LCDS has been presented at numerous international meetings and is under serious consideration

Dear Editor, The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) wishes to correct some serious inaccuracies contained in an article by Janette Bulkan captioned ‘Carbon in the forests in Guyana’ in the Monday July 27, 2009 edition of the Stabroek News .

Those who owned the cinemas know the real reason for their downfall

Dear Editor, I refer to ‘The rise and fall of Guyana’s cinemas’ by Godfrey Chin (Sunday Stabroek, July 26), and cannot help wondering why a nostalgic piece like this did not touch on the ownership of cinemas and look at how and by whom Hollywood and Bollywood films got into the cinemas in Guyana .

The PPP is suffering from a dissociative disease

Dear Editor, I would like attempt an answer to a question posed to readers in your Sunday editorial .

It does not follow that because an exam is multiple choice it is either factual or simple

Dear Editor, With reference to the editor’s note to my letter (‘Placement system in senior secondary schools could be improved’ SN, July 24) it must not be assumed that just because the substantial part of the examination is multiple choice makes it factual, and seemingly simple (by your implication) .

A frightening stage has been reached

Dear Editor, In response to your editorial, ‘Torture, plain and simple,’ (July 27), which focused primarily on latest torture victim, Mr Troy Small, I am of the opinion that we have reached a frightening stage in Guyana where editorials, commentaries and letters may no longer be deemed workable to prevent the Jagdeo administration from operating like a brakeless, runaway locomotive on a steep decline .

The PPP is accustoming its followers to see it as an amoral party

Dear Editor, Why are some in the government calling upon themselves the forces of retribution that are certain to follow the long list of disgrace? It is possible that the government does not understand the power of the image it has unleashed against itself .

There are strategies which might help to change people’s attitude to alcohol

Dear Editor, I read letter written by Mr Vidyaratha Kissoon ‘We should collectively say ‘no’ to liquor’ (SN, July 25) and wholeheartedly agree with his central theme; I believe all decent and logical thinking Guyanese will do so too .

No cash, cheques taken from police finance office

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Kaieteur News of Monday, July 27, 2009, under the caption ‘Bandits hit police headquarters .

There needs to be an independent commission of inquiry into the torture allegations

Dear Editor, The continued arrests and allegations of torture of suspects in relation to the Ministry of Health fire is cause for grave concern and cannot be ignored .

The concept of a West Indies cricket team is virtually dead

Dear Editor, The time has come for us to accept that the concept of a West Indies cricket team has fulfilled its purpose; it brought us much joy but now it is virtually dead, and should be allowed to rest in peace before the bad memories become more numerous than the happy ones .

Distinction between ‘Muslim fundamentalist’ and ‘radical fundamentalist’

Dear Editor, Islamic law and jurisprudence is not always understood by the Western press .

Guyanese should stop complaining about domestic violence and take action

Dear Editor, Guyanese should stop complaining about domestic violence .

The Linden smelter should be preserved as a historical site

Dear Editor, Why has it been proposed to construct a new smelter at Linden which would cause more pollution?The government should preserve the old aluminium plant, because it is a historical site, and a historical site should not be vandalized but preserved for tourism purposes .

Pensioner told by NIS office that records showed he was dead

Dear Editor,For many months now I have been assisting NIS pensioners by signing and stamping their NIS life certificates which they have to submit at the NIS office that is near to them .

Top functionaries need to move around to get first-hand information

Dear Editor,I read with much concern the article in July 9 Stabroek News ‘MP slams conditions at Linden Hospital children’s ward .

Why is government selling its GT&T shares?

Dear Editor,The government wants to sell its shares in GT&T, but I see in the newspapers that GT&T contributed $43B since 2000, paying nothing less than $200M a year, and up to last year government collected $1 .

The Guyanese people should be outraged

Dear Editor,With regard to Mr Troy Small who was beaten by a group which he alleged included a uniformed member of the Guyana Defence Force, I was shocked and appalled at the picture of him and his account of being questioned in relation to the Ministry of Health fire .

