Domestic violence is not the personal business of public officials or private citizens

Dear Editor, The former First Lady has made a number of charges against the President of Guyana, who was her husband, and he has declined to respond to the specifics, implying that they are matters to be resolved between the two – indeed on an earlier occasion the former First Lady had herself publicly stated that she was not prepared to discuss the details of their relationship or disagreements .

Varshnie Singh inspired many and helped even more

Dear Editor, I am writing in solidarity and in support of Varshnie Singh, starting with the wonderful work of Kids First that the former First Lady poured her heart and energy into .

Suddie needs a car park

Dear Editor, The Region 2 administration should provide a suitable alternative site for the Suddie car park .

Let personal issues remain personal

Dear Editor, I was most shocked at Mr Corbin’s comment on the ‘Evening News’ recently on the allegations made against the President by the former First Lady .

What is going on in the sugar industry?

Dear Editor, The recent information released by government sources about the dire situation in the sugar industry, with a massive shake-up in the top echelons of Guysuco and the admission of corruption in the company, leaves one to ponder as to what is really going on here .

The President should speak out about the experience of his marriage

Dear Editor, We are all talking .

Varshnie Singh should be commended

Dear Editor, Guyanese women – across race, class and age – were gladdened by the inauguration of the new US President and especially by the obvious respect and love he unfailingly demonstrates towards his wife Michelle and their daughters .

The President does have the right to request an inquiry for cases involving state finances

Dear Editor, Mr Christopher Ram’s letter published in the Stabroek News on January 21, 2009, titled ‘The President does not have the power to issue instructions to the Audit Office’ has no validity .

What does the sign on the Takutu Bridge mean?

Dear Editor, Just about half of a mile from the Takutu Bridge where the Brazilians are paving a stretch of road on the Guyana side, there is a large sign which reads: “The traffic on the bridge of the Itacutu river is not authorized because it was not liberated by the competent organ .

Gave advice on technical issues to PPP/C as well as opposition parties

Dear Editor, I would not even try to engage Mr Kwame McCoy on issues of competence, substance or integrity .

The Abary is a dead river

Dear Editor, The government will always have problems with floods in the Mahaica, Mahaicony and Abary rivers .

The Kids First Fund should not be allowed to die

Dear Editor, Once more Guyana is embarrassed by how the President and First Lady handled their separation .

Little teaching done at secondary school

Dear Editor, I attend a popular public secondary school on the East Bank of Demerara and I would like to divulge my dissatisfaction with the education that taxpayers invest in .

Have we lost our humanity?

Dear Editor, Could the good people in Guyana – in particular our women’s groups, Red Thread, Young Women’s Christian Association, Women’s Progressive Organisation, National Congress of Women, Mothers’ Committee, political parties, human rights organizations, and our religious leaders say if they understand the significance of the statement made on Wednesday by First Lady Varshni Oma Singh-Jagdeo?If even half accurate, how could this nation stand on a good moral foundation, if indeed our leaders are prone to the unkind activity which has been alleged? The greater our status, the greater the demand for kindness, generosity and compassion .

Guyana has had great ethnic diversity in presidents

Dear Editor, As the United States of America celebrates the election of its first president with a parent of African origin, let us reflect for a moment on how much further ahead Guyana is when it comes to ethnic diversity in presidents .

The West Indian Cricket Board contains a structural flaw

Dear Editor,Approximately a year or so ago, I wrote a song about the travails of the West Indies Cricket Board suggesting that they “Take A Rest” and Tony Cozier’s recent article in Stabroek News (January 20, 2009) tells me that the advice pertains more than ever .

How was the figure for the cost of the Hope Canal arrived at?

Dear Editor,I applaud your January 12 editorial (‘Relief from the conservancy’) wherein a number of pertinent issues were raised regarding the proposed northern relief channel for the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) to be located at Hope/Dochfour .

May the positive change in attitude sweep the world

Dear Editor,The ascension of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency of the United States of America now means that any properly qualified American can become president of that nation − and I stress, any, and I stress, qualified, including the American-born children of Guyanese migrants, for they now live in a country that has started to live out the true meaning of its creed, “All men are created equal .

