Answering the ‘reality check’ with reference to the sugar industry

Dear Editor, One is stimulated by the commentary made in the letter headed: ‘Core developmental issues have been dealt with very superficially since 2006’ in SN of December 23, with particular reference to the sugar industry .

A styrofoam Christmas?

Dear Editor,If people are going to enjoy the holidays, then they should do so with restraint and some prudence .

An unusual response

Dear Editor,I hereby refer to a letter from Roger Williams which appeared in you newspaper on December 23 .

Christmas in the old days was peaceful and enjoyable

Dear Editor, This new generation needs to be told that Christmas and the season were not celebrated the same way today as they were a few decades ago .

Proof and faith

Dear Editor, I refer to Dr Ian McDonald’s column, ‘I try my best to believe’ (Sunday Stabroek, December 20) .

Colin Wiltshire played with a straight bat on and off the field

Dear Editor,I was saddened to learn of the death of my close friend and colleague, Colin Wiltshire .

The libel laws should be reformed

Dear Editor,I am absolutely fed up and perpetually nonplussed every time I read an article in a major newspaper and get an entire story with great detail but no names or identities .

When will the Cubana Air Disaster monument entries be judged?

Dear Editor,December 25, 2009 will mark nine months since many Guyanese artists submitted their entries of paintings relating to the Cubana Air Disaster to the Ministry of Local Government .

Why do bus passengers on the Lethem-Linden road have to disembark at every checkpoint?

Dear Editor,I recently travelled along the GT-Lethem road and was pleasantly surprised to discover that almost the entire stretch of road from Lethem to Linden is in excellent condition, with various sections having been recently upgraded .

There seems to be an incongruity

Dear Editor,First, I wish to thank Ms Gaskin for the clarification she provided on the inaccurate data submitted by the Ministry of Agriculture that was inadvertently published by the Bank of Guyana in her letter captioned, ‘Agricultural production, especially other crops, is not declining,’ (SN, December 20) .

An irresistible force

Dear Editor,The local frenzy over global warming cools, Copenhagen returns blissfully to the heavier suds of Tuborg and Carlsberg, and Guyana waits for the foam of dreaded Januaries .

The GNBS has to harmonize the national standard with the regional standard for tobacco products

Dear Editor,I refer to a report captioned ‘Tobacco standard stalled at Tourism Ministry’  that was published in the Kaieteur News, dated Saturday, December 12, 2009, which seems to misinform the general public  about the status of the tobacco standard in Guyana .

Misrepresentation of Norway agreement

Dear Editor,The letter in Stabroek News of Saturday, December 19 is a most absurd one from a contributor named Michael Maxwell and which the editor chose to caption, ‘Guyana should not have brokered a deal with Norway before Copenhagen .

GRA has taken steps to expose fraudulent practices

Dear Editor,I refer to the article captioned ‘Businessman suffers as a result of GRA corruption – purchased unregistered vehicle,’ which was published in KN dated Thursday, December 17, 2009 .

The Christmas sound of slamming, hammering and banging

Dear Editor, In a season of goodwill and peace, one would expect to experience just that .

No Linden business owner turned Kashif and Shanghai away

Dear Editor, She stood in her little food shop, her apron worn but clean and that perpetual smile that brought back memories of the days when as secondary school boys, we would come up short, but still got our ‘bellyful’ of her delicacies .

No one seems to be held accountable for fatal crashes

Dear Editor, As the carnage of road fatalities continues in Guyana, no one seems to be held accountable for the lives maimed and lost .

Let’s keep the accident rate down

Dear Editor,I cannot recall a gridlock of motor vehicles like that encountered in the city during the Xmas season .

A lot of work remains to be done for the final design of the Hope Relief Channel project

Dear Editor,In an article which appeared in Sunday Stabroek of December 20 captioned ‘Shallow outfall, high dam best option for Hope Relief Channel,’ it was reported that the consortium of consultants for the Hope Relief Channel for the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) has now determined that a shallow outfall channel with a high crested weir over the sea defences would be the preferred option to reducing peak conservancy levels .

BCGI has violated the law

Dear Editor,The current bauxite workers’ struggle against the Bauxite Company Guyana Inc (BGCI) has been the result of the management’s refusal to pay an increase .

