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Human nature: Politics, position – and power

Black History – and ideas for black business

Basdeo questions Bharrat After completing twenty-three years within this ‘paper and column, regulars would appreciate that I am not given to – or can’t manage – the more academic, more analytical/philosophical reviews and assessments, whilst discussing or exploring issues.

A just life for our murderers

A President of pardons and compassion?

Just one anniversary IdeaAgain disregarding my preference for staying away from certain “hot” issues that attract current national attention from the more qualified, I nevertheless, feel obliged to repeat my own perspectives on matters related to capital punishment.

“Is fifteen year we selling hay now”

-Dunbar, Hitler, Merkel, Europe

What follows, from paragraph two hereunder, are my recycled thoughts first published here more than three years ago. They merit timely repetition today because the Georgetown Municipality’s attempts to regularize or upgrade haphazard, even illegal vending, squatting, years-long violation of City by-laws have attracted quite a few self- righteous criticisms from the community or the “brigade” of vendors and their self-appointed representatives.

Responding to the PPP: Why? When?

-Our vote, our voice - managing ourselves

During May-June last year   they solemnly and spitefully promised to deliver what we – meaning all those not with them – seem to be receiving: A cheated-not-defeated/oppose-expose-depose parliamentary and political opposition.

My now usual Christmas woes

- Mr Farook, U.S. Citizen; Mr Hongbo, Guyanese Citizen

Okay my annual Yuletide lamentation is becoming, for me, as traditional as all the universal and (very) local activities and traditions now associated with this “joyous” Christians Festival being celebrated in December.

A recent PPP strategy session

-That 1955 split, Cheddi, Ashton, Forbes

I invite readers, both my regulars and casual fans, to decide whether (all) the following is factual, true and an accurate record of a very recent war-room-type strategy meeting by executives of the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), as they planned another round of responses to all the Granger government is doing right and doing wrong as they, the PPP, fights to stay relevant even necessary.

Travis and the Traffic Chief

-Cheddi’s Red House – and the split

Ignoring my preference for avoiding immediate comment on issues of simmering significance, sometimes better left to others blessed with sharper intellects, wider experience and more analytical attributes, I, never-the-less, plunge into two conversations today.

Union relevance, from Critchlow to Carvil

- The NYPD in G.T., Our diaspora

Do I dare ask? How relevant is trade unionism in Guyana today? (I’ve just done so.) Unnecessary question you say? Because if Guyana is supposed to be a modern democracy one element of that status is the right of workers to be represented by trade unions of their considered choice.

Taking Venezuela (more) seriously

- Those wasted billions!

Today is to be among my briefest offerings. But hopefully, effectively terse and pointed. And the observations and shared opinions and advisories which follow are substantially derived from the views of editorial print media writers of this past Sunday.

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