The death at this junction was almost predictable

Dear Editor, The death of the wheelchair bound man at the Houston junction was almost predictable. Since the advent of the new traffic lights, motorists have been pestered by those who, through drug use, alcohol or ill fortune, saw the chance to make a quick dollar as drivers waited for lights to change. 0

There is a gap between the door plank and the Cummings Koker floor

Dear Editor, In response to my SN letter of March 21, Mr. King, PRO of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has concluded that the defects which I had listed on the newly constructed Cummings Canal Koker Door were rather superficial and therefore they will have no effect on the integrity and durability of the new door since supervision of construction was carried out by a company of competent engineers and technicians who were satisfied with the quality of materials and workmanship and they have made no adverse comments during construction on the qualitative requirements of the door. 0

Emaciated ponies at the National Park

Dear Editor, I was driving down Carifesta Avenue yesterday morning when I happened to glance over at the National Park where I was stunned and horrified to see the most emaciated cream-coloured pony standing there looking as if it was about to drop dead from starvation.  0

Confidential document

Dear Editor, The Private Sector Commission is concerned at the publication in the March 23rd edition of Stabroek News of a confidential document which was not released to the media by the Commission. 0

Contemptuous of the people

Dear Editor, Having read the President’s response to the distributing of licences and frequencies issue, other than being privy to the Minister of Information’s complete and utter ignorance on the basic issues surrounding this travesty, what we are observing is that Mr. 0