Electrocuted v shocked

Dear Editor, We live in a dynamic world where change is inevitable. With language, particularly English, new words are added over time but the meanings of old words do not change dramatically.

All the 911 lines at Brickdam are working

Dear Editor, GT&T expresses our appreciation to be afforded an opportunity to respond to Captain Gerry Gouveia’s email, which has been circulated in the public domain, captioned ‘GTT must fix the 911 system.’ Whilst we are not privy to the time, date nor location associated with Mr Gouveia’s reported investigations on behalf of the PSC, none of which were cited in his communique, we presume the following: • That Mr Gouveia’s visit was at Brickdam Police Station.

Modi will win in India

Dear Editor, With reference to ‘India’s Modi condemns anti-Muslim remarks …’ (SN, Apr 24), appeals on caste and religion would not have a significant effect on the outcome of the Indian election though such comments may cause Muslims to reconsider how they vote that could help defeat candidates of Modi’s BJP.

Beaten at police station

Dear Editor, A recent visit to the Aurora Police Station to make a report turned out to be very bad for me when instead of this being done, I was severely beaten by a rank (name given) to the extent of suffering a fractured rib.