Farmers of Mahaica River pledge support for Hope Relief Canal

Dear Editor,We the farmers (cash crop, livestock and rice) of the Mahaica River wish to pledge our support for the construction of a new canal at Hope to drain the East Demerara Water Conservancy during the rainy season, rather than draining into the Mahaica and Mahaicony Creeks .

The Guyana economy must be evaluated in the context of external economic shocks, the legacy of the PNC and the years it took to attain financial viability

The Guyana economy must be evaluated in the context of external economic shocks, the legacy of the PNC and the years it took to attain financial viability

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Emile Mervin’s letter of April 27 in the Stabroek News, with the caption ‘The President should think about redeeming his legacy .

Why are we arguing at this time about who suffered more?

Dear Editor,There are a number of letters in the SN which indicate that people are upset by Mr Bisram’s letter in which he wrote and pronounced on the sufferings of the indentured labourers and the slaves .

Action is required to stem the tide of homicides

Dear Editor,It is disgusting to read the daily newspapers where numerous murders are reported for which several suspects have been apprehended, charged, tried and convicted .

Slavery was the story of forced migration; indentureship was voluntary

Dear Editor,I am an African person, a Guyanese African, and I know my history well .

Time to keep hope alive

Dear Editor,Recently a SN writer wanted to know who could lead us in cooperating, uniting and sharing in the benefits of Guyana .

Mr Bisram’s examination of history was a serious misrepresentation of the facts

Dear Editor,I have taken to ignoring the many deceptive and deliberate attempts to dumb down the horror of the Atlantic Slave trade involving Africans to something that was common to all groups, and to all hemispheres in this world .

No reason to celebrate

Dear Editor,Let us not get too excited about the Guyana Chronicle’s article about the IMF’s report on Guyana’s projected growth for 2009 and 2010 .

Government’s shares in GT&T should go to tender

Dear Editor,The long overdue day of rescinding has finally arrived for GT&T and its parent, Atlantic Tele Network (ATN) .

There can be healing through faith

Dear Editor,I write in connection with the article in Friday’s SN where it was reported that the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting had cited CN Sharma for two violations and requested him to take remedial action .

Mr Bisram knows nothing about the African experience

Dear Editor,It is nothing less than disgraceful when Vishnu Bisram makes comments about the African experience when he knows nothing about it .

The efforts of Guyana’s nurses are appreciated

Dear Editor,Observing Nurses’ Week has been an annual pleasure for me for over fifty years .

Do not dismiss Mr Van-West Charles simply because of Burnham

Dear Editor,In a sound democracy there must be a loyal opposition, whose role is to ensure that the ruling party adheres to the set of laws and policies that provide justice, security and opportunity for all people .

A dedication to mothers

Dear Editor,If mothers continue to be butchered by their male counterparts, then very soon we might not have them to honour on Mother’s Day .

The ACB should have properly explained its position

Dear Editor,I refer to ‘Broadcasting committee warns Sharma about Papillon and church programme claims,’ (SN, May 9) .

The Indian and African experience has been similar

Dear Editor,The nation recently celebrated Indian arrival .

The minister responsible for NIS is not the President but the Finance Minister

Dear Editor,I applaud the initiatives in your Friday Stabroek Business for persisting with certain issues that do not seem to receive much attention in the other sections of our newspapers .

There will be minimal results from visits by low-level NIS officials to large defaulting employers

Dear Editor,The NIS official’s perspective (reported in your columns) of the superficial exercise contemplated by that institution and the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, is well on target .

All our organizations should combine resources to ensure the safety and welfare of all young women like Naiomi

Dear Editor, A few days ago Indians in Guyana celebrated or commemorated yet another anniversary to mark the beginning of Indian indentureship that began 171 years ago .

Credit is due to Elmo Mayer

Dear Editor, I refer to  Mr Malcolm Alli’s letter (Stabroek News May 2 titled ‘Town Clerk Elmo Mayer conceived the Liliendaal Pump Station Project .

Rupununi residents who worked for Gecom last year still awaiting payment

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago a letter was penned in your newspaper (‘Motorcyclists hired in the Rupununi by GECOM still awaiting payment’) regarding outstanding payments to contractors in the Rupununi for motorcycles that were hired during the registration exercise .

Residents terrorized by bass speakers

Dear Editor, I have read with great interest several letters in the press (by Dr Joyce Jonas, Mr Leon James Suseran, Mr Roshan Khan) concerning the continuing proliferation of noise pollution caused by speakers playing music at high decibel levels, and the immunity of the perpetrators from the law .

What happened to the mantra of service to the nation?

Dear Editor, As stated by MA Bacchus in her letter of May 7, 2009 titled ‘The Former Presidents Bill is a travesty,’ Mr Jagdeo will be 47 years old if he demits office in 2011 .

Patient grateful to Miracle Mission

Dear Editor, I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone responsible for giving my brother the opportunity to visit Cuba on the Miracle Mission to have his only eye looked after .

When will NIS tribunal be set up?

Dear Editor, Over five years ago I made a claim to the National Insurance Scheme for Survivors’ Benefit .

Customer care service not up to scratch

Dear Editor, I am a 100% GT&T subscriber down to the bone, and I am very disturbed at the customer care service on 0801 .

All are obligated to endorse national unity

Dear Editor, In order to fight our economic, social, cultural problems and promote and encourage respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, we must strive towards national unity .

Calliope returns

Dear Editor, The lady first came to British Guiana in 1952, and subsequently biennially up to 1973; further visits were in 1992, 1994 and 1997 .

Health issue

Dear Editor, I wish to refer to my letter which was published in Stabroek News on March 3, 2009 (‘Is it permissible to rear pigs in urban areas?’) in which I posed six questions relating to the permissibility of rearing pigs in a residential area for the Minister of Health or the officer in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency to answer .

Kill speed, not lives

Dear Editor, Despite the months of relentless visibility of our traffic police, and the remarkable 30% reduction in road fatalities in 2008, we are once again witnessing a weekly upsurge of mangled vehicles emblazoned on the front pages of our daily newspapers and on our television sets .

Elsewhere part-time judges are appointed to eliminate a backlog of cases

Dear Editor, The ongoing saga between the Registrar and acting Chancellor became very public with allegations made by each against the other in the media .

There were inefficiencies in the management of the Inter-Guiana Games football

Dear Editor, I would like first to express my gratitude and congratulations to the male and female footballers who tried their best in the Inter-Guiana Games .

US currency taken at airport

Dear Editor, As I was about to exit the terminal shed to board flight BW424 to JFK, a security person called me to carry out a search of my hand luggage and myself .

A tasteless campaign

Dear Editor, Banks DIH is no doubt one of Guyana’s longest standing corporate citizens, but they had a recent series of advertisements in which beer drinkers celebrated the taxes which their purchases of beer (and other Banks DIH products like rum?) contribute to Government taxes .

The Chancellor (ag) and Registrar of the Supreme Court should desist from making further public statements

Dear Editor, I am indeed pained at the recent happenings, letter of complaint from the Registrar and press release from the office of the acting Chancellor of the Judiciary as they relate to the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the acting Chancellor .

GPL must ensure it remains committed to the fight against electricity theft

Dear Editor, Stealing electricity is a crime punishable by law .

Those affected by the Hope canal have not been fully consulted

Dear Editor, I refer to an article in your issue of Tuesday April 28, 2009 captioned ‘Hope Canal consultancy contract awarded solely on set guidelines .

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