Ombudsman Moore should be complimented for a job well done

Dear Editor,As the nation of Guyana continues to imbibe at the fountain of disregard for decency and justice, the report by the ombudsman, related to the New Building Society (NBS) and Mr Arjoon is welcome .

No one knows when another country will join the CCJ

Dear Editor, Four months ago I was very optimistic that before the end of this year at least two more countries would have abolished appeals to the Privy Council and accepted the Caribbean Court of Justice, but it seems as if this will not materialize and no one knows when another country will join .

There is a staggering lack of love for this country

Dear Editor,I look around and ask why are there so many problems, problems that seem insuperable, and which keep mounting relentlessly .

The GPF should do the necessary research before making thoughtless statements about the abuse of women and children

Dear Editor,According to an INews report on November 17, 2014, Commander of ‘A’ Division, Mr Hicken reportedly made a statement to the effect suggesting that women and girls must ensure they do not dress in any manner that “plays into the agenda” of a rapist .

Commander was not defining moral conduct; statement was directed at crime prevention

Dear Editor,Cognisant of an article published in the Stabroek News on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, under the caption ‘Police Commander under fire for blaming victims for rapes’ and other media coverage of this matter, the Guyana Police Force wishes to advise the public that the Police Divisional Commander of ‘A’ Division has been taken out of context .

It is sickening that Hicken is not aware that rape has nothing to do with what the victim is wearing

Dear EditorMany men and women in Guyana probably think like Commander Hicken does, that young women are to be blamed for rape because they do not dress ‘morally’ .

If only the unified spirit and inspiring dynamic reflected in the consultation on solid waste management could find a permanent place in the whole country

Dear Editor,Last Friday and Saturday, November 14 and 15, I participated in a consultation on Solid Waste Management, organised by Rev Raphael Massiah and the First Assembly of God .

Rape is not a crime of passion or temptation but of humiliation and hate

Dear Editor,The remarks attributed to Police Commander ‘A’ Division, Mr Hicken, demonstrate once again the urgent need for the implementation of the Sexual Offences Act 2010 .

If local elections had been held every three years there would have been a lot more young people in the political landscape

Dear Editor,The recent events in the Parliament coupled with the Nandlall affair; the NBS scandal, in which the name of former President Jagdeo, a leader in the PPP, has been mentioned; the Marriott mystery; the longstanding scandal and subterfuge in the NCN (‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur) affair with no finality in sight after three years; the Chinese logging company and the export of logs where the Guyanese taxpayer feels betrayed; the sugar industry and Mr Raj Singh’s illogical appointment and his total inability to cope with all the problems involving GuySuCo; the state of affairs in Georgetown and many other important affairs of state, lead me to the conclusion that this nation is suffering from a crisis of leadership .

More questions than answers

Dear Editor,It was instructive to see Mr E B John’s critique last Saturday on the “organizational lacuna” that plagues the National Cane Farming Committee (NCFC) (‘There is an organizational lacuna in the National Cane Farming Committee’ SN, November 15) .

The no-confidence motion was neither debated nor approved in Guyana; the PPP did not violate the constitution

Dear Editor, “In order to understand the legality or the constitutionality of the President’s proclamation, [to prorogue parliament] one has to understand the “constitution in its entirety” wrote Mr Raymond Gaskin in the SN of November 18 titled ‘The constitution says the government cannot remain in office if it does not enjoy the confidence of the House of Assembly .

South Africa will not realize its full potential until there is better governance

Dear Editor, Reference is made to your editorial ‘The Marikana Massacre and the unravelling of the ANC’ (Nov 18) .

There are procedures which anyone affected by what is said in the Ombudsman’s report should follow

Dear Editor,I noted certain statements in the press allegedly made by Dr Nanda Gopaul, former Permanent Secretary of the Presidential Secretariat now Minister of Labour and Mrs Shalimar Ali-Hack, Director of Public Prosecutions concerning the Ombudsman’s report on a complaint by Mr Maurice Aijoon, former Director Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of the New Building Society (NBS) Ltd .

The constitution says the government cannot remain in office if it does not enjoy the confidence of the House of Assembly

 Dear Editor,Much has been written and said about the President’s decision to prorogue the Parliament of Guyana in order to avoid defeat on a no-confidence vote, which would have led to the resignation of the cabinet including the President .

