After 50 years, celebration? Observance?

Why (spitefully) oppose ‘everything’?

With gradually increasing consistency, I’ve been picking up indicative hints about the emphasis that is to be placed on the May 2016 Independence Anniversary event, apparently in preference to the annual February Republic Mashramani activities.

Securing a sustainable future

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By Gro Harlem Brundtland and Graça Machel   LONDON – When Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote that “All that is solid melts into air,” they intended it as a metaphor for the disruptive transformations that the Industrial Revolution implied for established social norms.

What did PM Nagamootoo mean?

If the leaders of the opposition, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, and his close associates have stolen even half the amount of public funds they are alleged to have, they would have had the good sense to employ some of the best minds in the world to hide it.

Accessing memory and nostalgia

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Sandra Brewster is a Toronto based visual artist and community arts practitioner. For information on her work go to www.sandrabrewster.com.   By Sandra Brewster   I grew up hearing stories of various family members’ participation in the Theatre Guild in Guyana, and suspected that the urgency of making a life for themselves after the move to Toronto limited their ability to further pursue the arts.

Ending the culture of ethno-political dominance

The APNU+AFC coalition has taken an important initiative towards transforming Guyana’s culture of ethno-political dominance. In a report in SN on September 6 Prime Minister Nagamootoo, at a meeting in Whim, Corentyne, said “we are prepared to open the doors to the PPP if they want to enter this government.” No further details were given but Minister Raphael Trotman subsequently announced that a team consisting of Prime Minister Nagamootoo, Vice President Greenidge, himself, Minister Ramjattan, Attorney General Basil Williams and Minister Harmon would conduct the negotiations.

Rectify the names

It is described how Confucius when asked by one of his disciples what he would do if he were given his own territory to govern the Master replied that he would first and above all “rectify the names” ‒ that is, make words correspond to reality.