Styrofoam should be banned

Dear Editor, Despite the fact we read in the national press in November 19, 2013 that “After two years of discussion, the Government of Guyana has approved a series of actions that will lead to the restriction of the use of Styrofoam products and an eventual ban in June 2014” because it is potentially hazardous to health, many restaurants, cafés and food vendors in this country are still using styrofoam containers to serve drinks and food (hot and cold).

How could a decent Mayor and councillors seek to have increases for themselves

Dear Editor, It seems as though nothing ever changes at City Hall. After twenty years of occupying the seats around the horseshoe table at the City Hall in Georgetown, when it should have been just for three years, the Mayor and his merry band of councillors continue to show scant regard for the needs and the wellbeing of the business entities, the workers and the citizens of the capital city.

‘Red Light District’ promotion should be renamed

Dear Editor, A nation recovering from the comments made by two prominent personalities identifying women as objects of sex and providing a gross endorsement of rape culture as well as indulging in victim blaming, has to now look forward to a party called ‘Red Light District’ slated for December 20, 2014 at a popular club.

Double standards are the order of the day

Dear Editor, A medical specialist has assured me that pain is a sure symptom of an injury to someone’s body. Psychologists, in like manner, determine that behavioural patterns are dictated by some emotional trauma suffered earlier by the subject under evaluation.

Our politicians, teachers, managerial personnel, etc, have a responsibility to ensure they represent the best role models in our society

Dear Editor, President Ramotar must be complimented for stressing that “the most important factor for development is our people,” and that the main goal of his government is “the development of human capital.” Such assurances are like music to the ears of professionals in the field of Human Resource Development; therefore we can applaud and take comfort in all such statements coming from the highest office in our country.

We take intellectual shortcuts when voting

Dear Editor, No one likes to be called lazy; even children know that laziness is a bad thing. But, given Guyana’s history of voting along racial lines, and the bad idea being touted of Indigenous Guyanese forming their own party, we may need to examine ourselves.

ACP Group is again in need of clear political vision

Dear Editor,   Last week, the Bureau of the Council of Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States which was established to select a Secretary General from the shortlist of three submitted by the Caribbean in accordance with rules established by the Group, selected Dr Patrick Gomes.

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