Obama has become another Moses to the world

Dear Editor,Change is inevitable, like it or not it’s gonna come .

No provision in law for President to ask for statements of assets

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter by Mr Learie Barclay appearing in SN of January 29, 2009 titled ‘The opposition should submit statements of assets to the Integrity Commission .

Christopher Stephenson’s heroic deed should be honoured

Dear Editor,I refer to Godfrey Chin’s letter, ‘More needs to be done to record the achievements of the small man’ as published in SN of January 27 .

Interview with Stabroek Business inaccurately reported

Dear Editor, The Friday, January 23, 2009 edition of Stabroek Business carried an article on pages 16 and 18, under the caption, ‘Investing in the revival of the book culture,’ in which several comments were attributed to me .

A commitment to nonviolent resolution in all our interactions can contribute to the kind of society we all desire

Dear Editor, You could not have lived on the lower East Coast during the recent period of turbulence, without experiencing great misgivings .

How will GPL meter readers be able to read meters on posts?

Dear Editor, Emblazoned on the front page of Kaieteur News of January 28, 2009, was a photo of GPL’s meters on lamp posts .

The model and risk analysis are everything to the Hope Canal project

Dear Editor, I have read with interest the numerous letters and articles written about the proposed design of the relief structure(s) for the EDWC .

Caricom needs visionary and statesmanlike leadership

Dear Editor, With reference to the Stabroek News editorial ‘Reactive Adhocism’ (28 .

Disturbing trends in ads

Dear Editor, Recently I have observed some disturbing trends in advertisements .

The Minister of Home Affairs should form a committee to look at the draft bill on private security organizations

Dear Editor, As a security service provider since 1979, I can see the reasoning behind wanting to establish an authority to govern security services in Guyana .

Incest is not new

Dear Editor, I guess some things never change .

The body language of female parliamentarians was eloquent

Dear Editor, It has been most instructive to read and learn from the various perspectives published on the recent allegations of high-profile, spousal ‘hi-tech’ abuse .

CIOG is working diligently for the social and economic development of less fortunate Guyanese

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Guyana’s largest and most dynamic non-governmental organization (NGO), the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana, (CIOG) for securing a grant from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) of US$495,000 to fund the construction of a medical centre in Georgetown which will serve to further strengthen Guyana’s health sector for the benefit of all Guyanese, regardless of race or religion .

Guyanese politicians ‘just ain’t ready yet’

Dear Editor, I often mused about the possibility of ever reading a letter from Vishnu Bisram that I completely agreed with .

An inspiration to our daughters

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate the following ladies on their recent appointment with Republic Bank Guyana Limited, namely, Mrs Patricia Plummer, Ms Denise Hobbs and Ms Rose Langevine .

Rice farmers have not been paid

Dear Editor, We the farmers who have attached our signatures below are peeved about some concerns which are seriously affecting us .

How many Guyanese politicians truly believe in the rhetoric of Obama?

Dear Editor, I am delighted to read so many positive comments about Barack Obama’s election and swearing in as America’s President in the Guyana papers .

A real-life soap opera?

Dear Editor, The President’s present imbroglio with the former First Lady, a matter that should have been handled discreetly and judiciously has now become open fodder for the chattering classes − something that the rest of society can readily comprehend and sink their fangs into, rather than more complex and indigestible issues like the EPA and the global financial crisis .

There should be speed bumps in the villages

Dear Editor, Even as new traffic laws are being implemented, some motorists are still driving in a reckless manner on the streets of villages .

The opposition should submit statements of assets to the Integrity Commission

Dear Editor,As I understand it, there is a law that mandates the periodical submission of statements of assets by MPs and senior government officials, to the Integrity Commission .

Minister of Agriculture, two opposition members should be commended

Dear Editor, Following the passing of the Forest Bill in Parliament recently, I was particularly pleased at the comments made by the opposition members, Mr Khemraj Ramjattan and Mr Lance Carberry pertaining to the presentations by Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud and his efforts to facilitate the passing of the bill .

