Tagetes commonly called Marigolds originated in Mexico. Every year from early March, thousands of Marigold seedlings are planted around the world in all the famous parks and gardens: Hampton Court and Kew in London, England; Botanic in Munich, Germany; Ball’s in Chicago, USA; Edwards in Toronto, Canada; and in France, the Netherlands and China just to name a few.

My own trumpet, before and beyond Jubilee

- Controlling your PPP blood pressure

-Primo passes pellets Most of you will bear with me and this short sharp blast on my own personal trumpet.  (Sometimes if you fail to recognise your own worth and contributions no one else will; self–respect might even earn external respect/appreciation?) But perhaps in keeping with Historian/President Granger’s penchant for a renaissance in terms of national heritage and identity, this is a mere auto-biographical snapshot of my perspective on being a cultural patriot, a steadfast citizen.