The opposition parties should display more interest in the courts than they have done in the past

The opposition parties should display more interest in the courts than they have done in the past

Dear Editor,One person has asked me directly, and another through the Stabroek News blog, for clarification or explanation on how I arrived at the date of November 30, 2015 to which a re-elected PPP/C could spend money without going to the National Assembly (‘Gov’t can spend up to November 30, 2015 without approval – Ram’ SN, November 13) .

No justice after five-year-old killed on road

Dear Editor, My five-year-old son Renel Roberts was hit on August 24 last while in the company of his grandfather, Sydney Stephen .

What about the unconstitutional spending that is currently taking place?

Dear Editor,Mr Christopher Ram in a recent article titled ‘Government can spend up to November 30, 2015 without approval’ (SN, November 13) outlines a scenario that could allow the PPP/C to spend moneys belonging to the state up to the period stated, without the need for parliamentary approval .

Autopsies should be performed on suicide cases

Dear Editor,On July 6, 2014, a young Guyanese citizen, Rohan Persaud, was cremated six days after he died, without the cause of death ever being verified .

Silence changes nothing

Dear Editor, In the letter by Reverend Chris Bowman he states: “The church is not a political, nor is it a secular entity; it is first and foremost a spiritual organism .

There is an organizational lacuna in the National Cane Farming Committee

There is an organizational lacuna in the National Cane Farming Committee

Dear Editor,From a distance, but not too distant, I have noted what purports to be a contretemps surrounding one of my areas of special interest – cane farming – amongst the membership of what is styled the National Cane Farming Committee .

The prorogation of Parliament is anti-democratic

Dear Editor, Mr Ramotar’s decision to prorogue Parliament is a decision that I, a member of the PPP/Civic list in the 2011 general election, cannot accept, but only condemn as anti-democratic and bordering on dictatorship .

Ombudsman should be publicly applauded for seeking to correct an injustice

Dear Editor, I had penned the following letter a few weeks ago and had been debating in my mind whether and/or when the opportune moment would have been to release it .

There should be traffic lights at junction of Railway Embankment and Conversation Tree roads

Dear Editor,Yesterday morning, there was another motor vehicle accident on the Railway Embankment Road junction with the road running south to north from Conversation Tree .

Students wait specially for the ‘pitbull minibuses’

Dear Editor,A few days ago, Guyanese officially welcomed Road Safety month .

Lewis has to stop peddling the notion that attacks on the Burnham constitution are uncalled for

Dear Editor,Lincoln Lewis has been beating a tired drum on the constitution .

It is time for the nation to get back to the future

Dear Editor,It was Karl Marx who posited, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce .

The giants of the faith do not support Rev Bowman

Dear Editor,As I read the letter from church leader Chris Bowman in today’s SN (November 13) I was forced to recall the life of John Wesley .

Our leaders must face the elephant in the room

Dear Editor, Clichés and metaphors may be frowned upon by greater minds, but it is beneficial to call a spade a spade, and sometimes we need to shine the spotlight on the elephant in the room .

What does Caricom have to say on the prorogation?

Dear Editor,Guyanese have heard from a number of international and local organizations regarding the latest dictatorial act by the PPP/C regime, namely, to prorogue parliament .

Fateful step

Dear Editor,What does this fateful step of proroguing parliament, as taken by the ruling PPP mean in practical terms?First, it means that the will of the people, the voice of the people, and the dignity of the people have all been ignored, scorned, and trampled upon .

Call to right-thinking Guyanese for unity and involvement

Dear Editor,We Guyanese are following with eager anticipation the unfolding of this national drama before our very eyes .

The church is not a political, secular entity; it is a spiritual organism

Dear Editor,I have been following with keen interest the present public discourse on a number of issues confronting our beautiful Guyana .

The President has slapped down the most important reform of the 1980 Constitution

Dear Editor,President Donald Ramotar has officially called off the so-called Return to Democracy before it could happen .

All parties should sit down and talk with a referee present

Dear Editor, It is unfortunate the position that Guyana finds itself in with the temporary suspension of the most representative branch of our government structure, our legislature .

A constitutional struggle is once again on the political agenda

Dear Editor,The decision of Presi-dent Donald Ramotar to prorogue the tenth parliament of Guyana is another manifestation of the confidence the PPP/C leadership and government have in their tested and very successful method of dealing with the political opposition since it came to power in 1992, ie, to put a very high price for any success the opposition hopes to achieve in the ongoing conflict that rages between the two contesting sides .

Calls for a return to parliament are premature

Dear Editor, There are sober calls from various responsible sources for a return to parliament and to let democratic processes prevail .

Too many vehicles flood the roads and it is a matter of time before there will be a serious crisis

Dear Editor,A preponderance of vehicles has flooded our roads, and it is only a matter of time before we are saddled with a serious crisis .

Insured person only requires 50 contributions to qualify for Sickness Benefit

Dear Editor,The Guyana Chronicle dated November 1, 2014 carried an article captioned, ‘Sixty-two year old retiree on run-around for NIS Pension .

The constitution should have been modified

Dear Editor,I should like to congratulate the moderator of the programme (Spotlight) Electoral Choices & Good Governance Pt 4 .

Why the silence from the Guyana Council of Churches on Munroe’s death?

Dear Editor,On Sunday, through your newspaper we learnt of the tragic death of the popular Rev Myles Munroe, his wife and all the other passengers as their aircraft crashed on landing .

The word ‘normalcy’ lacks meaning in Guyana’s political context

Dear Editor,Whatever the normal definition of ‘normalcy’ might be, it lacks meaning and application in Guyana’s political context .

Employment authorized under the Revenue Authority Act

Dear Editor,I would be most grateful for you once again to bring to the attention of your readership and in particular your columnist Mr Goolsarran, the position concerning my employment at the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) .

Voices in the coming days should be directed at returning sovereignty to the people

Dear Editor,All of us, including PPP supporters, have to congregate to avert the rule of tyranny .

The ball is in the APNU, AFC court

Dear Editor, If Guyanese and the world had any doubt about the dictatorial orientation and nature of the current PPP regime, I hope the President’s use of the heavy hammer to pound all of us would erase such doubts .

Can’t get tax refund

Dear Editor,I am a pensioner (TIN 111055672; IRD No .

All sides should continue to play by the democratic rules

Dear Editor,With little experience in the Speaker’s job Mr Raphael Trotman has been saddled with tremendous responsibilities unprecedented in Guyana’s history .

Myles Munroe’s message was one of love and concern for humanity

Dear Editor, The sudden tragic demise of world renowned Pastor Dr Myles Munroe, international speaker, friend to world leaders and dignitaries from all walks of life is like a giant tree falling in a verdant forest, where the luscious green and immortal beauty of the forest never dies .

‘Proroguing to preserve’

Dear Editor,’ Today I learnt a new concept: You prorogue parliament to preserve the life of parliament .

Consensus politics is the way forward

Dear Editor,I have written letters to the newspapers saying that consensus politics is the way forward .

President Ramotar should let wisdom prevail

Dear Editor, With respect to President Ramotar’s decision to prorogue Parliament, I hope to God, that he knows what he is doing .

Leaders must be more imaginative in their fight for democracy

Dear Editor, President Ramotar’s threat to prorogue or dissolve parliament in response to a no-confidence motion is to be condemned by all Guyanese as a cowardly attack against democracy, the rule of law, and the entitlement of citizens to representative government .

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