Nandlall law books

Dear Editor, It seems to me that reports/textbooks are used for learning. So are scholarships. How does the PNC-led APNU+AFC Regime of President David Granger justify giving scholarships to Government employees yet goes and arrest’s Anil Nandlall for reports/law books which were paid for by the previous governing PPP/C Government?

Good news for Marlon Samuels

Dear Editor, Marlon Samuels was not one of the handful of popular contemporary West Indian cricketers. In fact many fans disliked him for a variety of reasons, some of which were of his own making, others of which were based simply on the way in which he carried himself.

Administrator seemed more concerned that nurse’s complaint letter wasn’t copied to him

Dear Editor, In the matter of the transfer of the nurse for what is perceived by the regional administrator to be a slight against  him, from accounts the administrator seemed more concerned the nurse’s missive in her complaint against a councillor of the region, was not copied to him,  than in the complaint  itself  (‘Nurse who complained about APNU+AFC councillor transferred with immediate effect’ – SN April 20 2017).

Region Five REO owes Nurse Marks an apology

Dear Editor, I write in response to a letter in the Kaieteur News (Friday, 21 April) in which the Regional Executive Officer of Region 5, Mr Ovid Morrison, questions my qualifications to determine “the right to so confidently declare how much medication a patient should or should not get?” This is, of course, in response to a previous letter in the same medium in which I exposed a high profile APNU+AFC Councillor in Region 5 being given more medication than is required.

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