Disappointment as well as pleasure at the President’s announcement

Dear Editor,Based on conversations I had with people in Guyana, including critics of the government, people are disappointed as well as pleased with President Ramotar’s announcement that he would dissolve the Assembly in the new year .

Mentors are very important people

Dear Editor,“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove .

This is the perfect time for young people to take a stand

Dear Editor,Some of us may be well aware as to all that is currently happening in the political sphere, some of us may not be .

AFC proposal to lead a pro-democracy alliance will test the negotiating skills of the opposition leadership

Dear Editor, Last week Sonny Ramphal launched his autobiography, Glimpses of a Global life .

Strong correlation between corruption in GRA and incidence of aiding and abetting by private sector

Dear Editor, The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) continues to view with grave concern, the fact that journalists would seem to have a hidden agenda to sensationalize the reports they present in their news stories on the agency .

Foraging animals destroying fences and bridges

Dear Editor, We read a report published on Saturday in another publication stating that, “The Home Affairs Ministry wishes to report that a total of 198 animals were impounded during the month of November, 2014 in pounds in A (Georgetown); B (Berbice); C (East Coast); and D (West Demerara) Police Divisions .

Why did McDonald not give the reason for leaving his papers to UWI instead of a Guyanese institution?

Dear Editor,I refer to two passages in your editorial on Ian McDonald of December 5, 2014 .

Nothing to beat Christmas

Dear Editor, “I’ve got that Christmas feeling blowing in the air… I’ve got this lovely feeling… tell me why can’t this Christmas feelings last throughout the year?” So goes the song, but the feeling can’t last for Christmas is indeed ‘the special of specials .

Unparalleled scorn for the Guyanese public

Dear Editor, Let me see if I get this straight .

Constitutional conversation

Dear Editor, Reference is made to M Maxwell, ‘The 1980 constitution was not developed by the people,’ Stabroek News, December 5 .

Martin Carter’s poetry should be taught in schools

Dear Editor, As we commemorate another death anniversary of our late National Poet Martin Carter, I believe his poetry should be taught in our schools and private education institutions .

Solace in the achievement of sports

Dear Editor, Allow me a chance to extend congratulations to our country’s sport department for bringing us joy at a time when the political climate brings us sorrow .

We should not be distracted by outmoded models

Dear Editor, My friend Gordon Forte, invoking the lyrics and the spirit of ‘Man of La Mancha,’ displays his roots in ideas that are irrelevant in today’s Guyana .

Inconsistent figures

Dear Editor,I could not agree more with the sentiment expressed by Canadian High Commissioner Nicole Giles (‘Time ripe for renewable energies here,’ SN, December 6) .

The heavy lifting should be done by those more equipped and prepared than the Church

Dear Editor,Reports are that Bishop Francis Alleyne, OSB, of the Roman Catholic Church has led a team on a round of outreach to the local political parties .

The ‘Ally’ rule does not hold true everywhere and in every case

Dear Editor,I welcome Mr Hydar Ally’s frankness in his letter in the Stabroek News of November 20, 2014, under the caption ‘In politics two or more minorities do not make a majority .

The idea of integrity means being one, the same person all the time

Dear Editor,The letter you published yesterday of one of my heroes, Eusi Kwayana, on Mr Nandlall’s right to privacy, reminds me that I have lately needed to explain to young Guyanese that the word and idea of integrity means being one, the same person all the time .

Vendors in Anna Regina are a traffic hazard on market days

Dear Editor,The rehabilitation of the Anna Regina market is a good initiative by the Solid Waste Management Committee to get the roadside vendors off both streets, running from east to west going to Mainstay Lake .

Article totally inaccurate

Dear Editor, I refer to the reprint of a Swedish article which appeared in Kaieteur News of December 4, captioned ‘The Gold Rush is leaving wounds that never heal,’ and in which remarks made allegedly by me about the local mining sector were quoted .

Congratulations to the ‘Green Machine’ for winning their seventh NACRA title

Dear Editor,Please permit me the opportunity to publicly extend congratulations to the Guyana National 7’s Rugby Team dubbed the ‘Green Machine,’ for winning their seventh NACRA title, defeating Mexico in Mexico; what an achievement for all of Guyana .

NACTA poll finds people divided on prorogation

Dear EditorAn opinion survey conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) last week found a significant percentage of voters upset with the parties over their handling of the no-confidence motion and the proroguing of parliament .

Ferguson, New York grand juries mistook their function as being that of a trial not an inquiry

Dear Editor,Legal officers in Guyana and the Eastern Caribbean are debating whether or not it is right for magistrates to commit accused persons for trial by merely looking at statements taken by police and they are also looking at decisions by grand juries in the United States .

The British Guiana Colonisation Scheme is little known

Dear Editor, Friday, December 5, 1919 was a very important day in Guyanese history .

Where does the private capacity of Nandlall begin and end and that of the AG begin and end?

Dear Editor,The person I may appear to support in this letter is one who has been very helpful to me in several ways, and has supported some of my efforts .

There should be low exposure options to street protests for citizens to express dissent

Dear Editor,It is expected that patriotic citizens, regardless of political affiliation, would be alarmed by government’s anti-democratic actions and wish to express dissent .

‘Corruption is good for Guyana’

Dear Editor,I read that Guyana is still ranked among “the very corrupt” according to the Transparency Index (SN, December 3) .

Rice miller not paying the farmers

Dear Editor,Farmers who sold their paddy to a certain rice miller have not been paid for this crop and it seems as though the government will have to bail him out again .

GWI needs to address the high iron content of the water in Non Pareil

Dear Editor,The Guyana Water Incorporated recently distributed leaflets informing the residents of the Non Pareil area on the East Coast of Demerara, that they will be installing water meters .

OAP still waiting for subsidy from GPL

Dear Editor, I have been an old age pensioner since August of 2013 with the following particulars: ID 141644251, 5942/ R03 – 00384 – 13/ OAP, Persaud Moti / 310 .

The 1980 constitution was not developed by the people

Dear Editor,By failing to grasp the significant distinction between de facto and de jure constitutionality, Lincoln Lewis continues to labour under a grave misconception .

The country needs an original political movement

Dear Editor,For a long time I have been writing to the letter columns of the newspapers on the third force and the alternative .

The DLP will win the election in Dominica

Dear Editor, Voters in the little island of Dominica go to the polls on Monday, December 8 to elect a new government .

Venezuela might sell all its oil debt – including that of Guyana – to Goldman Sachs

Dear Editor, It is reported that having severe liquidity problems, Venezuela sold more than US$4B oil debt owned by the Dominican Republic to Goldman Sachs for US$1 .

Ombudsman did not investigate NBS

Dear Editor,It is alarming that certain newspapers based on their interpretation of the Ombudsman’s Report are alleging that the New Building Society is implicated and blameworthy over the dismissal of Mr Arjoon and other former employees .

Tourism Association statement is disingenuous

Dear Editor,I read with sadness in my heart the article published in the Stabroek News on December 2: ‘Tourism Association disgusted over spoof video .

AFC proposals for constitutional reform will be released on Monday

Dear Editor,Your newspaper yesterday carried a letter by E B John ‘TV discussion cut off without warning .

Mahaicony branch road in poor state

Dear Editor,I hope someone responsible from government responsibly can come out to see the condition of the Mahaicony branch road and get it repaired .

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