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The British Guiana Volunteer Force

Officers of the British Guiana Volunteer Force

The British Guiana Volunteer Force was established sixty years ago in June 1948. It was to be the second to last in a long line of military reserve forces that had been an honourable citizens’ tradition in this country for over 250 years.  15

Caribbean Scholarship


CLR James: An outstanding Caribbean intellectIntroduction CLR James, the Trinidadian scholar, writer, Marxist ideologue and internationalist who spent much of his life abroad in the United Kingdom is not well known to Guyanese and Caribbean people. 0

Welcoming each other

Earl Lovelace

Cultural transformation of the Caribbean in the 21st CenturyWelcoming Each Other: Cultural transformation of the Caribbean in the 21st Century was presented in the Andres Bello Auditorium of the Inter-American Development Bank on January 22, 1998, as part of the IDB Cultural Centre’s Lecture Programme. 0

Restoring the reading habit


The surfeit of book exhibitions and book launches that were  part of the CARIFESTA X programme would have been a nostalgic  treat for Guyanese book lovers  whose passion for reading has for so long been frustrated by the  difficulties associated with the acquisition of good reading material in Guyana. 2

On Federation

Alexander Bustamante

(West Indies and British Guiana) (Reprinted by permission of the estate of C.L.R. James – copyright protected) Part 2 (Conclusion) This lecture was delivered in June 1958 at Queen’s College, Demerara, in then British Guiana. 1

Carifesta Ten… and then?

The Caribbean celebrates

There was a poignant symbolism to Carifesta’s homecoming, its return, thirty-six years later, to the place of its birth. The arrival of Carifesta here just over a week ago marked an unplanned diversion from a journey that ought to have taken it elsewhere and the homecoming hype was nowhere near adequate enough to cause the regional cultural festival to fully regain the sense of purpose that it lost in that journey. 1

The Carifesta dream

Steal pan culture

By Barrington Braithwaite Ideas and Ideals do not always determine realization in the lifetime of they who spend the tortured nights struggling to shape and define the images that will grab our attention and stir our imagination to be likewise inspired and to  respond, transcending what we have already accepted as the epitome of our general ideas of self definition, the concept that fired the many creative souls around the Caribbean and from Guyana that nurtured and contributed to the creation of the lofty manifestation of the Caribbean Festival Of Arts [ CARIFESTA ] in 1972, did not want only to create a four year Arts Expo tradition, but to expand into a Caribbean  Arts Industry, The Political leaders no doubt believed in it and envisaged a block of cultural products that would eventually earn its own economic independence, what many of them did not understand was that their  political guidance and preferences would  be the undoing of this splendid idea. 0

Retraining the police

Not just spit and polish

By David Granger Onlookers at the Guyana Police Force’s169th anniversary parade last July must have been astonished at the sight of some Britishers in typical beachcombers’ gear marching amidst their differently attired Guyanese counterparts. 8

Reading the signs right


By Gregory Mc Guire We have all come to the understanding that Prime Minister Patrick Manning abhors gambling. But those familiar with Play Whe or its local predecessor Whe Whe ,  may wish to advise the Prime Minister that there are important lessons to learn from these games that  may be useful in macro-economic  policy formulation and management  one is that  you must learn to read the signs. 0

Guyana’s periodicals


Guyana’s periodical press has survived through resilience and resourcefulness for over two centuries. This was so in part because Guyana’s polyglot population, most of whom are descendants of people who had been enslaved and brought to this country, or who came as indentured servants, yearned for the freedom of self-expression. 0

Reflections: “The Guyana National Service: Burnham’s Vision -35 years after”

Acknowledging the National Service?

Remarks by Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh at the commemoration of the 23rd Death Anniversary of President LFS Burnham, OE, SC, Wednesday, August 06, 2008Major General (retd) Joseph G SinghChairperson, Ms Genevieve Allen, National Secretary, National Congress of Women, Leader of the Opposition and of the PNCR, Mrs Corbin, General Secretary PNCR, Chairman PSC, Distinguished Invitees and particularly members of the Late President’s family-Kamana, President Burnham’s close colleagues and supporters, I am honoured to have been invited to give some reflections in keeping with the chosen theme for the observance of the 23rd death anniversary of President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, OE, SC. 17

Whose freedom at midnight?

Owen Arthur

Machinations towards Guyana’s Independence, May 1966By Clem SeecharanProfessor of Caribbean History and Head of Caribbean Studies, London Metropolitan University (forthcoming in Round Table October 2008) Guyana (formerly British Guiana), the only British colony on the mainland of South America, became independent at midnight on 26 May 1966. 0