The case of Webber proceeded on an assumption that a magistrate could exclude a confession statement in a PI but did not canvass the issue of whether a magistrate indeed possessed such a power

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to Mr Juman-Yassin’s last letter published by Stabroek News on August 27 under the caption, ‘Magistrates are bound to follow the decision in State v Webber until it is overruled by a higher court .

Copyright needs to be enforced

Dear Editor,For some time now I have been visiting bookstores and stalls in the markets buying books and published material for my children and myself .

There should be calibrating centres independent of GPL for pre-paid meters

Dear Editor,There are so many problems and issues to tackle at this time of our country’s history, that it is very easy to lose sight of other important issues, which are also of great significance, but do not attract sensational headlines .

There should be no sponsorship or coverage of the West Indies team in South Africa

Dear Editor,I firmly support the suggestion that businesses should not sponsor a second-string West Indies cricket team to the upcoming ICC One-day tournament in South Africa .

The President should acknowledge LCDS is basically a gamble

Dear Editor,In the news article, ‘President says he is horrified by the murder of Ramdass,’ (SN, August 30), the President, at a Private Sector dinner, spoke on LCDS and answered questions on several topics, including government’s monopoly on radio, migration, the Sexual Offences Bill, the media’s alleged tainting of the country’s image abroad, and his continued disinterest in a third term .

Soldiers see double standards in the GDF and corruption in the society

Dear Editor,Professional soldiers should never allow themselves to be guided by politicians who have never even experienced the drill sessions of a cub scout .

Many drainage and irrigation systems in Region 2 operate inefficiently

Dear Editor,Rice crops are affected by a water shortage in Region 2 because of the El Nino phenomenon .

The Minister of Home Affairs should keep the nation abreast of how investigations into the case of the missing ten-year-old are going

Dear Editor,Today is the 21st day since the murder of Jagnarine and Gibson and since the 10-year-old boy went missing .

Citizens of Nordic countries support their governments’ efforts to reduce global warming

Dear Editor,There is an ongoing debate in the dailies on the merits and demerits of the Low Carbon Development Strategy being promoted by President Jagdeo’s administration .

TV filled with mediocre shows

Dear Editor,Someone recently wanted to see a certain cricket match on the television so they wrote a letter to one of the newspapers .

OAS says no discussion occurred on Mr Bisram

Dear Editor,With reference to Freddie Kissoon’s assertions about the OAS and Vishnu Bisram please note that I contacted the OAS to seek clarification and received the following response:“I have requested information from our officials who attended a peer review meeting on campaign financing in Miami and they assured me that no discussion took place regarding and no reference was made to Mr .

Kudos for the ‘Put it on Road Show’

Dear Editor,Congratulations to the Ministry of Health for the `Put it On Road Show’ .

Other groups apart from the PPP made contributions to the campaign for the restoration of democracy

Dear Editor,I am following up on Minister Clement Rohee’s letter (‘From the outset the PPP/C and government made sure that democracy was not reduced to citizen participation only at election time’ SN, August 29) asserting that the late Dr Jagan “principally and painstakingly organized the Guyanese diaspora in the struggle for the restoration of democracy .

Caricom should look at processing tropical food products

Dear Editor,Policy guidelines regarding the projected disruption of global food supplies are continually being examined .

The closure of the passport office caused inconvenience

Dear Editor,On Friday, August 28, people from far and near turned up at the passport office in Georgetown to find the place closed and a blackboard with a message written in chalk informing people of the closure .

The actions of rogue elements in the police and army reflect poorly on all

Dear Editor,Based on the recent picketing of AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan’s office and other media stories aimed at discrediting the AFC, it appears that the PPP has placed the AFC in its crosshairs and views them as a credible threat to their march to re-election in 2011 .

Volunteers in New Horizons project appreciated

Dear Editor,I am always proud of the United States of America for its humanitarian efforts .

Water delivery schedules on the East Coast have resumed

Dear Editor, We truly appreciate this opportunity to respond to Reverend Gideon Cecil’s letter ‘Water woes in Agriculture Road (SN, August 24) .

There is no declared mechanism for healing the fracture in the PNCR

Dear Editor, It was my first observation of this ceremonial – the opening session of the PNC Reform 16th Biennial Congress held on August 22, 2009 .

The police did no proper investigative work on the case of the missing ten-year-old

Dear Editor, I have been following the case of the missing Hog Island boy, Ricky Jainarine, from the beginning and I have come to the conclusion that had it not been for incompetent and sloppy police work, a young boy’s life could have been saved .

The commission and committee whose work eventuated in the Civil Law Act made no recommendations relating to criminal law and procedure

Dear Editor, Attorney-at-law Mr Anil Nandlall cites the reception of English common law via the Civil Law of Guyana Act, Chapter 6:01 as the common law of Guyana from January 1, 1917 as authority to support his argument that a local magistrate has no jurisdiction to conduct a voir dire to determine the admissibility of a confession statement at a preliminary enquiry .

Police clearance and two testimonials should not suffice for entry to the GDF

Dear Editor I wish to express my deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of Mr .

We need to rekindle the spirit of 1953

Dear Editor, I have often wondered what would have been today’s Guyana, if there was not the tragic splitting of the People’s Progressive Party on that sad day in February 1955 .

There was only partial freedom in 1834

There was only partial freedom in 1834

Dear Editor, It was pleasing to see Tota C .

From the outset the PPP/C and government made sure that democracy was not reduced to citizen participation only at election time

Dear Editor, Recently I read somewhere in the media an observation by a writer, who claims that the PPP’s concept of democracy is limited to citizen participation solely at the time of elections .

No foul play?

Dear Editor, It is very strange, to say the least, for Commissioner Henry Greene to say that there was no evidence of foul play in the Essequibo boat mishap .

The Guyana government should follow the lead of Belize

Dear Editor, The Government of Belize has moved with alacrity to renationalize its telecommunications sector to protect its national interests, according to Prime Minister Dean Barrow .

Guyanese have allowed themselves to be divided by race

Dear Editor, I refer to Harry Hergash’s letter in the SN edition of August 28 under the caption ‘No Indian Guyanese in last Monday’s “What the people say .

‘Police and thief’

Dear Editor, In my youth we played a game called ‘police and thief .

No Indian Guyanese in last Monday’s ‘What the people say’

Dear Editor, I have always looked to the Stabroek News for fair and unbiased reporting on Guyana .

There should be some cost recovery at GPHC

Dear Editor, The current debate on the proposed health care reform that is engaging the United States Senate, should served as a wake-up call for our government to examine our entire health care delivery to ascertain that it is equitably accessible .

The Lake Mainstay Summer Regatta was well organized

Dear Editor, The directors of Lake Mainstay resort must be complimented for a well organized Summer Regatta held on August 16 at Lake Mainstay, Essequibo Coast .

For whom is a poll productive or counter-productive?

Dear Editor, One of the strange things about Guyana’s politics is that people tend to see things in black and white .

Was Plato right?

Dear Editor, I cannot ignore the disgusting headlines in your newspaper over the last week .

A breakdown in law and order

Dear Editor, Within recent times we have noticed some outrageous acts committed by the police and the army, such as torture, wrongful arrests, robbery and murder .

Security must take precedence over everything

Dear Editor, Firstly, the security of the nation must take precedence over many other so-called developmental projects .

The columns and editorials of some media houses abuse the principles of journalism

Dear Editor, I refer to the editorial of Kaieteur News on August 26, 2009, with the caption ‘Democracy and the press .

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