Ministry of the Presidency should not be painted green

Dear Editor, About two weeks ago, I was driving past the Ministry of the Presidency when someone in my vehicle exclaimed, “Wait, they are painting the Office of the President in green.” My immediate reaction was, “No, you could not be serious, you are joking.” I was in disbelief, so a few days ago, I decided to go back to ensure that what I saw was for real, and to my disappointment, it was.

Berbice needs a ‘Palms’

Dear Editor, As indicated in the media last Friday, the Social Protection Ministry will expend $60M on the ‘Palms’ in Georgetown, particularly to install “elevators at the Brickdam, Georgetown facility.” Implicit in the report was that the elevators will more specifically serve the staff attached to the Palms by sparing them the effort of climbing the stairs connecting the three floors of the building in order to deliver laundry and food for the inmates.

There is no transport for state lands

Dear Editor, I read with great interest and, may I add, surprise the letter penned by my very good friend, Mr Murseline Bacchus in which he stated that the lease for the Red House property is not required to be registered as stated by me  since it is state lands and falls under the exception of section 13 of the Deeds  Registry Act (‘ Leases of 21 or more years…’ SN, January 10).

Norton has been practising social cohesion all along

Dear Editor, I recall when various communities (religious, trade unions, ethnic, youth, etc) were invited to a conference at the Arthur Chung Convention Center (ACCC) last year on April 26 as part of the rebirth of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), the then Minister of Health, Dr George Norton made a presentation which was impressive in terms of a vision for humanity.

What does ‘any other fit and proper person’ mean?

Dear Editor, With reference to the appointment of a new Gecom Chairman, Article 161 (2) of the Constitution states “…or any other fit and proper person…” Can President David Granger and his brilliant AG Basil Williams explain what that means, especially in respect to the appointments of Rudy Collins, Edward Hopkinson, Joseph Singh and Dr Steve Surujbally, all as Chairman of Gecom?

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