Sluice can be put into operation if need arises

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to an article in the Kaieteur News of Thursday, July 16, 2009 titled ‘$154M sluice contractual works completed .

More people should speak out  

Dear Editor,Our world would be filled with injustice without the presence and voices and even penmanship of courageous men and women, especially those like our Roman Catholic priest Fr Bernard Darke SJ, whose 30th death anniversary we marked last week .

Will a TV channel please show the Ashes series

Dear Editor,I appeal to NCN, NTN or any other TV channel to please show us live the Australia vs England Ashes series now in progress in England .

A loss of precious resources

Dear Editor,On Friday last the people of Guyana lost yet another historical and important building .

New road washed away in first shower of rain

Dear Editor,Just recently, the trail going from Lethem to the south of the Rupununi, between Shulinab and Mountain Point, was upgraded to allow easier access, especially in the rainy season .

Keeping the city rodent free the natural way

Dear Editor,On April 4, 2009, five baby Barn Owl chicks (about 1 week old) were found in a box at the corner of Light and First Streets, Alberttown .

Loutish behaviour at bus parks

Dear Editor,On Friday, July 17 at 3pm I was in the vicinity of Republic Avenue and America Streets, when I saw a student about 12 years old approach the minibuses there .

What is happening with the Guyana Stores case?

Dear Editor, The public should be advised as to status of the case where the government has taken Mr Yassin, the owner of Guyana Stores to court for failing to pay the outstanding balance owed on this prize property .

Police should be congratulated for being amenable to suggested improvements for passport office

Dear Editor, Having read both the letters from Ms Mangal (‘Musical chairs in the passport office’ SN, July 12) and from the GPF Public Relations and Publicity Officer, Mr Whittaker (‘Improvements are being made at the passport office building’ SN, July 17), I am delighted that the police have agreed to change the system of musical chairs to one of calling out of numbers instead .

‘Opposition media biased against the government’

Dear Editor, The opposition media in Guyana is bordering on an excess of bias against the PPP/C government .

Some taxi services exploit the drivers

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate the Ministry of Labour for a job well done in regularizing standards in workplaces and ensuring that workers receive the benefits they are entitled to .

Post office closing times

We regret that the letter captioned ‘What are the Saturday hours for post offices?’ published in our edition yesterday appeared without the accompanying editor’s note .

Guyana needs a new group of thinkers and writers

Dear Editor, Guyanese political discourse needs a new group of thinkers and writers if a culture of democracy is to prevail and, without which the past shall continue to hijack the future .

The quintessential singer/entertainer

Dear Editor, We do not know how many more or who else may spring forth to be deemed a phenomenon in this our 21st century .

Improvements are being made at the Passport Office building

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to a letter published in the Sunday Stabroek of July 12, 2009, under the caption ‘Musical chairs in the passport office .

Top class should not be confused with world class in our university context

Top class should not be confused with world class in our university context

Dear Editor, Simply Google ‘Teaching Universities’ and the contribution “Interviewing at a Teaching-Focused University” by Professor Donald E .

Corbin’s statement on Honduras a ‘topsy-turvy political rationalization’

Dear Editor, The PNC’s penchant for violence and elections rigging has certainly not diminished in any way whatsoever .

Metered customers being charged for water lost due to faulty installation

Dear Editor, GWI installed meters to the residents of Mon Repos over two years ago .

Coarse language has become the norm

Dear Editor, “The moral fabric of the community has gone to the gutter .

What are the Saturday hours for post offices?

Dear Editor, I would be most pleased if you can find out and inform your readers about the closing hour of the post offices on Saturdays .

Death of Calvin Charlie should be investigated

Dear Editor, On behalf of my family I wish to thank your newspaper for covering the illness that led to the death of my husband, Calvin Charlie, who was 32 years old, and my 63-year-old mother-in-law, Helena Charlie .

