Why spend money on a road to nowhere?

Dear Editor, We are a poor country with limited financial resources. Our main source of foreign income, the mining industry, is foundering and in dire need of some infrastructural development to boost exploration and find new mineral deposits.

Keeping the city clean

Dear Editor, I always have a sense of dread when driving around our city streets. The best time to see first-hand how filthy we have become is on Sunday mornings; without all the traffic one gets a bird’s eye view of the garbage and utter sadness of the situation, made worse by the flooding.


Dear Editor, I enjoyed reading Ambassador Brent Hardt’s article on LGBT rights in the Guyana Chronicle of June 17. I fully endorse all his ideas on human dignity and the need to civilize the minds of those trapped in a Bronze Age ethos.

A high stakes political drama

Dear Editor, Amidst the clashing swirls of words, there is this disinterested watching of the high stakes political drama unfolding. Bluff and counterbluff have become the order of the day; in local lingo: who gat mo belly.