Revisiting the Nicil controversy

Accountability Watch

Part I Introduction I briefly watched the NCN debate on corruption as it relates to NICIL, and I cannot help but form the impression, as in the case of the earlier debates, that the government is trying its best to present to the nation its version to counter the various allegations of corruption.

Amerindians and perceptions


If one were to look at the heritage of Amerindian arts and culture in Guyana from the perspective of records and treatment in the colonial period one will find mixed attitudes and treatments – from serious study to superficiality, stereotyping and romanticism; from thorough and valuable documentation to disapproval and scepticism. 

There ought to be foreboding

20120923Mr President

The US presidential election 2012 By Ronald Austin As I write the American media are in a frenzy over remarks made by Mitt Romney in much the same way that they were a few weeks ago when Ted Aiken delivered his opinion that illegitimate rape does not lead to a pregnancy.

Breeding problems

An inquisitive little kitten at the GSPCA, who is waiting for a good home (She is female but has been spayed.)

Last week, we spoke about the actual mechanics of the intercourse between a male dog and a bitch.  We mentioned that after intromission a knot at the base of the penis, called the ‘glandular bulb’, becomes swollen. 

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Most Read This Week

  1. A police officer attempts to escort Rushelle Gittens out of the court compound

    Woman threatens to kill cop at city court complex

  2. Colin Rodney

    Cop charged with taking bribes

  3. Marisha Bowen

    Bahamian man charged with killing Guyanese teacher

  4. Citizens fleeing country due to crime, IAC says

  5. Tricia Loo

    East Canje woman jailed over cocaine in suitcases

  6. 15-year-old charged with murdering suspect in sister’s abuse

  7. Jean Rodrigues

    Woman shot in crossfire between cop, fleeing bandit

  8. Courtenay Griffith’s home in Lodge that is earmarked to be demolished.

    City to tear down 52 derelict buildings

  9. Linda, the mother of the suspect, displaying his football gear and accolades in a bid to prove his innocence in front of the Brickdam Police Station.

    Mother turns in alleged suspect in market shooting

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