Excess of speed humps in Delhi Street

Dear Editor,Speed humps are useful in situations where it is intended that road users must slow down in order to ensure caution at intersections or where there may be schools or other places considered necessary for such installations .

Trinidad immigration should have admitted Guyanese law student

Dear Editor, It seems as if the immigration officers in the region have little or no regard for the Treaty of Chaguaramas and the recent decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice in the Shanique Myrie case, when a law student from Guyana was denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago to pursue studies at the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS)I read with great concern how the law student was humiliated at the Piarco Airport and was denied entry because there was no proof that she was a student of the HWLS or that she was eligible to be admitted as a student .

How can animal traders be so ruthless?

Dear Editor, On Thursday, September 4, both Stabroek News and Kaieteur News exposed the carelessness of animal traders in their article on the discovery of 20 red and green macaws, one capybara, one very young tapir and one very young puma on the road from the South Rupununi .

There are still many hiccups registering for UG online

Dear Editor,This is 2014 and the University of Guyana still cannot get its act together .

The Baishanlin letter did not mention the words ‘environment’ or ‘nature’ once

Dear Editor,Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Wednesday September 3, by Chairman Chu Wenze captioned ‘Baishanlin recognizes it has a responsibility to the Guyanese people .

A telecommunications licence was issued to iNet over 14 years ago

Dear Editor,I would like to clarify some of the issues raised in the sensationally written article published by Kaieteur News on September 4 regarding the circumstances surrounding iNet Communications Inc .

Inclusionary democracy is an excellent idea

Dear Editor,In the interest of effective governance, I have always supported Opposition Leader David Granger’s calls for inclusionary democracy; the present winner-take-all system has been a total failure .

Why have the animals from a herd in Success not been impounded?

Dear Editor,We read in another national publication with interest and dismay that the “Home Affairs Ministry wishes to report that a total of 255 animals were impounded during the month of August in pounds in A, B, C and D Police Divisions .

Some policemen need to take off their dark glasses

Dear Editor,It has been the practice for a long time for some vehicle owners to tint the lights, not the headlights, of their vehicles .

The development of Essequibo cricket is stymied by poor administration

Dear Editor,The Essequibo Cricket Board is made up of eight area committees, namely, Bartica, Leguan, Wakenaam, Pomeroon, East Bank, South, Central and North Essequibo .

SN Ukraine editorial characteristic of Cold War mentality

Dear Editor,I am writing to you with regard to your latest editorial ‘Struggle over Ukraine continues’ published on September 3, 2014 .

The EU has worked relentlessly to achieve a solution to the Ukraine crisis which respects its territorial integrity and independence

Dear Editor,Please allow us the opportunity to inform your readers of the European Union’s actions towards finding a comprehensive solution to the ongoing crisis affecting our neighbour and partner, Ukraine .

Chanderpaul should be reconsidered for ODIs

Dear Editor,The Demerara Cricket Board wishes to urge the newly installed regional Windies selectors to revisit the situation regarding Shivnarine Chanderpaul’s continued omission from our Regional One Day team .

Following the Pope’s example

Dear Editor,It is quite the ‘in’ thing these days for persons to align themselves in some manner with Pope Francis .

The present charade represents the collective effort of all the politicians sitting in the National Assembly

Dear Editor,Through the medium of both press and electronic news, the nation is being forewarned about the possibility of a merger between the political parties .

Our performance as a nation is not so commendable

Dear Editor,M Maxell is correct: ‘It is time for hard hitting commentaries on the Guyana condition…’ SN, August 4 .

Ramkarran’s proposal may be the best system for Guyana

Dear Editor,The three political parties are on record as opposing the kind of political system Speaker Ralph Ramkarran is proposing – ‘Revert to Cabinet system of government’ (SN, Sep 1); not one of them has proposed reverting to the British model of governance .

Electronic waste disposal is a growing problem

Dear Editor,The Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) has expressed concern about the emerging problems of e-waste in Guyana .

September 30 is not a realistic date for completion of the Hope Canal Project

Dear Editor,The Guyana National Industrial Company (GNIC) announced on August 29 that it had completed under contract to the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) construction of eight stainless steel (SS) rectangular gates with accompanying guides for the Hope Canal Project (HCP) on the East Coast of Demerara .

