(In the interest of a peaceful election climate, Stabroek News has agreed to publish two columns by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Roman Catholic Church.)

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The Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) of the Roman Catholic Church is appointed by Bishop Alleyne.  The Commission contributes to the development of Guyana by promoting Justice and Peace as fundamental elements within enabling human relations, be these social, economic or political. 0

Axe the Dax

Conversation Tree


In 1962 the slogan ‘axe the tax’ became well known in then British Guiana. The United Force adopted it in its campaign against a tax on beer in the Kaldor Budget and against the PPP Government. 0

Lesson 4: The ABC of measuring the onerous affliction of fraud on Guyana’s public investment programme

Guyana and the Wider World


Introduction After some introductory material, the lessons dealt with so far in this series on the management of Guyana’s public investment regime have concentrated on: 1) the “basic steps” needed to establish an adequately functioning organization of this regime and 2) the types of failures and weaknesses displayed in public projects during the 2000s. 0

Something to prove

So It Go


Sports psychologist and medical doctor Rudi Webster, who has written often on West Indies cricket, gave a very detailed speech on that subject at a recent sport seminar in Barbados where he outlined some qualities missing from our recent teams. 0

Joan Rodrigues takes a walk down memory lane


Today marks 180 years of the arrival of the Portuguese in Guyana. In an interview with the Sunday Stabroek, third generation Portuguese descendant Joan Rodrigues shares her reminiscences As a child growing up Joan Rodrigues—she was Joan Gomes then—remembers her grandmother saying the Holy Rosary in Portuguese and looked forward to the days when she took over the kitchen and lavished them with Portuguese cuisine. 0