Landlines, mobiles and ‘Free Talk’

Dear Editor,This election seems to attract a lot of attention, especially with the coalition, and many agree this might be like nothing they have ever witnessed before .

Richie Benaud will be missed

Dear Editor,With regard to your news items (SN, Apr 10, 11) on the passing of iconic cricket commentator Richie Benaud, in my travels around Australia, he was topic of conversation everywhere .

It takes ordinary voters to incentivize politicians to do the right thing

 Dear Editor,In June, I will be 21 years old .

Is the coalition planning to win on the ignorance of our youth?

Dear Editor,The idea being advanced by the coalition parties, APNU and the AFC, that voters must forget the past when making their decision at the polls is unfortunate .

I will be protesting at the opening of the Marriott Hotel

Dear Editor,On April 11, 2015 I received by hand delivery, a ‘Personal Invite’ from Mr .

People must be loyal to principles not political leaders

 Dear Editor,In 1905 when Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow mobilised city workers to challenge the merchants and ruling class it was because the citizens wanted a change in the way business was conducted and how they were treated .

Clogged drains around the Georgetown Public Hospital

Dear Editor,The area surrounding the Georgetown Public Hospital continues to pose health problems for patients and visitors to that facility in addition to residents around the hospital .

Victims of rape are entitled to privacy

Dear Editor,There is news that the Prime Minister of St Vincent & Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves will be coming to Guyana to deliver a Cheddi Jagan lecture .

Cruel VAT burden must be on opposition agenda

Dear Editor,One of the accusations made against APNU/AFC is that if they were to gain power then the country would be plunged back into the abyss of the late 70’s and 80’s - the era of Guylines, Dayclean, mass games, national service and interminable blackouts .

Lifting of trade embargo against Cuba next logical step

Dear Editor,The recent Summit of the Americas in Panama will be remembered for the historic meeting between United States President Barack Obama and Cuba’s President Raul Castro .

Those with foreign passports should follow the constitution

Dear Editor,It has been brought to my attention there are individuals on the recently published lists of candidates who potentially could become members of Guyana’s National Assembly, if selected according to the various criteria of the political parties who submit the names .

It is imperative that we be civil

Dear Editor,The Media Monitoring Unit confirmed what has been common knowledge: state owned and state friendly news outfits deliberately have carved out new, ugly, and piercing territory in an unconcealed hustle to inflame and manipulate .

T&T PM wants Arms Treaty secretariat to be in Port of Spain

Dear Editor,Cuba’s President, Raúl Castro described his US counterpart, Barack Obama as an “honest man” during a lengthy speech largely taken up with the history of US-Cuba relations .

Questions on forest sector have been clarified before

Dear Editor,It is evident that the political season is here which gives some people the right to be silly .

Perpetuating family control

Dear Editor,I was flabbergasted when I read that the PPP nomination list contained the names of sons, daughters and wives of the ruling class, with, most importantly, the obvious dynastic implications for the Guyanese public .

How would Guyana’s performance be measured against that of Bangladesh since 1992?

Dear Editor,As the election campaign has gained momentum there has been a series of interesting exchanges between the major parties about the economic performance of Guyana over recent decades .

Do the criteria for a CHPA house lot apply to all and sundry?

Dear Editor,When my father was a poor young man living in rented accommodation, he applied for a house lot .

Will the youth vote have an impact on the election?

Will the youth vote have an impact on the election?

Dear Editor,It is said that the youth vote will be one of the deciding factors in the upcoming elections .

Negative diversions

Dear Editor, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones .

The world according to President Ramotar

Dear Editor,I was in Alexander Village to attend the wake of a friend two evenings ago which coincided with a meeting of the PPP/C held at the head of the street in which I grew up .

What measures have been put in place to ensure loggers adhere to the law?

 Dear Editor, Easily one of the most memorable photographs printed in the media in Guyana during 2014 was the disturbing image on the front page of your competitor’s newspaper showing dozens of Bai Shan Lin trucks lined up loaded with fresh cut hardwood logs destined for the Georgetown harbour for export .

