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Elevating the Carnegie School of Home Economics to its proper place Some weeks ago in the course of an interview with the a senior manager of the Pegasus Hotel the question of meeting the challenge of finding skills to meet the various disciplines associated with the day-to-day running of hotels and guest houses arose and my interviewee immediately began to sing the praises of the Carnegie School of Home Economics, pointing out in the process that he believed that but for Carnegie most of not all  of the major hotels in Guyana would probably be in dire straits .


Increasing the Caribbean’s human capital in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Fields: The Pivotal Role of Mentoring This year the eleventh in the series of William G .


Michael Holding’s T/20 tantrum So Michael Holding wants nothing to do with T/20 cricket .

Robert Corbin: A political career at the crossroads

Robert Corbin: A political career at the crossroads

Does Robert Corbin’s announcement that he will not stand as the PNCR’s presidential candidate at the 2011 general elections signal the beginning of the end of the political career of one of the Party’s most dedicated servants?[caption id="attachment_79654" align="alignleft" width="278" caption="Leader still: Robert Corbin"][/caption]Robert Corbin would have thought long and hard before his announcement in March that he would not be the People’s National Congress Reform’s presidential candidate at the 2011 general elections .

Architecture...Building under our sun

Architecture…Building under our sun

Part I If there is a distinctiveness in contemporary Guyanese architecture, it is to be found in the radical departure from the good taste and from what the writer of this article,  Rory Westmas, calls “the many examples of timber domestic buildings for the most part, in and around Georgetown .

Politics...TUF’s trek into history

Politics…TUF’s trek into history

The United Force will observe its 5oth anniversary in October this year It is one of the quirks of Guyanese political history that the People’s Progressive Party, People’s National Congress and The United Force all regard the 5th of October with reverence .

Local Government...A capital immersed in the stench of politics

Local Government…A capital immersed in the stench of politics

The recently released findings of the Commission of Enquiry into the operations of the Georgetown City Council, points unerringly at some of the reasons for the shamefully debilitating state of the country’s capital .

The Arts...Fiction, fantasy and  the art of publishing

The Arts…Fiction, fantasy and the art of publishing

What is the good of government’s establishment of a publishing house? Book lovers who expected that some sort of local publishing house would have been launched last February must be wondering still about the significance of the recent ceremony at the Umana Yana .

The Edgar Mittleholzer Memorial Lectures - 1983

The Edgar Mittleholzer Memorial Lectures – 1983

The sources of fiction One of Guyana’s most prolific and best-loved novelists, the late Roy Heath possessed a consumate understanding of the rich sources from which Guyanese and Caribbean writers derived the themes for their works .

Environment...CO2 and Climate Change

Environment…CO2 and Climate Change

By Haydn I FurlongeClimate change is a reality .

Glimpses of Guyanese History

Glimpses of Guyanese History

Drainage and irrigation The management of drainage and irrigation has always been central to existence on the coastland .

Who rules

Who rules

Whoever wins the PPP’s presidential nomination for the 2011 general elections  is widely believed to be the likely successor to Bharrat Jagdeo as President of Guyana At this juncture it would probably be premature to lay claim to anything even remotely resembling a thorough analysis of the unfolding saga of who leads the PPP into the 2011 general elections .

Crime...Night life jitters

Crime…Night life jitters

The recent cold-blooded murder of a Canadian-based Guyanese during a robbery at a city bar evokes memories of a time in the recent past when a wave of bloodletting cast a pall of gloom over Georgetown’s entertainment industry The brutal gunning down of Canadian-based Guyanese Rawle Harding at the Cool Square bar in West Ruimveldt on March 3 would not have gone unnoticed either among Guyanese in the diaspora or among visitors to the country either on business or on holiday .

Crime…Marked for murder

Murder with malice has become a mark of present-day society Jairam Ronald Gajraj earned the dubious distinction in Guyanese history as the minister who presided over the deadliest spate of criminal violence and the sharpest sustained surge of murder since Independence .

Politics...Absolute power

Politics…Absolute power

The Administration’s overpowering control of the National Assembly undermines the democratic foundation of popular representation .

Tribute...Communicating with ourselves: The Caribbean artist and his society

Tribute…Communicating with ourselves: The Caribbean artist and his society

On Tuesday February 2, Rex Ralston Nettleford, one of the most distinguished figures in Caribbean art and academia passed away .

Public safety...The Police Force’s corruption problem

Public safety…The Police Force’s corruption problem

Corruption and criminality inside the Guyana Police Force are becoming worse Corruption has cast a long shadow over the Guyana Police Force and a series of serious scandals have scarred its reputation of over the years .

Frontiers...The fretful frontier

Frontiers…The fretful frontier

As the 10th anniversary of the humiliating ‘CGX incident’ approaches, it seems that Guyanese officials have not learnt anything about Suriname’s frontier policy .

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