A flawed interpretation of the constitution

Dear Editor, After reading Mr Mohabir Anil Nandlall’s letter ‘The President has untrammelled freedom to assent to and to withhold assent from Bills’ (Stabroek News September 30), I could not help but wonder whether Mr Nandlall was trying to be smart in a context where the opposition is either very lazy or incompetent or both, with a civil society that is practically non-existent, or was it a case of pure contempt for the populace?

Rohee should resign

Dear Editor, After a careful examination of the spate of armed robberies and murders that are occurring daily in Guyana, we think that it is time for Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee to resign. 

The time has come for all our people to take a stronger line against dishonesty

Dear Editor, Nearly thirty years ago I asked a hinterland villager, who had sold me some handicraft but had not received the payment I had sent through an agent, “What do Amerindian people do to someone they find out has been stealing from them?” The unforgettable answer was, “Well, maybe we wouldn’t speak to him for a while.” Even taking account of the human need for social acceptance and the power of community disapproval, at that time I still felt that as Amerindians got more involved in the national market, as a group they would have to adopt cruder sanctions against theft.

How many recall ‘Bookers Guiana’?

Dear Editor, Some encounters over recent weeks have proved enlightening. To my surprise I discovered different generations of our citizenry were totally unaware of the most influential institution in the societal culture in which too many of us continue to subsist.