In a society like ours government conceived in terms of government-strong opposition is a recipe for disaster

Dear Editor, In making the case for an apology by the PNC, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Ralph Ramkarran (GC, June 2), repeats his view that Guyana needs a strong opposition .

Small music sets can still make a big noise

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter written by Mr MS Baksh about noise in the minibuses published in your June 1 edition (‘Loud music in buses is back’) .

For the PPP it’s all about a god-given right to govern

Dear Editor, One of the major shortcomings of Guyanese political culture is the stubborn refusal to learn from history or to totally ignore it .

The selectors should take some of the blame for the downfall of the West Indies team

Dear Editor, Many people today criticize the West Indies board for the downfall of the team .

Destruction of a few cane stocks was to develop drainage and irrigation networks in the Canals Polder

Dear Editor, During the beginning of the week I noticed that Mr CN Sharma was casting doubts on the progress within the agriculture sector .

A time for action not talking

Dear Editor, Travelling on Guyana’s roads today has become something of a nightmare .

Advanced technology in a country of blackouts

Dear Editor, We are living in an age of advanced technology; an age of cell phones, television, internet, computers, ipods, DVD players and an unending list of modern inventions which baffle the intellect and confuse the mind .

Did not write Commissioner of Police

Dear Editor, I wish to inform the general public at Mabaruma in Region One that at no time have I written to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Henry Greene to make a complaint incriminating or implicating anyone .

If the law is seen as a toothless tiger it will be flouted

Dear Editor, There is a perception that if the law is seen as a toothless tiger it will continue to be flouted .

Waiting for land title

Dear Editor, The issue of a land title for myself and son has come to standstill again after years of effort for an amicable closure .

The PNCR must unite

Dear Editor, As the Biennial Congress of the People’s National Congress Reform draws near, there is a need for reconciliation in the party .

Reduced rate should not mean reduced service

Dear Editor, The recent events in Uncle Eddie’s Home are regrettable and unfortunate .

Sequence of events at the Abary Creek

Dear Editor, I am Randy Balram, a cousin of Sharda Singh and uncle to Deanna Ramjit .

The weekly picket is intended to put to the fire the feet of those who can ensure that legislation dealing with sexual violence against children is passed and implemented

Dear Editor, In an article published in the Guyana Chronicle on May 30 last, the Minister of Human Services referred to the weekly picketing exercise mounted outside the Office of the President by the Coalition to Stamp out Sexual Violence Against Children as a “strange and wholly uncalled for” protest action .

Implementing the Guyana 21 Plan would make it possible to employ the hundreds returning from Barbados

Dear Editor, Implementation of even a modest part of Stanley Ming, Eric Phillips and Kads Khan’s Guyana 21 Plan would have created the thousands of jobs required to keep Guyanese gainfully employed right here at home in Guyana .

The police commissioner must act urgently to improve the 911 system

Dear Editor, We will have to acquire, adapt and develop technology as the propellant, so to speak, of our police force activities .

The new economy demands knowledge workers at the top and vulnerability at the bottom

Dear Editor, Much has been written about immigration in the press recently .

Lethem needs attention

Dear Editor, With the much anticipated, long overdue opening of      the Guyana-Brazil Bridge, Lethem is in a state of disarray .

Beer ads are misleading

Dear Editor, The misleading beer commercials that have been flooding our TV screens during the family dinner-time and relaxation periods in the evening with family and friends, are a new low for the advertising industry in Guyana .

The PPP wants local government elections now in order to prepare for the 2011 national elections

Dear Editor, The recent pronouncement by this government that local elections will finally be held after so many years (14) is a slap in the face of the Guyanese nation .

Barbadians stand firm with Prime Minister Thompson on his new immigration policy

Dear Editor, Since the recent announcement by the Barbados government of a new policy on immigration, there has been much heated debate locally and regionally .

We need to look to the future while remembering the past

Dear Editor, Thanks for a well written editorial that put slavery and indentureship into proper perspective and made readers better understand the two systems (‘Hijacking history’ Sunday Stabroek, May 31) .

Overseas mail is stuck in transit in Trinidad

Dear Editor, I sent mail to Toronto, Canada in the first week of April .

Guyanese bloggers provide comic relief

Dear Editor, I would like to note with gratitude, a deeper level of tolerance and decency by Guyanese in their blogs in the electronic edition of local newspapers .

Today we can work in our common interest

Dear Editor, I would like to thank Dr McGowan for revisiting the issue of slavery and indentureship (SN, May 28) and Mrs Anna Benjamin for her brilliant editorial in the Sunday Stabroek (‘Hijacking history,’ May 31) .

President Jagdeo should put Guyana’s house in order before criticizing Barbados

Dear Editor, Before President Jagdeo jumps on his high horse and launches an attack on Prime Minister Thompson for the mistreatment of Guyanese in Barbados, he should put his own house in order .

The people of Santa Rosa should seek appropriate help

Dear Editor,After creating fear and panic in schools in Dakar and at Thiès, the jinniya called Maimouna made a theatrical appearance at Kaolack in Senegal last week .

Commentators fail to appreciate the implications of a huge debt burden and the time it takes to reach financial viability

Commentators fail to appreciate the implications of a huge debt burden and the time it takes to reach financial viability

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Emile Mervin’s letter of June 1, 2009 in the Stabroek News, with the caption ‘It isn’t the President and his supporters who will define his legacy .

Copyright laws are long overdue

Dear Editor,Within the music industry in the Caribbean and the wider world, Guyanese musicians have always represented their country, keeping the Golden Arrowhead flying proudly with the works they perform .

Loud music in buses is back

Dear Editor,The campaign against loud music in public transportation has lost its momentum, and the loudness (lewdness) is back .

We need education as well as legislation to deal with domestic violence

Dear EditorIt sickens me to read nearly every week another report of a woman injured or killed by her husband or partner .

Globe Trust should have been investigated at the time it failed

Dear Editor,The President of Guyana, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, said that if CLICO Guyana is to be investigated then Globe Trust will also have to be investigated .

Guyanese have lost a scholar

Dear Editor,It is with profound sadness that I read of the passing of Ivan Van Sertima .

It isn’t the President and his supporters who will define his legacy

Dear Editor,Ever since I wrote a letter urging President Bharrat Jagdeo to redeem his sagging legacy by restoring public confidence in government – executive, legislative and judicial – PPP and government apologists have been wallowing in an orgy of consensus about statistics as they try to hijack the ensuing discussion/debate by shifting the focus to the President’s handling of Guyana’s foreign debt crisis .

The people of Guyana owe a great deal to groups like Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds

Dear Editor,As we celebrate World Environment Day, I would like to praise and thank Andy Narine and his group - Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds - for raising awareness and appreciation for our wild birds .

Caribbean anti-immigrant hysteria must be understood in the context of a more generalized global phenomenon

Dear Editor,If you look at the reasons for which our countrymen and women are being picked on, you will realize that it is all too familiar in the saga of anti-immigrant hysteria .

Guyanese no longer know the national songs

Dear Editor,Much service was not done to the beautiful, meaningful words of our national anthem when it was sung last Tuesday morning at a flag-raising ceremony in New Amsterdam .

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