Quality heckling is a matter of wit

Dear Editor,   The Sunday Stabroek’s April 13 editorial ‘Vulgarity,’ is timely, and hopefully enough of our leaders everywhere would read it, digest it, then turn away to do all things necessary to arrest this sad decline taking place in our highest forum. 

Golden Grove, Nabaclis roads need urgent attention

Dear Editor, There are two roads in Golden Grove and Nabaclis which are in dire need of urgent repairs. To begin with there is the sideline dam that separates the two villages; this road is in a deplorable state with dozens of potholes which are giving vehicle drivers and owners problems to traverse on a daily basis.

Not 100hrs…

Dear Editor, Please allow me to say to some of our very learned radio and television announcers and reporters that ever since I was a kid attending school, I was taught about the twenty-four hour day.

The administration continues to demonstrate contempt for every institution of state

Dear Editor, Stabroek News’ position that the “fight against the use of the global financial network for criminal activities is as effective as the weakest link in this chain of effort,” succinctly captures the crux of Guyana’s problem which is again being manifested around the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill (AML/CFT). 

Guyanese should think for themselves

Dear Editor, In all fairness to former President Jagdeo, I am of the view that he recognized the critical weaknesses, vulnerabilities and fears of Guyanese and orchestrated a cunning plot to not only divide and rule the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) but also our country.