An obsession to smother dissenting voices

 Dear Editor,It is now very clear that the PPP has this unceasing interest – more like a sick obsession – in smothering dissenting voices to manage thinking .

Minibus names

Dear Editor,As I traverse the congested streets of Georgetown and the lethal roadways of Guyana one pleasure I have is to observe the wonderful names inscribed so resourcefully on our minibuses .

The PPP’s refusal to effectively implement the Sexual Offences legislation is sickening

Dear Editor,Most of us are enraged when we hear of the rape and abuse of children .

School children, teachers, guard look after stray dog

Dear Editor,Two weeks ago, driving west on Hadfield Street (in front of Smith Memorial Primary School), I saw some schoolchildren playing with a dog .

PPP members did not attend Rupununi democracy workshop

 Dear Editor,I was invited to a workshop on Democracy on Friday, April 4, and was asked to mobilise a few interested residents who were willing to participate .

Victims of rape, paedophilia are not supported by grandstanding declarations

Dear Editor,In the explanation of her refusal to apologise to MP Jaipaul Sharma, which we saw on Wednesday, the Minister of Education, Ms Priya Manickchand said that if she apologized she would be betraying the victims of rape and paedophilia: “I cannot abandon them just to keep the National Assembly happy,” she explained .

Living in fear of life because of abusive husband; authorities do nothing

Dear Editor,I have been legally married to a man (name given) for 22 years .

The PPP/C should accommodate Harmon’s suggestion of a national conversation on transportation

Dear Editor,Where is Guyana’s progress headed if our destiny is pursued privately on the basis of race which then makes it the take it or leave it national agenda for everyone else?  Agreement with PNC/APNU MP Mr Joseph Harmon’s budget presentation in which he urged greater adherence to the National Competitiveness Strategy (NCS) motivating his calls for “a national conversation on the transportation system, including roads, bridges, airstrips, airports and waterways” as reported in the SN of April 4 cannot be out of order .

Magistrates should throw the book at persons who fail to stop after an accident

Dear Editor,What has this society become?I just read on INews about an employee of a government agency hitting a nurse with his car and driving away without rendering assistance .

Only a few will profit

Dear Editor,I think it’s truly wonderful that another Canadian company is coming to mine gold .

Respects Manickchand for sincere message in parliament

Dear Editor,Having had the opportunity to meet Ms Priya Manickchand in the course of my attachment to NCERD, I concluded that she has a strong sense of justice and is totally dedicated to the protection of the children of the nation making efforts towards achieving the best for them in the education sector .

Procurement laws not passed in T&T under present or previous governments

Dear Editor,The following is an email comment, by a blogger, ‘Averiguador,’ on a story published in the Trinidad Express on March 18, 2014 under the heading of ‘Mule race coming’ in which the writer, Mr Ralph Maraj, a former cabinet minister in the Trinidad and Tobago government, was commenting on the failure of both the current and previous T&T governments to pass procurement legislation and, in view of forthcoming general elections, which Mr Maraj refers to in the title, the unlikely prospect of that happening any time soon .

The government is not democratic

Dear Editor,The ruling regime uses every opportunity to lay claim to democratic credentials .

City Hall could collapse in a matter of months

Dear Editor,City Hall is a national treasure, one of our most elegant and beautiful buildings, admired by all who visit .

Road now being built in Kwakwani will not last

Dear Editor,Kwakwani will be given paved roads for the first time as was promised by Mr Sharma Solomon, Regional Chairman of Region Ten during the election campaign of 2011 and his regular visits to the community .

NIS should pay pensions on the first business day of the month rather than the first Monday

Dear Editor,I have been asked to write this letter in the hope that NIS would be moved to act accordingly .

Manickchand’s comments were disrespectful and irresponsible

Dear Editor,Recent comments made by Minister of Education Priya Manickchand underscore a grave lack of understanding on the part of the Minister for the office she holds .

Watts should investigate music nuisance in the Grove EBD area

Dear Editor,People living in Patentia are frequently disturbed by music played from somewhere in Grove on the East Bank of Demerara .

The Traffic Department should launch a campaign to educate citizens on the proper use of the roads

Dear Editor,The increase in fatal and serious accidents on the Essequibo coast, Region Two, must be of concern, not only to the Police Traffic Department but to all citizens as well, because road safety is everybody’s business and all must be involved .

Why is the government treating young professionals poorly?

Dear Editor,Please allow me space for one more publication of my struggle to retrieve my transport from the Public Service Ministry .

The PPP should call a general election

Dear Editor,Politics is about making hard choices .

Some are working to ensure the present GFF administration fails

Dear Editor,The last elections for officers of the GFF saw six diverse individuals becoming the executives of football in Guyana .

Why the brouhaha over a handshake?

Dear Editor,There is something I thought about when Nelson Mandela died, but there was something that occurred during his memorial which I think I should first get out the way .

Jagdeo will have the last laugh

Dear Editor,I have always maintained that the PPP is not a perfect political party .

The Co-operatives Department needs to put its own house in order before casting aspersions on the co-operatives

Dear Editor,It is with great interest and concern that I have read in the Sunday Stabroek editions of March 16 and 30, two notices, one under the hand of the Chief Co-operative Development Officer, and the other by the Registrar of Friendly Societies – both being the same officer .

The parliamentary parties should state clearly and often what they are for and what they are against

Dear Editor,When President Obama and the Democratic Party advocated for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), they had a clear motive: that universal health care should be available to American citizens .

There has been sloth on key initiatives in the area of youth policy and a recycling of projects

Dear Editor,Just to put some perspective on Dr Frank Anthony’s budget speech, particularly in the areas of Youth and Culture .

African chiefs have held a public ceremony of apology

Dear Editor,The comedy to which Eric Phillips lends himself would be merely irritating had it not been for what it reveals about the personalities involved .

There are blatant building violations in the city

Dear Editor,Please allow me some space to highlight and explain the process of submitting a building plan, and point out some loopholes and a blatant building violation in the city .

Tone of Sunday editorial regrettable

Dear Editor,I am particularly mindful of the environment in which  SN, one of the only two ‘independent’ newspapers, has to function .

Minister behaved inappropriately at workshop

Dear Editor,On February 13-14, 2014, I attended a two-day Regional Health and Education workshop for the managers of the ten administrative regions in Guyana that was organized by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development .

No consultation with Mayor and City Council over Waste Management Project

Dear Editor,I read with great surprise a media report of the UNDP US$1 .

West Bank Public Road needs urgent work

Dear Editor,The condition of the West Bank Demerara Public Road continues to deteriorate, and I’m unsure when something will be done to improve the situation .

GPL refund received

Dear Editor,With reference to my letter dated February 15, 2014 captioned ‘Refund on GPL deposit not paid after five years,’ I would like to inform you that after the letter’s publication, I was contacted on March 3 by Ms London of GPL who explained that the payment had been ready since July, 2013; however due to the time which had elapsed, payment could not be made .

NCN should have some training for its broadcasters

Dear Editor,It is a pity that the letter ‘Broadcasters mispronounce words’ (SN, March 28) is so vague, even though it is timely and quite necessary .

When will Ramotar follow Persad-Bissessar’s example?

Dear Editor,We read again that the no nonsense Trinidad Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Monday afternoon (March 31) disclosed that she had taken the decision to fire her Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma .

Bakr has neither the law nor the facts on his side

Dear Editor,There is a famous truism in law:  when the facts are on your side, argue the facts; when the law is on your side, argue the law .

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