IDB should be commended for its display of confidence in the country

Dear Editor,The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) has reportedly taken offence over the IDB continuing to honour financial commitments to the Guyana government on the ground that elections are due to be held shortly and therefore there is an absence of parliamentary oversight over financial expenditures over resources provided by the Bank .

Denied entry to restaurant because of wearing vest

Dear Editor,OMG Restaurant: I can’t believe that I was just denied entry to the buffet at lunch time because I was wearing a vest .

Why was the Deputy Leader of the Opposition not included in the APNU team at press conference?

Dear Editor,I just happened upon the latter part of the press conference hosted by a team representing APNU-AFC, so that I might have missed positives contained in the earlier presentations .

The AFC has taken a big political gamble

Dear Editor,The Alliance for Change (AFC) has taken a big political gamble in entering a pre-election coalition with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) .

Timeline for Jeffrey’s 20 items too short

Dear Editor,I admire and learn a lot from the prolific writings of our Dr Henry Jeffrey who must be congratulated and thanked for his comprehensive offering in SN of February 25 titled: ‘A time-bound coalition programme is essential .

NCN did not tell Harmon he was being recorded

Dear Editor,It is with some regret that I am forced to pen this letter .

Why no Amerindian leaders as presidential, prime ministerial candidates?

Dear Editor,Mr Stephen Campbell was formally inducted into the national political life in 1957 .

Land should be used as a stimulant for self employment

Dear Editor,The President of Guyana was caught again talking about 4 .

A dark horse that was always in the light

Dear Editor, The more revelations from other letter contributors are scrutinized, the more it becomes apparent that Mrs Elizabeth Harper should not be considered a true “surprise” PM candidate .

Undocumented immigrants unhappy over Texas court ruling

Dear Editor,Immigration activists and relatives of undocumented immigrants are up in arms over a Texas court ruling blocking the implementation of President Obama’s executive order granting temporary relief to them .

Eddie Fredericks gave much in service to Guyana and the region

Dear Editor,I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mr Paul Edward (Eddie) Fredericks on February 18, 2015 .

A member of the vanishing minority disapproving of what Mashramani now portrays

Dear Editor,I hereby declare I belong to a vanishing minority represented by Ryhaan Shah in the February 25 SN, which is willing to openly disapprove of what Mashramani now portrays (‘Which party is willing to change the annual Republic Day parade?’) .

Knowledgeable persons need to be brought together to chart a course for literary development

Dear Editor,I’ve been too engaged with personal work to respond as comprehensively as I’ve wanted to regarding the latest interventions on the Guyana Prize .

Nagamootoo spoke directly to the role of race in Guyanese politics

Dear Editor,On February 22, Mr Moses Nagamootoo made a bold and courageous statement on the programme, ‘Hard Talk .

Every vote is needed in order to determine our next government

Dear Editor,Guyana is a democracy .

GFF constitution should be the primary document governing rules, etc

Dear Editor,While I was not privy to a copy of FIFA’s mandate to the Normalisation Committee, nevertheless, in my opinion the term ‘Normalisation Committee’ can be equated with an ‘Interim Management Committee,’ which apart from being appointed, usually elects its own Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer from within the committee unless the terms of reference stipulate otherwise .

Why did the JSC discharge Magistrate Chandan-Edmond from duty?

Dear Editor, Having read the news report regarding the discharge from duty of promising young magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond, one can only ask the question as to what caused the JSC to move at this particular time to terminate her services .

Splitting up contracts and awarding them to specialist contractors is more costly than if undertaken by prime contractors

Dear Editor,It was reported in the media that at the 5th Annual Engineering Conference organized by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Sunil Ganesh, Project Manager of the Works Services Group of the MPW in a presentation titled, ‘Getting value for money in the construction sector,’ argued that awarding road construction contracts to general contractors has resulted in the scarcity of equipment and human resources causing project completion delay, cost overruns and not getting value for money .

Which party is willing to change the annual Republic Day parade?

Dear Editor,I wish to thank the Alberttown Police Station for heeding my desperate plea on Monday night and turning up in my Queenstown neighbourhood to shut down the Banks DIH post-Mash noise .

There is need for a restructuring of the teaching organisational hierarchy

Dear Editor,You cannot improve children’s education by just saying what you will do, including providing school transport, even as President .

Is Ms Harper the non-political, civil-society type?

Dear Editor,The PPP stunned the country by naming Foreign Service Officer, Ms Elisabeth Harper, as its prime ministerial candidate for the upcoming election .

The Independent Party will contest for a few seats in Parliament

Dear Editor,Led by Jagan, Burnham, D’Aguiar and others too many to mention, Guyana embarked on nationhood with purpose, talent and a firm belief that service to the people came before the enrichment of self .

AFC’s only opportunity to play a role in national development was to join forces with APNU

Dear Editor, There are those who have broken away from the AFC because they were not consulted previous to the APNU-AFC coalition, and the AFC had reneged on its decision not to join a coalition .

The opposition should focus on big ideas

Dear Editor,I take umbrage at the purposeful attempt by the Guyana Times in their Monday February 23 edition to incorrectly spin my personal facebook message on the opposition’s statements about the selection of Ms Elisabeth Harper as prime ministerial candidate for the PPP/C .

Tackling administrative decrepitude must be priority for next gov’t

Dear Editor,In October of last year, having discerned the inevitability of general elections, I shared with your readers a note on the expected quality and content of the discourse/manifestoes we are to be assailed with by the contenders .

Mrs Harper will be hard to replace at Foreign Ministry

Dear Editor,I do sincerely applaud the progress in our society’s recognition of women’s competence marked by the nomination of Ms Elisabeth Harper as candidate for Prime Minister and first Vice-President .

There should be day of mourning for teacher, pupils who died in accident

Dear Editor,I’m calling on the government for the declaration of a “national day of mourning and prayers” for the six children and teacher who died in the accident last week .

There should be televised debates among the candidates

Dear Editor,At the upcoming general elections, I believe Guyanese would be, for the first time, voting more on issues and quality of leadership, not so much for parties and charismatic leaders .

Mrs Harper has no drawing power

Dear Editor,SN, among many others, has settled on the word “surprising” to describe Mrs .

An opportunity to start the knitting back together of this country

Dear Editor,The experience of living in Guyana is the experience of living through a series of contradictions .

Ms Harper’s pronouncements on political platform will now be carefully scrutinised

Dear Editor,When then US presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, picked AlaskaGovernor, Sarah Palin, as his vice presidential running mate in August 2008, it was received with mixed reviews in America .

Confronting tyrants and bullies working as minibus crews

The death late last week of a commuter reportedly following an altercation with a minibus conductor over the decibel level of the music being played inside a bus would not have come as a complete shock to those who are familiar with the seamier side of the minibus ‘culture’ .

Selection of Ms Harper was complete shock to PPP supporters

Dear Editor,The selection of Ms .

The role of the Ministry of Labour is conciliatory

Dear Editor,It would appear that my letter to Stabroek News (‘Ministry of Labour should avoid a perception of bias in disputes,’ SN, February 17) was taken out of context since I meant no disrespect to the officials of the Ministry of Labour, some of whom are still my colleagues .

Ms Harper’s political debut was marked by absolute silence

Dear Editor,When I put forward my suggestions for an AFC-APNU coalition cabinet, the person I listed for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs was Elisabeth Harper .

An inspired choice

Dear Editor,What an inspired choice in Elisabeth Harper for Prime Minister .

Essequibo Coast is becoming more dangerous

Dear Editor,The Essequibo Coast seems to be a very dangerous place to live in these times; gone are the days when elderly women can live alone in their houses .

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