Appointing Shadick Pro-Chancellor is the last straw

Dear Editor, I refer to the SN news item, ‘Shadick unsuited to Pro-Chancellor post – Ifill’ of Jan 26. Dr Ifill is quoted as telling your newspaper in relation to the position of Pro-Chancellor filled by PPP parliamentarian, Bibi Shadick that Ms Shadick’s credentials were read out and though the qualifications sounded impressive they were certainly not fitting for an academic institution.

Race and politics

Dear Editor, Hovering over the debate about the possible candidates for the putative APNU-AFC coalition is the spectral figure of a subject in a P Harris Stabroek News cartoon of some six years ago.

Flight delay

Dear Editor, I am starting to get fed up with Dynamic Airways. My flight, scheduled to leave for New York this past Tuesday was pushed back to Wednesday due to the blizzard that hit the north-eastern United States.

Iraq war was illegal

Dear Editor, How refreshing to read a letter from Anthony Pantlitz saying that he was proud to be an American soldier (‘Proud to be an American soldier,’ SN, Jaunary 26).

‘It has gotta be me’

Dear Editor, I read of the political positioning between the opposition parties and am appalled; disgust quickly follows. First there is this very public discussion, if not negotiation, about who must be what, how high some desire to be, what is acceptable.

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