Little info available on police domestic, sexual violence units

Dear Editor, This is the second of our letters to mark the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. While we acknowledge improvements made by the Guyana Police Force to address and reduce crime generally, little information is available to NGOs and members of the general public about the composition and functioning of the police domestic/sexual violence units.

Leaders should forget differences

Dear Editor, At this time approaching the season of goodwill, I would like to ask all our leaders, at whatever level or to whatever persuasion they belong, to remember the following truism that I feel can provide the only avenue for lasting peace and progress in our country.

Vigil at Non Aligned Monument for Castro

Dear Editor, Heading into the city on the evening of Saturday, Dec.3, 2016 from an out-of-town commitment, I was passing the Non Aligned Monument and after making an enquiry of what was about to happen, I was told that there would be a vigil for the late, former President Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Guyana Guardian articles are defamatory

Dear Editor, Quite recently Guyana has once again been associated with notoriety by virtue of an article by Andrea Fernandes and subsequent articles in the little known online paper: Guyana Guardian, whose ‘Editor in Chief’ is Dennis Adonis.

Health concern

Dear Editor, The Working People’s Alliance Overseas Associates (WPAOA) learned with concern of the sudden collapse of its brother, Minister of Education Dr Rupert Roopnaraine at a function welcoming Prince Harry.

Guyana’s trumpets have found another opportunity to sound off

Dear Editor, Having observed the successful demonization of a US presidential candidate who spent the majority of her adult life in public service by the self-serving millionaire Trump and his trumpets, and closer to home, the attempted character assassination and actual assassination of Ronald Waddell, my late partner and political activist, I am moved to speak on a similar matter that came up recently.

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