Dust pollution from a rice mill plagues residential area of Mahaica

Dear Editor, One decade and two years have passed since residents have been complaining about a rice miller in Mahaica .

The general rate collected by the city council should not be confused with the property tax

Dear Editor, Appearing on the front page of the Saturday edition of Kaieteur News of October 31, 2009 and just below that horrendous photograph of human brutality there appeared in full colour and in block letters the following notice headed “MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL,” and I must quote its full text: “ATTENTION ALL PROPERTY OWNERS!! THERE ARE ONLY 1 DAY FOR WAIVERS ON ALL INTEREST ON PROPERTY TAXES .

There needs to be foreign monitoring of preserved rainforest to prevent narco-traffickers taking advantage of a poorly policed hinterland

Dear Editor, Norway signed an agreement with Guyana to essentially preserve its rainforest .

The Ministry of Education should investigate the Linden Technical Institute to see if the allegations have substance

Dear Editor, Five lecturers from the Linden Technical Institute were not rehired at the start of the new school term on September 2 .

Lawlessness prevails because perpetrators can get away with crime

Dear Editor, I found your editorial ‘Lawlessness’ (11 .

Scorch marks and bullet holes provide evidence of the May 2008 attack on the Ministry of Culture

Dear Editor, It cannot be denied that in May 2008 the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport fell victim to a vicious terrorist attack .

Stopping torture depends ultimately on public monitoring

Dear Editor, In a recent discourse (‘Torture and Accountability: where does President Obama go from here?’ (LSE Ideas: 3/11/09), Karen Greenberg (of the ‘Torture Papers’ (2005) fame) and Professor Philippe Sands argued that there should be no discourse about the efficacy of torture .

More consumers of government services will have to express their displeasure before reforms will be implemented

Dear Editor, In your Thursday, November 12, 2009 edition, Ms Vanita Jaipaul, in a letter to the editor, expressed her displeasure at the service she received at the GPO parcels counter (‘Lack of information, courtesy at GPO parcels section’) .

The All Star Weekend indeed lost its mojo

Dear Editor, I refer to a newspaper article dated November 10, 2009 captioned ‘Has the All Star Weekend lost its mojo,’ where a number of issues were highlighted about the Beepat All Star Basketball Weekend which was held on November 7 and 8, 2009 .

There should be robust and verifiable accounting for the Norwegian funds

Dear Editor, Given the record of the PPP government on providing a basic element of the modern economy, ie, a reliable electricity supply, and given what we know of Government of Guyana corruption and links to big-time crime and their inability to listen to persons who are not members of the Central Committee of the PPP, Guyanese have to keep their eyes open, and insist that the government does not have a veto on how the funds from Norway are spent, and that there is robust and verifiable accounting for these funds .

Exercise counteracts the effects of stress

Dear Editor, I refer to the ‘What the people say’ column on the subject of relieving stress in your publication of November 9 .

Let us preserve the positives of the past

Dear Editor, Change is indeed inevit-able, but death can we say is certain .

We must pursue perfection

Dear Editor, Ten years after Independence, in the presence of Dr Jagan and other patriots at the National Park, Forbes Burnham made two significant statements which are of relevance today .

GBGWU did not issue strike ultimatum in its letter of November 6 to bauxite company

Dear Editor, We refer to a story in your edition of Monday, November 9, 2009 under the caption ‘Strike looms at Rusal’s Aroaima operations .

GRIF must benefit all Guyanese in a transparent and measurable way

Dear Editor, I wish to congratulate the President of Guyana on inking his first deal to monetize Guyana’s rainforest .

Lack of information, courtesy at GPO parcels section

Dear Editor, I write to relay the most frustrating morning spent at the Georgetown Post Office, attempting to post a box to the United States .

Norway has fulfilled its commitment

Dear Editor, I am very pleased to read (in SN reports over the last several days) that Norway has fulfilled its commitment to provide significant amounts of money (up to US $250 million by 2015) for the preservation of our forests as part of President Jagdeo’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) .

Anyone in a high position should treat their office with respect

Dear Editor, I had to read the article over and over in the KN, captioned ‘Irate President lashes out at Kaieteur News’ of November 6, 2009, since I could not believe what I was reading .

‘Sesame Street’ has helped to educate US children

Dear Editor, With so much that is going on in the world today, our days are quite busy .

