How does one put aside matters such as torture?

Dear Editor, It is with a sense of incredulity, and then one of horror, that I read the article in your Stabroek News edition of January 24, captioned ‘Torture aside, Leonora cop had an unblemished record.” The article relates that two police officers, Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai, while on active duty, deliberately poured an inflammable substance onto the genitals of a teenager while in custody, and set him afire.

PM’s language is civil

Dear Editor,   Reflecting on letters to the press by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds it has struck me that his language is usually tempered and devoid of invective and ad hominem references.

There is no fire sale or looting of Guyana’s national resources

Dear Editor, Allow me the opportunity to challenge some aspects of Dr Clive Thomas’ regular column in the Sunday Stabroek of January 18, 2015, specifically his contentions about “looting national resources”; “the PPP/C executive is particularly promoting a frantic scramble for minerals similar to other poor countries of Africa and Asia with the attendant looting of the country’s natural resources”; and “the fire sale of Guyana’s national resources.” We, Guyanese, have grown up hearing of and believing, even though not really seeing evidence of, the existence of abundant, rich natural resources.

No constitutionally valid election date has been set

Dear Editor, The President and his learned Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs must be advised that, contrary to their delusionary understanding and the expressions of approbation by the political opposition and other well-wishers, a definitive determination of the election date within the meaning of Article 61 of the Guyana Constitution is yet to be made.

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