Good theme for GuyExpo 2009

Dear Editor, Guyana is slated to host GuyExpo 2009 at the National Exhibition Centre under the theme, ‘Promoting Business in a Low Carbon Environment’ from October 1-6 .

Recommendations have been made to introduce a new method of measuring GDP

Dear Editor, I have over the past few days sent out emails to some of  my development colleagues on the article in this week’s The Economist magazine of September 17 .

Guyana should now be ready for ‘big tent’ politics

Dear Editor, Any civilized community should be justly concerned to create as much wealth as it can, to ensure that income and wealth are fairly shared; that every citizen has the opportunity to develop and realize their full potential; and that centres of private and public power are properly accountable .

Teacher requested money for school sports

Dear Editor, My ward attends Saint Gabriel’s Primary School and is a pupil in Grade 1 .

A window on life on the streets

Dear Editor, Allow me to congratulate both you and your reporter for opening up a window through which we have been enlightened about life on the streets .

Rudy Mitchell should be congratulated

Dear Editor, For me it was heartening to read ‘Mitchell chalks up 100th consecutive local victory .

Producing specialty rice is an avenue to becoming more competitive

Dear Editor, The price for most grades of rice on the world market has been on the decline .

There should not be double standards

Dear Editor,I am prompted to reply to public statements made by Mr Norman Faria, Guyana Honorary Consul to Barbados condemning several positions I have taken on contemporary issues and more so those pertaining to Guyana .

South-south cooperation should be set in a framework of good environmental governance

Dear Editor, Old dancing partners, with new faces, are making well-coordinated steps across the countries of Africa and Latin America .

Inconsistent decisions in the case of Mavado

Dear Editor, Several persons in Linden knew that I was involved in the Mavado imbroglio in April 2008 when Minister Rohee banned him .

The Child Care and Protection Agency does not need a complainant to start an investigation

Dear Editor, Mr Kwame McCoy is entitled to be assumed innocent until he is proven guilty .

Government money for rice farmers should not go to those owning more than 25 acres

Dear Editor, As a follow-up to my letter in SN dated 19 September 2009 (‘Better marketing strategies need to be adopted in the rice industry’), I would like to commend the President for reacting so quickly in offering $400 million to rice farmers .

Affront to readers

Dear Editor, Your ‘Big-Photo No Story’ on the front page of Stabroek News (September 23) is an affront to the reading public .

Owed a refund from GPO

Dear Editor, I have read the Guyana Post Office Public Relations Officer Yolaskee Jarvis’ response, ‘Factors outside the control of the Guyana Post Office can cause delays in mail delivery’ (SN September 5 .

Some problems faced by Bartica residents

Dear Editor, I have a weekly TV call- in community programme called the ‘Peoples’ Voice’ every Sunday at 5 .

We should return to the Independence Constitution

Dear Editor, Guyana’s fundamental problems, revealed in the almost daily disregard for law and order, can be attributed to the fact that the country is functioning with an illegal constitutional framework .

Not scientific polling

Dear Editor, I am responding to an open letter to me from Mr Mike Persaud (SN, September 22) on the Bisram poll controversy .

Georgetown needs an IMC of technocrats

Dear Editor, I embark upon this exercise with three apologies .

What is needed is an overhaul of legislation and policies governing wastes of all kinds

Dear Editor, The current ‘garbage’ crisis in Georgetown goes well beyond the piles of foetid trash lining the streets of fair Georgetown .

The lesson of Ramadan should not be forgotten by those in authority

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago, in the middle of Ramadan, I was talking with a friend of mine who happens to be a Muslim .

We need the Guyana Basketball Officials Council

Dear Editor, With poor officiating at basketball games plaguing Guyana in recent years, and the lack of discipline among players we would have hoped that by now there would be movement to form a Basketball Officiating Council .

Peter Abdool will bring fresh and innovative ideas to boxing in the region

Dear Editor, I read with delight the news that my good friend Mr Peter Abdool was elected the president of the World Boxing Council/ Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBC/CABOFE) last week at a meeting in Barbados .

We should invite scientists from India to help us develop new rice varieties given climate change

Dear Editor, Inevitably, but reluctantly, I must add my voice to the ongoing price brouhaha in the rice industry, affecting both the planting and milling sectors which have now been left in the lurch after rice prices skyrocketed in 2008 .

Sunday editorial contained misrepresentations and distortions

Dear Editor, The Government of Guyana has noted the editorial carried in the Sunday Stabroek of September 20 under the caption ‘Blackmail,’ and feels constrained to correct the misrepresentations and distortions contained therein .

Reasons for changing from PPP to AFC

Dear Editor, I served the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) for sixty years .

NACTA does not need websites and is not a commercial enterprise

An open letter to Freddie KissoonI recall the day I met Vishnu Bisram – February 10,1990 – at a meeting on Liberty Avenue attended by approximately 300 Guyanese activists .

Climate change has been affecting the rice industry for a long time

Dear Editor, Beni Sankar in SN September 19, captured the current dilemma of rice farmers candidly in his clear-cut review of the cost of production and marketing problems farmers are facing today (‘Better marketing strategies need to be adopted in the rice industry’) .

The best and most dedicated prose writer in the region

Dear Editor,I was shocked and saddened by the death of my friend Wayne Brown .

Was this an error?

Dear Editor, In the context of a democratic society, I refuse to believe the statement that appeared in the print media this morning [Setember 19], allegedly made by the Head of State that he will meet with the Mayor and City Councillors, but strangely not with the Mayor .

Support constructive protest to influence Copenhagen climate change decision, today at 10.30

Dear Editor,There will be a world-wide series of constructive protests in cities throughout the world, including here in the Caribbean, Jamica (Kingsotn) and Guyana (Georgetown) .

The municipality should do its own collection and disposal of garbage and not use contractors

Dear Editor,Once again the citizens of our capital city are confronted with a garbage pile-up and the possibilities of a public health nightmare due to the withdrawal of services by garbage collection and disposal contractors engaged by the Mayor and City Council .

The financial crisis is littered with villains

Dear Editor, I think your editorial titled, ‘After one year’ (September 19) was crisp and solid .

The M&CC needs to hold people and companies responsible for the waste they produce

Dear Editor,Humanity has always produced waste in vast quantities, but without a doubt there is now more consumption which accordingly generates more rubbish .

We must spread the message in schools of compassion for animals

Dear Editor,When a Trinidadian veterinarian technician, Neerie, recently visited our country she told me a story of an amazing young boy who listened to good advice and did the right thing .

Do journalists love what they do?

Dear Editor,We would have better quality newscasts in Guyana had the standards for accepting and recruiting media operatives been higher .

The Islamic new moon should not be confused with the astronomical new moon

Dear Editor,This letter sets out for the benefit of Guyanese why Muslims have to see the new moon before they begin fasting, and likewise, for them to celebrate both Eids .

Better marketing strategies need to be adopted in the rice industry

Dear Editor, There has been much talk recently about the problems in the rice industry .

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