Who was the superior that called off a police investigation following a report made by the Mayor et al?

Dear Editor,Last week a delegation headed by the Mayor of Georgetown made a visit to the Head of the CID, Mr Leslie James .

Our problem is not structural and solveable by redesigning the architecture of our institutions

Dear Editor,No new constitutional arrangement, change of government, amelioration and extension of the electoral system or executive power-sharing model, will eliminate or diminish the adherence to race as a prime mobilisation and retarding force for most within our societies .

What is taking place today is not enshrined anywhere in the constitution

Dear Editor,Our forebears fought against enslavement and indentureship when there was no United Nations (UN) to declare human rights .

Guyanese in the Warriors were not afforded the opportunity to showcase their talents

Dear Editor,Now that the curtains have come down on CPL 2014, arguably the biggest entertainment in the Caribbean sports calendar (and ‘the fat lady has sung’) it would be appropriate to attempt a critique of the team’s performance under Coach Harper and Captain Ramdin .

Florida foundation to be set up to train very young cricketers

Dear Editor,In a move to continue the trend to have more Berbicians in the West Indies team, a popular cricket lover/administrator and attorney has announced that he will set up a foundation in Florida to realize funds to train very young cricketers .

BaiShanLin recognizes it has a responsibility to the Guyanese people

Dear Editor,BaiShanLin International Forest Development Inc has issued several responses regarding concerns that have been recently raised in the media about the company’s operations .

Victor Ramraj had a special relationship with the late Sam Selvon

Dear Editor,The passing of Victor Ramraj is sad news for us all, I think, and I want to add to what Clem Seecharan and David Dabydeen (distant cousin) said about him, from my Canadian perspective .

We need to go beyond facile analyses and look at the historical development of all race groups in Guyana

Dear Editor,I regard with some unease a letter appearing in the September 1 edition of SN, written by David Hinds .

Still to receive refund from Travelspan

Dear Editor,It’s now been three weeks and I am yet to receive a refund for an all-inclusive ticket I paid for a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Reservation #115679) .

What as Muslims is the position of Ali and Chickrie on secularism?

Dear Editor,Ms Shabnam Ali and Mr Raymond Chickrie in their letter, ‘An inconsistent position on secularism,’ (SN, August 25), are guilty of a blatant use of fallacious analogy in seeking to connect the United Nations and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) .

Ramraj had an undying love for Guyana

Dear Editor,Can I add my sadness to that of my colleagues and friends Professors Dabydeen and Seecharan on the passing of Victor Ramraj .

An over-used game plan

Dear Editor,I am compelled to write this piece .

‘A creeping shotgun marriage’

Dear Editor,We are witnesses to this inexorable public march towards a fateful political embrace .

Are the mothers to be penalized for home alone children able to access affordable daycare?

Dear Editor,Our attention having been captured by the headline of the Sunday Stabroek report of August 31 (‘Parents of home alone children will be charged…’), we read the article carefully to check that the caption was not out of step with the context of the Minister’s remarks .

Victor J Ramraj, 1941-2014: A fine scholar dedicated to a life of the mind

Dear Editor,       I am very sad to learn of the passing of Victor Ramraj, Professor of English at the University of Calgary in Canada, where he taught for over four decades .

Did not propose the introduction of ‘the Suriname system to Guyana’

Dear Editor,I do not propose the introduction of “the Suriname system to Guyana,” a misconception upon which much of Mr Mike Persaud’s presentation ‘Consociationalism cannot work’ (SN, August 25) rests .

Victor Ramraj was a special scholar and man

Dear Editor,News of Victor Ramraj’s death stilled me .

Why has Bai Shan Lin remained silent?

Dear Editor, Doesn’t it seem odd that Bai Shin Lin has remained silent during the national debates concerning misuse use of their forestry concessions and Guyana’s forestry resources? Isn’t it strange too that the Guyana Forestry Commission, government representatives, individuals and groups aligned to the governing administration have become the spokespersons for Bai Shi Lin?Well as the saying goes the person paying the piper requests the tunes, this strange silence is not only indicative of how the company does business but it is clear that it is part of a coordinated effort to mislead Guyanese into thinking that Bai Shin Lin is doing so good for small loggers and local saw mills and that the company’s illegalities should be overlooked .

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