Why is the Lethem electricity grid not connected to Bom Fin?

Dear Editor, I pen this letter in utter frustration at the seeming incapability of the Lethem Power Company (LPC) to provide a reliable electricity supply to Lethem and its environs (Lethem is presently in complete blackout for the last 17hrs) .

Why has the GuySuCo management not given its side of the story?

Dear Editor, Over the past several months, the Guyana Sugar Corpor-ation has been lambasted in the press for poor management .

Water is unavailable at peak hours in West Ruimveldt

Dear Editor, I am extremely disgusted with the service provided by the Water Distribution Site (the Well) which supplies water to the West Ruimveldt district .

Did not behave disorderly at Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, With respect to the reports in the Chronicle and on the NCN TV channel concerning the incident with me at the Berbice River Bridge, at no time did I behave in a disorderly manner .

The PPP/C administration has advanced inclusiveness

Dear Editor, Those who continue to advocate the need for shared governance − the PNCR and its associates − as a panacea to the problems in Guyana are not being candid .

The call for power-sharing is a call for a level playing field

Dear Editor, Abu Bakr, in his letter to SN on December 20 (‘What is it that Mr Corbin’s detractors want?’), touches on a matter that needs greater ventilation in the ‘Great Guyana Debate .

There needs to be a just settlement in Gaza

Dear Editor, Everyone should be appalled at what is happening in Gaza .

Why does SN carry ‘Taste of Fear’

Dear Editor, I purchase a Stabroek News daily and each day I am assaulted by the cartoon, ‘Taste of Fear .

No admission on conservancy mismanagement

Dear Editor, In response to an article on the East Demerara Water Conservancy (‘No breach, overtopping of conservancy…’ SS 11 .

The AFC is not against power sharing but there are different views on what the concept means and how consensus could be found for its implementation

Dear Editor, Permit me please to respond to a letter written by Mr Eric Phillips on behalf of ACDA as published in the SN of January 12, 2009 .

What is the usefulness of the President’s overseas visits?

Dear Editor, It is almost impossible to count the number of times the President goes on overseas visits .

Action needed to curb stray cattle nuisance in Region 2

Dear Editor, Action to curb the stray cattle nuisance within my district in Region 2 which stretches from Pomeroon to Supenaam is urgently necessary with the enactment of legislation for a significant increase in pound fees to serve as a deterrent to the owners of the animals .

Israeli action in Gaza is a war crime

Dear Editor, Haiti, the Congo, Afghanistan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia − there are many countries and societies that suffer interminably and almost silently as the world powers press on expanding their military and economic might on a global scale .

The GTUC should focus on issues important to workers, not trade union unity

Dear Editor, Ms Burton and the GTUC are not purposeful .

The proposed Hope Canal is not the best option to drain the conservancy

Dear Editor, I refer to the President’s recent announcement to construct the Hope Canal to prevent water being released from the EDWC to the Mahaica Creek that causes flooding to the residents .

Brazil uses river sand for commercial purposes, so why can’t it be done here?

Dear Editor, I would like to follow up on my letter regarding the possible benefits of the use of laterite in Guyana by listing another resource that is abundant in Guyana but not being utilised – river-bed sand .

There needs to be an admission that the cancer has spread far and wide within GuySuCo

Dear Editor, I am obliged to join my more esteemed brethren, from Manchester in the UK to the Land of Oz, in highlighting some areas of concern in the Guyana Sugar Corporation .

It is the people through a referendum who should decide whether there should be shared governance or not

Dear Editor, I read the two letters written by two members of the ACDA, Messrs Tacuma Ogunseye (‘The people’s support for shared governance is of paramount importance if it is to succeed, January 5) and Eric Phillips (‘ACDA believes shared governance can only flow from constitutional reform that has public input,’ SN January 12), and while it is not possible to deal with their individual points, I would have to say, from the general tenor of their letters, we have a lot more in common than what may divide us .

