Now that Guyana has lost the cement case it should take regional defaulters who do not have a CET waiver on rice to the CCJ

Dear Editor,Now that Guyana has done the honourable thing and admitted that it did break the law as it pertains to the waiver of the Common External Tariff (CET) on cement as a consequence of which it will end up paying a considerable amount to the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), I hope that the other member states of Caricom will wake up and stop the illegal activities of not paying the CET on rice .

Puzzled over the identity of Arnold Zander

Dear Editor,So much publicity was made of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela presenting the above-titled book (subtitled: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent) to President Barack Obama of the USA, at the Summit of the Americas Meeting in Port of Spain that I felt that I just had to obtain a copy read it .

The PCD and history

Dear Editor,I read with great care and interest Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s letter which was published in Kaieteur News on Friday June 19, 2009, under the caption, ‘David Hinds and history .

Government should move forward on implementing National Domestic Violence Policy

Dear Editor,In June 2008, the National Domestic Violence Policy was launched .

Removing stray dogs from the High Court

Dear Editor,In August of 2008, animal lover Cherie Gomes (Canadian-based Guyanese) passed by the High Court and saw a female dog with a broken paw .

Police regularly patrolling Eastern Highwayto ensure no recurrence of ‘pranks’

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to a letter published in the Stabroek News of April 30, 2009, under the caption ‘Not such an innocent prank .

Residents dumping garbage and filling drains in Anna Regina

Dear Editor, We are in the season of the heavy rainfall, but it seems as if the Anna Regina Town Council are just talking without taking action .

Conversation Tree and family history

Dear Editor, I should like to thank you for your article of May 17, 2009, explaining the origin of Conversation Tree .

We should celebrate the life and achievements of Shri Prakash Gossai

Dear Editor, As I write these few lines Shri Prakash Goosai would have been cremated  after hundreds of speeches  had been made and thousands of Bhajans sung world-wide over the past 48 hours in honour of this great Guyanese .

ERC, FITUG comments on McDougall report consistedof personal attacks and superficial denial

Dear Editor, Recent comments by the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) and the Federation of Independent Trades Union (FITUG) on the report by Ms Gay McDougall, United Nations Independent Expert on Minority Issues, comprised personal attacks and superficial denial .

Fathers are entitled to equal love with mothers

Dear Editor, You may have heard your kid singing that song praising mothers for all their laborious work and granting them unconditional love .

Senior Supervisors’ Club, Linden, seeking to rebuild

Dear Editor, As is customary, the Senior Supervisors’ Club held a simple ceremony on June 4, 2009, for the official opening of its recently covered billiards table .

Contract for construction of Cummings Lodge roads, etc, has been awarded

Dear Editor,We, the concerned residents of Ninth Street (A) Block (Y) Cummings Lodge wish to make public that our street has not been fixed .

Breaches in water track dam divert water intended for irrigation into the swamp

Dear Editor,In a statement made by the Minister of Agriculture (MoA) recently, he said that the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and Neighbourhood Demo-cratic Councils (NDC) have been tasked to improve the irrigation system in farming communities in light of the relatively dry conditions experienced over the last few months .

Long waiting time to pay duties, administration charges at Customs accounts department in Main Street

Dear Editor,It takes a taxpayer a long time to pay duties, taxes or administration charges at the Customs and Trade Administration Accounts Department situated at Lot 34 Main and Hope Streets .

Can sport really be used as a unifying mechanism?

Dear Editor,The debate about the success or otherwise of the development of sport in Guyana (all of which, expectedly, not published in the Daily Chronicle), appears to have widened to involve other group discussions .

No published accounts of evidence of communist funding for PPP prior to 1969

Dear Editor,Indeed, in an earlier letter, I did not name the parties that sought funds from the CIA for its destabilisation campaign against the PPP, but that does not mean that I am not willing to name them .

Weaknesses in the self-regulation of the accounting industry have been demonstrated

Dear Editor,The acceptance by Mr Chandradat Chintamani, FCCA of a place on the board of Demerara Distillers Limited on the last day of 2008 has highlighted the role of individual accountants and the regulator in ensuring that ethical standards in the accounting profession are maintained .

