Gems I stumbled on

A very wise woman, who also happened to be my mother, once told me: “If you know something good or hear something good about somebody, you should pass it on.” Today I’m doing as instructed by telling you about a few gems I stumbled on recently.

Re-energising the local chess scene

Maria Varona Thomas, one of the participants in the James Bond inaugural chess tournament which was played at Congress Place, Sophia, last weekend. Maria placed fourth in the tournament which was won by Wendell Meusa.

Attorney-at-Law James Bond learnt to play chess last December. He was wowed and inspired by the game. Now eight months later, he felt inclined to stoke the smouldering remains of a chess fire caused by inactivity and sponsor a chess competition, minus the seriousness, over the past weekend.

Perceptions of discrimination

There are growing concerns within the Indian Guyanese community that the government has embarked on large-scale discrimination against them. This is being fuelled by politically driven accusations by the PPP using the same emotive language used by the PNC/PNCR in the 1990s – ‘ethnic cleansing.’ I do not accept that there is such discrimination but the growing perception is a negative phenomenon so early in the life of the government.