Cricket fans are happy

Dear Editor, Cricket fans throughout the Caribbean and further afield are no doubt happy to learn that the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has finally decided to have the most experienced former Test players including two captains as members of the selection panel.

The truth must be faced

Dear Editor,   People since time immemorial have been doing wrong; it appears to be part of life’s refrain. Some just blindly follow, unconsciously going with the flow, while smarter and more ambitious ones have consciously committed bad deeds because of the expectation of promised reward, and all morals, decency, principles, reason, etc, are jettisoned in the quest to fulfil their ambitions.

The PPP in government will allow no local decision-making

Dear Editor, Your correspondents Tony Vieira and Mike Rahman (SN, Aug 8) address the unconstitutionality of the PPP`s actions regarding the non-holding of local government elections (LGE) and of Minister Whittaker`s utterly ridiculous statement that the majority of Guyanese do not see the need for such elections as a priority, respectively.


Dear Editor, The email below was sent to the Walter A Rodney Commission of Inquiry and counsel for all parties as a result of Mr Basil Williams’ conduct [on August 7]: “Since the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has full standing in this inquiry, I would appreciate if no counsel addresses the Commission about my witness(es) in my absence, unless I clearly designate counsel as my agent.