Ailments of the oesophagus

Well, dear readers, last week we concluded the huge topic associated with the ailments of the oral cavity. The next step must logically be dealing with that structure which represents the continuum of the oral cavity, and which can become sick from time to time.

Crusty Potatoes

Crusty Smashed Potatoes  Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Think of this dish of crusty potatoes as one giant roastie. Roasties are British-style roast potatoes. The potatoes are peeled, parboiled, bashed around a little in the pot once drained, or some people run the tines of a fork over the surface of the potatoes to make it rough.

1763 Monument

In this their 14th Conversation on Art, Artists Stanley Greaves AA and Akima McPherson examine Philip Moore’s 1763 Monument. Designed by Moore and cast in bronze in Basingstoke, England, the 1763 Monument has been standing at the Square of the revolution since May, 1976.

1763 Monument
Philip Moore
Square of the Revolution
Unveiled on Sunday 23 May, 1976

Stanley Greaves: Linking Stabroek Square (the former slave market) and Independence Square is Brickdam (built with bricks and named Longchamps during the French Occupation).

Blood Lily

Haemanthus Katherinae commonly called Blood Lily originated in South Africa and is a member of the Amaryllis family. The Blood Lily received its name from the red stains on the large flower head.

Forestry & Energy: The Paris Earth Summit and the enigma of Guyana’s carbon emissions and its pledged cuts


The “price of carbon” proxy Last week’s column introduced estimates of the carbon stock in Guyana’s forests. All estimates of its forest cover, as provided by the FAO’s five Global Forests Assessments held between 1990 and 2015, reveal that, for more than a quarter of a century, Guyana has justified its celebrated status as a “high forest – low deforestation” (HFLD) country.