Cricket Administration Act has not solved the crisis

Dear Editor,The BCB held its AGM last December under the new Cricket Administration Act (CAA), which act had broken new ground when the Select Committee rewrote the constitutions of the GCB and the DCB without any approval from the members of these cricket entities .

PPP core leadership is avoiding debate on any issue

Dear Editor,Just a few comments on Manzoor Nadir’s appearance with APNU+AFC’s Imran Khan and Guyana Press Association’s Nazima Raghubir on the radio show ‘Hard Talk’ with host Chris Chapwanya .

Region Nine villages were rescued from the PNC in 1992

Dear Editor,I refer to the Kaieteur News article of March 14, under the caption ‘APNU+AFC plan to improve living conditions in Region Nine .

Kissoon has behaved like the rest of them

Dear Editor,In his March 15 Kaieteur News column, at the height of saturation media coverage of Crum-Ewing’s murder, Freddie Kissoon wrote an article headed ‘Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar were right on what they said about me .

Non-existent garbage collection in Happy Acres

Dear Editor,For the past two months the collection of garbage in Happy Acres, East Coast Demerara, is close to non-existent .

Will the rice cereal factory really employ 200 workers?

Dear Editor,The President of Guyana was at Anna Regina to turn the sod for the $100 million Rice Cereal factory and declared that it will create 200 jobs for Essequibians in the near future .

We must protect the advantage we have acquired

Dear Editor,One of the topical ideas embraced by news commentators about work related lifestyles in public office is the lean, clean and mean image articulated by Cde Cheddi following his inauguration speech in Oct 1992 .

Rice farmers who received full payment appealing for ‘extra’ $500

Dear Editor,Rice farmers in Region 2 have welcomed a decision taken on Monday, March 23, for some millers in the district to up the price of paddy by $500 per bag .

The needs of WI cricket extend far beyond a Head Coach

Dear Editor,I was pondering the following questions: Was there was an explanation for not appointing a Head Coach for the World Cup even if it had to be only for that limited period? Why did WI cricket fans hear nothing about the status of their best fast bowler, Kemar Roach, during the later stages of the world Cup? Why is the support staff for the WI team smaller than that for any other team? Why was a completely inexperienced captain appointed weeks before the World Cup began? Why was Narine`s decision not to join the squad for the World Cup apparently accepted with such equanimity?Why did obvious repetitious demonstrations of intemperate stroke play by batsmen not indicate the need for professional assistance of some kind? Why in the absence of a Fielding Coach, which every other team has, were two of the best fieldsmen, Bravo and Pollard, excluded from a 15-man squad?I read the following statement from Gayle who, because he is not the most articulate spokesman, never seems to catch the attention of the WICB or journalists with his most important observations except when they are in their punitive mindset: “If we had a better plan or structure chasing these sorts of targets, it could have helped us in some sort of way .

The people must demand their rightful place at the table to build this land

Dear Editor,Minister Juan Bishop Edghill during his visit to Linden, according to News Source “has declared that the people of Linden and Region 10 have received their fair share of development under the current administration .

City council employee not paid after nine months despite Minister’s assurances

Dear Editor,Ms Hinds, the young lady properly appointed to fill a vacancy in the Mayor’s office, has not yet been paid after working for nine months .

PPP has lost large number of Indian  supporters through migration

PPP has lost large number of Indian supporters through migration

Dear Editor,It is all in the numbers, and numbers don’t lie .

The Jagans’ home in Bel Air was built on flooded land and with voluntary labour

Dear Editor,With regards to comments and your editorial (SN Mar 22) on the Jagans’ home in Plantation Bel Air, I wish to note for historical record that the house was constructed on flooded land and with voluntary time and labour (at least partially by known individuals) by supporters of Jagan, some of whom came from as far away as Corentyne .

It’s about the ‘econo-me’ not ‘punishment’

Dear Editor,I was about to embark on some research to see who exactly was Henri Tajfel referenced by Dr Jeffrey to support his case that there was some kind of “natural” Indian fear of Afro-Guyanese, when I thought better of that approach .

Amerindians should press for revision of the Amerindian Act

Dear Editor,The opposition alliance has declared the intention, if voted into office, to make changes to the constitution in order to maintain democracy in Guyana .

Guyanese can no longer wait years for something to happen

Dear Editor,As observation is taken of the appeals to divide us over the years which have heightened within recent times, it becomes necessary for us to find solutions .

Things a new government should be considering

Dear Editor,As we look to the future on May 11, there will likely be many recommendations on issues for the new government to consider upon its assumption of office .

