Why not bring forward the date of elections?

Dear EditorIt is sickening how the President and the Minister of Education have dismissed concerns about elections being held on the same day as CXC examinations .

We need a culture shift in relation to school sports

Dear Editor,A student-athlete is defined as an enrolled student who participates in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the college/university in which he or she is enrolled .

Why did the PPP go for a general election when it had the option of local government elections

Dear Editor,While President Ramotar’s announced election date legally appears be more rhetoric than substance, the fact that the PPP has opted for general elections instead of long overdue local government polls may further reveal the authoritarian mindset at Freedom House .

Granger should face PNCR supporters in Linden

Dear Editor,First, we would have to face something, be it a problem, issue, etc, before we can put it behind us .

The voice of the Upscalers needs to be resuscitated

Dear Editor,As an octogenarian I so much enjoyed the poetry to which a sensitive TV Channel 28 exposed viewers on a Sunday evening .

Those pietising about freedom of speech today defend their own sacred figures

Dear Editor,There has been an inevitable response to the events in Paris involving the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and the murders that occurred when its offices were attacked .

Cricket captains have too much responsibility

Dear Editor,As team sports go, cricket is ancient .

Mahdia roads still to be repaired

Dear Editor,At the opening of mining week in August of last year a top level delegation from the mining sector including the chairman of GGDMA, the Chairman of GGMC and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) who were there on behalf of the Minister Robert Persaud, visited Mahdia for the opening of Mining Week and had a meeting with the residents here .

Was the President just ‘gaffing’?

Dear Editor,When President Ramotar announced on December 6, 2014, that elections will be held early in the new year, many Guyanese were justifiably sceptical .

ASL does not operate if weather conditions are not favourable in a location

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to the letter in SN of January 21 where the writer expressed dissatisfaction with the level of service by Air Services Limited operations from Mahdia (‘Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service in Region 8’) .

Every effort is made to attend to childcare hotline reports in 48 hours

Dear Editor, We write in response to a letter appearing in your newspaper of January 21, 2015, captioned ‘Child Protection hotline did not record call .

Is the election date legit?

Dear Editor,In wake of President Donald Ramotar’s announcement of an election date it is clear that this date leaves or provides room for a little scrutiny .

Where do we go for protection?

Dear Editor,Where do we go for protection, if as ordinary citizens we don’t have confidence in the Guyana Police Force?In 2009 a teenager was tortured by Sergeant Narine Lall and Constable Mohanram Dolai, yet these two rogue police officers have now been promoted to higher rank: Sergeant Narine Lall to Inspector and Constable Mohanran Dolai to corporal .

Sunday Stabroek cartoon was relevant in today’s global context

Dear Editor,We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to your newspaper and its cartoonist Paul Harris for publishing an innocuous satirical piece on January 11, 2015 .

Sooba’s hiring of Puran Bros without city council’s fiat is illegal

Dear Editor,As a follow-up to my letter on Ms Carol Ryan Sooba’s rejection of the Mayor & City Council’s decision to advertise for tenders for garbage collection services for groups 7 and 8, I wish to state that according to the Municipal and District Council Act, Chapter 28:01 sections 228; 229 (a) (b); and 232:“A council may enter into contracts necessary for the discharge of any of its functions .

The PPP continues to violate laws and ride roughshod over the people

Dear Editor,Since the act of prorogation, ‘democracy’ in Guyana now means government by the PPP and not government of the people and by the people .

The PPP/C is the only party with political stability

Dear Editor,Now that a date for national and regional elections has been announced by President Donald Ramotar, an important opposition political plank has been demolished, namely that the PPP/C is afraid of the electorate and wanted to prolong its political life by unconstitutional means .

In an AFC-APNU coalition Nagamootoo, APNU woman should be presidential and prime ministerial candidates

Dear Editor,Well, the second shoe dropped, and all the suspense on the date of the next elections is gone .

Indian cricket court ruling of interest in the region

Dear Editor,The holding of the Supreme Court of India reported in Cricinfo that “While the B .

It’s too late in the day to turn back the tide

Dear Editor,According to US envoy Bryan Hunt, “Guyana faces stark drug threat…” (SN, January 18) .

No legitimate religion teaches violence

Dear Editor,To any unbiased observer it would seem that religious strife has divided the entire world and had caused untold suffering and irreparable damage .

First phase of Vaitarna sawmill project is complete

Dear Editor,Below are the updates from Vaitarna Inc on log sales for the year 2014 and the status of the sawmill project .

Elections day will conflict with CXC examinations

Dear Editor,The President of Guyana announced that May 11 will be elections day .

Clive Lloyd is suffering from an illusion

Dear Editor,Clive Lloyd’s expectations that Jason Holder will make an effective 50 overs one day captain and player is just an illusion .

The ballot is secret

Dear Editor,Changing with the times, I feel impelled to send an overtly political message to my personal friends in high places within all the parties in our national and local assemblies .

President’s announcement of elections date did not comply with constitutional or legal requirements

Dear Editor,We note the announcement by President Ramotar that he has named May 11, 2015 as the date for general elections .

APNU, AFC should focus on how a functional coalition gov’t will handle transition from corruption and incompetence of the PPP administration

Dear Editor,In a strange but perhaps not unaccustomed development, President Donald Ramotar has chosen to announce a date for elections without actually dissolving Parliament .

Sooba has been doing whatever she pleases

Dear Editor,We, at the Mayor and City Council are deeply troubled by the continuously rancorous behaviour of the government-imposed Town Clerk (ag), Ms Carol Ryan Sooba .

Photo of rape victim should not have been published

Dear Editor,I was appalled to see, in the January 20 edition of Kaieteur News, a clear photo of the 18-year-old male rape victim in the Old Year’s alleged gang rape story, taken from his hospital bed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation .

A date with destiny?

Dear Editor,So it is May 11 .

Essequibo Cricket Board should not participate in the general meeting of the GCB

Dear Editor,The Berbice Cricket Board has publicly announced that its executives will not be participating in the upcoming Biennial General Meeting (BGM) of the Guyana Cricket Board scheduled for Sunday, January 25th, 2015 .

May 11 must be a victory for all Guyanese

Dear Editor,Those who have contacted me since President Ramotar announced the date for national elections as May 11, with many questions about who I believe will win, must understand that my concern is more about who will lose .

Employers need to critically re-examine their compensation packages

Dear Editor,This week the GGMC published a full-page advertisement on the “benefits” it provides its employees who are on strike .

A double standard

Dear Editor,I’ve been watching the news about the Paris attacks and their responses .

We must learn to respect others’ religious beliefs

Dear Editor,Historically religion has played an integral part in the life of every human being .

Child Protection Hotline did not record call

Dear Editor,Two weekends ago I had cause to call the Child Protection Hotline .

Sooba rejected council’s decision to tender for garbage collection

Dear Editor,We, at the Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown, continue to express disgust at the way in which the government-appointed acting Town Clerk, Ms Carol Ryan Sooba has been flouting our decisions .

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