The Guyana government should follow the lead of Belize

Dear Editor, The Government of Belize has moved with alacrity to renationalize its telecommunications sector to protect its national interests, according to Prime Minister Dean Barrow .

Guyanese have allowed themselves to be divided by race

Dear Editor, I refer to Harry Hergash’s letter in the SN edition of August 28 under the caption ‘No Indian Guyanese in last Monday’s “What the people say .

‘Police and thief’

Dear Editor, In my youth we played a game called ‘police and thief .

No Indian Guyanese in last Monday’s ‘What the people say’

Dear Editor, I have always looked to the Stabroek News for fair and unbiased reporting on Guyana .

There should be some cost recovery at GPHC

Dear Editor, The current debate on the proposed health care reform that is engaging the United States Senate, should served as a wake-up call for our government to examine our entire health care delivery to ascertain that it is equitably accessible .

The Lake Mainstay Summer Regatta was well organized

Dear Editor, The directors of Lake Mainstay resort must be complimented for a well organized Summer Regatta held on August 16 at Lake Mainstay, Essequibo Coast .

For whom is a poll productive or counter-productive?

Dear Editor, One of the strange things about Guyana’s politics is that people tend to see things in black and white .

Was Plato right?

Dear Editor, I cannot ignore the disgusting headlines in your newspaper over the last week .

A breakdown in law and order

Dear Editor, Within recent times we have noticed some outrageous acts committed by the police and the army, such as torture, wrongful arrests, robbery and murder .

Security must take precedence over everything

Dear Editor, Firstly, the security of the nation must take precedence over many other so-called developmental projects .

The columns and editorials of some media houses abuse the principles of journalism

Dear Editor, I refer to the editorial of Kaieteur News on August 26, 2009, with the caption ‘Democracy and the press .

We need to develop social capital

Dear Editor, The recent news about the three Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guards charged with crimes committed on one of our young citizens, Ramdass, made me angry and disappointed but very troubled .

Government officials are stonewalling

Dear Editor, This poor, helpless, defenceless woman, Salimoon Rahaman, whose reputed husband and an employee were found dead on their boat with marks of violence on their bodies, and whose 10-year-old- son is missing, is seeking information and perhaps closure on the horrible tragedy that has befallen her family .

‘Express’ mail not express

Dear Editor, I am writing to caution your readers if they are considering using the Guyana Post Office ‘Express Mail Service’ (EMS) .

Ted Kennedy called for free and fair elections in Guyana which led to the Carter visit

Dear Editor,Tears came to my eyes as I read that the world has lost Senator Ted Kennedy .

It is easy to obtain quotes for the cost of a pump via the internet

Dear Editor, I refer to a report in KN dated 23 .

Magistrates are bound to follow the decision in State v Webber until it is overruled by a higher court

Dear Editor, I note Mr Anil Nandlall’s latest response in trying to defend his position in the debate as to whether a magistrate in a preliminary inquiry can reject a confession statement (‘There are stringent requirements before custom crystallizes into law” SN, August 25) .

The threat to Guyana is from within

Dear Editor, Guyana faces an existential threat not because of external aggression but from within its own borders .

Garbage is being dumped at the Charity wharf

Dear Editor, I recently visited the Pomeroon and was shocked to see the way garbage is being dumped at the wharf in Charity .

How much was McKinsey paid for the LCDS report?

Dear Editor, I have been following the online discussions on the LCDS and trying to learn as much as possible about the process involved in developing this strategy .

Billboards on Linden-Soesdyke Highway should not have been removed; other measures should be taken to make the road safe

Dear Editor, As a Lindener, and more so as a citizen who is equally concerned with safety on our roads, I need to add my two bits on the issue of the billboards that were torn down along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, Region 10, and more particularly those approaching the turn at Millie’s Hide-out into Linden proper .

Mr Bisram needs to provide more data about his polls

Dear Editor, Many diehard PPP supporters will not see the necessity for transparency of any sort in delivering sensitive data dealing with the politics of Guyana .

West Indies cricket is our pulse

Dear Editor, After every FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics I keep fantasising about a West Indian World Cup and Olympic team .

No one has figures for the losses suffered by farmers

Dear Editor, With respect to my queries on Mr Tarron Khemraj’s economic analysis of President Jagdeo’s tenure (SN, August 12; 19), I have not submitted any individual response to my critics on the SN blog .

Trinidad is far better off than Guyana will ever be

Dear Editor, I certainly had wondered if there was some mistake and I had been walking through Toronto’s Pearson Airport a few days ago, but realized that it was indeed a more improved Piarco Airport in Trinidad .

Bricks are a hazard in Bacchus Street Victoria

Dear Editor, I am a concerned resident of Bacchus Street in Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara .

There are stringent requirements before custom crystallizes into law

Dear Editor, I write in response to another letter by Mr KA Juman-Yassin published in Sunday Stabroek (August 16) under the caption, ‘Practice and custom become law,’ where Mr Juman-Yassin continues to pontificate that magistrates have a power to exclude confession statements at a preliminary inquiry .

Picketing exercise denounced

Dear Editor, We the members and Executive of the AFC Caribbean wish to register our public denunciation of the staging of a picketing exercise in front of the offices of party leaders, Messrs Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan, and the dishonest attempt to besmirch the character of these messengers of truth and avatars of the clarion call for long overdue change in the way political business is done in GuyanaWe strongly condemn this senseless picketing of our leaders and call on Guyanese to prepare to do the right thing at our next elections: vote for change, accountability and good governance .

Nordic countries are clean and well governed

Dear Editor, I just returned from a trip to the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden .

Glad to see the World Championships

Dear Editor, I am very thankful to the management of WRHM for the broadcast of the just concluded 12th IAAF Berlin 2009 World Championship games and hope that such an event serves as an inspiration to current and future Guyanese Olympians at future global meetings .

There needs to be soul-searching on the part of law enforcement

Dear Editor, For many years citizens of Guyana have accused the military and police forces of acts of corruption and wanton dereliction of duty, requiring nothing but the full force of an independent enquiry into the affairs of all sections of the law enforcement agencies .

Anyone cognizant with the workings of oligarchies should not be surprised Corbin has been returned as leader

Dear Editor, “It is organization which gives birth to the domination of the elected over the electors, of the mandataries over the mandators, of the delegates over the delegators .

Water woes in Agriculture Road

Dear Editor,I have been living in Agriculture Road now for the past eight years and residents here have been suffering a lot from a water shortage .

Locked up for exercising right to free speech

Dear Editor, I refer to Dr Randy Persaud’s article titled ‘The PNCR Congress and a note to Mr L Lewis’ (GC, August 13) .

The ERC has nothing to investigate with the ‘Monkey Mountain’ issue

Dear Editor, With respect to Mr Freddie Kissoon’s comment about Mr Kwame McCoy, “Burnham would never have tolerated a Kwame McCoy as his spokesperson .

Enmore should be a town

Dear Editor, Enmore Day in Toronto reminds us that it’s time Enmore be included among the five towns of Guyana .

The only way Bisram’s findings can be disregarded is on the basis of his track record

Dear Editor, Re: Ravi Dev’s article (KN, August 23), I have stated before that I (along with many others) also know that pollster Vishnu Bisram is a teacher (and where he teaches et al) but Freddie Kissoon chooses to conclude that Bisram is not a teacher based partly on his own ‘sources’ which he has never disclosed and partly on a logic that says that since Bisram refuses to tell Freddie where he teaches and what colleges he attended, Bisram cannot be a teacher .

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