What happened to Al Jazeera news?

Dear Editor,Why would NCN Channel 11 advertise Al Jazeera news at 19 hours – 7 pm – and not show it .

Do medical personnel monitor our athletes?

Dear Editor,Being a supporter of the local athletic ambassadors via the dailies, it was a major shock and blow to learn about the circumstances surrounding the passing of one of Guyana’s promising junior athlete, Ms Roxanna Rigby .

Why not the Lindo Creek killings?

Dear Editor,Sections of the media report that the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) plans an anniversary for the Lusignan and Bartica killings by hosting a night of reflection .

The Kashif and Shanghai tournament has become part of a much larger entity

Dear Editor,As has become the norm, the Kashif and Shanghai tournament was yet another success story .

The diaspora must come together to help Guyanese at home

Dear Editor,Thanks to the SN editing, my question, “Where are we going as a country?” seem to have lost the original intent of being directed to all Guyanese, at home and abroad, to politicians, all political parties and not just the present administration .

Corentyne River

Dear Editor,Since bloggers in your paper seem to be up in arms against Janette Bulkan for her “appalling lack of judgement on a matter of national sovereignty,” I wish to draw their attention to others equally deserving of their anger: the people or administration that allowed, or agreed to, the indignity of having Guyana’s border with Suriname being placed on the western bank of the Corentyne River and not in the middle of the river .

With state visit to Iran President Jagdeo has put Guyana’s reputation at risk

Dear Editor,I am very surprised by the latest move by President Bharrat Jagdeo .

Sugar inventories in the world at an all-time low

Dear Editor, The headline screams in the FT of January 22, 2010, ‘Sugar crisis worsens as Indonesian tender fails .

There should be safety standards and building codes for buildings and their appurtenances

Dear Editor, In an editorial which appeared in SN of January 21 attention was drawn to the faulty construction of septic tanks which has resulted in the recent deaths of two children .

Graduates should use their education for the upliftment of the people

Dear Editor, Every time I read about or listen to the utterings of individuals who have had the opportunity to attend a university (especially those who have majored in the humanities) I try as best as I can to evaluate and balance their point of view by juxtaposing it with that of the thoughts expressed by profound Barbadian writer George Lamming on the question of education and the intellectual .

Persons need to be vigilant about NIS

Dear Editor, Readers of SN would recall that for years I was trying to get a response from NIS on a personal matter .

Wealth must be created on a personal level

Dear Editor, In his January 11, 2010 letter titled ‘There are many instances where government has created roadblocks to personal development,’ Mr Lewis tells us something we already know: roadblocks to personal economic development are par for the course and our rulers since independence (PPP and PNC) have practised ethnic economic marginalization to varying degrees .

It’s time to wake up and start living our dreams

Dear Editor,I always admired Mr Eusi Kwayana’s simple but effective writing style and have grown to respect his seemingly firm grasp of important aspects of our contemporary political history .

A new tactic

Dear Editor, Government representatives are employing a new tactic as part of their resolute efforts to defend the sometimes indefensible .

Disappointed in President Jagdeo’s criticism of US while in Iran

Dear Editor,I was indeed disappointed with President Jagdeo’s critical sentiments about the United States expressed while he was in Iran no less, and which seemed a bit ironic .

There is no trend to an increase in child labour

Dear Editor, I note your article in the Stabroek Business of January 22, 2010 captioned ‘Child labour, trafficking in persons persist here despite legislation –Office of US Trade Commissioner’ and wish to express government’s rejection of your claim that the report speaks to  increasing trends towards child labour .

The low-cost international calls offer was made in good faith

Dear Editor, GT&T is seriously concerned about the column appearing in last week’s Sunday Stabroek in which the President of the Consumers Advisory Bureau, Ms Eileen Cox analyses the company’s reduced fare structure for overseas destinations and concludes that consumers are being short-changed .

Police shootings of unarmed civilians in crowded areas are a continuing concern

Dear Editor,The recent incidents of police shootings of unarmed civilians in very crowded areas has caused us much anguish .

Non-act of treason

Dear Editor,I remember the present Dr Janette Balkan, formerly of the Amerindian Studies Unit, University of Guyana .