Staying at Pegasus is a milestone

Dear Editor,At last my dream has come along, and my dreaming days are over .

Granger’s promises on electricity are opportunistic

Dear Editor,Allow me as Minister Responsible for Energy and Electricity for some two decades to respond to some of what Mr David Granger is reported to have said in the article in SN of March 18, entitled, ‘Granger promises alternative energy boost to growing manufacturing sector -signals retooled Amaila Hydro-project .

Signatories to online petition

Dear Editor, We the undersigned members and representatives of civil society fully endorse the Public Petition and Statement in Support of Justice for Courtney Crum-Ewing .

Nasty habit

Dear Editor, Do we have an epidemic of enlarged prostates in Guyana, or is this just a nasty habit? Men relieving themselves against utility poles (lantern posts), trees, people’s fences, car wheels, is a common sight around Georgetown, and it begs the question: can’t these men hold their urine until they find a toilet? Women do .

Why the silence of senior PPP people?

Dear Editor,It has long been clear that both major political parties should apologise to the country for their actions since 1960 .

An unarmed guard with little backup should not be guarding a facility which houses millions

Dear Editor,There continues to be a very reluctant approach by some individuals, companies and establishments to employing adequate security measures to secure their personal assets and those of their customers and trustees .

Are all Essequibo pharmacies licensed with trained pharmacists?

Dear Editor,As I travel the length and breadth of the Essequibo Coast, I have seen a number of pharmacies which have sprung up .

Name of signatory should have been carried

Dear Editor,We read with interest the letter in SN, March 19, ‘Berbicians must not allow their cricket to be hijacked .

Another precious gift

Dear Editor,It is a tragic irony that by dying, and through the way in which he died, Courtney Crum-Ewing left residents another precious gift .

Every vote counts

Dear Editor,Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar must be commended for the decision taken by him to invite overseas visitors to monitor our national and regional elections due on May 11 .

Brooklyn mandir, Pandit Mochan fund worthy causes in Guyana

Dear Editor,I write to applaud the Vigneshwar Mandir and Pandit Mochan Persaud of Brooklyn for their generosity and kindness in helping the dispossessed and less fortunate in Guyana .

Jagan was one of the few honourable people to follow a political vocation

Dear Editor,I wish to add a comment on the late President, Dr Cheddi Jagan, primarily to endorse an aspect of what Ralph Ramkarran, Nadira Jagan, Dr Tulsi Singh and Oscar Ramjeet have written in recent days .

Professionalism and courtesy at Caribbean Heart Institute, Malaria Unit and Lethem Hospital

Dear Editor,One of my elders once lamented the tendency to be more generous with criticism than praise .

CJ’s naming of date two weeks ahead to hear case disappointing

Dear Editor,On March 13, Mr Roysdale Forde, Attorney-at-law, filed with the courts in Guyana an application by way of an affidavit for certain declarations and a conservatory order intended to prevent the Minister of Finance from carrying out his usual trick of spending from the Consolidated Fund without the benefit of an Appropriation Act or the prior or retroactive approval of the Parliament .

Police must investigate two government officials who allegedly threatened Crum-Ewing

Dear Editor,The killing of Courtney Crum-Ewing on Tuesday, March 10, has shocked and galvanized citizens from all walks of life to stand in solidarity and to salute and honour a Guyanese brother who in the face of countrywide disillusionment and apathy became an example and the public conscience for all Guyanese .

Jaundiced views

Dear Editor,I watched with more than a tinge of sadness the presentations by former President Jagdeo at Babu Jaan and a press conference at Freedom House in which he gave his own peculiar version of aspects of our country’s past .

We must ensure democracy extends beyond the ballot box into institutions

Dear Editor,A few years ago, I wondered aloud in the letters pages whether anyone had done a survey of former colonies to determine how many had achieved promised socioeconomic and political goals since gaining political independence, and if those that failed miserably should be re-colonized .

Business public or private must be kept separate from politics

Dear Editor,I am a retired and former member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Belvedere/ Hampshire Branch, without any faded conviction to the party, and wish to make reference to a letter from the Chairman of the WPA Ali Majeed which appeared in SN on March 16, captioned ‘GuySuCo has been treated like a party institution .

Growth is a means to a higher end

Dear Editor,Guyana is a country with great potential .

Jagdeo should not have invoked Dr Jagan’s way of life

Dear Editor,Former President Bharrat Jagdeo should stick to the old adage: if you don’t have anything good to say, keep quiet .

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