Ministry of Education acknowledges debt to weeder

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Education wishes to thank Mr. GHK Lall for bringing to its attention through the Stabroek News by way of a letter in its columns `Minister Manickchand should address the concerns of this weeder’ (SN Oct 22, 2013) , the non-payment for weeding services provided by Mr.

PPP’s integrity commission farcical

Dear Editor, Permit me a handful of quick questions on this latest farce from the PPP concerning its own ‘integrity commission.’ Does the PPP not know that the first qualification for members of any integrity commission is that they must be untainted by even suspicion, that they must be ethically impeccable? 

An important letter

Dear Editor,    The letter by Mr. Mark Dacosta titled `The Government should start implementing the recommendations of the Disciplined Forces report in order to tackle crime’ SN 18 Oct 2013, is so important that apart from complimenting him, every household irrespective of any affiliation should secure a copy and share it with friends  so that we all urge the government to act now. 

CCWU says no to contract workers

Dear Editor, The Guyana Times of Wednesday, October 16, 2013 reported on a trade union clash over contract workers. Mr. Carvil Duncan, the head of FITUG and of the GLU was in support of contract workers and Mr Kenneth Joseph of NAACIE was against.

Charity/Urasara NDC in more trouble

Dear Editor,   The Local Government institutions in Region Two  are crashing, another councillor and chairman of the Charity/Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has resigned following alleged mismanagement of the council’s affairs.

Hamilton Green was against free and fair elections in 1992

Dear Editor, Former PNC strongman Mayor Hamilton Green in his letter, `Proposed rotation of mayorship has to be seen in context of PPP obsession with political control of Georgetown,’ (SN 10-21-13), stated that he was expelled from the PNC because he had a serious disagreement with PNC leader Desmond Hoyte over “the political management of the party machinery.”  I seemed to recall that immediately after the 1992 elections Mr Green went on a campaign to PNC groups telling them that Mr Hoyte was “foolish for holding free and fair elections.” Mr Green was certainly against free and fair elections and did all that he could do to derail the 1992 elections.