Sad and glad night

Dear Editor, It was a sad but glad night at the London High Commission on Tuesday 17th. A jam-packed room came to salute two great Guyanese writers ‒ Michael Abbensetts and ER Braitwaite ‒ and they were in some very distinguished company.

Eleven appointments to Police Complaints Authority would be in breach of the law

Dear Editor, With keen interest I read a Sunday Stabroek, January15, article under the caption ‘Police Complaints Chairman welcomes more sleuths.’ The article stated that the Chairman in his end of the year report said that the Police Complaints Authority may get an additional seven investigators through an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – funded programme.

Can’t get a court date

Dear Editor, I and other former workers of Precision Woodworking Ltd (in receivership) have read your recent editorial titled ‘Logjam in the High Court’ (January 12, 2017) with more than a passing interest.

Linden needs better

Dear Editor, Lindentown, as I call it, is blessed with creeks and mostly man-made lakes made by the removal of the rich mineral (bauxite), a reminder of our contributions towards our Dear Land of Guyana.

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