What a contrast with Jamaica

Dear Editor, I am going to a wedding at the Riu in Jamaica .

Large ugly building disturbs Chateau Margot residents

Dear Editor,It is now 1 .

If the authorities were serious about tackling suicide they would set up more counselling centres

Dear Editor,On Friday, April 11, I visited Zeelugt Village on the East Bank of Essequibo and whilst socializing with a few friends, I learnt of another suicide .

Man, brother and servant

Dear Editor,David Hinds sees himself as Black, Guyanese and Caribbean (KN April 8) .

Problems can’t be fixed if vindictive politics get the better of us

Dear Editor,Our problems can’t be fixed if vindictive politics continue to get the better of us .

Racket in operation on Route 31

Dear Editor,I read every day of minibus operators who behave in a vulgar manner on the roads or in the parks of Guyana .

There is gender parity at nursery, primary and secondary levels

Dear Editor,Please permit me to respond to a letter published in the Stabroek News on Friday April 11, 2014, entitled, ‘The Ministry of Education should put more emphasis on girls’ education,’ in which the writers questioned the ministry’s ability to competently address – through policies and programmes – the empowerment  of females within the education system .

There needs to be action to protect our wildlife

There needs to be action to protect our wildlife

Dear Editor,Several articles have been written recently about our increasingly endangered wildlife and the need for enforcement .


Correction In last week’s editorial it was incorrectly stated that the oil exploration vessel which was forced from our waters by the Venezuelans was called the Anadarko .

Time must be made in the National Assembly to give sugar the attention it needs

Dear Editor,Until this nation is prepared to have open and frank conversations on race in the quest for equality and national development, the self-serving and opportunistic in our midst will continue to manipulate our differences to the detriment of all .

Cricket sponsorship monies should be channelled to legally appointed entities

Dear Editor,The Demerara Cricket Board fiasco is presently engaging the attention of the court .

There is no magic wand called better management

Dear Editor,Is there a magic potion or miracle cure or, as we say in Guyana, an ‘obeah’ that can be used to cure our ailing sugar industry?Recent reports in the media, some following the budget debates, might give the impression that there is a magic wand called better management that can be used to remove a curse and cleanse GuySuCo of the disease called under-performance .

Why the attempt to dethrone Matthias?

Dear Editor,I commend Mr Wayne Forde, President of Fruta Conquerors for publicly stating in your newspaper on April 3 that he is not in support of a no-confidence motion against the President of the GFF, Mr Matthias .

A legacy of dictatorship politics

Dear Editor,Ever since Cheddi Jagan died in 1997 many in the PPP, and recently in the PNC, have oftentimes alluded to the Jagan legacy without defining what that legacy is .

Sensitivities have been blunted to dreadful happenings

Dear Editor,Once again there has been outrage, and rightly so by some concerned voices over the manner in which the 14-year-old boy Andy met his death .

Priceless cricketing photos at Bourda should be restored and preserved

Dear Editor,On Wednesday evening, April 9, I was in the upper flat of the GCC, Bourda, to hear Reds Perreira share his memories of cricket in Guyana in the old days, particularly the 1950s .

The Guyana Legion and Ex-GDF Association have been amalgamated

Dear Editor,A resolution to amalgamate the Guyana Legion and the Ex-GDF Association was welcomed with great applause and excitement .

‘Silk’ should not be given by politicians

Dear Editor,I read with great interest a letter written by my old New Amsterdam friend, Morty Codett which  appeared in Wednesday’s  issue of the Stabroek News (April 9) under the caption ‘Why no women Senior Counsel?’ I must congratulate my friend for the excellent letter, but I wish to clarify a couple of points .

Two Guyanas?

Dear Editor,In the face of threats by the PPP to turn any denial of the government’s $6 billion subsidy for the sugar industry into a racist act against the predominantly East Indian sugar workers, the joint parliamentary opposition voted for the subsidy .

Anna Regina Community Centre ground needs attention from the authorities if it is not to be completely ruined

Dear Editor,I have been visiting the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground (ARCCG) on a regular basis, including playing cricket matches there .

Establishing a local law school is a step in the right direction

 Dear Editor,The recent announcement by Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira that the government is seriously thinking of establishing a local law school in light of the recent decision taken by the Council of Legal Education to no longer grant twenty-five LLB students from the University of Guyana places in the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad is a step in the right direction .

They should find the muderers of Rajendra Singh

Dear Editor,Only in Guyana would its citizens be at the mercy of criminals, as in the case of Rajendra Singh .

The Ministry of Education should put more emphasis on girls’ education

Dear Editor,Despite the huge amount of the budget allocated to the Ministry of Education, female education will not improve because Guyana continues to be a male dominated society where women are not seen as equal partners with their male counterparts .

Region Nine police have no vehicles or resources

Dear Editor,There is a typical case here in the Rupununi of misplaced priorities by the PPP government .

Russia has done more than any other country to support the independent Ukrainian state

Dear Editor,Your newspaper has been active in informing Guyanese readers about the situation in Ukraine .

A case of hypocrisy

Dear Editor,I see that a great storm of dust has been raised regarding Minister of Education Priya Manickchand’s unfortunate behaviour in Parliament and her arrogant refusal to apologise to MP Jaipaul Sharma .

Shouldn’t Manickchand have been cheering Volda Lawrence not heckling her?

Dear Editor,In a previous letter, ‘Racial constructs are man-made’ (SN, April 1), I wrote this: “Politicians do not come right out and tell us to hate our fellow Guyanese; they imply things, they use innuendo and manipulative rhetoric; they try to make us afraid of others .

Linden electricity company travails

Dear Editor,I came across a quote a few days ago by Immanuel Kant that has since been playing in my head: “Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing can ever be made .

Another Caribbean legal legend has been lost

Dear Editor,The Caribbean has lost another legal legend .

This generation is not interested in settling old scores

Dear Editor,As a Member of Parliament, representing Region 10 on A Partnership for National Unity’s slate, there was cause to make reference to Dr Cheddi Jagan’s philosophy as Leader of the PPP during my Budget presentation, in an effort to jolt the memory of members on the government side in the National Assembly as how far they have strayed from their revered leader, and how much they have betrayed his legacy .

Why no women Senior Counsel?

Dear Editor,It is noticeable that women today have flooded the legal profession which only a few years ago was mainly a profession dominated by men .

A more uniform system of property valuation is needed

Dear Editor,Town Councils and NDCs are stagnated by lack of finance owing to poor rate collection .

Four Miles, Port Kaituma, needs sports gear to keep school leavers in healthy activity

Dear Editor,We are a small population in the Matarkai Sub Region called Four Miles in Port Kaituma, Region One .

Difficult for owners of vehicles with tint to get them to Georgetown for waivers

Dear Editor,I must commend the Ministry of Home Affairs for the consideration given to citizens who have imported vehicles that have a manufacturer’s tint .

‘A grave mistake’

Dear Editor,A columnist wrote recently and fluently of the supposed WPA response to the PPP’s National Patriotic Front Proposals of 1977 .

The PPP/C is a perversion of Dr Jagan’s party

Dear Editor,PPP/C General Secretary Clement Rohee, recently took umbrage at what he said was a tendency of members of the opposition to invoke the name of Dr Cheddi Jagan .

The baby has been thrown out with the bathwater

 Dear Editor,A letter in the print media recently requested answers of, and made statements on, the Guyana National Service which caught my attention:  “…how many National Service Guyanese who picked cotton all day in the sun have become gainfully employed in agriculture fulltime  is unknown .

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