Date First Published January 15.1991

Pandemonium in Parliament By Anand Persaud Pandemonium broke out in the National As­sembly yesterday as the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) succeeded in disrupting the session during which a drinking glass was hurled in the direction of the Speaker, Sase Narain and the en­tire opposition walked out during debate.

Little Guyana, Big Apple

The Little Guyana strip of Queens, New York runs for about 25 vivid blocks, with the thriving storefronts a feast of wild colours, bustling with immigrants sporting a range of distinctive musical accents that mark their origins in faraway tropical villages with rather strange names ranging from Ankerville to Zeelugt.

First published January 11, 1989

Assembly Debates Weekend Chaos Opposition Calls For Govt Resignation By SHARIEF KHAN and BERT WILKINSON THE agony and frustration thous­ands in the city and its environs faced last Sunday were transported into Parliament yester­day with the opposi­tion demanding gov­ernment resign for incompetence.

Litigating Amaila

Perhaps more than it realizes, under the 12th December 2015 United Nations Paris Agreement on Climate Change which, having been ratified by a sufficient number of states, became international law in November 2016, the government of Guyana has taken many positions and made numerous commitments that in my view have severely limited its policy space in the area of climate governance.

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