The parking meter contract should be renegotiated or scrapped

Dear Editor, The parking meter controversy raises many troubling questions for democracy, transparency and accountability. As a newly elected Councillor, I understand that there is a need to generate more revenue in order to manage the City of Georgetown effectively and implement much needed projects to upgrade existing facilities and embark on new developmental projects.

Zeelugt needs help

Dear Editor, Life is really strange in Guyana. Over the years I’ve penned numerous letters about Zeelugt on the East Bank of Essequibo citing the various problems and imploring help for that village.

The beat goes on

Dear Editor, President Granger made a controversial call when he decided not to have any young persons in his cabinet. When the news broke that he will not place any youths at the helm of any ministry, there was a huge uproar and outcry.

National dialogue should be a matter of high priority

Dear Editor, National dialogue on social and economic matters should be encouraged and promoted as a matter of high priority. This approach promotes active consultation and cooperation at the industrial and national levels among the governing authority, the political parties in the National Assembly as well as workers’ and employers’ organizations in order to foster mutual understanding and good relations; to find agreed solutions to socio-economic problems; and to forge a consensus for national development.