Transport lodged as security for doctor who did come back to country not returned after nearly a year

Dear Editor, With respect to the doctors who have studied in Cuba and have since returned to practise here, mainly to fulfil contractual obligations, if and when any of them have to leave Guyana, even if it is to go to neighbouring Suriname, they have to go through the process of getting a release from the Ministry of Health or the Public Service Ministry. 

‘Anything can happen’

Dear Editor, At the Kitty-Campbellville bus park just next to Demico House runs a drain between the road and the pavement parallel to the St Andrew’s Kirk fence that every commuter knows about, an area where a hive of activities go on daily. 

No relief from noise nuisance in Charity

Dear Editor, The failure by the Charity police to enforce the law by prosecuting perpetrators of noise nuisance emanating from business places just under the nose of the station, is responsible for an escalation of the problem of which we are the victims.

No landline service since beginning of New Year

Dear Editor, My landline residential telephone has not been working since the start of the New Year. I have made numerous complaints through GT&T’s fault reporting hotline, and despite repeated assurances from them that a technician will be looking into the problem soon, I am still waiting.