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Remembering Dag Hammarskjold

My search for reflections on the life and work of Dag Hammarskjold emanating from Caribbean thinkers and institutions concerned with International Relations may well have been less than vigorous, though, even if it was, I doubt that a great deal was written in the region about the man who is still thought of by many as the best Secretary General the United Nations ever had.

St Barnabus Anglican, Bourda, 1884-2011: A church re-aligned from North-South to East-West

Lennox J Hernandez Broken and spartan, the Anglican Church of St Barnabas, located at Regent Street & Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown, opened as a relatively small building in 1884 in a north-south orientation with the main altar at the northern end, and, after a series of grand additions and alterations, consecrated in 1938 with an east-west orientation and the main altar at the east end, is no more.

Searching for life after Warner

LASANA LIBURD says despite the recent damage done to the CFU, Caribbean Football is moving forward on a stronger footing. Conceit, according to United States sales guru Zig Ziglar, is the one disease that makes everyone sick except the one who has it.

Football and the politics of the perverse

Football of yesteryear flourished in the urban working-class communities that border Georgetown to the east and to the south. The best teams, the most attractive players have emerged mostly from those communities……… Albouystown, Charlestown, Ruimveldt, Lodge and Campbelville being the communities that produced many of the best footballers.

Campaigning on continuity

Guyana Review Editor Arnon Adams talks with PPP/Civic presidential candidate Donald Ramotar

On a Donald Ramotar presidential agenda Donald Ramotar cannot be separated from the PPP and the PPP/C Government. Donald Ramotar has been at the core of the Party and the formation of its manifesto which informs what the government does, even moreso, because I am General Secretary of the Party.

Atkinson Field and World War II

A memoir 1943 to 1946

By Ivan O. Carew Having been born and having grown up in the capital city, Georgetown, in the county of Demerara, British Guiana, now called Guyana, I did have some knowledge of the villages on the Eastern bank of the Demerara River.

Saluting a champion

Few Guyanese sportsmen in any discipline can lay claim to the accomplishments of national rifle shooting champion Ransford Goodluck

If a panel of experts were to be required to name the ten Guyanese sportsmen who have accomplished the most in their respective disciplines over the past 25 years, the inclusion of the name Ransford Goodluck on that list would almost certainly be automatic.

Football’s fuzzy future

Has the myth of the Guyana Football Federation’s immunity from local sanction been shattered by the recent court injunction that put a brake on the holding of its elections?

Something quite significant happened in local football recently. The Georgetown Football League (GFL) secured a court injunction that brought a halt to the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) plans to elect a new executive.

A platform for democracy, inclusivity

Our political culture is being made over

Presidential candidates’ perspectives? Following the naming of Attorney-at-Law Khemraj Ramjattan and retired Guyana Defence Force Brigadier David Granger as presidential candidates for the Alliance for Change and the People’s National Congress Reform the Guyana Review has secured interviews with the candidates which are published in this issue of the newspaper.

Healing the Burnham/ Jagan schism

Trotman is my brother in this fight

Great societies grow out of the sacrifices of visionary leaders who stand up to fight against historical injustice. Today, a man harbours the ambition in his heart to join this elite group of outstanding, self-sacrificing leaders.

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