How much VAT has been collected to date?

ear Editor, I am not one for writing ‘big up’ letters and long ramblings in your letter pages .

With a reasonably efficient garbage disposal service there is no excuse for dumping in the city

Dear Editor, Please refer to a front-page photograph of a heap of garbage in the compound of the First Federation Building, under the caption, ‘Disgrace’ (SN, (November 10) .

Pension has been awarded

Dear Editor, Please allow me to respond to the letter bearing the caption ‘Forty years of contributions but still no NIS pension’ (SN, October 29) .

The most senior officers of the Berbice lawyers’ association are sick or have resigned

Dear Editor, With respect to the letter written by Mr Adrian Anamayah under the caption ‘The association of Berbice lawyers is a vibrant and functioning one’ (SN, October 23), I  did make mention of the the Berbice bar association in my original letter of September 14, but I was referring to the organization that lawyers in Berbice belong to, in the same manner that one may refer to the ‘Georgetown bar .

Officers of the law should know that they could be prosecuted for torture

Dear Editor, The gulf separating the police from the public is not a new development, as police departments, especially in developing countries, seldom enjoy the respect and admiration of the citizenry for any significant period, often for a combination of factors beyond their control .

Torture has become institutionalised

Dear Editor, Two weeks ago, members of the Guyana Police Force brutally tortured a 14-year-old boy at Leonora Police Station where the Force’s ‘D’ Division is headquartered .

Under the law no coercion can be used by the police to extract confessions from suspects

Dear Editor, With reference to your editorial of Sunday, November 8, 2009, am I correct in my interpretation that Mr Hydar Ally is claiming that Police Standing Orders permit the police to use some measure of force to extract information from suspects? What Standing Orders is Mr Ally perusing? Is he referencing Standing Orders that are being issued to the police from Freedom House, or some other political directorate? Is he referencing Standing Orders that his government inherited from the Soviet Empire, that is, after that collective dissolved into several democratic states and violent interrogatory methods became obsolete? Which set of English words or phrases in those orders led Mr Ally to claim the existence of a “provision authorizing the Police to use some force in the extraction of confession statements”? I am really curious to see how the legal luminaries in Guyana will react to this latest faux pas from a PPP official .

How was permission given for a state drainage canal to be filled in?

Dear Editor, Rather than providing answers, a letter from the Ministry of Works in response to one of mine, has provided the basis for more questions .

Social activism is needed now more than political activism

Dear Editor, Recently there has been a spate of letters going back and forth on what the PPP did or did not do in the bauxite industry .

All citizens should take a stand today to guard against future travesties

Dear Editor, In the midst of the overwhelming and continuing public outcry, attempts have been made to justify the latest torture incident .

The elephant in the room Dear Editor,

Many thanks to Ms Gail Teixeira (‘I never said the gov’t had no interest in Roger Khan’ SN, Nov 4) for establishing once and for all that as Minister of Home Affairs she never stated “I am not interested in Roger Khan” when he was arrested in Suriname .

Why were half tickets not returned to patrons?

Dear Editor Could the relevant authorities responsible for ticketing arrangements at the National Stadium  explain why no half tickets were returned to patrons who attended the President’s Cup Final between Guyana and T&T when they presented their tickets for entry into the stadium? If someone wanted to leave the stadium for a short while, difficulties would have arisen when that person tried to re-enter because they would have had no proof that they were previously in the stadium .

Guyana should have ‘University on the Air’ again

Dear Editor, I am always amused by the histrionics I witness almost daily in Guyana’s media .

The cane unloading assembly at Skeldon has a halting action

Dear Editor, Harvested cane at Skeldon is unloaded mechanically, with the entire punt lifted, and its contents discharged onto conveyors .

Ovid O. Isaacs has passed away

Dear Editor, Essentially, this letter is to inform hundreds of his old students, former GNS and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport colleagues and others of the passing of Ovid O .

My transaction at NBS was refused because of an expired passport

Dear Editor, During the month of September 2009 which was also the Holy Month of Ramadaan I visited the New Building Society’s (NBS) branch in Rosignol (Region 5) in order to withdraw funds (to pay my zakaat; which is 2 .

A picture is worth a thousand words

Dear Editor, The picture in the October 31 edition of Kaieteur News showing the 14-year-old boy tortured by the police was most outrageous, left nothing to the imagination, enraged the nation and supports fully the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words .

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