The Guyana Forestry Commission still has not published a strategic allocation plan

Dear Editor, I refer to the reports in all three daily newspapers on July 14, 2009, about the presentations to the Forest Products Association by a government team on the President’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) .

The government needs to draft a science policy

Dear Editor, I write to congratulate Dr Tarron Khemraj (SN, July 8) for taking a stand to promote scientific research in Guyana that is relevant to domestic needs .

PPP/C governance has contributed to racial insecurity

Dear Editor, Dr Grantley Waldron’s programme ‘Spotlight,’  which was aired on HBTV 9 on Sunday July 5, 2009, hosted two of Guyana’s prominent politicians, PPP General Secretary, Donald Ramotar and former PNCR Chairman Winston Murray, who participated in the seventh of a series of discussions ‘Reconciliation in Guyana for what? How? ’ Both gentlemen argued their positions with conviction .

Supports lay magistrates bill

Dear Editor, I would like to extend my support for the passing of the Lay Magistrate’s Court Bill as part of the government’s attempt to ease the backlog of cases in the Magistrate’s Court .

The Rupununi could benefit from large-scale farming

Dear Editor, The Low Carbon Develop-ment Strategy (LCDS) consultation exercise that was recently undertaken in the Rupununi raised the issue of proposed large-scale farming of rice and soybeans in the Rupununi savannahs as a possible economic venture under the LCDS .

The Low Carbon Development Strategy should address the matter of oil in more detail

Dear Editor, With respect to Erica Smith’s letter in your edition of July 13, captioned ‘The Low Carbon Development Strategy is for the development of the country,’ I respect the viewpoint, not just because it differs from mine, but also because I see Ms Smith as an individual with the fundamental right to her own independent thoughts .

Michael Jackson’s death is a reminder that racism is alive in America

Dear Editor, In life Michael Jackson avoided, at least publicly, the issues of race and racism .

The loss of human capital will make it difficult to harness remittances for the purpose of spurring national development

Dear Editor, There is an interesting discussion underway with reference to remittances and their impact on our economy, and I have been reading Dr Prem Misir, Emile Mervin, Dr Tarron Khemraj (in particular his SN column, July 8) and a recent letter by one Kimberly James on this issue (KN and GC July 10) .

The biggest obstacle to national development is the inability to apply knowledge, not create it

Dear Editor, In the debate on the relative roles of research and teaching at UG, it would be constructive to avoid the temptation of assuming that I was advocating in my letter (‘UG should emphasize teaching, not research’ SN and KN, July 7) that UG should opt out  of research altogether .

A minister’s poverty does not grant immunity from public scrutiny

Dear Editor, The revelations by Senior Minister of Health, Dr Ramsammy in KN of Sunday, June 14, 2009 and the subsequent letter by Frank Fyffe in Stabroek News regarding such revelations does raise certain issues of honour, patriotism and service .

The PNCR should invite an independent observer to oversee elections at its August Congress

Dear Editor, The June 28, 2009 election for chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Georgetown District, has been sullied by allegations of fraud .

The local Ms Universe contestant represents Guyana, not just herself

Dear Editor, Sara Bharrat’s interview with the current beauty ambassador in SN of July 11, definitely highlights the fact that Miss Guyana Universe needs some last minute adjustments, and should get help from an educator in communications .

Is inclusive governance on the horizon?

Dear Editor, Last week (July 5 to 11), while we were engrossed in the aftermath of  Mr Michael Jackson’s passing and anxiety over the future of West Indies cricket, two significant events occurred within Guyana’s body politic .

Berbice blackouts and the power of the media

Dear Editor,The power of the media once again manifested itself last week after my letters about the blackout crisis in Berbice were published in both the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News .

The four days qualification has changed the whole culture of the sugar industry

Dear Editor,I read in dismay yet again in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek the futile effort the Honourable Minister of Agriculture is making in trying to salvage an industry for which the problems are so obvious .

AIDS documentary was offensive

Dear Editor,On numerous occasions, every year, the well at Covent Garden breaks down .

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