“At the graveside the emotional outbursts of the windows and relatives of the deceased had been intensely distressing and I could not restrain my tears .

The Politics of Perks

-Homer’s cocaine – and God

Months before the 2011 elections, I wrote a very short piece in this column which carried the same caption as the lead today .

Being simple, effective, about voter-education

-Guns – and Fenty’s Agricola-again

Hello you electors/voters .

Dealing with the Campaign, the “Season”

-Constable Conray and his Superiors

There will be those amongst the Guyanese population who will be indifferent towards the May General Elections .

Women in Politics, Ladies in Government

A Government as a Cartel

I trust I’m not guilty, today, of editorial laziness, content-wise .

Personal, Professional Integrity

Serving the Nation – and the devils

Since Sunday, after the PPP’s announcement identifying President Ramotar’s Prime Ministerial running mate, speculation has been vigorously rife on two fronts: Why and how was that quiet-spoken, charming professional chosen? And why – in Heaven’s name – did she accept such a high profile political offer?Not since Joe Hamilton’s 2011 defection from his PNC, whose anti-PPP street protests he led in 97/98, has such a campaign/political move caught me by impressive surprise .

Hey, it’s African History Month, remember?

What The PPP wants – and will do

-Are Banks allowed to be naughty?I spared myself a day or two before finally deciding that I would dare offer a reminder–comment to the populace, generally, and to African-descended Guyanese specifically that February is usually deemed African History Month .

Our four newspapers at this time

-When Nurse Barkot delivered baby Barrot

- ISIS: A global threat?I suppose it’s no irony; just his many assignments and publications which resulted in Historian David Granger- currently the political Opposition Leader- producing a booklet on a summarized history of Guyana’s (earliest) Newspapers .

Our Guyana, a narco safe-haven?

- My Free Campaign Tips

We’re 22 today!Let’s do a layman’s “analytical” breakdown of the elements, institutional assistance experts, expertise, environment and other personnel needed to deem a society, a country, a State, a narco- friendly place .

In the mind of a PPP Minister

A layman wonders about local aviation

Greetings .

The Republic and Mashramani in an Election year

-Campaign Financing: The PPP and others

I loved – and still do like – our national Song of the Republic .

Issues just fade away… (Our Role)

-Prolonging Power, Political Audacity

I’m hoping that I should be thankful for the young amongst us .

Beaten? Enduring to the bitter end?

Prognostications 2015

On this, our first day of the New Year, I should be concentrating on beginnings, not endings .

Diabetics United – The World and Guyana

- A case for cautious eating

- And their funding comes from?I had touched upon my lead subject a few columns back, writing during a vacation abroad .

Civil society, Civil Christmas

“Politicians Think Power, Leaders Empower”

- Americans against Christmas?With a mere five days to the December twenty-fifth date chosen by some long-time Christian (?)Religious/Imperial Hierarchy as the day to celebrate the birth of God the son, here I go discussing Guyana’s Civil Society .

Cool Christmas, muted Mash, just Elections’

-A visitor’s Americana (Dec. 2014)

The Euro-American traditional Christmas-time music included a song called “Blue Christmas” .

The employed poor: Thanks! For the contempt?

- saving the country from an evil regime

When the late President Hoyte facilitated the return of a relatively free Press – the Stabroek News and the freeing up of the importation of newsprint – and the re-importation of flour and other banned or restricted consumer items, legacies of the rigid Burnham policies, most of the country could breathe again and demonstrated gratitude to Hugh Dessie .

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