Most of major issues were avoided

Dear Editor,Dr Misir avoided most of the major issues raised by me in the exchange of letters I have had with him over the past couple of weeks, while my hint to him that he should be guided by Eleanor Roosevelt’s classic quote about ideas, events and people appears to have escaped him in his letter of February 17 (‘Excessive nitpicking,’ SN) .

Article by Jessop on tourism was timely

Dear Editor,I wish to commend your newspaper for publishing the article captioned ‘The new tourism market is becoming more segmented’ by David Jessop in the ‘View from Europe’ on Sunday, February 15, 2009 .

NCN cameraman did respond to Mr Corlette

Dear Editor,The claim by Regional Chairman, Mr Clement Corlette that the NCN cameraman he barred from covering the last statutory meeting of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Region 4 did not identify himself (‘A disinformation campaign’ SN 20 .

We should honour the ordinary people who do heroic acts

Dear Editor,Really we need to be very thankful for newspapers and the invaluable service they offer us, even though we are not always happy with how their prerogative is exercised .

GPF does not engage in ‘selective discrimination’

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Stabroek News of Wednesday, February, 18, 2009 under the caption ‘Miner stabbed to death at Kurupung .

A citizen of outstanding intellectual and public morality

Dear Editor,Like all Guyanese, we like to share tit-bits about our memories or encounters with our national heroes .

Cabinet Attendant or Hotline Porter?

Dear Editor,As discussion of the annual budget 2009 is in train, it seemed useful to review aspects of the 2008 effort .

Congratulations to the Immigration Department

Dear Editor,I am happy to pen this letter of commendation and  high praise for the Guyana Police Force’s Immigration Department for the exemplary manner in which the officers have been conducting themselves in dealing with the general public .

Corbin has taken the correct position over a stimulus package for the economy

Dear Editor,In his speech to Parliament, I notice that Mr Corbin called for this government to give a stimulus package to this nation as part of the budgetary allocations .

It’s the body, not just the head which should go

Dear Editor,Lord save us from the West Indies Cricket Board .

A disinformation campaign

Dear Editor,Councillor Kwame Warren McKoy seems to have once again restarted his obnoxious disinformation engine against the Regional Democratic Council Region 4 .

Who can stop the abusive behaviour of GPL?

Dear Editor,Yet again, the Guyana Power & Light yesterday dispatched a disconnection crew to my 88-year-old mother’s home to cut the power although the company was owed nothing .

Some recent roadworks in Lethem sub-standard

Dear Editor,There is a famous saying, ‘A job worth doing is worth doing well .

The Jagdeo government failed to support Josh Ramsammy at UG

Dear Editor,Unfortunately, in his letter to the press (‘Josh Ramsammy had the support of leading government officials on the UG Council throughout his tenure as Pro Chancellor,’ SN February 17), Mr Nanda K Gopaul is trying to revise the unethical treatment Dr Josh Ramsammy and the  University of Guyana received from senior PPP officials in their administrative capacity at UG .

Time for drastic action

Dear Editor,Over the past few weeks, the headlines in the local daily newspapers have highlighted the plight of women and girls who are the victims of sexual crimes .

How was Josh Ramsammy fired as Pro-Chancellor?

Dear Editor,I refer to Dr Nanda Gopaul’s letter of February 17 (SN ‘Josh Ramsammy had the support of leading government officials…’) as a response to my interpretation as to why Dr Josh Ramsammy was relieved of his post of Pro-Chancellor at the University of Guyana in 2000 .

The PNCR membership is loyal to Robert Corbin

Dear Editor,I start by expressing my disgust and total rejection of Mr Andrew Hicks’s opinion expressed on VCT Channel 28 on January 26 .

Poor operations at GWI

Dear Editor,The People of Guyana should refuse to pay the new increases in water rates imposed by the Guyana Water Inc .

The traffic police should rearrange their priorities

Dear Editor,I wish to commend the Traffic Chief and the Officer-in-Charge of traffic ‘B’ Division (East Berbice/Corentyne) for the jobs that they are doing; however for some reason they are both bypassing what is of utmost importance to saving lives .

