The fines under the Public Health Ordinance for nuisance are ridiculous

Dear Editor,The public needs to understand the constraints on a Regional Environmental Health Officer (REHO) under the law .

An epoch-making moment

Dear Editor,The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama was an epoch-making moment, with the world holding its breath in excitement and joy .

Why is the GFC Commissioner defending Barama when WWF does not believe that company can regain the forestry stewardship certificate?

Dear Editor,The Commissioner of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) has repeated his endorsement of the Barama logging company, which he made just two years ago (SN, January 17, 2009, ‘Barama committed to complying with forest guidelines - GFC head’) .

The AFC position on shared governance is about nice words but no action

Dear Editor,It is rather refreshing to see Mr Raphael Trotman and the AFC support the call for shared governance and have a position on it .

The US inauguration should cause us to ponder on change here

Dear Editor,Which Guyanese can proclaim that he she is insulated from the Obama phenomenon? I dare say, not many .

A visionless act

Dear Editor,I am tired of these old-time visionless politicians in Guyana dictating to the young generation what we should do to pave a path for a better Guyana .

Oppenheimer is giving the wrong impression

Dear Editor,In reference to Andres Oppenheimer’s ‘Latin view’ of Sunday, January 11, he is giving his readers the impression that in the conflict with Israel and Hamas, Hamas is the aggressor .

Where was the crime when there was an agreement to secure the wellbeing of workers?

Dear Editor,We learnt through the media that the two top managers of the Transport and Harbours Department were dismissed by a government minister .

Guyanese should use Obama’s inauguration to reflect on the health of our nation

Dear Editor,As the world views with awe, pride, scepticism, pragmatism, optimism, pessimism − or whatever  the emotion felt by each individual − the inauguration of Barack Obama, we Guyanese must take this opportunity to pause and reflect on the health of our own nation .

Do not add to the street dog population

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter in GC, 7 .

The Fidelity report should be released immediately

Dear Editor, In yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek `Fidelity report still to be tabled in Parliament’ you report Office of the President Spokesman Mr .

Perhaps there should be term limits for sport organizations

Dear Editor, Why do we Guyanese seem unable to recognise that we do not own public offices? After eighteen years as President of the Guyana Cricket Board and with Guyana languishing in regional cricket, Mr Chetram Singh should voluntarily recognise that it is time for change .

Winston Murray demonstrated leadership, wisdom as PNCR Chairman

Dear Editor, I wish to publicly congratulate Mr Winston Murray, MP for his demonstration of strong leadership, character, strength and wisdom while he served in the capacity of Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) .

A world of the survival of the strongest

Dear Editor, Four times British Prime Minister William Gladstone said, “Show me the manner in which a nation or a community cares for its dead .

Israel’s action in Gaza is not a war crime

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter by Andaiye et al (SN 14 .

Israel’s response to Hamas is not proportional

Dear Editor, I was stunned and angry this midday (Jan 16) when I heard Condoleezza Rice say that Hamas came to power 18 months ago in a violent coup .

The government should listen to those who have the experience

Dear Editor, Engineer Malcom Ali’s letter dealing with the proposal for the Hope Canal, a major mistake planned by the government, is of vital importance to all citizens .

Words can create issues where none exists

Dear Editor,What an extrapolation Mr Rudi Grant makes in his letter to SN (16 Jan 09) that I was demeaning Eddy Grant’s music by a remark I made on a recent NCN interview with Wanita Huburn .

The Guyana Police Force has a set of media relations guidelines which are working well

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to a letter to the editor published in the Stabroek News of January 15, 2009, under the caption ‘The operations of the Public Relations Office of the Guyana Police Force should be reviewed .

Pitbulls are being brutalized in Guyana

Dear Editor,I recently read on the internet that, “Pitbulls are not made part of the human family but are like production machines .

Check Mates Chess Club seeks support

Dear Editor,Check Mates Chess Club was formed in October, 2008, by a group of young children from the environs of Albouystown .

There is a solution to flooding in the Abary

Dear Editor, We the cattle and other livestock farmers on the right and left banks of the Abary Creek are facing tremendous losses with our cattle from Blairmont to Copeman .

No new wine, just sticky molasses

Dear Editor, One had remarked earlier in your columns the fuzziness of the reporting by other press on Guysuco’s recent management ‘restructuring,’ not realizing at  the time that it was actually a reflection of the latter’s fuzzy argumentation  for what seems destined to be a ‘de-structuring’ instead .

A touching letter

Dear Editor, Mr Obama’s recent letter to his daughters is expected to appear in the press worldwide over the weekend .

Lethem is still not ready for the Takutu Bridge

Dear Editor, The Takutu Bridge is complete, compliments of our Brazilian neighbours .

The same input will produce the same results

Dear Editor, I welcome the Guyana Chronicle editorial on the outlet from EDWC to the Atlantic .


Dear Editor, The efforts by our local newspapers at king-making have not gone unnoticed by their readers .

The PPP General Secretary made clear when condemning Israel in the press that this was a party position

Dear Editor, Kindly allow me to respond to John De Barros’s letter in the Kaieteur News of January 15, 2009, titled ‘Confusion of roles,’ in which he chides the ruling party for protest action taken outside the US Embassy in Georgetown against the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip .

The PPP General Secretary made clear when condemning Israel in the press that this was a party position

Dear Editor, The Oxfam situation report on the flood response in Guyana has provoked my reaction .

Eddy Grant is musically multidimensional

Dear Editor, On January 11, 2009, I watched the last thirty-five minutes of Ms Wanita Huburn’s programme called ‘Our Life, Our Culture’ on NCN Channel 11 with  guest Guyanese musician/ singer/ songwriter Mr Dave Martins of the Tradewinds .

Local government reform is the most useful process at this point in time

Dear Editor, We have benefited from an ongoing and interesting debate about ‘shared governance’ − a chameleon term meaning many things to different people .

The system is failing to protect women

Dear Editor, I felt abhorrence after reading an article entitled, ‘Stabbed thrice then doused with corrosive liquid’ (SN January 13, 2009) I am horrified to read about these repeated acts of violence against women in Guyana .

The government has been active in maintaining, improving drainage infrastructure

Dear Editor, It is absolutely within the bounds of absurdity and dishonesty for the main opposition party and their acolytes to claim that the government has, in any way, neglected to do all that is within their means to prepare adequately to deal with floods afflicting the country, especially since the unprecedented heavy rainfall that occurred in 2005, reportedly the highest since 1935, when records started to be kept .

Being democratically elected does not give a government the right to transgress the law and trample on citizens’ rights

Dear Editor, As we commenced a new year under the PPP administration, and in particular, the Jagdeo administration, it is expected those of us who seek to analyse, critique and highlight its usual transgressions and violations will continue to be told that Mr Jagdeo and the PPP were democratically elected .

The justice system needs a jump start

Dear Editor, Reading your recent article on the backlog of inquests (‘249 inquests were pending at end of ’07 – Attorney General,’ SN 12 .

The trail for Obama was blazed by Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Editor, In a few days we in Guyana will see the outpouring of hope in a better future for all mankind with the elevation of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States of America .

The residents of Linden, other concerned persons and agencies should speak out against the preposterous idea of selling Watooka House

Dear Editor, It is really a sad day in history when the historical and architectural gems of a country’s cultural landscape go up for sale .

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