Lawrence failed to address issue

Dear Editor, The effort wasted by Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence to defend her trips abroad, could have been better used to explain why, one year after I first submitted an application to adopt a child who’s biological mother I’m now married to, a child is being denied a father due to the incompetence of her stewardship in getting rid of an Adoption Board before a new one was even selected or approved by cabinet.

Nobody knows it all

Dear Editor, Karl Marx when asked what character trait he detested most in men said servility, which is a tendency to go along with positions taken by others, especially those in positions of authority even if it goes against their better judgement.

The income gap is too wide

Dear Editor, Human needs are basically the same, that is the need for food, shelter and security. This is why all responsible governments need to provide both the institutional framework and the enabling environment for people, especially the working people to satisfy their basic needs.