GCB disseminates accurate information about cricket and other matters

Dear Editor, In the August 9 edition of the Stabroek News, a letter with the headline ‘GCB website has inaccurate information about North Essequibo Cricket Board’ was published under the penmanship of Elroy Stephney .

Ann Mendonca had presented bouquet to Queen in 1966

Dear Editor,In February 1966 the 29-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and her husband Prince Philip paid an official 2-day visit to British Guiana .

There is a lack of knowledge of chikungunya

Dear Editor,Over the past few weeks I have been conducting research on some social issues in Region Six, Berbice .

Some health centres don’t have treatment in stock for flu

Dear Editor,There’s an increase in the bumber of people who are complaining of the flu .

Thanks for march permission

Dear Editor,Thanks to the Assistant Commissioner of ‘A’ Division, Brickdam, for the permission given to us to hold the ‘March’ on Sunday July 27, against the use of tobacco and alcohol .

Flawed methodology

Dear Editor,This is my final emanation on the disagreement with Abu Bakr over my theory that his lack of knowledge of what goes on in Guyana because of his distance results in faulty presentations .

People should know their rights and demand them

Dear Editor,This past Monday I encountered first hand a problem that seems to be plaguing us .

The rice farmers are producing at uncompetitively high prices

Dear Editor,In the Kaieteur News of August 5 there is an article captioned ‘Agriculture Ministry eying higher price markets for rice as production keeps climbing .

Parliament should review all aspects of the Bai Shan Lin logging deal

Dear Editor,Today I read a letter in SN by Dr Janette Bulkan asking serious questions about the logging deal between the Guyana government and Bai Shan Lin .

The constituency system will entrench the rule of one party

Dear Editor,I read with interest a letter authored by Tarron Khemraj, Mark DaCosta and Terrence Simon, captioned, ‘The PPP/C’s refusal to hold local government elections is hurting all Guyanese’, published in your newspaper on August 7 .

Unhelpful people

Dear Editor,Over the past two weeks, I have heard of several people having Chikungunya-like symptoms and have even talked to some of them who happen to be my friends and relatives in Zeelugt .

The PNC wants the work of the Rodney commission aborted

Dear Editor,The PNC and its leaders want to abort the work of the Rodney Commission of Inquiry and they have threatened to cut funds to allow it to continue its work and to fully explore the question as to what happened in the period before and in the aftermath of Rodney’s death .

Cricket fans are happy

Dear Editor,Cricket fans throughout the Caribbean and further afield are no doubt happy to learn that the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has finally decided to have the most experienced former Test players including two captains as members of the selection panel .

Ruling party is using Stalinist methods to hold on to power

Dear Editor, I view as sinister the accusation made by the PPP’s Manzoor Nadir that the Chairman of the Elections Commission Dr Steve Surujbally is in conspiracy with the opposition to hold either general or local government elections .

The truth must be faced

Dear Editor, People since time immemorial have been doing wrong; it appears to be part of life’s refrain .

The PPP in government will allow no local decision-making

Dear Editor,Your correspondents Tony Vieira and Mike Rahman (SN, Aug 8) address the unconstitutionality of the PPP`s actions regarding the non-holding of local government elections (LGE) and of Minister Whittaker`s utterly ridiculous statement that the majority of Guyanese do not see the need for such elections as a priority, respectively .

Guyana Festival booths not available for display of locally published books despite what website says

Dear Editor,I would like to commend Sherlina Nageer for her recent passionate and incisive intervention with regard to the Guyana Festival .

Why is the GFC not monitoring the export of high-value logs by Asian companies

Dear EditorFull marks to Kaieteur News whose front-page photograph of a convoy of containers of logs bound for China eloquently conveyed more than a thousand words could (‘Bai Shan Lin circumvents Guyana’s logging laws…Ships Billions $$$$ of high priced logs monthly,’ August 7 .


