The Ministry of Education has brought greater parity to secondary education

Dear Editor,As over fifteen thousand of the nation’s pupils prepare to write the National Grade Six Assessment, it is fitting that we should address some of the related concerns surrounding the assessment and its perceived or real implications vis-à-vis education in Guyana in general .

Government funding for Bina Hill school is under threat

Dear Editor,The North Rupununi District Development Board is a fully autonomous Amerindian NGO that has no political, religious or other institutional affiliation .

Guyanese are seeing no return on the money spent on the National Intelligence Centre

Dear Editor,As Guyanese endure a 38% increase in gun related robberies, a 37% rise in murders, reports of a kidnapping and the failure of the judicial system to effectively prosecute offenders, we cannot avoid wondering how our anti-crime tax dollars are being used .

A permanent kidnapping unit in the police force would be very under utilized

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Kaieteur News of Tuesday April 15, 2014, under the heading ‘Confusion rages over anti-kidnapping unit,’ in order to clarify what acting Commissioner of Police Mr Seelall Persaud, actually said .

Golden Grove, Nabaclis roads need urgent attention

Dear Editor,There are two roads in Golden Grove and Nabaclis which are in dire need of urgent repairs .

Not 100hrs…

Dear Editor,Please allow me to say to some of our very learned radio and television announcers and reporters that ever since I was a kid attending school, I was taught about the twenty-four hour day .

The administration continues to demonstrate contempt for every institution of state

Dear Editor,Stabroek News’ position that the “fight against the use of the global financial network for criminal activities is as effective as the weakest link in this chain of effort,” succinctly captures the crux of Guyana’s problem which is again being manifested around the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill (AML/CFT) .

We should all be mindful of what we say

Dear Editor,  It is with great concern that I pen this letter to you .

Guyanese should think for themselves

Dear Editor,In all fairness to former President Jagdeo, I am of the view that he recognized the critical weaknesses, vulnerabilities and fears of Guyanese and orchestrated a cunning plot to not only divide and rule the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) but also our country .

The government is using the Amerindian Development Fund for partisan purposes

Dear Editor,The People`s Progressive Party General Secretary Clement Rohee is quoted in the media as describing the actions of the combined opposition of voting against the allocation of $1 .

Guyanese singers need copyright law

Dear Editor,        I am seventeen years old and I live in Danielstown on the Essequibo Coast .

Opposition will withhold support for Amerindian Development Fund until there is a roadmap on how money will be spent

Dear Editor,Many persons stopped me on the road this past week to get my take on the fact that the combined opposition in Parliament has disapproved of the $1 .

Guyanese judges in Caricom territories dispensing justice without fear or favour

Dear Editor,Another Guyanese-born judge has delivered an important decision against a Belize minister of government which will be a blow to the Dean Barrow administration, since that administration has a razor-thin majority .

No ban

Dear Editor,It has been nearly six months since Stabroek News has banned me from posting on their blog .

No account has been given of expenditure for Sports and Arts Development Fund

Dear Editor,It is my understanding that this week the Ministry of Culture’s estimates are up for consideration before the Committee of Supply in the National Assembly .

The politics of Manickchand

Dear Editor,I refer to your editorial on Sunday, April 13 captioned, ‘Vulgarity .

‘Long since’ not ‘at last’

Dear Editor,I noted that in the Stabroek News of Saturday, April 12, 2014, in the article dealing with the Impact Albouystown Project on page 10, I have been misquoted as having said that the GPF has “at last” recognised the importance and necessity of forging… etc .

Ordinals should not be used for writing dates

Dear Editor,I have noted that many ministries of the government are still registering dates via the use of ordinals in advertisements .

Girvan’s name stood out among Caribbean economists

Dear Editor,While in India to analyse the general elections underway, I learnt of the passing of the Caribbean luminary, Professor Norman Girvan .

This ambulance seems to have  come from the junkyard

This ambulance seems to have come from the junkyard

Dear Editor,The sum of $12M was approved in the 2013 national budget for an ambulance for the Mahdia Hospital, Region No .

Substantial extra works remain to be done to make the Hope Canal Project functional

Dear Editor,In a few weeks’ time Guyana’s major rainy season is expected to commence but the drainage systems in the city and along the coastland lack basic preparation (clean inland graded drains and outfall channels, drainage pumps in working order at critical locations, etc) all necessary to meet the impending challenges of heavy downpours with resulting widespread flooding .

Eclipse of the Moon early Tuesday

Dear Editor,For those interested there will be a total eclipse of the Moon very early Tuesday morning April 15, 2014 .

What a contrast with Jamaica

Dear Editor, I am going to a wedding at the Riu in Jamaica .

Large ugly building disturbs Chateau Margot residents

Dear Editor,It is now 1 .

If the authorities were serious about tackling suicide they would set up more counselling centres

Dear Editor,On Friday, April 11, I visited Zeelugt Village on the East Bank of Essequibo and whilst socializing with a few friends, I learnt of another suicide .

Man, brother and servant

Dear Editor,David Hinds sees himself as Black, Guyanese and Caribbean (KN April 8) .

Problems can’t be fixed if vindictive politics get the better of us

Dear Editor,Our problems can’t be fixed if vindictive politics continue to get the better of us .

Racket in operation on Route 31

Dear Editor,I read every day of minibus operators who behave in a vulgar manner on the roads or in the parks of Guyana .

There is gender parity at nursery, primary and secondary levels

Dear Editor,Please permit me to respond to a letter published in the Stabroek News on Friday April 11, 2014, entitled, ‘The Ministry of Education should put more emphasis on girls’ education,’ in which the writers questioned the ministry’s ability to competently address – through policies and programmes – the empowerment  of females within the education system .

There needs to be action to protect our wildlife

There needs to be action to protect our wildlife

Dear Editor,Several articles have been written recently about our increasingly endangered wildlife and the need for enforcement .


Correction In last week’s editorial it was incorrectly stated that the oil exploration vessel which was forced from our waters by the Venezuelans was called the Anadarko .

Time must be made in the National Assembly to give sugar the attention it needs

Dear Editor,Until this nation is prepared to have open and frank conversations on race in the quest for equality and national development, the self-serving and opportunistic in our midst will continue to manipulate our differences to the detriment of all .

Cricket sponsorship monies should be channelled to legally appointed entities

Dear Editor,The Demerara Cricket Board fiasco is presently engaging the attention of the court .

There is no magic wand called better management

Dear Editor,Is there a magic potion or miracle cure or, as we say in Guyana, an ‘obeah’ that can be used to cure our ailing sugar industry?Recent reports in the media, some following the budget debates, might give the impression that there is a magic wand called better management that can be used to remove a curse and cleanse GuySuCo of the disease called under-performance .

Why the attempt to dethrone Matthias?

Dear Editor,I commend Mr Wayne Forde, President of Fruta Conquerors for publicly stating in your newspaper on April 3 that he is not in support of a no-confidence motion against the President of the GFF, Mr Matthias .

A legacy of dictatorship politics

Dear Editor,Ever since Cheddi Jagan died in 1997 many in the PPP, and recently in the PNC, have oftentimes alluded to the Jagan legacy without defining what that legacy is .

Sensitivities have been blunted to dreadful happenings

Dear Editor,Once again there has been outrage, and rightly so by some concerned voices over the manner in which the 14-year-old boy Andy met his death .

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