Trying the ‘front track’

- when Gecom’s doctor speaks

Today’s lead topic is re-cycled from 17 years ago. Why? Because I am utilizing my rarely-used right to be professionally lazy; and also because migration to the USA has been a powerful blight in our national lives for some three decades now. 0

Sarkozy goes to war

Dominique Moisi

Dominique Moisi is the author of The Geopolitics of Emotion.By Dominique Moisi PARIS – In 2003, France, under President Jacques Chirac, took the lead in opposing America’s planned invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. 0

Roots poetry

Ian on Sunday


In Caribbean literature there has always been a vigorous strain of oral composition existing alongside the written tradition. Think of the slave and indenture songs of sorrow and survival, folk tales, the Anancy stories, calypsos and road marches, reggae lyrics, and the more recent dub and performance poetry. 0