GT&T should unblock access to sites streaming 98.1 HOT FM

Dear Editor, I would like to appeal to the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company (GT&T) to unblock access by DSL Lite users to the following website that streams 98.1 HOT FM: http://www.radioguyana.fm/player/hotfm A group of spirited overseas-based Guyanese has teamed up from Radio Guyana International to stream the FM station since NCN seems very uninterested to maintain online broadcasts of its radio stations. 0

Home Affairs Ministry has directed that Police Commissioner, Chief Fire Officer take action to ensure Covent Garden residents enjoy the peace and comfort of their homes

Dear Editor, I refer to your letter dated May 9 2013, concerning a letter captioned ‘Noise pollution affecting Covent Garden residents’ published in Stabroek News on May 6 and wish to convey the Ministry’s findings having conducted an independent investigation into the complaint. 0

Garbage trucks with holes

Dear Editor, It is commendable that the various garbage disposal services are helping to keep Guyana clean on payment of a fee by the residents, but their services are not up to standard and I am appealing to the relevant authorities to address the following problems. 0

Independence goals and objectives

Dear Editor, Another Independence anniversary has just passed. I need to remind fellow Guyanese citizens and other observers that independence is merely the achievement of political freedom by a country in order to pursue and establish its own socio-economic and cultural goals and objectives. 0