Frankly Speaking

A recent PPP strategy session

-That 1955 split, Cheddi, Ashton, Forbes

I invite readers, both my regulars and casual fans, to decide whether (all) the following is factual, true and an accurate record of a very recent war-room-type strategy meeting by executives of the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), as they planned another round of responses to all the Granger government is doing right and doing wrong as they, the PPP, fights to stay relevant even necessary.

Travis and the Traffic Chief

-Cheddi’s Red House – and the split

Ignoring my preference for avoiding immediate comment on issues of simmering significance, sometimes better left to others blessed with sharper intellects, wider experience and more analytical attributes, I, never-the-less, plunge into two conversations today.

Union relevance, from Critchlow to Carvil

- The NYPD in G.T., Our diaspora

Do I dare ask? How relevant is trade unionism in Guyana today? (I’ve just done so.) Unnecessary question you say? Because if Guyana is supposed to be a modern democracy one element of that status is the right of workers to be represented by trade unions of their considered choice.

Taking Venezuela (more) seriously

- Those wasted billions!

Today is to be among my briefest offerings. But hopefully, effectively terse and pointed. And the observations and shared opinions and advisories which follow are substantially derived from the views of editorial print media writers of this past Sunday.

In support of our public servants

-Secrets Comrade Bharrat knows?

Three “trivially significant” and introductory points: Public Servant above refer to workers employed by the Government via numerous entities. Next, I have utilized, for many years, the late Leslie Melville’s description of the nation’s traditional Public Servants as the “Employed Poor.” Lastly, towards the end of 1992, I played a role in the administration/management

Opportunities to serve – and Lincoln’s take

- his mother wasted nine months?

(but did she disappoint him?) In my earlier life, or a phase thereof, both as a young professional and a more activist political Party member, I was obliged to attend most, if not all, of the Congresses and General Council gatherings of the “paramount” People’s National Congress (PNC) – my party of choice.

Career criminals studying law

-Bharrat’s hostile, critical support?

I don’t mean that the “professional”, recidivist criminals are actually choosing law school to qualify themselves as attorneys. Though there just might be some qualified law professionals who are tempted to try illegal things because they can extricate themselves from any possible negative consequences, I’m referring to those individuals who have decided on a life of crime and who, often guided by their legal counsel’s advice, briefs and defence- performance in courts, educate themselves as to possible acquittal scenarios and possibilities.

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