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Gold in the land, gold in the water

Attracting thievery and corruption

Bartica boys, backdams and banks Did Rasul ever hear or read about Raleigh? What am I really asking? Okay, I’m wondering whether the Bartica fellow accused of suspicious multi-million “gold” transactions knows anything at all about the English Explorer Sir Walter Raleigh who came to the early Guiana in the late fourteenth century searching frantically for a City of Gold – Manoa del Dorado or El Dorado.

The headstart – how executive criminals escape

-Ryhaan’s bound-yard

Are they “executive criminals” or “criminal executives?” You choose any appropriate description for those greedy selfish persons who, once elected or catapulted into high public office, use governmental corridors of power to illegally secure wealth from the public purse, exclusively for their inner circle of relatives, friends, cronies and comrades.

Our Guyana: A plural society,collusion or cohesion?

-Homosexuality, Granny and `social progressives’

Even if out of my depth, I’m trying to wax provocative today on two social issues, local and worldwide. Our Brigadier-Historian-President, His Excellency David Arthur Granger is managing to sound consistently articulate quite frequently to the point of bordering on profound oratory with respect to numerous issues of national significance.

Competent community government?

-Independent editorial management?

-On judging art and talent Before I invoke the early warnings of former Member of Parliament, UG lecturer and knowledgeable commentator Sherwood Lowe, I offer anecdotal observations relevant – even if indirectly – to this lead topic.

Elections 2020 and the Republic’s Jubilee

-Judging Calypsoes- without `commentary’

General Elections? Another Jubilee already? Well, yes. You-all think I’m being way too premature? Think again. Every day Bharrat Jagdeo’s new People’s Progressive Party (PPP) seizes on the woeful missteps and blunders of the Granger Coalition and actually campaigns towards the elections, scheduled for 2020.

Collision and confrontation versus co-operation

-Loving, respecting, empowering women

– 24 years not out today!! One of my New Year’s prognostications about probable Granger Cabinet changes came through swiftly, (though we were “assured” such would not have occurred.) Believe me then that I had wondered quietly why – or if – someone like Elisabeth Harper (who would be a Prime Minister) couldn’t be tapped for her expertise and institutional acumen at the APNU+AFC Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

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