Inspired by Obama Guyanese should seize the day

Dear Editor, Guyana must come good, and not just for our sake but for the sake of future generations .

Pensioners have been ignored

Dear Editor, This year around May/June the public servants were awarded a 5% increase on their salaries and four thousand dollars  per month to be added to their salaries as a temporary cost-of-living allowance for persons earning under fifty thousand dollars monthly until December this year .

With the reduction in the gas prices minibuses should not be allowed to exploit passengers

Dear Editor, It is absolutely outrageous what these minibus drivers, hire-car drivers and speedboat operators are doing to the poor people of Guyana! It has been more than two weeks now since the price for gasoline has been reduced and yet these people continue to exploit their fellow Guyanese .

Sister Carmeline will be missed

Dear Editor, Sister Carmeline of the Missionaries of Charity is soon to return to her homeland, India, and may never return to Guyana .

The Joint Services have been given deserved praise

Dear Editor, The Joint Services have and are coming in for a lot of deserved recognition and praise by many for their prompt and successful response to the heist of a $ 17 .

A new direction for Stabroek News?

Dear Editor, The recent unfortunate death of David de Caires has left a void in the Stabroek News which would be difficult to fill .

The Obama victory has implications for immigrants

Dear Editor, Barack Obama deserves applause on winning the US presidency for a well-run campaign .

Our writers and artists wherever they find themselves are in the forefront of the search for an authentic selfhood

Dear Editor, Some time ago, in the benign shadow of the Guyana Prize for Literature, there was much talk (and some interesting discussion) about the Guyanese sensibility or ‘Guyanese-ness .

The ideal editor

Dear Editor, I remember the first day I met Mr de Caires .

The M&CC should be super efficient in their dealings with ratepayers

Dear Editor, The reply of the M&CC to my letter on November 8 (‘The interest on rates and taxes owed to the city council is set in accordance with the Municipal District and Councils Act,’ SN 8 .

Why can’t the guards at one end of the harbour bridge alert the guards at the other end when they see a driver committing an offence?

Dear Editor, I try to read ‘Peeping Tom’ daily for I get a wealth of information and he does not hold back punches when he sees that it’s necessary .

Have Guyanese learnt anything from the American experience?

Dear Editor, I refer to exchanges between letter writers in your daily newspaper concerning Vishnu Bisram’s projection that the US presidential elections would have been close .

The Government of Guyana does not condone torture

Dear Editor, I refer to the Stabroek News editor’s note of November 12, 2008 with respect to the caption on my letter, ‘Sunday editorial misrepresented the President’s position on torture .

The greatest Christmas gift for 2008

Dear Editor, America has given the world the greatest Christmas gift of 2008 .

GPF acted highly professionally following GuySuCo payroll robbery

Dear Editor, GEB Security Services Inc would like to publicly express our appreciation to the Guyana Police Force and all those other officers for the highly professional execution of duties by the squad of officers who were involved in apprehending the criminals and actually recovering the payroll intact in the recent robbery involving the GuySuCo payroll operation .

‘What goes around comes around’

Dear Editor, Not so long ago I had a brief chat with Lincoln Lewis, and with sadness he told me a story of stopping at a gas station while on his way to work in Barbados, and hearing a young man (worker/attendant) in a conversation about Guyana, saying all sorts of unsavoury things about former President Forbes Burnham .

A leader needs to have vision

Dear Editor, It is with much amusement I read a letter to the editor by Ms Tandica Todd suggesting Mr R .

The government should invite tourism companies which have facilities in Belize, Costa Rica to establish some here

Dear Editor, Mr Jim Holder is right about the need for better development of the tourism industry (‘The tour companies and the GTA need to put petty pride aside, and work together to develop the tourism product,’ SN 7 .

Water problem at Block 8, Mon Repos

Dear Editor, Mr Karan Singh of Guyana Water Inc said he visited West Coast Demerara and saw persons washing vehicles with treated water (KN October 28, 2008) .

Three showers in eight years

Dear Editor, I live in the community of Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara .

Our local political leaders should learn from the Americans

Dear Editor, We in Guyana here certainly have much to learn from the electorate and current and future governments in the United States .

Not allowed to speak

Dear Editor, On Friday, November 7, the Ministry of Human Services held a public discussion at the City Hall on the law of divorce and sought proposals on a change in the law whereby a person seeking a divorce does not necessarily have to prove the other party is at fault .

GPL is not contributing to pollution of river at Bartica

Dear Editor, Further to the letter penned by Mr Nascimento entitled ‘Dumping of oil, refuse into the river at Bartica is disgraceful’ which was published in your newspaper on October 8, 2008, please note that the management of the Guyana Power and Light Company investigated these claims of the indiscriminate dumping of waste oil into the river .

What are the gods doing to us now?

Dear Editor, Despite three court orders against GPL, I have never before gone to press and have tried not to open the matter to public view, just to help GPL so as not to bring it to public ridicule .

Georgetown is becoming like London of the Middle Ages

Dear Editor, Ten hours, Monday, November 10, and  the carcass of a dog outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court is giving off a stench so unbearable, it boggles the mind that the staff of the court and parliament were not affected .

Guyana has a dictatorship of the party

Dear Editor, In Sunday Stabroek’s editorial of November 9, 2008, when referring to Members of Parliament, there is the sentence: “They are adults elected to represent their constituents, and as such are paid to exercise their own judgment on those constituents’ behalf .

Sunday editorial misrepresented the President’s position on torture

Dear Editor, Amid the current praises showered on the life and times of Stabroek News’s Editor-in-Chief the late David de Caires, it is almost distasteful that Sunday Stabroek’s editorial of November 9, 2008, would, out of force of habit, again incorrectly interpret the President’s remarks on a sensitive issue like “torture .

The cost of vehicle parts has not reduced

Dear Editor, I would like to point out that the last price I saw for crude oil on the world market was below US$59 a barrel, which is around 60 per cent lower than it was in July .

Miriam Makeba was an opponent of apartheid

Dear Editor, Today I learnt of the passing of Miriam Makeba, known fondly as ‘Mama Afrika .

Mr Corbin is the only viable leader

Dear Editor, Just a few days ago I was walking around my community where I came into contact with some young people who expressed concerns for their future in Guyana .

The GPF responded with expedition and organization in the GuySuCo payroll robbery

Dear Editor, I write to commend the Guyana Police Force on its performance in the recent GuySuCo payroll robbery .

Noise nuisance in Bartica

Dear Editor, On Thursday, October 30, 2008 at the Bartica Court, Magistrate Mr Fazil Azeez said he was not granting any music and dance permissions until November 25, the next court day .

Congratulations to the Arts Journal editor

Dear Editor, Congratulations to The Arts Journal for another spectacular edition .

Literature should be the bedrock of a society

Dear Editor, Ian McDonald’s tireless voice calling for literature to be the cornerstone of Guy-ana’s education system again sounds a warning call to the leaders .

VJ’s contribution can motivate other musicians from the rural areas

Dear Editor, Though ‘VJ’ has moved on to the next level, I would agree that as much as his contribution towards the local music industry occurred within a short time span, he did extremely well .

Personal attributes, context and providence converged to give Obama victory

Dear Editor, While the euphoria of Obama’s victory is still on, there are a number of leadership lessons we can learn from the recent presidential election in America .

Each culture has its own dress code

Dear Editor, Is there an anti-tourism organisation in our country? I ask this because I saw an article in the press from a female writer complaining about how the Brazilian women coming to Guyana dress in revealing clothes, which is not the norm in our society .

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