Mr Corbin should be thanked

Dear Editor,I note with interest the quick response of the PNCR (‘No objection to Globe trust probe – PNCR,’ SN April 23) in reply to my letter in the press having to do with Globe Trust (‘Why is the PNCR afraid of an investigation into Globe Trust?’ SN April 21) .

Change of tactics towards Cuba

Dear Editor,When I was going to school I read this story about the wind and the sun both wanting to get a man to take off his coat .

GC epitomizes integrity in its opinion columns

Dear Editor,Everyone knows Pastor Daniel Singh and I don’t see ‘eye to eye’ on a number of issues, but on this we are in total agreement: The Guyana Chronicle epitomizes journalistic integrity in the way it handles its opinion columns .

There should be an ‘Order of the Revolution’

Dear Editor,The passing of Dr Joshua Ramsammy brings back memories of this man who fought against the dictatorial rule of the PNC under Forbes Burnham for free and fair elections and human rights .

Madray and Shaheed were two of Guyana’s finest leg spinners

Dear Editor, I was saddened to learn of the death of Ivan Madray and Burlin Shaheed last week .

The issue of an investigation into Roger Khan’s assets and activities is a moment of truth for the nation

Dear Editor, Guyana is at the crossroads, literally at the intersection of courageous right and whimpering wrong .

Good wishes for the Opposition Leader’s recovery

Dear Editor,I write to offer my support and good wishes to Opposition Leader and Leader of the PNCR, Mr Robert Corbin, for a speedy recovery from his recent illness .

The President should think about redeeming his legacy

Dear Editor, President Bharrat Jagdeo, in response to a recent query in Trinidad about him seeking a possible third term as president, said he was puzzled why the issue kept coming up even though he previously said he wasn’t interested .

We need a criminal justice system with moral authority

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Michael Maxwell’s letter of April 25, 2009 in the Stabroek News, with the caption ‘How can Dr Misir blame crime on the public while absolving the government?’First of all, my letter was not titled ‘Sunday Stabroek editorial was full of “flimsy elements and misconceptions”’ but instead ‘Stabroek News true to form again .

Criticism of limit on Holbrooke’s mandate unjustified

Dear Editor, I refer to Jonathan Power’s column ‘India is the key to peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan’ (Sunday Stabroek 1 .

West Papua tribes thank the people of Guyana

Dear Editor,I would like to express my deep gratitude to the people of Guyana for welcoming me to this country .

Brickdam lockup a disgrace

Dear Editor,Last Thursday on Channel 7 we were given a view of the conditions of the Brickdam lockup .

A Clico investigation should not be linked to Globe Trust

Dear Editor,The President has been quoted as saying that he would be willing to investigate Clico providing there is a similar investigation of Globe Trust .

Why no Rupununi representative in the female football squad for the Inter-Guiana Games?

Dear Editor,With much pomp and ceremony the Minister of Sport introduced the first female football squad to compete in the Inter-Guiana Games .

Why is Dr Charles vying for top post?

Dear Editor,As I was looking through my Stabroek News on April 14, 2009, I came across a headline which read ‘Van West Charles to return at month end, likely to vie for PNC top post .

On both sides we are refusing to be magnanimous

Dear Editor,Judging from the plethora of letters that flooded the various newspapers, all in high praise of the former first woman president of this land, it is difficult not to get a picture of an angelic creation and the personification of a good Samaritan − humanity and humility, indeed rare qualities in politicians .

While the judicial decision time-limit bill is welcome case management needs to be modernized, conditions for judges improved

Dear Editor, It is not surprising that the Time Limit for Judicial Decision Bill 2009 was unanimously approved in Parliament .

Fall in profitability of Guyana Stockfeeds Ltd began five years before related party transactions commenced

Dear Editor, I have read the latest letter by Ms Marcia Nadir-Sharma/NICIL in the Stabroek News edition of  April 18, 2009 (‘NICIL does not have a real voice at AGMs of Guyana Stockfeeds Ltd’) .

How can Dr Misir blame crime on the public while absolving the government?

