Auden: Poetry and politics

Sonnets from China XVI (sometimes titled The Embassy) As evening fell the day’s oppression lifted; Far peaks came into focus; it had rained; Across wide lawns and cultured flowers drifted The conversation of the highly trained Two gardeners watched them pass and priced their shoes; A chauffer waited, reading in the drive, For them to finish their exchange of views; It seemed a picture of the private life.

More on the SDGs as a planning framework suitable for Guyana, Caricom’s long-term development

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Introduction In last week’s column, I began my response to a question that I have been asked repeatedly in recent times: that is, whether I believe the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs), which are slated to be adopted at the United Nations Summit later this month as an integral element of its Post-2015 Development Agenda, offer a sound and adequate planning framework for Caricom and Guyana’s long-term development over its projected life, 2015-30?

The tourism bonus

In recent years, in an effort to diversify its economic base, Guyana has been putting increasing emphasis on improving and expanding its tourism industry, a push to which the private sector has responded and from which some results are already apparent – sport fishing in the Rupununi; various bird-watching tours around the country; foreign yachts in the Essequibo, etc.