Guyana’s public procurement system

Accountability Watch

Introduction Public procurement is perhaps the single most important activity of the State, consuming the greatest portion of expenditure. As such, there must be strict and elaborate rules backed by related legislation to ensure competitiveness, transparency, proper accountability and good value for money.

No such thing as a free chow mein


Introduction No free chow mein. That was my first thought as I tried to interpret the words of Minister of Public Works and Communications Robeson Benn in relation to the airport expansion project that “we [meaning the government] had to enter into an agreement because we had a very narrow window in September where a Chinese Vice Premier came to the Caribbean with several billion dollars to fund projects and it was the only opportunity we had then to fund this undertaking.” Call it boldness, recklessness or madness, Mr Benn was honest in telling Guyanese how the country arrived at the decision to bind the people of the country with a debt of more than thirty billion dollars, in secrecy and without any feasibility study.

Artistes as mirrors


One of the best examples of what can be described as “cliché thinking” is to be found in the frequent diatribes against well-known artistes, particularly popular singers, who are lambasted these days for leading the public, more especially youth, into various negative social actions. 



Continued Today, we will continue making some more general remarks on this matter of breeding companion animals.  Although it is more directed to so-called breeders who actually mate dogs to make dollars, the advice contained in today’s column is valid for the family that wishes to experience the process of reproduction and birth.