Dear Editor, Dr Prem Misir’s response to the Sunday Stabroek’s editorial of April 19, 2009 captioned ‘State of anarchy?’ was captioned ‘Sunday Stabroek editorial was full of “flimsy elements and misconceptions”’ (SN 21 .

Horrible treatment

Dear Editor, My heart goes out to the relatives of Mr Leroy Bobb whose body was dumped in Turkeyen .

Safety deposit box authorization problem

Dear Editor, My husband and I have a safety deposit box at Republic Bank, Water Street .

There should be term limits for the President of the GPSU

Dear Editor, I am appealing to fellow Guyanese to eradicate negative thinking and make way for the positive, especially when it comes to the leader of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) .

Shruti Kant passes on

Dear Editor, The well known educational pioneer, Shri Shruti Kant, head of the famed Guyana Oriental College (GOC), passed away recently in Toronto .

Are the people part of the drainage problem and not the politicians?

Dear Editor, Mr Royston King’s letter about impediments to improving the city’s drainage was quite interesting (‘There are several impediments to improving the city’s drainage,’ SN 22 .

The issue is the continuing flouting by the NBS of section 3 of the Financial Institutions Act

Dear Editor, We refer to the letter signed by the Director/  Secretary of the New Build-ing Society (NBS) published in yesterday’s edition of your newspapers .

Spay female dogs

Dear Editor, Several months ago, while watching a good movie at the Castellani  House, a group of dogs were heard fighting; the noise did not last too long and moved off to another location .

NBS has always been and continues to be very sound financially

Dear Editor, The Board of Directors of the New Building Society Limited (NBS) has reviewed statements appearing in some sections of the media attributed to particular spokesperson(s) calling themselves “Concerned Members .

Recent case could pave the way for more abused women to come forward

Dear Editor, As we were doing our daily monitoring of the newspapers we read the accounts of the young woman whose throat was slashed by her child-father ‘Jealous man stabs woman, slashes her throat,’ SN April 21) .

Keeping the city drained during heavy rainfall is a complex, costly exercise

Dear Editor, The letter written by Charles Sohan titled, ‘The city needs a plan of action quickly to deal with flooding’ (SN 22 .

Gasolene is up again

Dear Editor, It was too good to believe and the honeymoon is over .

Old national flags should be taken down from lamp-posts

Dear Editor, The first line of our National Pledge says “I pledge myself to honour always the flag of Guyana,” but this line is not adhered to by the department of government which is responsible for putting up our national flag on lamp-posts on special occasions .

There are many positive forces at work in the society

Dear Editor, Let’s all work together to keep Guyana afloat .

The UN report on minorities reflects the Guyanese reality

Dear Editor, Both the government and FITUG have condemned UN Minority Expert Ms Gay McDougall’s report on the minority status of Afrikans in Guyana in the strongest of terms, calling it among other names offensive and divisive .

Georgetown needs a drainage plan

Dear Editor, I think the problem of flooding in the City of Georgetown needs to be understood first before a plan of action can be formulated .

The Caribbean Link of Guiding has passed the test of time

Dear Editor, In a wonderfully incisive column, ‘Fulsome words, faltering deeds,’ of Sunday April 19, 2009, Ian McDonald wrote about the fulsome rhetoric that speaks about global unity and of the world fast becoming a global village, while in fact we are faced with so much disunity .

Let us hope that Obama’s attendance at the summit will help strengthen the regional economic bloc to deepen the democratization and development process

Dear Editor, It is impossible to overstate the significance of what is likely to emerge between the United States and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean after last weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad that basically saw President Barack Obama set a new American foreign policy tone for the region, at a time when the region was looking for a sense of direction from Washington to counter what it perceived as the rising alternative from Caracas .

The US trades with China et al so it should trade with Cuba

Dear Editor, I would like to join with all those who are yearning to visit Cuba and enjoy the natural beauty of that island and the hospitality of its people in thanking President Obama for taking the first steps in making Cuba once again accessible to the rest of the world .

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