Be careful what you wish for

Dear Editor,Much has been said by commentators with regard to President Donald Ramotar’s prorogation of parliament .

Instead of the Church influencing events it has become a reflection of what is on the outside

Dear Editor, I have stayed away and silent, until now, from the expressions on the church in local society .

The PPP continues to operate as if it is not answerable to the people

Dear Editor, It is not unbecoming for budding dictators to disguise their political action with lame excuses in the hope of sowing much confusion in a nation in order to perpetuate their roguish ways .

We need to concern ourselves with how we wish to be governed and not who should govern us

Dear Editor, I beg to add my support to the sentiments expressed in the letter columns by Mark DaCosta under the caption, ‘Our leaders must face the elephant in the room’ (SN, November 14) .

What went through the mind of the President when he prorogued parliament?

Dear Editor, Parliament in Guyana is known to have its fair share of bacchanal, but with the proroguing of such a high institution I think we as a nation have reached the lowest point .

‘Things that bother me’

Dear Editor,Many moons ago a popular column in the Daily Argosy paper was titled ‘Things that bother me,’ written by one of our true greats, writer, head teacher and political activist, Robert Burchell Oclave Hart .

There should be dialogue and compromise

Dear Editor,I have had the opportunity to listen to President Donald Ramotar on the election campaign trail and his inaugural speech .

Flaunting caste in a heterogeneous society is repugnant

Dear Editor,In my novel, The Silver Lining, awarded the Guyana Prize for Literature, 1998, there is a distasteful character, Anil, who was in the habit of antagonizing his peers and opponents by flaunting his high caste at them .

Based on my interpretation, government’s authority to spend would end on December 31, 2014

Dear Editor,I am attempting to take up the challenge posed to Opposition MPs by Christopher Ram in his letter ‘The opposition should display more interest …’ (SN, November 15, 2014) .

What would MLK have said?

Dear Editor,I don’t consider myself a theologian; rather I consider myself a high school drop-out .

This is not a struggle for one party or another; it is a fight to save democracy

Dear Editor,The unusual proroguing of the 10th Parliament by President Ramotar just prior to a scheduled vote of no‐confidence against the government, has now provoked considerable debate in and out of Guyana .

Henry Singh’s breakfast programme should be commended

Dear Editor,I make it my duty to encourage people to listen to good radio .

People should decide for themselves

Dear Editor,Daniel Kahneman, winner of the Nobel prize in Economics and author of Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow said the following about truth and falsehoods, “A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth .

We haven’t done much to build a framework that mandates cooperation and consensus

Dear Editor,In December of 2011, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic won the presidency, but lost control of the legislature for the first time in nearly two decades .

If Obama prorogued Congress there would be uproar

Dear Editor,Let us imagine the news today in the United States is that President Obama prorogued Congress according to the constitution, and 535 members of Congress could not meet .

The people should prepare to resign themselves

Dear Editor,Some strange sounds are emanating from the opposition camp .

An inconsistency in thinking

Dear Editor,M Maxwell’s November 14 letter in SN ‘Lewis has to stop peddling the notion that attacks on Burnham’s constitution are uncalled for’ is absent supporting evidence to negate my consistent position that the Guyana Constitution be respected and enforced .

The current impasse should be used to educate the population about the constitution

Dear Editor,One would have thought that by now there would be a series from the experts enlightening the Guyanese populace about the constitution in general and the provisions that allow for prorogation in particular .

Sending only African speakers to African-dominated events is wrongheaded

Dear Editor, Since the suspension of Guyana’s parliament almost a week ago the parliamentary majority, in particular the APNU, has been making the right sounds and the right moves .

The known arrangements to deal with ebola are worrying

Dear Editor, In October I offered some thoughts on ebola and some elements of the approach needed to contain it, based on international experience .

Covering the canals downtown is not a new idea

Dear Editor,The idea which is promoted as the brainchild of Minister Ali to cover the canals in downtown Georgetown is not a new one .

The Yoruba Singers left their mark on the local entertainment scene

Dear Editor, The ‘concert’ at the Theatre Guild ought to be a treat for what, these days, is a fast dwindling generation of music lovers who remember well the mark that the Yoruba Singers have left on the local entertainment landscape of Guyana .

There should be general elections now

Dear Editor, President Donald Ramotar at a press conference yesterday said that in the next few days he will invite the combined opposition for “talks” on the way forward following his prorogation (suspension) of Parliament .

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