Guyanese abroad should help institutions like the Palms

Dear Editor, In relation to yesterday’s SN item ‘Noelina moved to the Palms’ I want to assure Mr .

Shocked at Geneiva’s brutal demise

Dear Editor, Nothing made me so furious on October 11, 2008 to read via Stabroek News about Geneiva Henry whose body was found on the parapet in close proximity to the Brickdam Presbytery .

Majority disapprove of T&T’s new budget

Dear Editor, An opinion survey conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Associa-tion in Trinidad has found that a huge majority of the nation disapprove of the new TT $50 billion budget presented by the ruling PNM administration led by Patrick Manning .

Dumping of garbage has reached unprecedented proportions

Dear Editor, Never in the history of this country have we witnessed such uncontrolled disposal of garbage like what is happening today .

My sister missed out on one year’s old-age pension

Dear Editor, Some measure of confusion exists at the Anna Regina Office of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security in Region No .

Essequibo Technical Institute transforming itself

Dear Editor, We live in an age in which scientific principles are being adapted more and more to serve the needs of mankind .

Beauty and sari show not degrading

Dear Editor, The criticism by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha against the staging of a show for the Diwali Pageant is unacceptable .

Corbin and Trotman are ignoring the dire conditions of their fellow African-Guyanese

Dear Editor October 12 marked another year in the Western calendar that resulted in 400 years of African slavery .

Magazines and new associations won’t change economic fundamentals of tourism

Dear Editor, Permit me to respond graciously to comments in a Guyana Chronicle article of October 9, 2008 from head of the Guyana Tourism Autho-rity (GTA), my friend Mr .

Pinder’s case and others deserve to be examined sympathetically

Dear Editor, A few weeks ago, I penned a note recalling one of our icons of years ago, Robert B .

Floating bridge is costly in later years

Dear Editor, In relation to Harbour bridge deterioration ‘almost criminal’ - President, 2008/10/12 .

I also had a bad employment experience with Dr Jagan

Dear Editor, I’d like to congratulate the Guyana High Court in relation to its decision on Colombian dentist, Ruben Mercado Navas! It is with great pleasure that I see justice done!  I am the ‘friend’ in Joey Jagan’s employ who recommended Dr .

Let’s continue to enjoy ‘free trade’ at Lethem

Dear Editor, With reference to the letter `People have assumed Lethem is duty-free port’ in SN Oct 10, 2008, I am a law abiding citizen but if there is no system in place what do you expect the people to do? Wait until the government sets up a border/immigration system? It is the port of Lethem (not to mention the open border zones), among others, that kept Guyana with supplies of banned flour and other banned foodstuff during the tough time of the 80’s .

Seecharan’s book provides different perspective on Dr Jagan

Dear Editor In recent times (and not so recent) there has been a number of pronouncements suggesting that the late Dr .

We need a good movie theatre complex

Dear Editor, Guyana keeps developing but there continues to be a lack of recreational facilities for families .

That egg ball tasted like home

Dear Editor, With reference to Tastes Like Home, here’s another of my funny little stories .

New US Ambassador can do much on commercial front

Dear Editor,I would like to congratulate Mr .

Why associate a Sari/Beauty Pageant with the Sacred Festival of Deepavali?

Dear Editor,It is with great horror that we the undersigned Hindu women have viewed the news of the resuscitation of the Diwali Pageant .

Rising Sun Turf Club does not require approval for race

Dear Editor,In relation to a notice in two daily newspapers – Stabroek News and Kaieteur News on the 9th October 2008 about the Rising Sun Turf Club tracks by my good friend Vickram Odit, the president of the racing authority, I wish to clarify the issues as raised by him .

GGMC committed to ensuring no illegal activities on Salbora Road

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the Stabroek News article dated October 7th, 2008, and titled `Illegal mining damaging Mahdia Road again’ .

Time for revamping of WICB and for regional governments to get involved

Dear Editor On July 6th, 2008, I wrote a letter in which I compared West Indies cricket to Australian cricket .

Parasite destroying my vegetable crops

Dear Editor, Some form of assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture is urgently necessary to curb a deadly soil disease affecting a diversity of vegetable crops on my household plot of land at Suddie, Essequibo Coast .

This is not a working democracy

Dear Editor, 1 note with great interest a letter “A return to democracy, we have come a long way” written by my friend John Da Silva .

We have to invent a new breed of revolutionary intellectual

Dear Editor, The melody from the theme song for Carifesta 2008 sung by our youthful Lisa Punch – excellent,  that was played incessantly and rightly so before and during the festival still lingers in  my ears .

City drains in disastrous state

Dear Editor, As I drive around the city I can see almost every drain, trench and canal either silted-up to the extent that when it rains it will not be able to store any real amount of water or they are so over-grown with grass and bush and plastic that both the flow and storage of water are prevented .

Investment in hotels in Guyana at this time not a viable proposition

Dear Editor, The editorial in the Sunday Stabroek of October 5, 2008 expressed the view that pile driving for the foundation of the proposed Kingston Hotel may well undermine the foundation of the Kingston Lighthouse, the seawall and other buildings in its vicinity .

People have assumed Lethem is duty-free port

Dear Editor Kaieteur News of 9/10/08 reported an issue in Lethem regarding the presence of vehicles with Venezuelan number plates .

Grouses with NCN

Dear Editor, What is happening with the state media, and why? First, it seems as though making a hash of important events is a norm .

A partnership must be established between President’s College Board and the PTA

Dear Editor, It is indeed a very sad day for President’s College (PC) when the Board of Governors and The Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) begin a battle for control of European Union funds for the building of a modern Information Technology Laboratory on the school’s campus .

Good Hope NDC not giving me letter so property could be transferred

Dear Editor, I have been subject to frustration and stress .

Mr Miller should urge Bartica residents to pay up rates and taxes

Dear Editor, I read the letter published by your paper dated Friday, October 3, 2008 written by Mr .

First aid should be mandatory from secondary level to university

Dear Editor, The Guyana Fire Service made an impressive move with its educational aspect of the fire demonstration just recently on the East Bank .

Venezuela arms build-up must be carefully monitored

Dear Editor, In the Guyana Chronicle of October 6, 2008 a letter captioned `PNCR statements totally irrelevant’ and penned by one T King was published .

Savvy investors will consult those who have already walked the road

Dear Editor, We can argue, until the cows come home and pigs learn to fly, that Transparency International’s (TI) 2008 Corruption Perception Index is inaccurate or unfair but it may be congruous with Guyana’s image in the region and in the wider world particularly among the private sector business communities .

Bartica has dramatically outgrown facilities at disposal of NDC

Dear Editor, Stabroek News of Oct 3rd, 08 carried a letter about garbage not being collected in Bartica .

Over a year since my son Navin was murdered and we’re getting no feedback from police

Dear Editor, I am the mother of Navin Serrao, who was murdered on 7th June, 2007 while driving his friend’s car on Thomas Road .

My news day starts with VOG and ends with Evening News

Dear Editor, I like to keep abreast of things happening in Guyana and the world at large, so I listen to, read and watch the news .

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