‘Sleeping policemen’ should be placed in Bent Street

Dear Editor,Since a police barricade has been erected at the corner of Camp and Bent Streets, just outside the Georgetown prison, the movement of traffic south along Camp Street has now been diverted eastwards into Bent Street behind the prison .

Is the Guyana Press Association investigating GINA’s allegations against KN?

Dear Editor,The Government Information Agency (GINA) is complaining that “Kaieteur News operatives” have been misrepresenting themselves as that agency’s communication officers .

PNCR members should stay focused on the issues that matter most to the party

Dear Editor,The Peoples’ National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) 16th Biennial Congress scheduled to be held today and tomorrow is likely to attract the usual national and international attention .

There should be term limits for GPSU presidents

Dear Editor, I am appealing to members of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) to embark on a campaign for term limits for the President of that union, which will clear the way for new leadership, and a better approach when it comes to workers’ rights, child labour, corruption and injustice .

Something should be done to improve the security of magistrates in court

Dear Editor, It is not unusual for convicted prisoners to hurl threatening and abusive remarks at a magistrate upon being sentenced .

World’s oldest blogger is Guyanese

Dear Editor, The Times of India is reporting that a ninety-six-year-old great grandfather, Randall Butisingh, a Guyanese living in Florida, has become the world’s oldest blogger .

PA Cummings and Stanley Greaves were omitted from the list of noted Guyanese

Dear Editor, In a letter in your August 1 Emancipation Day edition, Ms Dawn Holder listed a number of noted Guyanese, but failed to mention two persons who had a direct impact during the late colonial and post-independence period (‘We should commit to understanding our ancestry and heritage’) .

This is a society which lacks values and guiding principles

Dear Editor, I have spent a year on the sidelines observing life in Guyana at arm’s length and up close .

Corbin should not contend for the PNCR leadership

Dear Editor, I am extremely disappointed that Robert Corbin announced on Tuesday, August 18, that he would be contesting for the position of leader at this weekend’s congress of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) .

Burnham had political skills which remain unmatched in the Caricom area

Dear Editor, I am replying to Annan Boodram’s second letter (‘Who is making the acrobatic leap?’ SN, August 18) questioning my judgement that in comparison to Mr Jagdeo, Forbes Burnham had intellectual acumen and  deep political skills that served him well when he ruled Guyana for 18 years .

About 15 WPA members from Zeeburg and De Willem were tortured by the police in the early 1980s

Dear Editor, As a former member of the WPA I was waiting and hoping that someone from that party would have set the record straight with regards to acts of torture that took place when the PNC was in government .

A magistrate has the power to apply common law rules of evidence and therefore has the power to determine the admissibility of a confession statement

Dear Editor,I read the letters by Attorneys-at-Law Messrs K  Juman-Yasin and Anil Nandlall on the issue of whether Magistrate Yohhannseh Cave had the power to determine whether an alleged confession statement was admissible in evidence at a preliminary inquiry .

More corporate sponsors should get involved in the sport of powerlifting

Dear Editor,Powerlifting is a sport that continues to struggle for serious recognition among athletes, patrons and corporate sponsors .

Businesses should not sponsor a second-string WI side in South Africa 

Dear Editor, With nothing coming out of the West Indies Cricket Board impasse and with the unopposed election of Hunte and Cameron again, I believe the whole unity of the Caribbean has blown away .

Drivers should exercise care, courtesy and caution

Dear Editor,It is disturbing to see so many accidents recently .

Some of the nominees for PNCR leadership did the party harm in the past

Dear Editor, The fact that the PNCR is investigating a claim of dead persons on the membership register seems to indicate that it continues to fail its supporters by not having long overdue group meetings .

PPP supporters should demand accountability from government

Dear Editor,Responsibility for the current condition of Guyana lies with all who have governed this nation since independence;  however, the buck stops with the current government/party that has held the reins for the past seventeen years .

Are the present sea defence structures being designed on the basis of a projected new sea level?

Dear Editor, I refer to the many articles in the press by various government officials and others on global warming, LCDS and the impending sea level rise and its consequences on the coastal areas, and would like to enquire as to whether the new sea level has been established and what are the projected engineering sea levels to be used in the design format for present-day coastal structures .

