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The Environment

The Environment

The Forestry Sector and the WWF Guianas Sustainable Natural Resources Management Programme Stabroek Business has agreed to publish occasional features submitted by the Office of the World Wildlife Fund in Guyana that address environmental and other critical issues in the mining and forestry sectors .

Edgar Austin Mittelholzer: A Caribbean voice (Part 2)

Edgar Austin Mittelholzer: A Caribbean voice (Part 2)

Juanita Cox is a PhD student writing her thesis: 'Edgar Mittelholzer and the Shaping of his Novels' at the University of Birmingham, UK .

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

When the Sun and Streets Exploded Part 1 Calypso and World Politics Converged in British Guiana, 1962 By Geoffrey DunnAnd I was with them all, When the sun and streets exploded, And a city of clerks turned a city of men .

Guyana’s Indigenous peoples: Still languishing on the periphery

Guyana’s Indigenous peoples: Still languishing on the periphery

David James is an Amerindian, an Attorney-At-Law and an informed, passionate and articulate advocate of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Guyana .

Sir Arthur Lewis

Sir Arthur Lewis

Lewis and the New World Economists This is the second of a lecture delivered by Professor Norman Girvan on February 20 at the UWI St Augustine campus to launch the year of Sir Arthur Lewis in commencement of the Caribbean’s first Nobel Laurette .

The Arts in the 90s

The Arts in the 90s

By Barrington Braithwaite To fully give an informative and honest description of the position of any discipline, requires a case study plus the variables and conditions that influence positively or negatively the results of the particular study in question .

Edgar Austin Mittelholzer: A caribbean voice

Edgar Austin Mittelholzer: A caribbean voice

By Juanita CoxJuanita Cox is a PhD student writing her thesis: ‘Edgar Mittelholzer and the Shaping of his Novels’ at the University of Birmingham, UK .

Free individual (A book review)

Free individual (A book review)

By Brendan de CairesC .

Remembering Roy Heath

Remembering Roy Heath

During his terminal illness several years ago I had a conversation with the late Aubrey Williams .

Living dance!

Living dance!

Saluting the distinguished career of Linda Griffith People like Linda Griffith sometimes never really get their fair share of either recognition or reward for their selfless and unstinting contribution to nation-building; and people like her never seem to stop to measure the magnitude of their contribution against the paucity of the reward .

Bajan Breakthrough

25 years of legal abortions Reprinted from T&T Review, March 3, 2008By Sanka PriceAs a politician there are some issues that no matter what decision you make, you are certain to anger a significant segment of the population .

Sir Arthur Lewis

Yes, he did! This is the first of a lecture delivered by Professor Norman Girvan on February 20 at the UWI St .

The weakest link in regional security

The Government of Guyana was gratified at the outcome of the recent special meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government on crime and security held in Port-of-Spain which set out to design a regional strategy to stem violent criminality in the Caribbean .

Restructuring the Guyana stage

The inaugural Hugh Desmond Hoyte memorial lecture was delivered in Georgetown by Rt .

Remembering “Scouter” Mac

Allan Fenty reflects on the life and times of one of Guyana’s revered cultural icons .

No requiem for Bourda

I thought that our cricketing sentimentalists could at least have been afforded a requiem for Bourda, some dignified tribute to bring closure to those whose sense of cricketing history have left them with a deep understanding of Bourda’s service to test cricket and of what we must now leave behind; there could have been some grand or even less than grand ‘sendoff,’ some occasion for reminiscences and reflections on Bourda’s past glories, its unique place in this region’s cricketing history .

The Cartoons of Paul Harris

The essence of Paul Harris' consummate skill as a cartoonist derives from his appreciation of the unique role of the cartoon as a vehicle for communication .

Crime conundrum

Once again, feuding between Guyana's two major political parties is proving a major obstacle to a cohesive response to a national emergency As much as the two recent shocking mass murders at Lusignan and Bartica have cast a pall of gloom over Guyana, the responses of the country's political leaders to these appalling crimes have added much insult to the injury inflicted by the killers .

Mangroved forests of South America

VEGETATION AND SPECIES COMPOSITIONMangrove forests in South America are found on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and in the bays and estuaries of eight countries .

Guyana’s fight against the global drug menace

Nothing to shout about Guyana Review publishes the main body of the US State Department's 2008 Inter-national Narcotics Control Strategy Report on Guyana .

The contraband economy and the crimes associated with it continue to flourish

News of the recent arrest of three Guyanese ? Isaac Sarjoo, Richard Sarjoo and Roy Arjune ? in Suriname with approximately 35 pounds of gold said to be worth about US$500,000, seemed so commonplace that it hardly caused a stir in legal, financial or political circles .

Schomburgk’s travels in British Guiana

(an extract from Schomburgk's expedition to the interior .

A more perfect union

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama at the Constitution Center on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, launched America's improbable experiment in democracy .

Hafeez Khan: Amateur boxing’s ‘knight in shining armour”?

Hafeez Khan is a diminutive, animated busybody who has never graced a boxing ring in his life .

Policing and Politics

In three short weeks two heinous crimes in which twenty-four people in communities as distant as Lusignan and Bartica were brutally murdered have focused the nation's attention on the stark reality of a deeply troubling domestic security situationThe administration's agreement to establish a special select committee on the Disciplined Forces Commission Report in the National Assembly must have been an embarrassing admission of its sloth and weakness .

Coming in from the cold

Sitting behind her desk at the East street office of the Postal and Telecommunications Workers' Union (PTWU) Gillian Burton appears thoughtful rather than intimidated .


Seventh Installment The Dutch regain control By this time the tide was flowing completely in the Dutch favour .


Section 221(g) and 212 of the INA outlines the general basis upon which the Consular Officer at the US Embassy may determine whether an applicant is ineligible to receive a visa .

The Environment

From the start of the international debate on the issue of climate change at least two sets of views have been proffered .


244 .


Dr .

Book Review

Before he died just over two years ago, Dr .


Petrolized diplomacy Fortified by the tripling of Venezuelan petroleum revenues in 1973-74 as a result of the international oil crisis, President Carlos Andr .


Many of today's war zones - including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan - share basic problems that lie at the root of their conflicts .


The Annual Kashif and Shanghai Football Tournament enters its eighteenth and, arguably, its most difficult year .

Foreign Policy: Traipsing the multilateral stage: Guyana at the United Nations

Like the legendary Rip Van Winkle, we appear to have finally awakened from a long and deep slumber to find that the world around us is in serious danger of disintegration .

History: The Berbice uprising, 1763 (Sixth Instalment)

Governor-in-Chief Boi If Atta now thought that he was in a position to take over control, he was mistaken .

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