The Minister of Labour continues to abandon his responsibility under the law in relation to the bauxite dispute

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Labour Minister, Mr Manzoor Nadir’s comments in the article ‘Nadir dismisses charges of dereliction of duty in bauxite strike’ (Stabroek News January 20) .

Guyana should provide refuge for Haitians

Dear Editor,The suggestion by the AFC to offer sanctuary on Guyanese soil to Haitians in distress must be supported .

President Jagdeo has made the wrong choice in foreign relations

Dear Editor, Some sixty odd years ago Dr Jagan and the PPP had a choice in foreign relations – either the United States of America representing capitalism or the Soviet Union representing communism .

Guyana is in no position to resettle people from Haiti

Dear Editor,I recently read an article in Stabroek  News on January 14 about AFC leader Mr Raphael Trotman saying the Government of Guyana should “seriously consider” offering to assist in the re-settlement of survivors from the devastating earthquake in Haiti .

Grove vendors should not be selling near horse carts

Dear Editor,Now that the authorities have placed traffic lights in the vicinity of the Diamond New Housing Scheme and have done so by widening the road, the vendors who were there have gone over to the north end of Grove and are competing with the horse carts for the same space where there is horse dung and urine .

Does sugar retain the capacity for profitability?

Dear Editor,Maybe truth is finally finding currency in governance in Guyana .

Guyana is left to the whims of multinationals

Dear Editor,“The Eighth Report to the US Congress on the operation of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act prepared by the Office of the United States Trade Representative has, briefly, but rather pointedly, drawn attention to the protracted delinquency of the Government of Guyana in the matter of creating an adequate legal framework for the protection of intellectual property .

The constitution continues to be flouted  in respect of the presidential assent

The constitution continues to be flouted in respect of the presidential assent

Dear Editor, In a recent interview on Plain Talk, I asked the Prime Minister in his capacity as Leader of the National Assembly whether he was concerned about bills being passed by the National Assembly and not being assented to within the period (twenty-one days) required by the constitution .

Surely Guyanese can agree to disagree civilly

Dear Editor, The Guyana Times article which questions the credentials of Dr Janette Bulkan is out of order .

Courts determined there was no entitlement to superannuation

Dear Editor, There is undue delay in the payment of my severance pay and other benefits by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) .

Ministry of Agriculture has acted while awaiting final confirmation from the UK that the disease is Black Sigatoka

Dear Editor, As you are aware the issue of the disease affecting plantain and banana farmers in some communities, particularly in Regions 1, 2 and 3, has been in the news for some time through feature articles and letters to the editor .

If Janette Bulkan’s message is valueless the government should say why and not resort to victimization

Dear Editor,In the USA of late, any critic of the Iraq invasion is branded unpatriotic by Republicans, and in so labelling the merits of the criticism are lost or ignored .

Mr Singh should take up the matter of Guyana’s sovereignty with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dear Editor,One of the real problems of Guyana is that since independence successive governments have failed to make good use of the human resources available in Guyana for the overall development of this country .

Trade liberalization killed Haiti’s rice industry

Dear Editor,The exact number of lives lost in the cataclysmic Haiti earthquake may never be known .

It makes economic sense to locate the drainage canal for the EDWC at Flagstaff going east

Dear Editor,I refer to the Minister of Agriculture’s request for comments on the Consultant’s Design Report for the Hope Relief Canal Northern Relief (SN, December 20, 2009) as well as comments on the Ministry of Agriculture web site on the subject .

Who is really listening to Haiti?

Dear Editor,It was CNN’s ‘Breaking News’ that alerted me last Tuesday to the Haiti catastrophe of an earthquake with a magnitude of some 7 .

The protection of our national patrimony and sovereignty are issues sacred to all Guyanese

Dear Editor, The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) refers to Janette Bulkan’s correspondence in the Tuesday, January 19, 2010 edition of Stabroek News captioned ‘Not present at October meeting where Suriname map including Guyana’s territory was displayed .

Opposition Leader’s New Year announcement was inspiring

Dear Editor,In the New Year speech of the Opposition Leader, I was inspired by the announcement that the PNC has taken a definite position to support the cause of executive shared governance for the political future of Guyana .

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