We should not be held to ransom by our history

Dear Editor,SN of April 13 carried two letters: ‘Is the Coalition planning to win on the ignorance of our youths?’ by Ryhaan Shah, and ‘It takes ordinary voters to incentivize politicians to do the right thing’ Saieed I Khalil, which attracted my attention .

East Bank area needs potable water, electricity

Dear Editor,Electricity in a home is a necessity as most if not all household gadgets need electricity to be operational .

Where was the tolerance for reconciliation?

Dear Editor,My physical constriction over the past several months forces me to resort to taxis in order to commute .

Which history?

Dear Editor,Letter writers should seriously attempt to explore the collective details of the landscape they address outside of their intimate arenas .

Everyone should go out and vote

Dear Editor,In 2005, an Iraqi man, voting in the nation’s first free elections in more than half a century, said he felt, “as if I’ve just been born .

Jagdeo must be judged on his record

Dear Editor,Addressing a gathering in Linden on Sunday, April 12, Bharrat Jagdeo with his usual crassness laid out what he perceived to be the ills of another government, and made promises in his bid for the PPP to win the elections .

Broken promise

Dear Editor,I note a wild statement from the PPP against Cde Moses Nagamootoo .

Could ‘The world beyond Georgetown’ be published as a collection?

Dear Editor,Is there a published collection of the series ‘The World Beyond Georgetown’? If not would you be inclined to pursue this idea?The information thus provided could prove indispensable to national planners, city engineers, school studies, tourism development, national budget management and be of wider general interest to improve population spread and settlement .

Where was the tolerance for reconciliation?

Dear Editor,My physical constriction over the past several months forces me to resort to taxis in order to commute .

Gecom should have referred the MMU report to the police and DPP with a view to prosecution

Dear Editor,I welcome the report of the Gecom Media Monitoring Unit for the month of March 2015 .

Rajendra Singh and Badrie Persaud should resign their substantive posts immediately

Dear Editor,Public servants who are desirous of running for political office must resign their government post in an effort to avoid a conflict of interest .

It is time to legalise marijuana

Dear Editor,It pained me to see in today’s issue of your newspaper, the report that a man hanged himself while in the Lethem lock-up for possession of 60 grams of marijuana .

Guyanese do not wish to be governed by an oligarchy

Dear Editor,I am aware of Mr Charles Ramson Jr’s qualifications as a lawyer, but I am now of the belief that he may need to take a political science class .

Marriott provides many opportunities and not a few dangers for Guyana

Dear Editor,I am delighted to see the long trumpeted Guyana Marriott Hotel fructify this week .

Can’t get GT&T to install internet service

Dear Editor,          I wish to register my disgust to Mr R K Sharma, CEO of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), about the unsatisfactory service being provided by this utility company under his stewardship .

Crude language on the campaign trail

Dear Editor,The Walter Rodney Youth Movement wishes to state its continued indignation at the choice of language being used by politicians on the campaign trail .

Rice farmers need access to quality seed

Dear Editor,At several meetings across Region Two, the President has said that he realized that the rice industry is in a crisis and he will fix it soon .

The PPP/C wants to continue a family dynasty

Dear Editor,The PPP/C has put together a list of candidates comprising family and friends .

Organised family register?

Dear Editor,The PPP list of nominees is a real screamer .

It is possible to be Indian and Guyanese or African and Guyanese

Dear Editor,There seems to be this emerging agitation for national integration influenced by coalition politics and sloganeering in Guyana’s election season .

This government did not initiate scholarships to Cuba

Dear Editor, Elections are about thirty days away, and the APNU+AFC coalition seem to be in a very strong position to unseat the incumbent PPP/C Government .

Landlines, mobiles and ‘Free Talk’

Dear Editor,This election seems to attract a lot of attention, especially with the coalition, and many agree this might be like nothing they have ever witnessed before .

Richie Benaud will be missed

Dear Editor,With regard to your news items (SN, Apr 10, 11) on the passing of iconic cricket commentator Richie Benaud, in my travels around Australia, he was topic of conversation everywhere .

It takes ordinary voters to incentivize politicians to do the right thing

 Dear Editor,In June, I will be 21 years old .

Is the coalition planning to win on the ignorance of our youth?

Dear Editor,The idea being advanced by the coalition parties, APNU and the AFC, that voters must forget the past when making their decision at the polls is unfortunate .

I will be protesting at the opening of the Marriott Hotel

Dear Editor,On April 11, 2015 I received by hand delivery, a ‘Personal Invite’ from Mr .

People must be loyal to principles not political leaders

 Dear Editor,In 1905 when Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow mobilised city workers to challenge the merchants and ruling class it was because the citizens wanted a change in the way business was conducted and how they were treated .

Clogged drains around the Georgetown Public Hospital

Dear Editor,The area surrounding the Georgetown Public Hospital continues to pose health problems for patients and visitors to that facility in addition to residents around the hospital .

Victims of rape are entitled to privacy

Dear Editor,There is news that the Prime Minister of St Vincent & Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves will be coming to Guyana to deliver a Cheddi Jagan lecture .

Cruel VAT burden must be on opposition agenda

Dear Editor,One of the accusations made against APNU/AFC is that if they were to gain power then the country would be plunged back into the abyss of the late 70’s and 80’s - the era of Guylines, Dayclean, mass games, national service and interminable blackouts .

Lifting of trade embargo against Cuba next logical step

Dear Editor,The recent Summit of the Americas in Panama will be remembered for the historic meeting between United States President Barack Obama and Cuba’s President Raul Castro .

Those with foreign passports should follow the constitution

Dear Editor,It has been brought to my attention there are individuals on the recently published lists of candidates who potentially could become members of Guyana’s National Assembly, if selected according to the various criteria of the political parties who submit the names .

It is imperative that we be civil

Dear Editor,The Media Monitoring Unit confirmed what has been common knowledge: state owned and state friendly news outfits deliberately have carved out new, ugly, and piercing territory in an unconcealed hustle to inflame and manipulate .

T&T PM wants Arms Treaty secretariat to be in Port of Spain

Dear Editor,Cuba’s President, Raúl Castro described his US counterpart, Barack Obama as an “honest man” during a lengthy speech largely taken up with the history of US-Cuba relations .

Questions on forest sector have been clarified before

Dear Editor,It is evident that the political season is here which gives some people the right to be silly .

Perpetuating family control

Dear Editor,I was flabbergasted when I read that the PPP nomination list contained the names of sons, daughters and wives of the ruling class, with, most importantly, the obvious dynastic implications for the Guyanese public .

How would Guyana’s performance be measured against that of Bangladesh since 1992?

Dear Editor,As the election campaign has gained momentum there has been a series of interesting exchanges between the major parties about the economic performance of Guyana over recent decades .

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