A new year wish

Dear Editor,As Guyanese engage in the usual old year stocktaking, reflection will also invariably focus on what lies ahead .

Lack of life-jackets on Corentyne backtrack boats

Dear Editor,Several months ago two persons died on the Corentyne River while crossing with a backtrack boat to Suriname .

Is Guyana Power and Light in a financial crisis?

Dear Editor,About two weeks ago I went home and realized that there was no electricity .

There is an identity crisis and lack of a sense of direction among the younger generation

Dear Editor,As the year glides behind the horizon, I reflect on the identity crisis and lack of a sense of direction amongst the younger generation .

A negligible increase for pensioners

Dear Editor,When we received our old-age pension vouchers for 2009 without the amount printed thereon, we felt the 2009 increase would have been realistic .

Structure in drainage canal leading to Andrews koker should be removed

Dear Editor,In your edition of December 21, 2008, you reported that the “Andrews sluice is blocked with driftwood, silted up and has not been operable for some time,” and that with the sluice not in operation the water accumulates on the land .

The stray dog nuisance should be dealt with

Dear Editor,At present there are many stray dogs roaming the roads of Guyana .

Advice on canine leptospirosis

Dear Editor,The Ministry of Health (MOH), via its health care workers and no less than the Minister himself, has educated citizens about the threat of leptospirosis, especially during the rainy season .

The government knew this flood was coming and it has to do something for the families affected

Dear Editor,My Mahaicony family suffered another loss with the flooding .

Do we really need lay magistrates?

Dear Editor,With UG churning out so many attorneys-at-law what right do we have to employ lay magistrates/JPs?Yours faithfully, RJ Eleazar .

The government has delivered

Dear Editor,A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and the entire management! It is no coincidence that my first correspondence for 2009 is positive .

Commendations for the AFC

Dear Editor,Commendations are in order for the AFC .

Until last week all the water from Hopeto Nabaclis flowed to the pump in Victoria

Dear Editor, I would like to respond to a letter published in the Kaieteur News of December 29, 2008, (‘Letter on Victoria drainage contains inaccuracies’) in which the writer – National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) Corporate Secretary Tiana Khan – makes certain assertions in response to my letter captioned ‘Little effort made to ease the flood sufferings of Victoria’ published in SN on December 27 .

Stretched-out Magazine provided a barrel of laughs

Dear Editor, Oh what a barrel of laughs Stretched-out Magazine had when it aired a few nights ago .

Can’t get money from NIS

Dear Editor, I am a senior teacher attached to President’s College and I am suffering from diabetes .

Why is overtaking restricted on wide bridges?

Dear Editor, I have been over the years a defender of the PPP/C government, as it relates to extreme and absurd criticisms, because I at least accept the need for genuine, constructive criticism .

Agencies from the Ministry of Agriculture have provided relief to flooded areas

Dear Editor, It is the time of the year when everyone is rejoicing and celebrating the festive season, but at the same time many of us are experiencing a flood situation and are losing our crops and livestock .

Burnham and Hoyte survived challenges to their leadership

Dear Editor, Recently, there have been several calls, from some sources, for Mr Corbin to resign .

The concerns about Mr Corbin’s performance are legitimate

Dear Editor, There seems to be an uprising to wake up or remove Mr Robert Corbin .

The Berbice River Bridge is a project Guyanese can be proud of, but has the road been properly constructed?

Dear Editor,The Berbice River Bridge was opened on December, 23, 2008, and it is indeed a project that all Guyanese can be proud of .

The Berbice River Bridge is a remarkable achievement

Dear Editor,The commissioning of the long awaited and much needed Berbice River Bridge is a remarkable achievement which goes to show the commitment of the People’s Progressive Party government to the development and modernisation of Guyana .

Reform is what is needed for the new year

Dear Editor,I would like to extend to you and your staff and all the readers, a very good new year .

Bishop George will be remembered for touching the lives of members of his congregation in positive ways

Dear Editor,It has been reported that in a matter of days Bishop Randolph George will be demitting office .

Why must a return fare be paid on the Berbice Bridge?

Dear Editor,Why must every vehicle pay a return fare on the Berbice Bridge? I am an auto dealer and if I take a vehicle from Georgetown to Berbice why should I pay a return fare of $2200 for a car and $7600 for a small canter? There should be an option if one wants to pay a one-way fare .

Ho Chi Minh City celebrates Christmas in a spectacular way

Dear Editor,I experienced Christ-mas holiday celebration in four major cities on three continents – NY, Frankfurt (Germany), Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon, Vietnam) .

Letter on Victoria drainage contains inaccuracies

Dear Editor,In response to a letter appearing in the Stabroek News dated December 27, captioned ‘Little effort made to alleviate the flood sufferings of Victoria’ written by Desmond Saul, I would like to address several inaccuracies contained therein .

Get the miners to help with de-silting

Dear Editor,With reference to the news item in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek `Residents devise plan to dam Dochfour’, what can be done to relieve the situation? The government has got to get the Guyana gold mining workers involved .

The PNCR statement is a litany of hearsay and wishful thinking

Dear  Editor, Before I comment on or seek to correct the more egregious errors in the PNCR’s statement published as a letter in the SN of December 19, 2008 (‘Parties in opposition tend to encounter difficulties which can lead to the exit of important members, but they do recover’), it is worth noting that its level of vitriol and malice hardly contributes to enhancing public discourse or the creation of an informed polity .

Little effort made to alleviate the flood sufferings of Victoria

Dear Editor,I write today to address a serious situation which is blatantly challenging a rational mind in search of a plausible explanation .

Employers have the duty to provide accurate information about NIS contributions

Dear Editor,Your publication of Friday, December 12, 2008 carried a letter captioned ‘Poorly performing government institutions make life difficult for citizens .

Two very different bridges

Dear Editor,Two major news items arrived in the public sphere in the past few days .

Let the PNC do their own house cleaning

Dear Editor,I recently read a letter by Mr .

Why weren’t teachers and other public servants given the bonus?

Dear Editor,A few days ago I read in the print media that members of the Guyana Defence Force will be getting a year end holiday bonus for 2008 .

We urgently need an economic stimulus package

Dear Editor,Sometime last year the prices for food, fuel and other basic items increased sharply .

Had extensive work not been done on the drainage systems since 2005 we would have been in a crisis situation

Dear Editor,The Stabroek News editorial dated Monday December 22, 2008, captioned ‘Tinker-ing,’ contains several inaccuracies and misrepresentations of facts relating to the National Drainage and Irriga-tion Authority’s  (NDIA’s) execution of its mandate .

One blemish at convocation highlighted unnecessarily

Dear Editor,The University of Guyana wishes to thank you, and all the media, for the coverage of the institution’s 42nd Convo-cation exercises, and notes with appreciation, the support you have always given to the university .

The Essequibo Cricket Board should now recognize its all-time best eleven

Dear Editor,It was certainly a very interesting initiative by the special events committee of the Berbice Cricket Board to recognize and unveil the names of the county’s best eleven, dating back to the glorious years of the flamboyant Roy Fredericks and complementing the present era with the versatile Mahendra Nagamootoo .

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