VAT is hard on the elderly

Dear Editor, I have noted the meagre increase in the old-age pension, and as a pensioner I would personally welcome a reduction in or complete removal of the oppressive VAT, that is creating much hardship in the lives of the elderly .

The work of Ronald Waddell resulted in a reduction in extra-judicial killings

Dear Editor, January 30, 2009 marks the third year since the brutal assassination of comrade and brother, Ronald Waddell .

Iron grills in rooms should be hinged and locked from the inside

Dear Editor, The tragic deaths of Ivor and Parbattie Persaud as well as their two grandchildren are reminiscent of the death of a good friend of mine, Latchmie Kalicharran, under identical circumstances a few years ago .

Perhaps a design for grillwork which opens from the inside should be mandatory

Dear Editor, It was almost exactly seven years ago on January 26, 2002, that we lost one of our gracious Guyanese, Latchmie Kallicharran, in a fire in Kitty .

Ms Singh worked to ensure the Rights of the Child commission received additional support to develop programmes for Guyana’s children

Dear Editor, Former First Lady Varshnie Singh’s nine years of psychological abuse allegedly committed at the hands of her husband, President Bharrat Jagdeo, must make every man, woman and child cringe .

Prize money for Cubana monument design should not go to one winner

Dear Editor, It is indeed a wise initiative of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development to introduce a national competition for the design of the monument to commemorate the victims of the Cubana disaster as advertised in the SN of January 25 .

A single complex to accommodate the various agencies of the GRA should be built in D’Urban Park

Dear  Editor, I would like to thank the President for all the good that he has done for Guyana during his tenure in office .

The President should be as concerned about those who have acquired new wealth as he is about MPs

Dear Editor, I read the Guyana Chronicle news article ‘MPs assets declaration is a watershed moment for Guyana,’ (January 27), in which President Bharrat Jagdeo reportedly stressed that the rationale for his ultimatum to MPs to declare their assets was to ensure they simply adhered to the law on the matter, but if you ask me, I don’t think even he believes what he said .

Media houses sensationalize the smallest of issues

Dear Editor, I was not surprised when the Kaieteur News recently slammed the efforts of the government to assist farmers who have been affected by the recent intense rainfall and which saw many farming communities suffering losses .

Ms Singh’s domestic abuse charges should be investigated

Dear Editor, I have read several letters in the Stabroek in support of the former First Lady written by many women activists with an unblemished record .

Dog owners should take note of Ms Williams’ suggestions

Dear Editor, I thank Zenobia Williams for her letter ‘Do not add to the street dog population’ (SN 20 .

The government strategy has been to prevent the GTUC unions from expanding and to empower FITUG

Dear Editor, There isn’t any public outcry or protest which will deter the PPP/C government from passing a bill they intend to pass .

More needs to be done to record the achievements of the small man

Dear Editor, I agree and endorse Dr McDonald’s Sunday feature ‘Ian on Sunday,’ January 25, where he said that a compilation of the achievements of Guyana’s past icons must be recorded for posterity in a published edition .

The President needs to respond to the allegations of domestic abuse

Dear Editor, If President Bharrat Jagdeo expects to be taken seriously in his support to end domestic violence in Guyana he has to respond to the allegations by his former common-law wife, Varshnie Singh, that he subjected her to high-tech domestic violence .

Higher ground should be taken in the matter of the Integrity Commission

Dear Editor, I refer to the recent statements in the press regarding the legitimacy of the Integrity Commission and whether or not this commission has the mandate at this time to carry out its function as stipulated in the constitution, since its composition and thus authority have been challenged in the court .

Justice should be served in the case of the gang-raped girl granted refugee status in Canada

Dear Editor, The SN article dated January 21, 2009, titled ‘Gang-raped girl granted refugee status in Canada,’ has cast the Guyana law enforcement agency and the government in a bad light .

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