Volunteering to man ‘Barbados bench’

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter from Dr Walter Ramsahoye which appeared in your edition of June 17, under the caption ‘There should be a Barbados bench at the airport .

Pandit Gossai was a great spiritual leader

Dear Editor,It is with profound sadness that I learnt about the passing of Shri Prakash Gossai .

Statements about DDL in Business Page were misleading

Dear Editor, The Management of Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) is once again compelled to respond to Mr Christopher Ram, the writer of the Business Page of Sunday June 14, 2009, to correct a number of errors and misleading statements that were made therein .

Leguan and Wakenaam don’t need airstrips; they need a bridge linking the two

Dear Editor, We, the residents of Wakenaam, are in no need of an airstrip .

Global warming has nothing to do with present conservancy problems; it is neglect and poor maintenance of the infrastructure

Dear Editor, Reference is made to a letter in SN by Charles Sohan on the subject of the Ministry of Agriculture cherry-picking items from the proposed Conservancy Adaptation Works study for their Cunha project (‘The Ministry of Agriculture cannot cherry-pick elements from the Conservancy Adaptation Works project because it will not fulfuil the aim of reducing the country’s vulnerability to flooding,’ June 11) .

Why have the sugar unions been silent over the loss of €Є6M because of the late submission of the GuySuCo Action Plan?

Dear Editor, It has been a month since the story of Guyana losing €6M, an equivalent of $1 .

Did make submissions on democracy in a multiethnic society during ministerial tenure

Dear Editor, In his contribution, ‘Guyana can do better in the longer term than living off the IMF/WB welfare system’ (SN 9 .

Mourners flocked funeral home for viewing of Shri Prakash Gossai

Dear Editor, It was a solemn afternoon as mourners flocked the Grace Funeral Home on Conduit and Pitkin Ave in Queens on Tuesday, June 16, to view the body of a great spiritual and academic leader – Shri Prakash Gossai .

Sri Prakash Gossai was ‘the best of the best’

Dear Editor, Over a thousand people packed the Shri Bhuvaneshwar Mandir in Ozone Park, Queens, Monday night to remember Shri Prakash Gossai, the spiritual leader of the temple, who passed away early Monday morning at a hospital in Miami after suffering a heart attack .

If a trainer for the spyware came here he would have left footprints

Dear Editor, In a letter not long ago I questioned how it was that President Jagdeo knew so much about the opposing forces and so little or nothing about those on his side .

With the right breaks WI might be defending the cup at home next year

Dear Editor, After the disaster that was the recent Test and ODI series against England, several readers opined in letters to SN and other publications that Guyana should consider going it alone .

It’s time to get tough with men who murder their womenfolk

Dear Editor, I just have a quick question for the husbands, fathers and men of our humble society .

There should be a Barbados bench at the airport

Dear Editor, Barbados has every right to reject all individuals who do not meet its criteria for remaining in the island .

Guyana Review article on Janet Jagan instructive

Dear Editor, My parents were indentured immigrants from Basti Jhila, Uttar Pradesh, in undivided India .

Chief Magistrate did excellent job with Colin Mack PI

Dear Editor,The highly publicized preliminary inquiry into the charge of rape against entertainment promoter Colin Mack was recently concluded in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court .

Sri Prakash Gossai was a simple man with a big heart

Dear Editor,It is with sadness that I learnt of the passing of Sri Prakash Gossai yesterday morning .

Leaders of Guyana, Barbados should face the undocumented issue squarely

Dear Editor,People of goodwill, people of good sense, in both Guyana and Barbados will recognise that it is time the two countries put behind them the ghosts of past that have haunted their relations these past months .

If gov’t serious about low carbon it will switch to renewable energy in next decade

Dear Editor,The idea of a low carbon development strategy is not a bad one .

Eustace Accra gave to Buxton more than he ever expected from it

Dear Editor,For decades I have paid tribute in verse to people in local areas who have passed .

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