Let us dredge all our canals

Dear Editor, After attending the ‘National Conversation on a Clean Guyana’ at the Amerindian Village, Sophia Exhibition Site on Saturday, June 21, apart from my comments, it is apparent that what we heard from three government ministers (Health, Natural Resources and the Environment and Local Government) was no more than part of a propaganda blitz.


In the May 29,   2014 edition of Stabroek News under the headline `All the poor performers executing government funded contracts should be weeded out’ was published a letter to the editor which erroneously stated that Courtney Benn Construction Services Limited had failed to perform a contract to relocate a sewerage pipe in Kingston and a contract to construct a sluice.

Claims about the conservation of National Gallery collection unfounded

Dear Editor, Though I am currently on leave from the National Gallery, I am obliged to respond, as the gallery’s Curator and Director of programmes, to the article in your Sunday, May 25 last edition and your extraordinary supporting editorial of Thursday, May 29, which prominently gave vent to the sensational but unfounded claims of the distinguished artist Bernadette Persaud; unfounded because these are based not on any current knowledge or verified facts that she may have regarding the National Gallery’s operations, or the state of storage and conservation of our art collection, but on selective editing of the facts at her disposal.