Government’s position on Gaza conflict does not represent a national consensus

Dear Editor, I watched with disgust and amazement as the Government of Guyana squandered my voice, by issuing a statement on my behalf as a Guyanese, condemning Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip, and picketing the Embassy of the United States of America with slogans accusing the US of supporting “the murderous campaign of the Israelis .

Causa belli not casus belli

Dear Editor, The action of Hamas, whether justified or unjustified, is not the causa belli but is rather the casus belli in Gaza .

Nursery school has no playground

Dear Editor, It’s a shame that the President Jagdeo-led regime talks about developments for youths when  they seem to have little regard for even our young ones .

ACDA believes shared governance can only flow from constitutional reform that has public input

Dear Editor,Instead of a new vision for Guyana, this new year begins with the three political parties asking Guyanese to play a game of three-card monte with them .

The Chesney sluice which drains by gravity is more effective than the pumps

Dear Editor,At the end of the Chesney drainage canal in Corentyne are two electrically operated pumps that lift the water from the canal into the ocean .

South-east Cummings Lodge roads are of a poor standard

Dear Editor,The roads constructed around and within south-east Cummings Lodge are of a very poor standard .

The President engaged in a political ploy

Dear Editor,President Jagdeo’s comment published in SN dated January 8, in which he is reported to have said that PNCR infighting ruined political cooperation, can be described as nothing more than political propagandizing .

The penalties in the DUI law should be more severe

Dear Editor,The President’s decision to hold off on signing the drunk driving legislation is truly a wise one .

Altering the course of history

Dear Editor,After you published my letter about 12 great men, some of your readers inquired of me why I did not include any Guyanese on the list like Cheddi Jagan, Eusi Kwayana, Walter Rodney and Sir Shridath Ramphal .

Surprised at the PNCR leaders’ position on Commissioner Henry Greene

Dear Editor, I left politics three years ago and I am not associated with, or member of any political party .

Vendors should not be allowed to block pavements

Dear Editor, According to the Municipal and District Councils Act, Cap 28:01, the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown is the local organ responsible for conducting the affairs of the city and its people .

Now is the time to make changes to GuySuCo’s organizational structure

Dear Editor, I do not intend to answer every point made in the letter by EB John on January 8 in the Stabroek News (‘The Guysuco management reconstruction seeks to upgrade performance while diminishing the status of most of the targeted performers’) .

The people of Linden must work to create an event to replace the Kashif and Shanghai finals

Dear Editor, January 1 was not the same in Linden .

Should we not be using laterite in road construction?

Dear Editor, I was fortunate to recently visit the road construction work ongoing at the Takutu Bridge and also over in Bom Fin, Brazil .

Pleasing developments at Vryman’s Erven Secondary School

Dear Editor, The letter columns are a place where frustrations are vented, where lies and corruption are exposed .

‘Investigations’ holding up issuing of pension books

Dear Editor, On Tuesday, January 6, 2009, one would have expected all our vulnerable senior citizens, who must now tailor their lives to fit a paltry $6,300 per month, to be in receipt of their first pension for the New Year, if pronouncements from the Human Services Ministry are anything to go by .

Frustrated with National Assembly, not the PNCR and Mr Corbin

Dear Editor, Reference the Stabroek News article on the reasons for my resignation from Parliament (‘Vieira withdrew resignation as PNCR-1G,’ 9 .

Critics do not understand the benefits derived from the investments made in the drainage and irrigation system

Dear Editor, Perusing the contents of a letter written by Mr Lall Kumar Ramsingh in the January 7, 2009 letter columns of Stabroek News (‘If so much money has been spent on drainage, why is the system not working?’), I firmly believe that casting aspersions, apportioning blame and foolishly grandstanding serve no purpose in dealing with the issues at hand, and are counter-productive to addressing the challenges presently encountered as a result of the current intense rainfall .

Le Repentir should be cleaned

Dear Editor, I attended a funeral in the Georgetown cemetery and while there I decided to accompany some of my relatives to another section to check out the tomb of a late close relative .

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