The GTU should do a comparative study within the region of teachers’ salaries

Dear Editor, Sunday evening last, September 21, I happened upon an interesting conversation moderated by Carolyn Walcott. The panel consisted of Lance Hinds of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Coretta McDonald, General Secretary, Guyana Teachers’ Union – both more familiar to me than Mortimer Livan, introduced as Senior Vice President, Guyana Public Service Union.

Further ‘eyepass’ from Baishanlin

Dear Editor, This is more ‘eyepass’ from Baishanlin, which has built a 130-kilometre road without following proper government protocol. Mr James Singh, Commisioner of Forests, had claimed that before Baishanlin would be allowed to harvest any tree, it had to meet strict requirements: “They have to have an approved Annual Operation Plan, in addition to that, they have to do a 100% pre-harvest inventory of the areas that are being logged, and only after we verify that the information is factual and correct, then we give them permission – and they have to follow all the code of practices that we have – including log targeting.” Has Mr Singh summoned the officials of Baishanlin to make sure that those requirements were adhered to?

How many schools have libraries?

Dear Editor, While the showcase distribution of books by the Ministry of Education is highlighted in the media as an Education Month activity, one wonders how many of our schools in Guyana have an active library with a librarian attached.

Drains should be concreted and covered

Dear Editor, I recently returned from Guyana after a five-day trip. Standing outside the CJ airport, waiting for my taxi to Better Hope, I struck up a conversation with a British citizen who lives in Guyana and makes his living in the hotel/casino business.

Items were contributions to the Bayrock Community Centre

Dear Editor, Attention is drawn to cricket umpire, Mr Henry Farnum’s letter, ‘Sharma Solomon must support the genuine cricket officials in Upper Demerara’ (Kaieteur News, September 24) and ‘Sharma Solomon should not have accepted money, bats on behalf of unheard of Upper Demerara Cricket Committee’ (Stabroek News, September 26).

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