The Essequibo Cricket Board has never had the recognition it deserves

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to Mr Claude Raphael’s letter in the Stabroek News of July 20 in relation to some of his unwarranted and inaccurate statements on the Essequibo Cricket Board .

Wrong signatory

Dear Editor,With reference to a letter dated April 18, 2012 published by Kaieteur News under the caption, ‘The Home Affairs Minister has over stepped his bounds,‘ that also mentioned bureaucratic officials, the Chief Justice, Commissioner of Police, Chief of Staff, et al, it was alleged to have been written and signed by me, Alfred Johnson, ex Police NCO 8753 .

We need a new bridge across the Demerara River

Dear Editor,I grew up in La Grange village and have been using the Demerara Harbour bridge from my early childhood .

Granger earlier opposed those who wanted to unify the positions of PNCR leader and presidential candidate

Dear Editor,The more things change the more they remain the same .

LUSCSL should become a power provider in their own right

Dear Editor,The problems faced by the population at Linden have not been looked at conclusively by the media nor by the several commentators to date .

Prisoner wants to see doctor

Dear Editor,I am a concerned relative of Budram Persaud who has been in prison for the last six years .

What caused the police to take the action they did in Linden?

Dear Editor,After massive public outrage and condemnation of the barbaric action which took place at Linden, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee on Sunday, July 22, came out and laid blame squarely at the feet of members of the Guyana Police Force for the deaths and serious injuries .

Mentioned nothing about OLPF at Region Two RDC meeting

Dear Editor,Long before the elections, the Budget presentation and the subsequent debate, I as a citizen of the country residing in Region Two made an application for a laptop through the Government of Guyana One Laptop per Family programme .

Hopefully next weekend will bring on Olympian-worthy events

Dear Editor,Another Friday evening – this time of two sundowners, followed not long after by coffee brewed deliberately to restore my mind from an overwhelming sense of fragmentation:–     The sight of groups of adults, children (unarmed) disarmingly protesting against powerlessness and darkness, and the tragic intervention of ‘pelleted’ weapons aimed to fragment lives .

Ramotar should let Rohee go

Dear Editor,   History and experience have taught us that a responsible government must express a moral obligation to uphold values and lead with honour, dignity and fairness .

One is still hopeful for a country which is beckoning for an economic take-off

Dear Editor,A few weeks ago, this writer visited Guyana for the first time after some forty-five years absence to rekindle afresh memories of the reasons for my visit in 1967 .

Chaos at stelling on Monday was predictable

Dear Editor,After numerous letters expressing my concern about the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the ferry stelling at Vreed-en-Hoop and the conditions that commuters face travelling with speedboats, all of these problems together manifested themselves on Monday and have caused me to be in a state which I cannot express in words .

How much worse can adults get when they seek to involve children in their discord?

Dear Editor,I would like to bring to the attention of the football fraternity, parents, administrators and junior football coaches an impending fiasco that is now threatening the staging of an Under 11 football competition here in Georgetown .

An independent commission of inquiry should be appointed into the Linden shootings

Dear Editor,The AFC New York/New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington and Maryland Chapters are deeply saddened and express our grave concern and strong condemnation of the attacks on the citizens of Linden that occurred on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 .

SN Sunday editorial was irrational, anti-government

Dear Editor,Reading the editorial of the July 22 in the Sunday Stabroek one cannot help but wonder whether this newspaper contracted out the writing of its editorial to an irrational anti-government force .

We need more messages that promote peace and unity at this time

Dear Editor,    As someone in the field of communication, I am well aware of the impact messages can have on  viewers, listeners and readers .

Solidarity with the people of Linden

Dear Editor,We, the executive and members of the North American Democratic Council (Toronto Chapter) write to you in order to register our absolute dismay at the unleashing of reckless violence by ranks of the Guyana Police Force on the peaceful protesters at Linden, killing three of them and injuring many others .

Greenidge is best qualified to be PNCR leader

Dear Editor,A leader in my humble opinion should not merely be one who holds office .

Criminal charges should be Instituted against those who killed the Linden protestors and compensation paid to their families

Dear Editor,For all men, freedom in their own land is the pinnacle of their ambition, and nothing can turn men of conviction aside from that .

Granger has shown the kind of leadership which will be good for the PNCR

Dear Editor,I have, over the last year or so, watched David Granger as he made his pitch to be the presidential candidate of the PNCR .

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