Investigations into car robbery completed

Dear Editor,   The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Kaieteur News of Thursday, July 23, under the caption ‘Remigrant loses vehicle to carjackers, calls for justice.’ The Police Force wishes to state that investigations into the matter where taxi-driver Errol Andar of Tuschen, EBE, was robbed of his motor vehicle HC 4463, have been completed and the police are in the process of seeking legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecution.

A realistic approach should be taken to fixing the speed limit on the East Canje road

Dear Editor,   The Stabroek News of March 11, 2015, published a letter captioned ‘Case study done on East Canje road speed limit’ by Messrs Dennis Pompey, Chairman; Earl Lambert, Secretary; and Colvern Venture, Treasurer of the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC), and was in response to letters written by me enquiring about the rationale used for fixing the speed limit on the East Canje road at 50 Kph.

Some questions for the former PM on Amaila

Dear Editor, In a letter titled ‘Almost all solar home systems projects were subject to a process of open international bidding,’ in the Stabroek News on July 20, former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds stated “The Amaila Falls project as it was developed by the PPP/C administration remains the most attractive electricity generation project for Guyana.