Fish Noodle Soup

Big bridge: Susannah’s landmark

We all know about Chicken Noodle Soup but have you ever had Fish Noodle Soup? Some of the basic principles of making Chicken Noodle Soup are applied here, just that you are using fish instead of chicken.

What if Guyana hosted the Umada Cup?

Frankie Farley

Event: The Umada Cup  Location: Georgetown, Guyana Host: Guyana Chess Federation Date: Someday in the future   Preamble: The Umada Cup is the premier Caribbean chess championship competition which is held annually, and is sponsored by FIDE, the governing body of world chess.

Victoria Regia

Victoria amazonica commonly called Victoria Regia is native to the shallow water of the Amazon River, Guyana and the Guianas. Victoria Regia was named in honour of Queen Victoria of England.

Lost in the shuffle

The England team walks on to field. From left: Les Ames, Patsy Hendren, Andy Sandham, Wilfred Rhodes, Bob Wyatt, the Hon Fred Calthorpe (captain), Jack O’Connor, Ewart Astill, Nigel Haig, George Gunn, Bill Voce, West Indies v England, Barbados, January 11, 1930. (ESPNcricinfo photo)

In this week’s edition of In Search of West Indies Cricket, Roger Seymour examines the phenomenon elite batsmen experience, the euphoric sensation, where runs just seem to gush out of their bats for an extended period of time.

Crispy Fried Shallots

Crispy Fried Shallots
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Crispy, sweet, and savoury with a hint of salt, fried shallots can be sprinkled over many things. This must-have condiment in Vietnamese cuisine is also popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines when scattered over fragrant Pelau(s) and Biryani(s).

Moderation is key

The Golden Jubilee Independence celebrations are here. These celebrations mean lots of fun, fetes and music. Of course there will also be food and drinks and for those of you who are trying to achieve and/or maintain that ‘summer’ body, the abundance of treats may be a recipe for disaster.