November 22 AND 23

Two of Guyana’s cultural and artistic giants were born on November 22 and 23 respectively. To celebrate their birthdays, they got together on the 22nd celebrated through the night until the 23rd so that both birthdays would be given due recognition.

Is Guyana’s GDP an appropriate measure of its economic size, progress and well-being?

Introduction Thus far, my reflections on Guyana’s economic statistics have centred on its national accounts, and in particular the GDP. This focus is due to the fact that the 2006 GDP rebasing, undertaken by the Bureau of Statistics (BoS), (moving away from the 1988 base year), has raised concerns about “skulduggery”, arising from the inflated outcomes of that exercise.

It makes no sense

The absurdities are everywhere, conspiring to tax your brain when it needs a break. This week, for instance, I’m watching the TV show Sportsmax with Simon Crosskill and Lance Whittaker interviewing a Caribbean cricket expert with the subject being the perennial problem of the decline of West Indies cricket and our dismal international rating.

Covent Garden

Colouring rice for the Rangoli

Covent Garden on the East Bank Demerara is a laid back community with an average population of 300. A far cry from its British namesake with its well-known fruit and vegetable market, the local village has small gardens in the various yards where residents grow flowering and non-flowering plants and a few vegetables here and there.

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