SN headline conveyed wrong message

Dear Editor, I write about no small matter.  Your headline, ‘No time-frame for 24-hour power supply to Mabaruma – Hinds’ (SN, November 11), has been read by everyone as a quote from me, which it is not;  and I fear that it propagates an altogether different message from what I did actually write. 

You cannot have your cake and eat it

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Veetal Rajkumar’s letter published in the November 7, 2013 edition of Stabroek News entitled ‘No basis for presuming higher deforestation is due to widespread illegal mining.’ Mr Rajkumar seeks to surreptitiously dispel the observed increase in Guyana’s deforestation rates with irrelevant facts and speculative assertions.

Photo reflects garbage challenge faced by the M&CC

Dear Editor, If we hold it to be true that newspapers are the mirrors of societies then the photograph of the large accumulations of garbage in the city on the front page of your Stabroek News issue of November 11, 2013, really captured the enormous challenge faced by the Mayor and City Council, and supplied an image of a struggling municipality and an unhealthy environment.