Is it not time to try a different political approach?

Dear Editor, I welcome Mr David Granger’s call for inclusionary democracy and a government of national unity. Given Guyana’s history of politically instigated ethnic division, I am not surprised though, that the reactions on social media to Mr Granger’s call have been dominated by expressions of puzzlement and confusion, even hostility.

A transformation

Dear Editor, I wish to thank you first and foremost for publishing my letter of October 21, 2013 in which I highlighted the cause of poor quality and non-germination of seedling paddy.

The CDB needs to monitor its loans better for compliance if the expected development from them is to be achieved

Dear Editor,   At a recent meeting at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) headquarters in Barbados with its President, Guyana’s Finance Minister and Chairman of CDB Board of Governors, Dr Ashni Singh praised the CDB for its proven service and reliability as a partner for Guyana’s development as is evidenced by the country’s growth and development because of the grants and loans it made over the years.

The constituency system in India and elsewhere is intended to reduce the incidence of minority governments

Dear Editor   In light of our own struggle to institutionalise democracy while trying to engender respectable economic growth in Guyana, I will confine my response on Ms Saraswati Ali’s comments on the new Indian government, only as it relates to those local concerns (‘Corporate agenda backing Modi is designed to consolidate existing inequalities and hierarchies,’ SN, May 23).