Produce the dog

Dear Editor, As a dog lover, I understand Mr Calvin Benjamin’s grief over the loss (hopefully temporary) of his beloved pooch, ‘Pal.’ As I read the article carried in the Kaieteur News and newssourcegy.com, I said to myself, “What madness is this!” What sort of welcome is this for someone who has put such faith in a country that promotes itself as a tourist destination with true Guyanese hospitality? 

The ruckus over the award will maybe prompt more informed debate about Burnham’s legacy

Dear Editor, In your editorial last Sunday you referred to the posthumous award by President J G Zuma of South Africa of the Order of the Companions of O R Tambo (Gold) to the late President L F S Burnham “for his integral part in the sport boycotts against South Africa during the apartheid regime and support for the liberation movement and freedom fighters in South Africa.” In an article in Kaieteur News in 2010 Halim Majeed reminded us of some of the many actions taken by L F S Burnham that would have motivated the award.