Church and school have failed to nurture positive values

Dear Editor,The spectre of a ‘resident evil,’ which lay dormant during the period of the late administration, has suddenly surfaced with a vengeance, and has assumed a new name, which is ‘Violence and death to women and girls .

Concerned about ‘ ill-timed placement’ of letters in SN

Dear Editor,I want to express serious concerns about the ill-timed placement of my letters in Stabroek News, especially when I am responding to Stabroek News’s letter writers .

The poor and dispossessed are aware that the GPF does not work in their interest

Dear Editor,Quite recently by happenstance I picked up the Stabroek News edition of Monday, January 26, 2009, realizing that I hadn’t seen one before .

Joshua Ramsammy’s contribution cannot be forgotten

Dear Editor,When someone actively opposes a dictatorship and that someone is shot by an agent of the dictatorship and hovers between life and death for a while but survives, he cannot be the same again .

History must not repeat itself

Dear Editor,Sometimes turning back the pages of history can be painful and your very comprehensive and detailed report of the Bartica Massacre in SN of February 16 is but a grim reminder of that dark day in our history .

Josh Ramsammy had the support of leading government officials on the UG Council throughout his tenure as Pro Chancellor

Dear Editor,A great comrade has fallen having lived a full life .

The ‘old boys’ of cricket should be forced to step down under a wave of criticism

Dear Editor,The Antigua fiasco is indeed proof positive that the West Indies Cricket Board is the problem in West Indies cricket .

Despite his accomplishments Josh was a regular brother

Dear Editor,I join other Guyanese who mourn the passing of Dr Josh Ramsammy and extend my sympathies to his family .

The government should take a role in changing the culture of alcohol drinking

Dear Editor,In the Kaieteur News of Sunday, February 15, it was reported that the Chutney competition is without a sponsor, and that the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport might have rejected a sponsor because they did not want the event to turn into a “rum drinking event .

A loss of bearings?

Dear Editor,First of all I am not a fan of the Guyana Chronicle, but I do access it primarily for its leading news headlines and to see what pictures it has as I am a collector of current pictures of my beloved Guyana, though I gave up my residence long ago and resettled comfortably here .

The municipality is currently cleaning up the area around the Indian Monument site

Dear Editor,The February 12 edition of Kaieteur News carried a letter headlined, ‘Time to tackle the filthy state of Georgetown,’ written by Mr T Pemberton .

Has the government withdrawn the advertisements for air traffic controllers to replace those who were dismissed and then reinstated?

Dear Editor,With the recent air traffic controllers’ (ATCs) saga, it was reported in the Kaieteur News  on February 5, 2009, that advertisements to fill the vacancies of these sacked professionals were being advertised regionally .

The WICB should go

Dear Editor,Superstitious folk associate Friday the 13th with bad luck, and they must be convinced after Friday’s debacle at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground where the 2nd Test in the series against England was abandoned due to a dangerous outfield .

‘Excessive nitpicking’

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Christopher Ram’s letter of February 14, 2009 in the Stabroek News, with the caption ‘Dr Misir should respond to the issues .

Sasod should be rejected yet again

Dear Editor,With reference to the Stabroek News report its Sunday, February 15 edition, headlined, ‘Cross-dressing case points to “selective discrimination” – law should be repealed, SASOD says,’ acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson’s general perspective is being roundly supported by those who appreciate the overwhelming evidence .

It’s time to clean house at the WICB

Dear Editor,After Friday’s farce at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua with the abandonment of the second Test, there must be absolutely no hesitation by the West Indies Board of Control (WICB) in firing Dr Donald Peters, the CEO, and Dr Julian Hunte, the President, as well as all members of the senior management at the WICB .

Air traffic controllers are simply asking for the 10% hike that traditional public servants got

Dear Editor,The Guyana Association of Air Traffic Control Officers (GAATCO), avails itself of the opportunity to extend to His Excellency, President Jagdeo, our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery from his recent bout of illness and trust that our promised meeting with him will occur at the earliest opportunity, particularly too in the face of the intended dismissal today of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority’s Director of Finance and Administration, Mr .

Josh was one of the kindest persons I’ve known

Dear Editor,I remember the arresting sight of this tall, slim, bearded man coming into class to teach us high school biology in a khaki bush jacket .

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