There should be less rhetoric on social cohesion and more of a practical understanding on how to achieve it

Dear Editor, After reading GHK Lall’s reflections in his letter to SN, titled ‘President must reach every opportunity to be chorister-in-chief on social cohesion’ (June 20) I feel behoved to urge my fellow Guyanese (and, at times, the government ) to address the matter of social cohesion with less flourishing rhetoric and more with a conceptual and practical understanding of how to achieve this national goal.

A shining light in the darkness

Dear Editor, Thirty-six years haven’t seemed to erase or dull the misrepresentations, falsehoods, ignorance, disparagements and, I might even add, a kind of grudge that have been perpetrated and perpetuated by some people against one of our finest heroes ‒ Walter Rodney. 

Traffic shakedown at Enmore on weekends

Dear Editor, I was driving out of Foulis (Enmore) on Saturday night about 10.30 pm. A Police patrol car was parked about 50 yards into the Foulis access road and a roadblock was in place and being manned by a Traffic Constable and two Lance Corporals in “dark clothes”.

Those who litter should understand that crime does not pay

Dear Editor, Friday, June 10 will remain a legal landmark in Berbice when a man was convicted at the Albion Magistrate’s Court by Magistrate Mittelholzer and was fined $50,000 or one month’s imprisonment for disposing of garbage in a public place contrary to Regulation 3 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) (No 7 of 2013).