Union relevance, from Critchlow to Carvil

- The NYPD in G.T., Our diaspora

Do I dare ask? How relevant is trade unionism in Guyana today? (I’ve just done so.) Unnecessary question you say? Because if Guyana is supposed to be a modern democracy one element of that status is the right of workers to be represented by trade unions of their considered choice.

A new day in Latin America?

Here’s a scenario that seemed highly unlikely only a few weeks ago, but has a 50 per cent chance of happening in light of the political earthquakes that are rocking Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, and could mark the end of a 15-year-old leftist populist cycle in South America.

Moving the Stones

In the Diaspora

Honor Ford-Smith teaches at York University, Toronto, Canada, in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. She worked for many years at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica and was Artistic Director for the Sistren Theatre Collective.

Life in Moraikobai

What the People Say

Havan Smith

Facing the effects of a prolonged dry season and the depletion of the forest as well as a poor price for lumber, residents of Moraikobai, Region Five share what life is like for them in their community: Havan Smith, logger, ‘At this time the logging business slow up a lot, especially in the market area with the price.

Making you proud

In last week’s offering, I made the point that if we want Guyanese to move beyond their ethnic positions to be comfortable under the wider umbrella of a bona fide nation, we need to work to ensure that the populace knows of the achievements and successes behind that national entity.