Local government elections are needed because local representatives more likely to hear the concerns of Albouystown and other communities

Dear Editor,I write once again to air my concern, this one being the conditions which I live in .

David Granger must remain the rational head of the PNC

Dear Editor, My experiences with politicians have led me to a realization that the public mood which attempts to offer a character profile of political leaders is not entirely based on their works, but rather on the anxieties of collective expectations .

Intolerable noise levels from a wedding celebration

Dear Editor,As I am typing this letter, (7 .

The time has come to establish an agenda for the future

Dear Editor,Earlier this week, the Guyana Bar Association called upon the President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar to disassociate himself from the latest slew of racist editorials and letters published in the state-owned paper, the Guyana Chronicle .

Granger is prepared for the challenge ahead of him

Dear Editor,I met Mr Granger two months ago and talked with him for several hours over two days .

No evidence of corruption

Dear Editor,In a letter written by Mr Oscar Ramjeet captioned, ‘The Caribbean diaspora is being tapped for support’ (SN, July 22) he comments, “It is ironical that the PPP/C is in power for more than 21years and the situation is not better .

The President missed the point of Article 218 (3)(b) of the constitution

Dear Editor, Despite a lack of legal training, I consider myself like many other Guyanese to be reasonably intelligent and capable of understanding what is written in the Constitution of Guyana .

The police should be combing the streets not staying in the station

Dear Editor, I commend what some officers of ‘C’ Division did recently .

Depravity is being imported into a residential area

Dear Editor, As a matter of public concern, I wish to bring to the attention of the Minister of Home Affairs that permission has purportedly been granted to promoters (name given) to promote and host an “Uncensored Private Party” with “Exotic Brazilian Dancers” at Celebs Sports Bar, Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast on July 26, 2014 .

Discretion is the better part of valour?

Dear Editor, Last Sunday our newspapers carried reports of “children and relatives” of the head of a public organization being employed in the same organization thus raising questions of potential managerial and staff relations’ improprieties .

Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation should be complimented

Dear Editor, First I must compliment the executives of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation after being elected in January 2014 with limited funds in their coffers and then working day and night to cross that hurdle to send the male and female team to the CBC Championship 2014 in Tortola, BVI .

Lewis has not made his case with regard to the TUC and Indians

Dear Editor, In responding to my letter of July 12 in the SN, the TUC’s Mr Lincoln Lewis resorts to the usual in his SN letter of July 14 titled ‘The GTUC has a proud record of fighting for and achieving racial equality .


Dear Editor, A layman is often considered brazen to want to question in the least way, or simply differ with someone who has received accolades and recognition of all sorts, whether a writer, a conversationalist, a recipient of literary awards and a fine craftsman of the English tongue .

Many PNCR members still waiting for their membership cards

Dear Editor,The PNCR Congress will be held in a matter of days .

We need consensus politics

Dear Editor, People who see the presence of different races as an impediment to our progress as a nation are ethnically insecure .

The ball is in the AFC court

Dear Editor, “Baseless” – That is how President Ramotar rubbished the AFC’s notice of no confidence against his minority government .

There has been cooperation between Culture Ministry and Janus Cultural Policy Initiative

Dear Editor,I have made a point to stress that while my criticism of the Minister of Culture’s mismanagement of his portfolio will continue to be strident so long as that mismanagement remains a reality, I also remain open to working with the Ministry of Culture on clear, identifiable, sustainable goals .

Blue CAPS is not focused on political blame or partisan favour

Dear Editor, I read the headline in the Sunday Guyana Times and wondered why the editor of that newspaper felt the need to headline the newspaper with my name .

Headlines encourage stigmatization

Dear Editor, I write to condemn the recent reporting on the murders of two members of the local lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) community this past weekend, and to call on all media operatives and outlets in Guyana to exercise greater sensitivity, restraint, and responsibility when reporting on crimes against the LGBT community .

No justice in traffic accident

Dear Editor,I was involved in an accident on the La Grange Public Road on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 6pm .

Granger is the best leader to build a multi-ethnic coalition

Dear Editor,The PNCR is about to elect its leader who will most likely become the party’s presidential candidate or the presidential candidate of APNU, assuming that the candidate who wins will continue with the APNU coalition .

PNCR members can choose their leader wisely or foolishly

Dear Editor,Members of the PNCR will soon vote for their party’s leader and all Guyanese are watching .

Punctuality is a discipline

Dear Editor,On July 15 you carried a letter in SN captioned ‘Lateness has become a way of life’ by Rev Gideon Cecil .

The Caribbean diaspora is being tapped for support

Dear Editor,The Caribbean diaspora is playing an important role in their respective countries and as a result governments and opposition parties are tapping into them for more support .

The Ministry of Labour would raise the bar by taking a leaf from its counterpart in T&T

Dear Editor,The simplistic caption ‘The government should develop a plan to recruit skills from overseas,’ certainly misrepresents the thrust of Mr Mohamed Akeel’s very perceptive letter to SN of July 10, in which he attempts to portray, convincingly to some, the lack of a comprehensive national human resource development strategy .

The provision of accurate figures by GuySuCo to the Economic Services Committee a good sign

Dear Editor,For several years, the poor performance of GuySuCo has been described in the newspapers by knowledgeable professionals .

Alcan and Reynolds paid corporation tax in the 1960s

Dear Editor,I was flabbergasted by Norman McLean’s authoritative statement in the Kaieteur News of July 18 that “In fact, all parties should be very happy that for the first time in living memory any bauxite company has turned a profit and has been able to pay corporate tax above and beyond the amount of royalty it would have had to pay .

Bare Root children did well at NGSA

Dear Editor,Bare Root, a once troubled community located at the back of Bachelor’s Adventure is once again congratulating its children for another splendid performance at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment, after Candacy Prince and Donavon Sullivan raised the bar in 2005 and 2006 gaining places at Annandale Secondary and President’s College respectively .

There are few in the PNCR who are more committed to its development than Aubrey Norton

Dear Editor,I wish to comment briefly on a letter recently penned by James Bond, APNU Member of Parliament .

Why has the ‘Welcome to Linden’ signboard been removed?

Dear Editor,When I heard ‘Under the Microscope’ host Eon Halls bemoaning the cutting down of the ‘Welcome to Linden’ signboard at Millies Hide Out junction, I took it with a pinch of salt .

We are still divided

Dear Editor,I thank M Maxwell for concisely summarizing the reasons against a racial federalism for Guyana .

Are the politicians listening?

Dear Editor The President should can the rhetoric .

Guyanese style of governance

Dear Editor,It was and remains a wonderment to me how we Guyanese endured without open revolt the oppression of the later years of the Burnham regime .

Granger is uncommitted to any political philosophy

Granger is uncommitted to any political philosophy

Dear Editor,At a recent press conference to mark the third anniversary of the APNU, the major opposition force in the National Assembly, coalition leader Mr David Granger addressed the unrivalled successes of the APNU in its relatively brief existence despite what he lamented as the serious lack of facilities and resources it faces .

More ‘angels’ needed to help suffering animals

Dear Editor,Monday July 7 was Caricom Day, a holiday in Guyana .

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