No clean-up in Roxanne Burnham Gardens, South Ruimveldt

Dear Editor, The money has been received; the City Council has begun its desilting and cleaning campaign in (old) Georgetown; the same alleyways and canals that are usually cleaned are once more receiving attention .

The Essequibo ferry service is a nightmare

Dear Editor, The ferry service to the Essequibo Coast is a nightmare .

Mrs Jagan worked diligently on behalf of the people

Dear Editor, I first met Mrs Jagan in the 1980s during the often harsh struggles for the restoration of democracy in Guyana .

Operators of minibuses do not know what moderate music is

Dear Editor, I’ve noted with great concern a meeting held between the Minister of Home Affairs and the minibus associations, where the associations are calling for the government to amend the laws so as to allow them to continue to play their music moderately in their buses, among other things .

Who will help at NIS?

Dear Editor, I started to make enquiries about my NIS contributions at the Melanie NIS Office, East Coast Demerara, then at Bent and Camp Street and after that at Brickdam .

Will Mrs. Jagan be remembered as a great political leader or just a dedicated political fighter?

Dear Editor, Someone once said what distinguishes a great national leader from other leaders is not merely the number of projects successfully undertaken or even targets/goals/objectives achieved, but all of those in addition to identifying successors capable of  ensuring continuity .

Guyanese in New York feeling the crunch

Dear Editor, Guyanese within Guyana are not the only ones feeling the crunch of the slump in the economy .

US Embassy offers condolences on passing of former President Janet Jagan

The US Embassy has expressed condolences to the Jagan family and the mourning nation at the passing of former President Janet Jagan .

Remembering Dr and Mrs Jagan

Dear Editor,The first time I laid eyes on Mrs Janet Jagan was in the early 1960s when I was a high school student travelling home to the Essequibo Coast for the holidays on the old MV Lady Northcote .

Perhaps it is time to set up an Anti-Corruption Office

Dear Editor,I refer to the latest reports about acts of corruption at the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) and the Supreme Court Registry, not to mention the CLICO/ NBS/NIS fiasco .

Guyana should celebrate Mrs Jagan’s life and times, not lament her death

Dear Editor,Having lived abroad for a good chunk of time, I had always cherished the thought of meeting Mrs Janet Jagan .

Herdmanston House could be transformed into an archival centre for the sugar industry

Dear Editor, Dr M Shahabuddeen, in his comprehensively researched book From Plantocracy to Nationalism, traces the development of sugar in this country from the 1630s to the time of nationalization .

Cows damaging crops at Four Miles, Port Kaituma

Dear Editor, The Amerindian community at Four Miles, Port Kaituma, North West District has an invasion of cows and they are destroying our agricultural crops on which we depend for a living .

Making sense of the NIS debate

Dear Editor, I have been trying hard to get a clear understanding of the current debate about NIS investments, and I thought of taking a step by step approach to see how the logic spins out:1 .

SN editorial accomplishes nothing productive

Dear Editor, Snarling at the letter writer (‘The well-being of a people depends ultimately on the masses,’ March 19) with such zeal in the editorial (‘The well-being of the masses,’ March 27), though well written, does not accomplish anything productive .

Some airlines give poor service to economy-class passengers

Dear Editor, At last airline passengers are airing their concerns .

Government is restructuring the economy to maintain stability in the face of challenges posed by the global economic crisis

Dear Editor, Last year, Guyana managed to sustain macroeconomic stability despite the challenges posed by the global economic crisis .

Guyana needs informed dialogue about minority relations and a commitment to deal with the issues

Dear Editor, I wish to commend your newspaper for reporting on the draft document on minority issues in Guyana prepared by Gay McDougall who was named the First United Nations Independent Expert on Minority Issues in August 2005 .

‘Vegetables for export’ scheme appears to be in breach of the Securities Industry Act

Dear Editor, In its story of March 26, 2009 ‘35% scheme man says he’ll make good’ SN reported that the operator of the ‘vegetables for export’ scheme stated, “They will be repaid,” thereby appearing to admit the existence of a scheme .

