While Gordon Moseley is excluded from OP and State House he can provide coverage of the President in other locations

Dear Editor,The Administration of the Office of the President has determined that Mr Gordon Moseley of Capitol News is persona non grata at the Office of the President and State House, as a result of reproachful and disrespectful comments in his letter to the press .

The NA Town Council has only seven serving members

Dear Editor,At present the New Amsterdam Town Council only has seven serving members and does not have a quorum to carry on statutory meetings, yet still they are doing so .

We should not be vindictive to press personalities

Dear Editor,I have absolutely no idea whether the reports carried by journalist Mr Gordon Moseley from Antigua a few weeks ago were accurate or inaccurate, but I would like to believe that if indeed a situation has arisen and the reports are questionable, the Guyana Press Association is the agency which should be dealing with the situation .

It’s the government’s duty to reprimand those who fall out of line

Dear Editor,From time to time the government has the right to make examples of those whom believe they can do or say anything without having any repercussions .

Evidence of climate change?

Dear Editor,Is this our first real evidence of climate change? The recent televised images of a hurricane-type high-wind attack on Asian and Far Eastern communities raised two important aspects of architecture and construction .

Caption of letter was inappropriate

Dear Editor,Given the significance of the EPA issue, the forthcoming national consultations, and the evil nature of the Jamaica Observer editorial, I am concerned that Stabroek News discarded the title of my letter (‘The Jamaica Observer shows little concern for CSME and Caribbean integration’) in favour of a title that has little to do with its content (‘The Jamaica Observer editorial on the EPA is focusing on personality and not on the issues’) .

The origins of democracy

Dear Editor,Recently, I had a discussion with a friend in which the essence of  democracy was discussed and where he believed that it all started with the American Revolution and the articles of the new American constitution .

Guyanese hospitality for regional lawyers on legislative drafting course not up to scratch

Dear Editor,I recently visited Guyana and met a few lawyers from the region currently attending a three-month course in legislative drafting funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat .

Land registry clerk asked why the document had no witnesses before asking lawyer’s clerk to sign

Dear Editor,In response to your article published on July 11, 2008 under the caption, ‘Held over forgery of attorney’s signature,’ the article stated that the Berbice Land Registry employee was arrested and placed on “self bail .

Thirteen of GWI’s 17 East Coast pump stations operate on a 16-hour basis

Dear Editor,GWI wishes to respond to Mr N Jodhan’s letter captioned ‘Why is water cut off so early on the East Coast?’ published in the Stabroek News, June 30, 2008 .

Great Diamond Housing Scheme has ‘dams’ not roads

Dear Editor,I am a resident of Great Diamond Housing Scheme .

Suspension of Moseley and Channel 6 should be lifted

Dear Editor,It is unbelievable that     the Government Information Agency (GINA) has suspended a reporter from covering the President at his office and at State House .

There are more subtle ways of dealing with ‘hostile’ reporters than exclusion

Dear Editor,I have been in Guyana conducting a survey on matters pertaining to the PPP Congress and other current issues .

Social Studies plays a crucial role in an individual’s future success

Dear Editor,Many debates have been held as to which subject is the most important and which will play the most significant role in our lives .

Citizens in poor countries must adjust their lifestyles to deal with climate change

Dear Editor,Once again, we were left completely disappointed with the more than usual rhetoric from the last G8 Summit in Okkaido, Japan a few days ago .

Tajpaul Gainda passes on

Dear Editor, A good friend and colleague, Tajpaul Gainda died last Sunday, July 13, 2008, at the Georgetown Hospital .

Why is the Ministry of Agriculture not promoting composting?

Dear Editor, Mr Christopher Ram’s article ( SN Business Page, July 13 2008) brought a smile (albeit a sad one) to my face with his revelation that the QAII deal necessitated  the importation of sixty-six toilet sets – perhaps to cope with the s—- generated from this deal? Probably a way of improving workers’ production – of course due to less waiting time for a free cubicle?But on a serious note, I am puzzled that the Ministry of Agriculture has not been strenuously promoting composting as a way of both reducing dependence on ever more expensive fertilisers and the rubbish generated by human inhabitants .

Why is the Takutu Bridge not open for vehicles?

Dear Editor, It is now the heart of the rainy season in the Rupununi and the Takutu River is raging .

Rural children are not uncouth

Dear Editor, The description of the behaviour of youths as given by Mr Mervyn Gobin in his letter, ‘We need to get our youths back in the churches,’ (July 14, 2008) pertains more to urban areas than to rural locations .