Dear Editor,The email below was sent to the Walter A Rodney Commission of Inquiry and counsel for all parties as a result of Mr Basil Williams’ conduct [on August 7]:“Since the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has full standing in this inquiry, I would appreciate if no counsel addresses the Commission about my witness(es) in my absence, unless I clearly designate counsel as my agent .

Russia is concerned about the humanitarian consequences of Ukraine’s actions in the south-east

Dear Editor,With the escalation of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine the Russian Federation proposed forming an international humanitarian mission in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions .

Vulgarity in society a consequence of behaviour of leaders

Dear Editor,The use of Hindi curse words by leaders of the PPP/C on the general public and in particular on Moses Nagamootoo shows how vulgar they are, and how low they can stoop .

This country needs politicians who are the servants of the people not their lords and masters

Dear Editor,As we common people look on at the circus that is now parliament when in session, one cannot help but wonder at the length some of our politicians would go to score points against their adversaries .

Ralph Gonsalves opposed to economic citizenship

Dear Editor,In light of the poor economic situation in the Caribbeean, four OECS states – Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St Kitts/Nevis and St .

Boyce-Jefford Classic will rise to new heights this year

Dear Editor,The Boyce & Jefford Track and Field Classic was founded with the principal goal of giving athletics a prominent place among sports in Guyana .

The problem of presidential powers is not in the constitution, but in an incumbent’s disregard for the constitution

Dear Editor,The thoughts expressed in Tarron Khemraj’s letter ‘Civil society has a right to offer opinions on whom the PNCR elects as leader’ (SN, July 26) confirms our dissimilar perspectives .

GCB website has inaccurate information about North Essequibo Cricket Board

Dear Editor,The Guyana Cricket Board’s website which contains invaluable information about the Board’s functions as well as those of the three county boards is commendable .

Why are we allowing foreign companies to export logs with no in-country processing?

Dear Editor,I read with bemused interest Annalisa Ally’s letter in SN of July 29, captioned ‘Every country seeks to preserve its own business community .

The PPP has destroyed local participation and decision-making

Dear Editor,Your correspondent (‘What happened to the funds approved in 2013 for the repair of the GT-Lethem road?’ SN, August 6) deserves the public`s appreciation for the issue he/she raised .

Tired and frustrated about conditions in Good Hope Phase 3 housing scheme

Dear Editor,We the residents of a new housing scheme at Good Hope, Phase 3, East Coast Demerara are suffering on a daily basis .

Success village water pump down again

Dear EditorIt seems that apart from the incumbent government and its embassy in London, the Guyana Water Authority too has gone into rigor mortis since for the past three days ratepayers and residents from Success and Chateau Margot are without water for cleaning and washing .

The PNCR leadership must start the healing process by having an inclusive Central Executive Committee

Dear Editor,I am a longstanding member of the People’s National Congress, having joined the Young Socialist Movement (YSM) at the age of 15, and I was a delegate at the just concluded 18th Biennial Congress of our party .

It is time we resolved this constitutional crisis

Dear Editor,I would like to applaud your just fight for local government elections, and I specifically refer to an article in yesterday’s SN, 7th August, captioned ‘Local gov’t polls not a priority for majority of citizens – Whittaker .

Whittaker’s utterances demand a response

Dear Editor,The utterances of Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker, demand a swift and terse response from the relevant parliamentary spokespersons of the two opposition parties .

Frequent blackouts in Region Two

Dear Editor,For the past two weeks the residents and businessmen of the Essequibo Coast are facing frequent blackouts which sometimes last for 6-8 hours per day .

Race trumps everything else in this country

Dear Editor,Shabnam Alli and Ray Chickrie’s letter titled ‘Muslims are marginalized in Guyana’ (SN, July 28) bears debate .

The characterization of Muslims who have a distinct social psychology has to be carefully done

Dear Editor,The points made by Freddie Kissoon in his latest letter are noted .

Homraj is a very special talent

Dear Editor,Over the last twenty-five years as a cricket administrator, I have observed numerous cricketing talents that were earmarked for greatness but then they flattered to deceive .

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