Ask the Consul

Installment One Hundred and Ten

20110512ask the council

I Didn’t Qualify for the Tourist Visa, What Now? This edition of Ask the Consul addresses common questions applicants ask when refused a Tourist Visa at the U.S.

Wound management


Continued from last week Last week, we had reached the point where, after cleans-ing the wound and removing dead tissue (debriding), a decision must be as to whether the wound will be closed, or managed as an open wound.

The urge to keep competing


Anyone who has played sport at the highest level knows that sinking nervous, almost fearful feeling before a big event. It is made up of all manner of emotions – the pure nerves associated with any competitive endeavour, the fear of letting your team or country down, the fear of not doing yourself justice in the eyes of others – and the knowledge of the distress, which is extreme in the hardest confrontations, that you know can result as the mind and body are pushed to the limit.