Region One needs a sports organizer

Dear Editor,As a resident living in Mabaruma, Region One, I would like to compliment the Region Nine sports organizer for his efforts to organize the North Rupununi Football Association games .

Allegation about ACDA burning down the Ministry of Health is a ‘nancy’ story

Dear Editor,It is laughable to now hear that the burning down of the Ministry of Health is being blamed on ACDA .

Lara should not be criticized

Dear Editor,Just the other day I was having a conversation with some of Guyana’s young and talented cricketers and they just seem to believe that Brian Lara was not good enough for the team and should be blamed for its many failures .

Satyadeow Sawh’s death cannot be left in limbo

Dear Editor,A prominent piece of the Satyadeow Sawh murder puzzle, murder-accused David Leander (known as ‘Biscuit’), is no more .

The new way is about building on the legacy of the older political class

Dear Editor,Mr Frederick Kissoon’s comment reflects the self-destructive, old-fashioned school of political thinking that is harmful for political discourse  (‘Some of the new blood is worse than the old,’ SN July 20 .

Arson then and now

Dear Editor, The media reports of the gruesome and barbarous treatment meted out to Mr Troy Small who, it seems, had come under suspicion of burning down the Ministry of Health, have prompted me to make the following observation .

A short-term solution is not the answer to the problems in West Indies cricket

Dear Editor, I read with interest this morning the comments of Clive Lloyd and Michael Holding on the cricinfo .

We ignore the latest official violence at our peril

Dear Editor, Newspapers and television have carried images of Troy Small trembling uncontrollably as he was helped out of the Alberttown police station on Wednesday July 22, 2009 .

Macroeconomic variables cannot be interpreted in a crisis in the same way as in a period of tranquillity

Dear Editor, Today, critics see loans and general financial aid as an end in themselves, but instead, they should be seen as means to build on resource capacity .

Law should mandate that sign language interpreters are present when police interview deaf victims of sexual assault

Dear Editor, I am appealing to the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Sexual Offences legislation to make provisions for deaf persons .

Women security guards especially endure appalling conditions of work

Dear Editor,In the usual Guyanese debate over ‘who bun down de Ministry’ we are keeping our eyes open to see whether the security guards will be made scapegoats .

Waiting two years for title from Ministry of Housing

Dear Editor,On July 23, 2007, I paid the sum of one hundred and two thousand dollars ($102,000 .

The issue of single parenting needs to be addressed

Dear Editor, I think most of our sociologists and economists would admit that the increase in single parenting has contributed significantly to many of the social ills in our society today .

Minister’s answers to questions put by KN journalists were ignored

Dear Editor,As if to save some grace through a delayed pang of journalistic conscience, the Kaieteur News of Thursday, July 23, 2009, carried an article captioned ‘Olympic size pool to cost $316M .

We should collectively say ‘no’ to liquor

Dear Editor,Within the last week, we have seen some of the most horrific acts of domestic violence resulting in murder .

Books and money donated to UG Berbice campus not accounted for

Dear Editor,The story which follows is one, which as a Guyanese living abroad, I have heard too may times before .

History is always being contested and revised

Dear Editor,In his letter to the press (‘Guyana needs a new group of thinkers,’ SN July 18), Mr Rakesh Rampertab, among other things, accuses me of being disrespectful and “imperial” for ignoring one of his previous letters .

Cricket needs proper leadership and good, committed players

Dear Editor,There is a general consensus about the current impasse between the WICB and WIPA:  that our cricket is in the doldrums both administratively and in terms of player quality .

UG can contribute to national development

Dear Editor,The current debate in the Guyanese press on the question as to whether the University of Guyana should emphasize teaching or research, is a question as old the mediaeval university itself .

Guyana needs to engage the top five investment banks

Dear Editor,Our leaders are running on the spot shouting from the top of their voice about REDD and low carbon initiatives wasting good money again, yet the one project that can make a difference in the lives of the Guyanese people in this area is silently being positioned for parking with the lame excuse that the global economic crisis is having an adverse impact on the “construction momentum .

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