Where are the women for all these boards? Heh!

By D. Alissa Trotz Alissa Trotz is editor of the In the Diaspora Column.   In the last two weeks, there has been a robust and outraged response by individuals and various organizations (SASOD, Citizens Against Rape, Help & Shelter, GRPA, Red Thread, ChildLink Inc., GAWL) to the abysmal lack of gender representation on the newly formed boards.

Today is Budget Day 2015

20150810golsaran 1

Last week, we discussed the Government’s decision to pay over all proceeds from the Lotto funds to the Consolidated Fund. We felt that it is a victory for public accountability ending almost 20 years of struggle to get the previous Administration to agree that these proceeds are public revenues which have to be paid over to the Consolidated Fund and that no public expenditure can be incurred without parliamentary approval.

Unfinished business

A report appeared in the press last week of a meeting between the Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman and AFC executive and prominent attorney, Mr Nigel Hughes to discuss constitutional reform.