Touting and the legal profession

It was disclosed during last week (‘Bar Association writes Registrar of Court, Commissioner of Police on touting’ SN, December 2) that the Guyana Bar Association had written to the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the Commissioner of Police seeking action against the use of touts to procure legal business for lawyers.

Poinsettia the symbol of Christmas!

You know it’s Christmas time when Poinsettias begin to appear everywhere you look, along with Christmas trees. Poinsettias, Euphorbia pulcherrima, are traditional December flowering plants and have become the symbol of Christmas, evoking the holiday spirit.

Easy appetisers for entertaining

Pea-pancakes with Spicy Sausage Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Stress is the one thing one wants to avoid when entertaining. When deciding on what to serve as appetisers, always try to choose things that can either be made ahead or things that can be served at room temperature, this way, you have the time to greet your guests and can serve them immediately which you put the finishing touches to the rest of the meal.

Speeding as a way of life

One of the shocks for people new to Guyana is the frenetic driving behaviours on our roads – drivers cutting in and out of traffic; driving in the opposing lane to get ahead of traffic; obviously intoxicated drivers; ignoring stop signs; running red lights – the list goes on.