Frankly Speaking

Integrity extinct in the corruptocracy?

-monitoring prorogation and campaigns

Here comes one of my university-of-life/faculty-of-the-streets lecturettes today .

It’s the Constitution! As Donald Duck(s)

Again the Guns, the Police, the Community

And snippets from the protestYou “regulars” know me .

Confronting a common enemy. How?

- Gunshots in home – and church!

Greetings to all friends .

Planning the party’s press conference

-H.D. Hoyte’s aggression, 18 years ago

Many would appreciate that I often endeavour to “try something a little different “when numerous other contributors zoom in on the socio–political, socio– economic or hot current issues of the day .

Forever the wretched of the earth?

- development projects from both sides

Welcome again to one of my “time-out” days when I promise – or attempt – to be most brief .

Kwayana’s Guyana, then and now

-Big Brother Don? All-Seeing Glenn?

Hardly the socio-political analyst as others claim qualifications to be, I’ll limit this lead item to my personal remembrances, anecdotes and opinions – the latter deduced from both reasonable belief and speculation .

Acquittals – not guilty, but not innocent

Possession of Narcotics

… For purposes of traffickingGreetings! Sure, my regulars will easily detect that I’m recycling thoughts on this issue today, even as my own record of these columns indicate that I essay comments along these lines at least once per year .

Indefatigable, ubiquitous: Minister M I Ali

- and PPP finance secretary too!

- Local government? Community management? How?Because of this weekend’s Trade Exposition and Fair – GuyExpo – and because I have been reading a few letters-to-editors describing the PPP and its ministers in rather harsh language, I’ve chosen to mention, with some emphasis one rather publicly-vibrant one: Mohamed Irfaan Ali .

Our ‘race’ question: Personal observations

Douglahs can be ‘racial’ too…

Fenty Last Friday, Granger tooIn comparison to a majority of our local social scientists, historians, perhaps, political analysts and, of course, politicians, mine would be a minority viewpoint .

Frankly rambling today

Squandermania; executive bullyism

American teens, Muslim global presenceSome weeks I do tire over the choice of topics or issues .

The Lists, The Laws, The Elections…

Police- Community Relationships- Some Basics

This is one of those Fridays I wanted for my time-out brevity .

Two Presidents chatting

-On Election Day, soon

In the USA, where thousands of my countrymen reside, former Presidents are still addressed as “President .

Bharrat Who? Some Jagdeo legacies

—And Opposition Responses(?)

I know that I have had cause to express my curious appreciation of those columnists and dedicated letter writers – based in Georgetown and overseas – who, virtually, daily, lambaste Bharrat Jagdeo, his heirs and wannabes, most relentlessly with a view to regime change .

Some annual August-time reminiscences

Extreme depravity – the Depths

I tire truly of the world’s and Guyana’s sordid goings-on .

Our dirty money, the DEA and the Bible

Urgently needed? `Chinese–proof’ officials?

If even regarded by some as ramblings or waffle, I return to my lead issues with pointed brevity .

Re-assessing the Brigadier, briefly, APNU? Who?

-Losing our soul in Guyana’s “Summer”

I can claim to be no political scientist nor analyst .

The brigadier’s “explosive sounds”

- Comrade Clarissa, Comrade Aubrey

Within a five–day period thousands of us interested enough were able to be treated to varied “explosions of sound” emanating from the PNC/APNU/Parliamentary Opposition Leader, retired Army Brigadier, David Granger .

Guyana’s Murderous Madness

-Bharrat, Benjie, Basmattie

- The Politics of the Seventh ParliamentIn these Op-Ed pieces one is given to (hopefully) well-thought out analyses and conclusions, strongly-held, truth-and-fact views, sometimes preachy “lectures” and heavily-referenced or endorsed dissertations .

Respect? Why Bother? But we must

-Civil Society: The Cynics and Caricom

Two most brief lecturettes today as senior years muse on values and virtues lost, providing origins and causes for our socio-national decline .

Some presidential responses?

-For whom do they speak?

Your might detect, rather easily, that I tend to leave some of the more topical issues to those commentators eminently qualified to analyse and share opinions on the numerous matters of “national significance” .

Guyana’s Civil Society, Too Civil?

Frankly Speaking – A.A. Fenty

-Our 2014 “Summer” has arrived These brief notes on my lead subject are occasioned by both my involvement in and with a Non- Government, Civil Society Public Policy Group and two recent letters to the Press .

On campaign funding and related issues

- Comrade Komal and GUYSUCO

I actually missed the news item on Gecom and campaign funding which one friend mentioned .

Ambition and vision? Or just greed?

World Cup Football, Race Realities

Hello friends, today’s lecturette is both brief and also my personal search for assistance with regard to the issue raised in the caption .

Weddings, marriage and love (?) in June

-Guyanese fatherhood – and PPP/C Football

Another Friday of my trying to be more light-hearted than intense or profound .

Some real cocaine scenarios

-Mannie and Maimoom own the Marriott

A few columns ago I took you all to GUYISLE, that independent state off the five Guianas Shield .

“This whole country needs an IMC (steuups!)”

- Guyana’s First Douglahs

Yes, my regular readers would discern whenever I attempt to be escapist .

Identity challenge – and losing our soul

Why the Islanders supported corruption

The Law and Karan’s NoseSo the world is now a Global Village? How did that phenomenon come about? Because all of present-day mankind – ethnicities, races, religions – originated in one place, Africa’?Because of continuous migration and modern communication technology?Early intrepid explorers, sometime aided and rewarded by greedy ambitious Emperors, Kings, Queens and “Conquerors” of every hue, carved out “countries” from the spoils of invasions, occupations and settlement .

Protesting and picketing – then and now

  -Still coming: Inside this ministryThe Guyana Constitution, under the provisions which “guarantee” our Rights and Freedoms, permits, even protects citizens wishing to engage in peaceful public protests and demonstrations against the widest possible range of issues which those citizens deem unjust or somehow against personal, community, workplace or national well–being .

Our Judicial World – Off-Limits? Independent

Ezekiel, Farrakhan, Flight 370 - and WheelsA little less than two years ago I dared to venture out of my depth to explore the lead topic indicated above .

South of the border – and military AID

Seven Self-Employed Bandits,Crime as “Employment”Not with an actual “heavy heart” but with some deliberation, I restrained myself from personal commentary on yesterday’s Labour Day or on Monday’s Arrival Day .

My own “Crimewatch Guyana”

  -Abduction, Detection, ProsecutionBelieve me friends, there is no joy, no “satisfaction” having to broach such issues as indicated in my caption -   crime, abduction et al .

Faith, Matthew – and my friend Didymus

- No Easter, No Faith

Today, of course, is the Christians’ Good Friday .

Wanted: Integrity at the top – and Commissioner Felix

Even though I am a relative dinosaur, still not (idiot -) friendly with computers, I welcome the few, but pointed, responses to last Friday’s offering: ‘Inside GuySuCo, today’s ideal police commissioner’ .

Inside GUYSUCO: Its directors, its managers

Today’s ideal Police Commissioner

When I considered exploring today’s lead issue, during last week .

On budgets and growing old

-Western aid equals poverty?

It is my habit to leave weightier issues like National Budget Analyses to those much better qualified .

Law, order and standards: A Granger Presidency?

Poor people’s money and just two roads

Personal and collective respect for law, order, discipline, reasonably-civilised standards of behaviour, service and of living itself .

The bandits’ briefing – and love-making

Our Sugar: Competence, Decisions

The Bandits’ Briefing/Meeting is the Summary of the Minutes of my own sometimes – creative mind .

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