Assessing a significant year

What? No Prognostications?

Naturally there will be numerous reviews of 2011 as the year winds down tomorrow.  So my offering here can be brief as various journalists recount straight happenings and significant news “stories”, whilst other seasoned commentators employ their personal perspectives and scientific analyses to pass judgement on the year.

Christmas in Kortberaad

Eieon Sampson with the ornaments his mother had washed and put out to dry

The celebration of Christmas in Kort-beraad, East Bank Berbice might be considered by some to be a bit old-fashioned; there is not much exchanging of presents and there is no extravagant spending on decorations or fancy items.

Masters at work

so it go

Every now and then you run into people who are true masters at what they do. There is a fellow in Cayman I wrote about before who makes beautiful knives from old files and black coral, every knife unique, every one a work of art.


I regret I start with grimness in my Christmas column this year. Perhaps it is good to remember that for countless millions in the world this is, as T S Eliot reminded us in the greatest poem ever written about the birth of Christ, “Just the worst time of the year.” So this column records an event which I still remember once cast a shadow for me over the festival of goodwill and love and peace.