Codiaeum commonly called crotons belong to the Euphorbiaceae family, which has its origins in Asia: mainly Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. 0

Inequality, immigration, and hypocrisy

Kenneth Rogoff

This article was received from Project Syndicate, an international not-for-profit association of newspapers dedicated to hosting a global debate on the key issues shaping our world Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard University and recipient of the 2011 Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics, was the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund from 2001 to 2003. 0

Winning and losing elections

(In the interest of a peaceful election climate, Stabroek News has agreed to publish this column by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Roman Catholic Church.) In Guyana, as elsewhere, the rejection of results can easily fuel social tensions and introduce uncertainties that all too often result in violence. 0

In transition

Sometimes in life we are in the middle of a major social transition on a national scale, but the intensity of the movement and the frenzy of it can often reach such a pitch that we are not able to see past the furor and recognize, at a deeper level, the fundamental alteration that is taking place. 0