The appropriate forum for the discussion on the PPP’s education programme is the Congress

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter in SN July 14, 08 captioned ‘Does the PPP have an education programme to teach Marxism Leninism?’ The writer raises some interesting questions which can be ventilated on the floor of the upcoming PPP Congress .

Companies do not divulge their business plans in a highly competitive environment

Dear Editor, Mr Christopher Ram’s recent article of July 13, 2008 captioned ‘A close up look at the QAII deal’ clearly reveals that the columnist has overstepped his boundary in commenting on topical issues .

The disrespect for the rule of law must stop

Dear Editor, After reading MP, Mr David Patterson’s comment in the SN article of July 8, captioned ‘Opposition MPs query health procurement’ and Minister Ramsammy’s defence of NGPC on July 10, I feel vindicated with my previous letter on the Ramroop Group, Queens Atlantic and New GPC .

Members of the Richmond Hill community should join the fight for Gounden’s right to live in Howard Beach without harassment

Dear Editor, It is more than a year since a Guyanese family in Queens, New York, has been harassed with no let up and very little assistance from fellow Guyanese in their battle against racial discrimination .

Inaccuracies in CCJ article

Dear Editor,I refer to the article entitled ‘TCL/TGI case against Guyana gov’t - CCJ reserves ruling on special leave to sue’ appearing in the online version of your newspaper on July 7, 2008, under the byline of Ms Miranda la Rose .

Why is the US government bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Dear Editor,Remember when the famous economist Adam Smith told us that when businesses act in pursuit of their own self interest, society’s interest is always protected and that this process is made possible by an “invisible hand .

Nothing can be done if voters mislead interviewers in a poll

Dear Editor,By now, it is known that there is a change of government following a general election in Grenada – a trend experienced in all Caricom states that held elections over the last couple of years (save in Trinidad where the incumbent survived because the opposition was split into two competing parties dividing the votes) .

KN is not the first victim of government harassment

Dear Editor,I am saddened to read in KN’s front page Sunday editorial (Jul 13) that the government is intimidating and harassing the paper .

Destruction of Stabroek Market park presaged the deterioration of the city

Dear Editor,In reference to your editorial of Stabroek Business of Friday, July 11, captioned ‘A capital in chaos,’ I should point out that if one has an eye for beauty he/she will appreciate beautiful things .

‘Revealing’ dresses were only invented in the 1950s, whereas prostitution is as old as man/womankind

Dear Editor,In the conversation between Professor Dawkins and Mr Joseph Cohen (Yousef Al Katab), as rendered by Mr Justin de Freitas (‘Clash of Cultures,’ SN July 12), Cohen-Katab used a phrase I find very intruiging: “dress them like whores .

Guyana has more churches than any other country

Dear Editor,There is a competition for attention in our society these days .

Members of the GDF should speak up as Gerry Gouveia has done

Dear Editor,Captain Gerry Gouveia’s recent statement concerning the Lindo Creek murders, demonstrated the loyalty and independence of thought that is a hallmark of the best military institutions .

‘Truth is simple’

Dear Editor,Why should our authorities vacillate on this question of the report on torture by sections of our security forces? This is not helping to engender confidence in them, something we badly need today .

What about BSL’s sealed containers?

What about BSL’s sealed containers?

Dear Editor,I thank Mr Chu Hongbo, General Manager of Bai Shan Lin (BSL), for his clarification in SN on July 12, (‘DTL operations are not connected to Bai Shan Lin’) that BSL has never been involved in the movement of containers from Mabura to Georgetown .

There are measures which can be taken to help the residents of Moblissa

Dear Editor,I read the very emotional article, ‘Moblissa beset by health, transport woes,’ by Zoisa Fraser (SN 8 .

What is the favourite colour of the WI?

Dear Editor,A British friend who lived in Australia for a while but who now works in Guyana texted me a question .

Where is Dr Jagan’s legacy?

Dear Editor,I refer to the recent letter on July 9 by Mr Mohammed Sattaur (Dr Jagan’s legacy is alive and well’) in which he, in a very shallow and trite discussion, tries to claim that the legacy of President Cheddi Jagan is intact in the hands of those within the walls of Freedom House .

Rawlins and his men escaped because of poor planning

Dear Editor,The escape of a wanted man and his gang from the lawmen at Christmas Falls was a result of poor strategy and planning .

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