Styrofoam should be banned

Dear Editor,Despite the fact we read in the national press in November 19, 2013 that “After two years of discussion, the Government of Guyana has approved a series of actions that will lead to the restriction of the use of Styrofoam products and an eventual ban in June 2014” because it is potentially hazardous to health, many restaurants, cafés and food vendors in this country are still using styrofoam containers to serve drinks and food (hot and cold) .

The days for cutting and pasting in order to solve problems are long gone

Dear Editor,In a country where there are fewer than 800,000 people one would believe that it should be a simple task to conduct research, gather information and create simple procedures to address alarming matters .

How could a decent Mayor and councillors seek to have increases for themselves

Dear Editor,It seems as though nothing ever changes at City Hall .

The ECB area committees should hold their elections

Dear Editor,The new dispensation regarding the future administration of cricket in Guyana is welcomed by the North Essequibo Cricket Committee (NECC), given the successful passage of the Cricket Administration Bill in 2014 .

‘Red Light District’ promotion should be renamed

Dear Editor,A nation recovering from the comments made by two prominent personalities identifying women as objects of sex and providing a gross endorsement of rape culture as well as indulging in victim blaming, has to now look forward to a party called ‘Red Light District’ slated for December 20, 2014 at a popular club .

What about the involvement of the CIOG?

Dear Editor,I read with alarm your report of November 30, 2014 on the findings of the Ombudsman, but in particular Mr Chester’s report .

Double standards are the order of the day

Dear Editor,A medical specialist has assured me that pain is a sure symptom of an injury to someone’s body .

There are problems at the Parika ferry stelling

Dear Editor,Something is definitely wrong with the management of the Essequibo ferry MV Sabanto and the Transport and Harbours Department .

Our politicians, teachers, managerial personnel, etc, have a responsibility to ensure they represent the best role models in our society

Dear Editor,President Ramotar must be complimented for stressing that “the most important factor for development is our people,” and that the main goal of his government is “the development of human capital .

None of the unassented bills pertaining to constitutional reform was retabled in the 10th Parliament

Dear Editor,The calls for accountability ring true and until it is ensured this nation and its people will continue to be done a grave disservice .

We take intellectual shortcuts when voting

Dear Editor,No one likes to be called lazy; even children know that laziness is a bad thing .

ACP Group is again in need of clear political vision

Dear Editor, Last week, the Bureau of the Council of Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States which was established to select a Secretary General from the shortlist of three submitted by the Caribbean in accordance with rules established by the Group, selected Dr Patrick Gomes .

Too many drug dealers in Aranaputa Valley

Dear Editor,I’m would like to bring a problem to your attention that is getting out of control in my community of Aranaputa Valley, which is situated in the North Rupununi, Region 9 .

Workers should not be treated as rags

Dear Editor,There is no doubt that since the present regime took office, salaries and wages for public servants have increased significantly .

Impressed with Lethem developments

Dear Editor,I recently went on a visit to Lethem and was extremely impressed with developments that have taken place within recent years .

The people were united at the AFC national conference

Dear Editor,Please allow me to congratulate the leaders of the AFC on being re-elected to their various offices within the party; also congratulations to the twelve National Executive Members of the AFC who were elected at the recently held national conference .

Students should study religious education

Dear Editor,I wish to congratulate the Government of Guyana, the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education, all teachers and the shining stars (students) for their exemplary performances at the 2014 CSEC and CAPE examinations .

We all bear responsibility for the way things are

Dear Editor,It must now be absolutely clear to all our fellow Guyanese that our political culture is being developed along lines that will see us forever mired in controversy and a spirit of non-cooperation and non-compromise .

Fibre-optic cable flop disturbing

Dear Editor,It is both disturbing and disappointing to read that the fibre-optic cable component of the E-Government Project has been suspended since November 2013 due to faulty installation that now requires remedial work (GT, December 12) .

Not true that historians and history books have not made the colonization scheme public knowledge

Dear Editor,I wish to make a correction to Mr Eric Phillips’ letter that was carried in your issue of December 6 (‘The British Guiana colonization scheme is little known’) .

