No internet connection for two days

Dear Editor, I am at my wits end right now. I have been without my internet connection for two days. On Tuesday a GTT technician was fiddling on a pole in front of my house and suddenly my connection went off as well as both of my landlines.

UG Board of Governors on its own did not renew Insanally’s contract

Dear Editor, Please permit me to respond to Freddie Kissoon’s letter of January 12, captioned ‘UG Council had never before fired an academic on its own,’ in which he states, “Prior to my contract termination by the Council of the University, there has never been a single instance where the council since the birth of the university in 1963 fired an academic without a request for such coming from the academic/administrative organs of the university.” Firstly, congratulations to Mr Kissoon for this vindication of what he stated all along, namely, that his ouster from UG was illegal.

Not impressed

Dear Editor, I am not impressed by the response published by Republic Bank to my earlier query for information requested by longstanding existing customers who wish to continue doing business with the bank (‘Republic Bank seeks to adhere to new local laws…’ SN, Jan 13).

Car story

Dear Editor, Last Thursday morning, January 8th, at approximately 7:15hrs, I was driving along the western carriageway on the East Coast of Demerara on my way to Georgetown during a heavy downpour of rain when the driver in front of me suddenly made a left turn into the Industry area, causing me to apply brakes.

The prorogation must be lifted

Dear Editor, Clement Rohee must be told that the wellbeing of this nation is for the people to determine. And in the instance where the people, through their elected representatives and government, have submitted themselves to laws, universal declarations, charters and international conventions, the purview is no longer his nor that of the PPP to unilaterally determine what is best for the people.

‘Power concedes nothing without a demand’

Dear Editor, In a recent letter, Mr Sase Singh disagreed with a statement that I had previously made, calling it “hogwash.” I had said that, “Pro-democracy leaders will agree that positive change in Guyana must begin with the PPP’s removal from office.” Editor, I stand by my declaration.

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