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Tourism considerations


As Guyana continues the current tourism expansion push, persons in the industry must be encouraged by the number of interesting travel outreaches that have come to Guyana in recent times – cruise ship in Georgetown last year; birding groups in the Rupununi; visiting ocean-going yachts;  a National Geographic cruise ship in the Essequibo, etc. 

Practices we should abandon

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Memory is often not the best storehouse for trivial information – it’s an arbitrary process which often excludes something that turns out to be important – so I have developed this habit of jotting down, on a notebook or my computer, transient thoughts or reactions on a range of subjects.

Ethnic separation in Guyana


I am tired of hearing it.  I heard it again this week.  In a private group and later in a public session I heard it again: Guyanese are an ethnically divided people, with racist attitudes, and (here’s the tiresome part) it is shameful that we are unwilling or unable to overcome this problem.

Nowhere to go

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Among the number of significant social forces in the apparatus of daily life one encounters in the more developed world (US, Canada, Europe, etc) is the array of institutions functioning in those societies that serve, ultimately, to convey the opinions or positions of the average citizen to the persons and political parties in positions of rule. 

Tourism realities

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In recent months, observers of Guyana’s tourism industry have noted the contributions coming from both government and private sector in a number of energetic moves that translate into very hopeful signs for the industry.

Viewing things comically

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My mother was an unusual woman who had, among other attributes, an inclination to laugh at anything and everything.  In fact, as a youngster, I would often be puzzled at some of the things this woman would laugh at – me bucking my toe, for instance, or my sister’s Sunbeam Oil-Bath bicycle leaking oil – but later in life, as I started writing songs for Tradewinds, it gradually dawned on me that I had developed the same addiction to humour. 

On the road

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Professional musicians can operate in the large developed cities of the world without ever leaving the familiar comforts of their home town, but when, through recordings, they become known internationally, being “on the road,” as musicians term it, becomes a significant part of the way they live.