Money for the Linden Legal Aid Centre allocated in the 2014 budget was not released

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Joan Ward-Mars’ letter ‘Linden Legal Aid Centre has never received money from government,’ SN April 8 .

GuySuCo needs to invest in modern machinery and technology, not just human resources

Dear Editor,As a former HR practitioner in Guyana and now operating in the Caribbean, I always read with keen interest developments in human resource management and labour relations in Guyana, and more particularly in the sugar industry, where I had my earlier groundings as a clerk in the personnel department .

No opposition member criticized Samad Bacchus when he spoke for all those years on the PPP/C platform

Dear Editor,I have noticed that since Mr Samad Bacchus embraced and spoke on the political platform of AFC+APNU he has come under scorching attack by a section of the media and some politicians who are in the government, as if he has no right to belong to a political party of his choice .

Ramotar absent from Americas summit

Dear Editor,Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar is among three heads of government who are absent from the Seventh Conference of the Americas now underway in Panama .

What will be the policy of the PPP be to foreign investment in the retail sector if they win another five years?

Dear Editor,In the run-up to the May 2015 elections PPP ministers that you never saw for years together with their opportunistic compatriots will be darting across the country preaching the past, meaning pre-1992 .

Dhanessar Jhappan’s report does not support Granger’s account of 1973 ballot-boxes incident

 Dear Editor,Brigadier (rtd) David Granger’s remarks to the Guyana Times that his partisan description of army involvement in the 1973 general elections, has its origin in the Commission of Inquiry Report filed by Justice Dhanessar Jhappan, is not supported by evidence in the report .

The definition of nepotism should be considered when reviewing the PPP list

Dear Editor,I ask your readers to consider the definition of nepotism (one element of corruption) which includes ‘the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives and friends .

Granger should try to erase the spectre of Burnham if he hopes to win

Dear Editor,In my humble opinion, the chances of the APNU+AFC coalition winning the next election will be enhanced if presidential candidate Brigadier (rtd) David Granger can erase the haunting spectre of LFS Burnham, lurking in the background .

The PPP/C has deceived the people on local government

 Dear Editor,In a preview to its manifesto pledges for the upcoming general and regional elections, the PPP stated in relation to governance and more particularly local democracy, inter alia, the following: “We remain committed to inclusive and participatory governance … We are committed to holding as early as possible Local Government Elections (LGE) to address all issues of local democracy, and expand the collaboration between local government bodies and community development groups .

Organization for the Victory of the People is not ‘communist sounding’ but seeks to build on Burnham’s vision

 Dear Editor,In an article entitled ‘A Soupy Nomination Day, Jah Rastafari!’ written by Gaulbert Sutherland, (Stabroek News, April 8), Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP) was described as “communist sounding”, quoting me as saying that we are seeking to “build on Burnham’s legacy and that we are the real PNC .

SN is biased

Dear Editor, I have sent several letters to Kaieteur News and also to Stabroek News but both newspapers refuse to print my missives in their letter columns .

Priority should be given to the humanisation of GuySuCo over mechanisation

 Dear Editor,It seems time for a splurge of sugary mouthings about the named national industry by all and sundry, political personalities in particular, who feel compelled to make renditions which may sound sweet to the ear .

No authenticity from politicians to radio announcers

Dear Editor,Since the announcement of May 11 and the formation of APNU-AFU coalition I’ve heard and observed so many twisted tongues, turncoats, two faces, bare-facedness and forked tongues, as well as so much naked hypocrisy to spin you dizzy and confusing you about what to believe in .

The PPP is running away from its record not on its record

Dear Editor,Stabroek News article, ‘GGMC defends mining claims for Baishanlin director -says he’s now citizen,’ (April 9), which featured aspects of an internal GGMC report that sparked an uproar, should spur Guyanese to vote in droves on May 11 for the PPP to leave office so the next government can do a forensic review of the Baishanlin deal and a host of others struck by the PPP regime .

NIS benefits suddenly stopped

Dear Editor,My dad died just over two years and the process for my mom to get his NIS benefits was smooth and relatively easy .

Is this pledge for real?

Dear Editor,On Monday, the headline read: ‘PPP/C pledges to up corruption battle’ (SN, April 6) .

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