Can the spirit of Blairmont be rekindled?

Dear Editor, By some quirk of memory I related to Carl Greenidge’s excellent commentary (‘The composition of the new GuySuCo Board is highly unsatisfactory,’ SN, August 24) on the wilderness through which the sugar industry is headed (by pedestrians), again recalling the inspiration Blairmont Estate of the 1950-60s has been to my later professional life.

Fenty got the muse

Dear Editor, A brief comment on A A Fenty’s ‘Bharrat Who? Some Jagdeo legacies’ in Frankly Speaking (SN, August 29):   I like people who exercise independence of thought, desperately endeavouring to be authentic, seeing through their very own eyes, and more importantly being open and fearless in stating their views contrary to general opinion – swimming against the tide, as one would say.

Theatre of the absurd

Dear Editor, The media footage given to the Town Clerk (acting); Treasurer (errant); Public Relations Officer (verbose, rightfully so); the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown (stressed out, as they should be) in that order, may appear to some to be a matter of amusement, to others consternation, and yet others symptomatic of a malodorous environment of governance, local and instant; none recognising the brew of intemperance respective acts and actions will concoct.

No Sarwan?

Dear Editor, It is with much interest that I have read the list of ten players who will be contracted by the GCB for the upcoming regional franchise tournament.

The PPP/C should see the writing on the wall

Dear Editor, Change is constant. Usually attempts to stop change are futile though they may delay the inevitable. In the end change always wins and if I were the PPP/C I would see the writing on the wall, apologize for not doing enough to enhance the quality of life in Guyana and sincerely reach out to those would like to be involved in charting the best course for the people of Guyana.

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