If developers and contractors do not take the necessary building precautions strong sanctions should be applied

Dear Editor,I read in the Stabroek News of Friday, December 15 on page 2, that a labourer was electrocuted while working on a three-storey building located in Evans Street, and furthermore, that an investigation would be conducted into the matter .

APNU should learn from the PPP’s experiences in the PCD

Dear Editor,The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) finds laughable the AFC’s claim that it is “ready to lead a pro-democracy alliance of progressive forces against the PPP .

Ron Sanders has withdrawn as a Caricom candidate for Commonwealth SG

Dear Editor,It is more than four decades since Carifta, the forerunner of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) was established, but despite the length of time it seems that the regional body cannot get their act together in many areas .

An Angel of the GPF showed the softer side of the Force

Dear Editor,On Thursday, December 4 at about 08:45 hours, the traffic is heavy; everyone is in a hurry; stop signs are being ignored by motorists; courtesy is dead on the streets of GT .

The irony is that we need the Amerindians and Mixed Races to form their own political movements to shatter the hegemony of race

Dear Editor,A remarkable letter from Medino Abraham titled ‘What if the Amerindians could unite and have their own political party?’ (SN, December 10) opens a vital debate .

Is it too late to start a new leadership team?

Dear Editor,I refer to the excellent, comprehensive, heart-throbbing yet objective letter written by Major General (rtd) Joe Singh titled ‘We should redouble our efforts at shaping a caring, enlightened and civil Guyanese society’ which appeared in SN on December 12, and in other media under the caption ‘Country above self’ on December 11 .

T&T voters prefer Persad-Bissessar over Rowley

Dear Editor,This is in reference to your editorial ‘Trinidad warming up to elections’ (SN, Dec 10) wherein it is incorrectly stated “elections are due latest May 2015 .

Has the Normalization Committee overstepped its FIFA terms of reference?

Dear Editor,Former SN Sports Editor Orin Davidson has not in my opinion lost any of his journalistic attributes despite permanent residency in the USA .

The de-politicization if not de-nationalization of the sugar industry is long overdue

Dear Editor,I was most surprised to read the recent report in SN of December 9 indicating that President Ramotar is “seeking sugar help from Cuba .

Money for roads on the WBD and East Bank Essequibo but none for Region Eight

Dear Editor,Recently a contract was awarded by the government to rehabilitate the West Coast Demerara and East Bank Essequibo roads to the tune of US$46 .

We should redouble our efforts at shaping a caring, enlightened and civil Guyanese society

Dear Editor,In February 2013, a few days after the shooting by ‘youth men’ of Mr Oscar Clarke, General Secretary of the People’s National Congress in his home at Plum Park, Sophia, I wrote two letters to the editor and in one of these (February 5, 2013) I stated:“Times have changed .

Amerindian requests for land extension should be treated as priority

Dear Editor, Whenever one of my indigenous brothers and sisters suffers embarrassment and pain because of disrespect and thoughtlessness shown by their fellow Guyanese, I cannot help but feel very sad .

Is something wrong with the selection process for magistrates?

Dear Editor,“Disclosure that a judge has been suspended from office has a prime news element that is universal … it is not unreasonable to propose that suspension of a judge engenders disgrace and dishonour on him; and even if eventually he should be cleared of the allegation made against him, the social stigma caused by the suspension is never wholly eradicated .

Letter was sent on behalf of Walter Rodney Youth Movement

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter from Freddie Kissoon in the SN of December 10 captioned, ‘SN should not have allowed letter-writer to withhold name,’ which referred to a letter in the SN of December 9 titled ‘This is the perfect time for young people to take a stand .

President sang a different song

Dear Editor,The President sang a slightly different song the other day through his ‘non-announcement’ to the nation .

Are honest electricity consumers to pay for line losses, theft and incompetence?

Dear Editor,This is my third appeal to President Donald Ramotar to stop Guyana Power and Light (GPL) from harassing, molesting, penalizing and unfairly extracting money from consumers .

What is the PSC prepared to do about corruption?

Dear Editor,The local print media reported that the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Ramesh Persaud, called on the PPP/C government to stop attacking citizens who expose corruption .

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