Post Office apologises to pensioners

Dear Editor,The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) wishes to respond to the Stabroek News’ August 22, 2014, article captioned, ‘Pensioners forced to wait five hours at Bourda Post Office .

There have been major reforms in the security sector since the PPP/C assumed office

Dear Editor,Never in the history of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) or for that matter the security sector have there been so many reforms and efforts at modernization and real change .

China has been spreading its tentacles into the economies of almost all Latin American, Caribbean countries

Dear Editor,Just as China regards East Asia as its economic backyard, the United States had traditionally, since the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, maintained a similar approach to Latin America, and the two present day economic powers had silently respected each others’ hegemonic claims to their respective spheres .

There is no legitimate justification for exploitation

Dear Editor,Having received responses to the Guyana Trades Union Congress’ (GTUC) statement expressing opposition to awarding the Guyana Prisons Service a clean-up contract for the Le Repentir cemetery, some pointers needed to be addressed further .

Who are the members of the DCB executive?

Dear Editor,It is noted in a newspaper of August 22 that W&H Rambaran is sponsoring the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) .

Short-term gain, future disaster

Dear Editor,I am reading with interest what is happening in the forests of Guyana .

GRA grants duty-free concessions only after they are first approved by relevant regulatory bodies

Dear Editor,Reference is made to an article published in the Tuesday, August 19, 2014 edition of the Kaieteur News titled ‘Logging scandal .

West Indies does not need a foreign coach

Dear Editor,The West Indies does not need a foreign coach .

Can’t get internet service connected

Dear Editor,I paid $5,000 last Tuesday to a SurePay outlet in Georgetown for my DSL internet and to date the service has not been connected .

Let the people have the power to fire failing politicians

Dear Editor,The House of Representatives in Trinidad passed a constitutional amendment bill that would empower voters to recall their Member of Parliament if they are dissatisfied with the MP’s performance .

Who cares?

Dear Editor,I observe a Guyana transformed on some of the issues that impact life heavily and negatively .

A resort to the courts to challenge a no- confidence vote would be unconstitutional

Dear Editor,The public has been calling for serious police reform to no avail .

Everyone should be vigilant

Dear Editor,Despite the daily grim news which features so often in the media, (gun crimes, murders, domestic violence, vehicle-manslaughter, etc) one cannot help feeling saddened at the recent murder of a businessman and injury to his wife by bandits .

Not all those who have received them in the Caribbean deserve national honours

Dear Editor,Guyana abolished British awards after it became a republic, and a few knights who were named in the colonial days were not too happy that they were not allowed to use their ‘Sirs’ while they were affiliated to the Forbes Burnham administration .

The political circus comes to Berbice

Dear Editor,As regional and general elections are in the air, Berbicians are once more beginning to get the political circus that normally comes around only when there is need for votes .

The use of prisoners in the clean-up programme is in contravention of the ILO Convention

Dear Editor,The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) notes with concern reports that the Guyana Prisons Service has entered into a contract with the Ministry of Local Government to use prisoners on its ‘Clean-Up My Country’ Programme .

The government should have insisted on joint ventures between Asian companies and local loggers

Dear Editor,The gross absurdity that our government has imposed on us and the country in the name foreign logging investment has been superbly exposed by KN and your newspaper .

Dr Waller helps to set up eye banks in underdeveloped countries

Dear Editor,I must commend your reporter for the well-researched article on cornea transplants in the August 20 edition of your newspaper .

Alkaline should be stopped from coming to Guyana to perform

Dear Editor,The young people of Joshua Generation, the Youth Arm of Love and Faith World Outreach Ministries, have come to the realization that we must take a stand and let our voices and opinions be heard .

Propaganda directed towards delaying tactics

Dear Editor,At recent party press conferences General Secretary Clement Rohee has made it clear that the PPP does not believe Gecom is prepared to manage national and local government elections .

Too much hassle travelling to Guyana

Dear Editor,I would like to travel back and forth to Guyana without all the hassles that are present now .

How can the people who failed before now produce a change?

Dear Editor,Once upon a time the WPA wrote in one of its pamphlets that “Nationalisation, with an anti-democratic state structure and an increasing managerial bureaucracy under the control of the ruling party, has put the political rulers in a position analogous to that of the former expatriate owners .

Burnham’s socialist path prevented Guyana developing like Singapore

Dear Editor,Guyana and Singapore started at fairly similar points of economic development in the early sixties .

DPP returned file on August 13

Dear Editor,I hereby draw your attention to the article on page 10, ‘Cops seek further DPP advice in station burning case,’ which was published in Stabroek News on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 .

Shaik Baksh is not the man to chair GuySuCo’s board

Dear Editor,It has been announced that Mr Shaik Baksh, formerly Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Water Inc (GWI), has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Guyana’s largest industry, based on the number of its employees .

Guyana’s constitution places local government elections outside of a straightforward domestic issue

Dear Editor,In joining the debate on what Dr Roger Luncheon has described as Ms Priya Manickchand’s “feral blast” of former US Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt, former Judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice Professor Duke Pollard in a compendious formulation, drew attention to the relevance of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to the debate on the appropriateness of a diplomat commenting on political matters in his host country (‘Hardt spat should be examined with reference to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,’ Stabroek News, July 7) .

Baksh is not the man for the job

Dear Editor,It is quite clear that the PPP/C administration has absolutely no regard for fairness and is all bent in providing jobs for their boys .

For whom does the majority opposition speak?

Dear Editor,The green ranger continues to show his colours, which evoke a state of confusion in those who see and listen attentively to pronouncements hardly founded in organisational rationality .

Robert Persaud should take to the debate stage not James Singh

Dear Editor,Permit me to congratulate APNU parliamentarian and Shadow Minister of Public Works and Communication, Joseph Harmon, for his relentless pursuit of fairness and justice on behalf of all Guyanese .

What more can be said of things in Guyana?

Dear Editor,I am sitting here thinking: What more can be said of certain things in Guyana that has not already been said? Still, I must try .

Persons are urged to put aside their misconceptions and fears

Dear Editor,One month has now passed since our friends and colleagues Jason John and Carlyle Sinclair were brutally murdered on the streets of Georgetown .

PPP’s management of the economy has crossed the line

Dear Editor,Philip Bynoe’s conduct at the recent press conference held at the Guyana Forestry Commission deserves public condemnation .

Why are we being told that log exports by foreign nationals is good for us?

Dear Editor,I refer to your article in today’s SN (Aug 18) – ‘Finance Minister under fire over timber stats’ and wish to offer a few comments .

Submissions were juridically misconceived

Dear Editor,In reaction to the submissions of Senior Counsel B T I Pollard appearing in SN on August 14, I am constrained to indicate as follows: a) the utterances attributed to the Minister of Education in relation to former Ambassador Brent Hardt were not the subject of commendation by me, either expressly or by ineluctable inference; b) no citation was made by me of the United Nations Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States .

Road contractor does not seem to have resources to build a proper shed, toilet facility for workers

Dear Editor,I make reference to my letter dated July 7, 2014, published on July 8 with respect to the deplorable state of the roads in Area Q, Turkeyen (‘Is there a plan for Area Q Turkeyen Road?’) .

Men should contribute to breaking the taboo around abortion

Dear Editor,The article ‘Break the taboo against abortion now!’ in the SN of August 15, 2014 rightly calls for safe and affordable abortion services in Guyana .

GFC Chairman should not debate an MP

Dear Editor,Any public debate between the Chairman of the Guyana Forestry Commission Mr James Singh and APNU MP Joe Harmon is most inappropriate .

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