There is doubt over the whole year 2015 GDP growth rate

Dear Editor, Even using the Chief Statistician’s own measures create serious doubt about the claimed GDP growth rate for 2015. I thank Mr Lennox Benjamin for his explanation in response to my letter questioning the claimed whole year (WR) GDP growth of 3% claimed by this government for 2015 when half year GDP growth from January to June (H1) was 0.7% (‘The annual growth rate is not calculated as the average of the sum…’ SN, February 4).

The city council needs a real audit

Dear Editor, I saw a newspaper report two days ago in which the city council’s Public Relations Officer boasted that “The AG’s office is to help the M&CC to audit its Treasurer’s Department.” If indeed true, this would be exhilarating news.

The PPP did not learn the lesson of 2011

Dear Editor, Many people I conversed with endorse the view expressed by former House Speaker Ralph Ramkarran in a column captioned ‘Jagdeo and arrogance to blame for PPP/C loss’ (Sunday Stabroek, Jan 17), excerpts of which were also extracted as a news item in SN the following day.

Was there deflation in 2015?

Dear Editor, In his recent budget speech, the Minister of Finance pointed to an unwelcome economic visitor during 2015: deflation. Put simply, deflation occurs when the overall price level decreases so that inflation becomes negative; deflation is thus the opposite of inflation.