America’s failure to eradicate illicit drugs doesn’t excuse the pathetic performance of President Jagdeo’s administration

Dear Editor, The Guyana Chronicle has provided us with comic relief with its manufactured news story that ‘[Hillary] Clinton shares Guyana’s position on drugs trafficking,’ (March 26), by trying to draw a parallel between Ms Clinton’s charge of America’s “insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade,” and President Bharrat Jagdeo’s recent lambasting of America as the ‘biggest law enforcement failure” against drug trafficking .

Why can’t the tour operators come together to improve the trail to Barakara Falls?

Dear Editor, When Mr Jad Rahaman operated his tour company at the Barakara Resort in the Mazaruini River, he painstakingly kept the nature trail that leads to the Barakara Falls (opposite the resort) in a clear and clean state .

There was a time when Guyana had a level of education second to none in the Caribbean

Dear Editor, While in Guyana in the mid-1990s, I asked the mother of a 9-year-old schoolboy why she found it necessary to send her child to costly after-school private lessons .

The government’s response to the McDougall report though predictable was sad

Dear Editor, It is with great disappointment that I read the article in Sunday Stabroek titled, ‘Move towards national reconciliation to combat race problems -UN expert says .

Digicel customers with queries can contact the company’s customer care professionals

Dear Editor, We wish to apologize for the delay in getting a response to your readers, in time for your publication of their letters .

Why does it appear as if the President is putting preconditions to the developed world before partnering them in the war on drugs?

Dear Editor, In the Stabroek News article captioned ‘Guyana open to partnership in drugs war –President’ in the March 19, 2009 edition, the President stated in a speech delivered to Guyana Police Force’s annual officers’ conference that Guyana wants partnership status in the war on drugs .

The GPF motto is nowhere near target

Dear Editor, Over the years from PNC era to now I’m convinced, supported by overwhelming evidence, that the Guyana Police Force motto ‘Service and Protection’ is blatantly false − nowhere near its target .

Stickers should be allowed on buses used for private purposes only

Dear Editor, The law now says vehicles working as public transportation should not have stickers, although some say that nice religious words are ok .

Bibi Gafoor made a tragic mistake

Dear Editor, My heart breaks for Bibi Rafzia Gafoor and her two little girls, Afiena, 5 and Aaliya 3 .

Rename North Road, ‘Desmond Hoyte Road’

Dear Editor, December 23, 2009 will mark the seventh anniversary of Desmond Hoyte’s passing .

Last Sunday night was the worst at the Starlite

Dear Editor, I wish to thank your newspaper immensely for highlighting the prevalence of noise and its devastating effect on citizens .

The Bank of Guyana must improve its monitoring and inspection activities as required under the Financial Institutions Act, and be on the look-out for the shuffling of billions of dollars between institutions; the Commissioner of Insurance needs to do this too

Dear Editor, A lot of concern has been expressed about the health of financial institutions in Guyana consequent upon the problems with CL Financial and its associated companies, including CLICO in various territories .

The Captain is responsible for all decisions on the field of play

Dear Editor, I endorse fully your editorial of Monday, March 23, ‘Where was the Captain?’ at the time when the Coach’s oversight cost WI to lose the first ODI on Friday, March 19 at the Providence Stadium .

Chutney shows should not have been sponsored by manufacturers of alcohol

Dear Editor, I was struck by the advertisements recently for the Bollywood Chutney show which was held last weekend in Uitvlugt, Albion and Starlite Drive-in .

Chutney show was a bomb, not a ‘bombshell’

Dear Editor, The Chutney Soca Show which was billed as “bombshell,” ended up being a bomb! To begin with, the show bagan over an hour late much to the consternation of the patrons .

Airline caused inconvenience

Dear Editor, It was not my intention to complain in writing of my treatment by Delta Air Lines staff while on my way to Guyana for the Christmas holidays, but having heard of the similar experiences of some of my relatives and friends, I feel compelled to do so .

Alcohol should not have been associated with an event which families were expected to attend

Dear Editor, Following the recent announcements by DDL to target underage drinking and to enforce laws, it was interesting to see that El Dorado Rum and Carib Beer were proud sponsors of the ‘Bollywood Chutney/Soca Fest,’ which seems to be open for children and families .

Chocolate, not water coming from the well

Dear Editor, When I was a youngster attending primary school, I read in The Way To English Book 2, Chapter 5, a fascinating story about ‘The country where people do not work .

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