The PNC should elect an Indian leader, the PPP an African one

Dear Editor, The PNC has lost four elections since 1992 and is currently not considered a viable party to win in 2011 .

We are being distracted from the real issues by what Copenhagen can or cannot give us

Dear Editor, There are a few more weaknesses of our LCDS I would like to highlight: 1 .

The harassment of Ms Holder-Allen should stop

Dear Editor, It was very tragic to hear that the country’s Ministry of Health had lost of millions of dollars in national assets including buildings, vehicles, equipment and medicines, much of which had been acquired through hard-earned taxpayer money .

Who is making the acrobatic leap?

Dear Editor, In his SN letter of August 17(Burnham’s strategic thinking as a leader stood out in how he handled power’), Freddie Kissoon hides behind synechdoche – selecting a part (of my argument) to represent the whole (argument) .

Les Paul could make a guitar do almost anything

Dear Editor, Another great soul in the music word has passed on at a ripe old age – Les Paul .

Corbin has done a splendid job as opposition leader

Dear Editor, The PNCR Biennial Congress will put to rest the many upheavals of the party about who will be the next leader, among other business .

An enquiry should include all armed expressions in a given period if we want justice which will give ‘satisfaction’ to all

Dear Editor, When a country passes from one form of dictatorship to another, under the rescuing group there is always conflict about where to lay the emphasis .

A university degree and job experience are entirely different things

Dear Editor, I refer to Mayor Hamilton Green’s letter captioned ‘Are we serious about having Guyanese return to serve?’ that appeared in the Stabroek News on  August 15 .

Consulted by the PNCR and the PPP/C on their 2006 elections manifestos

Dear Editor Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram, to the surprise of no one, was true to form, trying to embellish his non-partisan credentials by attempting to chair a large gathering of 25 persons at a so-called civil society meeting at City Hall last week .

We should look again at the National Development Strategy and develop an action plan taking into account our improved understanding of climate change

Dear Editor, Peter Persaud of TAAMOG (“The President gave responses to all the questions, concerns and recommendations aired at the regional consultations for LCDS’ SN, August 14) tells a different story from the formal records of these consultations as displayed on the LCDS website (www .

Burnham’s strategic thinking as a leader stood out in how he handled power

Dear Editor, Two letters on me appeared in your August 15 editions; one by Mr Rakesh Rampertab, the other by Mr Annan Bodram .

Many do not take the sentimental view of Burnham

Dear Editor, Mr Aubrey Retemyer could go on sentimentalizing on the ‘greatness’ of LFS Burnham, as reflected in his letter ‘Burnham made the case for brotherly relations with Cuba’ (SN, August 15), but those of us who were not of this conjecture have seen this man in a much different light .

Monkey Mountain is an actual place

Dear Editor, Could someone please inform Kwame Mc Coy that Monkey Mountain is indeed an actual place in Guyana .

The five names put forward were for the post of general secretary not the presidency

Dear Editor, My apologies to you and your readers .

Minister Rohee left out the better half of the tale

Dear Editor, My attention was drawn to a letter by Clement Rohee, telling, in his own words, “half a tale,” which was carried by your newspaper of August 14 instant (‘Mrs Jagan put forward five names for consideration to succeed her’) .

Custom and practice become law

Dear Editor, I note the response of Mr Anil Nandlall, attorney-at-law and a PPP member of Parliament, to my criticism of the PPP of Magistrate Cave in rejecting the alleged confession statement of David Leander .

Various issues delayed conveyancing for Dochfour Housing Scheme

Dear Editor, The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is disappointed that we were not given the opportunity to respond to the letter, entitled ‘Waiting two years for title from Ministry of Housing,’ which was published in the Stabroek News edition of July 25, 2009 .

Chicken farm causing discomfort to Success residents

Dear Editor, Some time ago I wrote a letter to you about a chicken farm in Success .

Cows, horses and donkeys should be moved back to the pastures where they belong

Dear Editor, The competition for space on our limited roads among men, machines and stray animals seems to be intensifying with every passing day .

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