The definition of nepotism should be considered when reviewing the PPP list

Dear Editor, I ask your readers to consider the definition of nepotism (one element of corruption) which includes ‘the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives and friends.’   Consider this definition as they review the PPP’s list of candidates, then consider the statement made by PPP representative Clinton Urling: “If you have the evidence and you show me the evidence, maybe I may be persuaded to look at it, but that’s all based on perceptions.

The PPP/C has deceived the people on local government

  Dear Editor, In a preview to its manifesto pledges for the upcoming general and regional elections, the PPP stated in relation to governance and more particularly local democracy, inter alia, the following: “We remain committed to inclusive and participatory governance … We are committed to holding as early as possible Local Government Elections (LGE) to address all issues of local democracy, and expand the collaboration between local government bodies and community development groups.” The party’s statement goes on to say that (if re-elected) it will see that LGE are held before June 2016 (‘PPP/C pledges to up corruption battle’, SN, April 6).

Organization for the Victory of the People is not ‘communist sounding’ but seeks to build on Burnham’s vision

  Dear Editor, In an article entitled ‘A Soupy Nomination Day, Jah Rastafari!’ written by Gaulbert Sutherland, (Stabroek News, April 8), Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP) was described as “communist sounding”, quoting me as saying that we are seeking to “build on Burnham’s legacy and that we are the real PNC.” OVP cannot be reviving Burnham’s legacy and be communist, since Forbes Burnham was never a communist.

SN is biased

Dear Editor,   I have sent several letters to Kaieteur News and also to Stabroek News but both newspapers refuse to print my missives in their letter columns.

No authenticity from politicians to radio announcers

Dear Editor, Since the announcement of May 11 and the formation of APNU-AFU coalition I’ve heard and observed so many twisted tongues, turncoats, two faces, bare-facedness and forked tongues, as well as so much naked hypocrisy to spin you dizzy and confusing you about what to believe in.    

The PPP is running away from its record not on its record

Dear Editor, Stabroek News article, ‘GGMC defends mining claims for Baishanlin director -says he’s now citizen,’ (April 9), which featured aspects of an internal GGMC report that sparked an uproar, should spur Guyanese to vote in droves on May 11 for the PPP to leave office so the next government can do a forensic review of the Baishanlin deal and a host of others struck by the PPP regime.

Is this pledge for real?

Dear Editor, On Monday, the headline read: ‘PPP/C pledges to up corruption battle’ (SN, April 6). From a marketing standpoint, it was a nice quick airbrush touch on a growing, oozing, smelling wound.

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