The PNC has to find a leader

Dear Editor,Begging the PPP administration to share governance in this country is wishful thinking .

Footballers should be allowed to use the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall

Dear Editor,During my involvement in sports which happens to be a very long time (1970), I have had cause to encounter many Ministers of Sport .

Medical check-ups should be available at health centres

Dear Editor,I would like the Ministry of Health to put in place a facility whereby people can go and take a monthly medical check-up .

PNC supporters need to hear clearly from the PNC about the mayoral elections

Dear Editor,Mark Benschop’s letter (‘A visionless act,’ 20 .

Soothing to the psyche

Dear Editor,What does Barack Obama’s inauguration mean to me .

No discrimination in Guyoil’s distribution of kerosene to Corentyne gas station owners

Dear Editor, Permit me to respond to an article in the Stabroek News, Tuesday,  January 20, captioned ‘Gas station owners allege kerosene discrimination .

The President does not have the power to issue instructions to the Audit Office

Dear Editor,In this letter I will seek to conflate two issues involving the President and the Auditor General (ag), Mr Deodat Sharma, which taken together convince me that neither of them understands key provisions of the constitution or the Audit Act 2004, hardly a trivial issue .

Many would like to see a programme from the Guyana Police Force that speaks to the core of public safety and security needs

Dear EditorI was happy to see in Sunday Stabroek of January 18, 2009, Mr Ivelaw Whittaker, Police Public Relations and Press Officer for whom I have regard both personally and professionally, responding to my thoughts and suggestions which, I assure you, are shared by many Guyanese sympathetic to the Guyana Police Force (‘The Guyana Police Force has a set of media relations guidelines which are working well .

Response to ‘aspersions’

Dear Editor,It is absolutely necessary for me to respond to Mr Christopher Ram whose letter in the Stabroek News of January 19, captioned ‘The Fidelity Report should be released immediately,’ casts aspersions on my competence and ability based on my response to a question by your newspapers on the Fidelity report to be tabled in Parliament .

Over-protection at GFC?

Dear Editor,I had cause to visit the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) a few weeks ago, and was greeted by a pack of aggressively snarling common-breed dogs .

The fines under the Public Health Ordinance for nuisance are ridiculous

Dear Editor,The public needs to understand the constraints on a Regional Environmental Health Officer (REHO) under the law .

An epoch-making moment

Dear Editor,The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama was an epoch-making moment, with the world holding its breath in excitement and joy .

Why is the GFC Commissioner defending Barama when WWF does not believe that company can regain the forestry stewardship certificate?

Dear Editor,The Commissioner of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) has repeated his endorsement of the Barama logging company, which he made just two years ago (SN, January 17, 2009, ‘Barama committed to complying with forest guidelines - GFC head’) .

The AFC position on shared governance is about nice words but no action

Dear Editor,It is rather refreshing to see Mr Raphael Trotman and the AFC support the call for shared governance and have a position on it .

The US inauguration should cause us to ponder on change here

Dear Editor,Which Guyanese can proclaim that he she is insulated from the Obama phenomenon? I dare say, not many .

A visionless act

Dear Editor,I am tired of these old-time visionless politicians in Guyana dictating to the young generation what we should do to pave a path for a better Guyana .

Oppenheimer is giving the wrong impression

Dear Editor,In reference to Andres Oppenheimer’s ‘Latin view’ of Sunday, January 11, he is giving his readers the impression that in the conflict with Israel and Hamas, Hamas is the aggressor .

Where was the crime when there was an agreement to secure the wellbeing of workers?

Dear Editor,We learnt through the media that the two top managers of the Transport and Harbours Department were dismissed by a government minister .

Guyanese should use Obama’s inauguration to reflect on the health of our nation

Dear Editor,As the world views with awe, pride, scepticism, pragmatism, optimism, pessimism − or whatever  the emotion felt by each individual − the inauguration of Barack Obama, we Guyanese must take this opportunity to pause and reflect on the health of our own nation .

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