The Linden Chamber of Commerce must guard against appearing insensitive to Lindeners’ conditions

Dear Editor, A few questions for the Linden Chamber of Commerce: (1) Has the government’s tax regime of 16% VAT imposed on top of a 33% rate of income tax, the reduction in government spending and the practice of large injections of money in the town being monopolized by persons not resident here, not been factors in the severe reduction in Lindeners’ incomes and the town’s economic strangulation? 

Resignation welcomed on lower East Coast

Dear Editor, Chatting with several of my friends and colleagues and bona fide tax and ratepayers after reading the best local government news for a long time in the local press, namely, that the incumbent Minister of Local Government is reported to have resigned his job as the minister responsible for the administration of this country’s Neighbourhood Democratic Councils, it was repeatedly said that this was a good thing.

The Harding case is not an isolated one

Dear Editor, After reading the horror story about Colwyn Harding I was almost strangled by my own anger. It took a while for it to wear off, then I said to myself here we go again, the words of Barrington Braithwaite ringing aloud and deafening: “Damaged goods” in Guyana Police Force; “The system has captured unbalanced personalities and created soulless mass murders out of them… this is only the tip of the iceberg from what I have learnt about the disturbed personalities and troubled backgrounds of some members of these groups.” Editor, it is evident, palpably so, that the GPF is riddled with aggressive, unbalanced personalities.