Garden (Peggy Chin)

Tagetes commonly called Marigold originated in Mexico, but can be found throughout South America and the Caribbean. They are several varieties of Marigolds and Hybrid Marigolds, the most popular being the African Sahara Mixed, which bears orange and lemon/yellow flowers and the French Dwarf Double Mixed, which bears orange, red and lemon/yellow flowers. 0

Cuba will determine the pace


Over the last two months an extraordinary level of interest has emerged in accelerating engagement with Cuba. From the tourist who ‘want to see it before it changes’ to governments concerned that their longer-term interests are protected. 0

Dem boys


Two things you should know about me: one is that I’m Guyanese from head to toe. My father came here as a young child from Portugal, and my mother’s parents came from there, but Portugal is just another part of the world to me; there is no special connection; I have no desire whatsoever to go there. 0

Discordant notes

ralph ramkarran

As expected, the events at Babu John attracted wide attention and media coverage. A front page photograph in SN of President Ramotar belting out Bob Marley’s ‘Let’s Get Together’ was in striking contrast to the accusation by Dr Bharrat Jagdeo that during the 2011 elections, the opposition APNU had sent drummers around and had used racial remarks. 0

Viv Richards

ian on sunday

I note with much pleasure that Viv Richards has been named by a very distinguished panel of 50 outstanding cricketers and writers about the game as the greatest ODI player of all time. 0

Anatoly Karpov talks Bobby Fischer


In addition to offering a detailed analysis of his life experiences for the publication Sport Express, the 12th World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov accommodated notable freelance chess writer Irwin Fisk with an interview which dealt solely with the American grandmaster Bobby Fischer. 0