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Attention to detail


I have previously mentioned that when I meet Guyanese during Tradewinds performances overseas, they are often curious to get a read on “life in Guyana” from someone who has relocated there, and their tendency is to grill me who is not seen as an establishment person who might be inclined to gild the lily. 


so it go

Opinions will differ as to what is the most important quality God gave man for coping with life. Ironically, belief in God itself would probably be a common choice.

Oh Canada

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I’m writing this in Toronto a few hours after a concert at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, designed to help raise funds for the Burn Care Unit at our Georgetown Public Hospital. 

Blue water and white sand

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As Guyana’s interest in tourism appears to be gaining momentum, it is useful to reflect on the development of that sector in two Caribbean countries – St Vincent and the Cayman Islands – that moved into tourism at approximately the same time in the 1960s. 

The visa book

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First of all, “the book” is ultimately not about Guyana.  Yes, it took place here, and it involved many Guyanese, but it’s essentially about a US State Department sub-culture bubbling in the US visitor-visa scam that is found in several US embassies around the world.

Music as regional glue


(This column originally appeared in the ‘Caricom Review Magazine,’ July 2013) We have been at it as far back as 1921, when the Jamaican legislature saw a motion to ask the British Colonial Office to consult the other islands on the idea of a federation – this notion of regional unity, that is.

Up in the air

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Airline travel these days is often a taxing and frequently painful experience. Late flights are common (the usual hollow excuse is “the aircraft is being cleaned”); all the jetways are occupied so the plane has to sit on the tarmac; you arrive, but your suitcase doesn’t; your suitcase arrives, but it’s minus the handle; the list goes on.