Guyana has lost one of its few remaining working-class heroes

Dear Editor,It was with great sadness that I learnt of the passing of Mr Brindley Benn .

Baichan was unlucky not to have played more Test matches

Dear Editor,Professor Winston McGowan’s article in the History this week series on November 26, 2009 entitled ‘Guyanese single Test centurion (Part IV)’ whetted my appetite to further analyze the rise and demise of Guyana and West Indies opening batsman Leonard Baichan .

Dr McDonald himself has become the ‘rationalist’

Dear Editor,I refer to Ian McDonald’s piece ‘I try my best to believe’ (Sunday Stabroek, December 20) .

Waiting for telephone to be fixed

Dear Editor,On Monday, December 7, when I returned from Suriname, I discovered that the telephone was out of order, so I hurried to GT&T’s Church Street office to report the fault, and took the opportunity to pay the bill as the record will show .

Core developmental issues have been dealt with very superficially since 2006

Dear Editor,Reading the Bank of Guyana 2009 half year report was a clear reminder that the core developmental issues in Guyana have been dealt with very superficially since 2006 .

Bauxite union’s President General ‘visited the Ministry of Labour’ on December 15

Dear Editor,In a letter appearing in Stabroek News (SN) December 19, 2009 captioned ‘No meeting on December 15’ in response to SN article on December 10, 2009, I observed that Mr Yoganand Persaud, Chief Labour Officer, did not deny the presence of any official of the Guyana Bauxite & General Workers Union (GB&GWU) on Tuesday December 15 at the ministry .

There was no justification for Prof Thomas’s attack on Norway

Dear Editor, I refer to Prof Clive Thomas’s Sunday Stabroek columns of December 13 and 20 on ‘Norway and Guyana’s rainforest .

There was enormous political resistance to the birth of the University of Guyana

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr F Hamley Case’s letter in SN of December 21, 2009 (‘Fred Case played a pivotal role in the establishment of UG’), which was a response to what I wrote ‘Political resistance to the birth of UG’ (KN, July 23, 2009) .

The third umpire was not sufficiently trained in interpreting the technology

Dear Editor,When a fluid and a solid body in it are moving relative to one another, a thin layer of fluid, called the ‘boundary layer’ by fluid mechanics, remains adhered to the surface of the solid .

GAIBANK closed because the PPP/C government failed to implement the recommendations of the Auditor-General

Dear Editor, I begin my response to a letter written by Mr George Jervis, the DPS, Admin, in the Ministry of Agriculture (‘Guyana’s agriculture is on a firm competitive footing’ SN, December 18) with the following quotation by John Adams (1770) .

Political leaders should stop inhibiting access to modern technology because of ridiculous fears

Dear Editor,After reading about Mr Sharma not being able to receive any updates on his application for a relay station, I thought it pertinent to pen a few points of my own on the issue of our wireless spectrum .

‘SN has a one-sided censoring policy’

Dear Editor,I am kind of puzzled by the seemingly one-sided censoring of opinions that seems to have become an editorial policy of the Stabroek News .

Why not give efficiently at Christmas?

Dear Editor, At seasons such as these, the communications media are littered with advertisements encouraging us to purchase one present or another, and many of us expect some kind of a gift from those close to us (‘Christmas gifts’ SN, 21 .

The constant comparison of Guyana with other countries is odious

Dear Editor,The Guyana Review in your paper last week gives rise to much concern .

There would have been no political rivalry in the labour movement had Dr Jagan been around

Dear Editor,Dr Cheddi Jagan was the son of down-trodden sugar workers, who was conscious of rich versus poor, of the economic and social disparity between classes and the need for struggle and solutions in the pursuit of social justice for all workers .

We need to get serious about meeting our energy needs

Dear Editor, I want to take this opportunity to offer a pat on the back to President Bharrat Jagdeo for his efforts at securing an intention from Norway to partially fund the needs of the LCDS .

Brindley Benn was a true Guyanese patriot

Dear Editor, The recent death of Brindley Benn marks the end of a period of Guyana’s history which was characterized by deep political divisions, ethnic violence and ideological differences which reflected the international conflict called the ‘Cold War .

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