The personal is and always has been profoundly political

Dear Editor, I would like to thank Dr Randy Persaud for taking the time to keep the domestic violence epidemic in public view, in his letter of August 12 to Kaieteur News (‘Why over-politicise domestic violence?’) accusing me of sidelining the issue with diatribes and attempting to score political points in my Stabroek News column of August 10 (‘Stop the slaughter’), and of not taking a dispassionate and objective position on the matter (for the record, I am absolutely passionate and most definitely not objective about violence, so am delighted with that label here) .

Politicians should not use words like ‘genocide’

Dear Editor, The recent protest marches and picketing by the real opposition parties, accompanied by the shades of parties past, was as usual noisy and interesting .

Caribbean cricket is in trouble today because our cricketers are unable to marry their natural skills to a larger social responsibility

Dear Editor, The discourse about the current cricket impasse has to move away from the narrow context in which it has found itself .

Why is the new Transport Sports Club not being used?

Dear Editor, In the course of my daily duties I am required to traverse Thomas Road, in Thomas Lands, and I was particularly pleased when I saw the renovations being done on the premises of the Transport Sports Club .

Vegetable seedlings are available at Charity but have to be sold within a specific timeframe

Dear Editor, I have noted the letter by Mr Baliram Persaud appearing in your newspaper under the heading ‘Ministry of Agriculture nursery at Charity short of plants,’ (August 10) .

The new owner of the Duke Street house should preserve it

Dear Editor, As we are about to witness the sale of one of Guyana’s historical buildings situated in Duke Street, Kingston, I say to the purchaser that he is about to become the proud owner of a gem, and whatever decisions he or any other owner down the line make, I hope that consideration is given to maintaining, restoring and preserving that heritage site .

Why the variation in voltage?

Dear Editor, Last night (August 10) we received 98 .

All Guyanese should support justice

Dear Editor, As we continue the struggles for human and trade union rights we are aware the task will be long, difficult and tedious .

The position of the AFC on any given issue is based on principle

Dear Editor, We have noticed that the PPP propaganda machinery has gone into overdrive on a number of fronts .

Something should be done about companies illegally bypassing GT&T

Dear Editor, I have noticed the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company (GT&T) lamenting its losses due to cell and overseas calls being manipulated and abused .

Guyana needs a social compact

Dear Editor, In a recent letter which I asked Mr Lincoln Lewis to deliver to the Prime Minister of Barbados, I suggested that the Barbadian concept of the social compact (contract) be extended to include the opposition in addition to the government, the private sector and the trade union movement .

Poll proves farmers recognize Minister of Agriculture’s dedicated efforts for their cause

Dear Editor, Following the recent charade of unfounded criticisms and misinformation about the management of the agriculture sector by a known opposition section of the media, the latest NACTA poll has proven otherwise .

Authorities support the PPP contention that the admissibility of confession statements should be decided by a voir dire in the High Court and not by a magistrate in a preliminary inquiry

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to a letter published in Sunday Stabroek, August 9, authored by Mr KA Juman-Yassin under the caption, ‘Magistrate Yohannseh Cave acted well within his powers and duties .

Additional information required by NIS

Dear Editor, I refer to your letter captioned ‘Pensioner told by NIS Office that records showed he was dead’ which appeared in Stabroek News dated Monday, July 27, 2009 .

What is wrong with making deals with a drug dealer when threatened by an insurrectionist gang?

Dear Editor, What’s wrong with making deals with a drug dealer when threatened by an ‘insurrectionist’ gang based in Buxton? What is the big picture issue? The public is trying to figure out whether the Jagdeo administration collaborated with a now self-confessed drug dealer named Roger Khan .

The PPP/C needs a public relations mogul

Dear Editor, Here we are, with a perceived crisis looming, a storm in a tea cup, as a result of statements emanating from a New York court of alleged links, between the Government of Guyana and a convicted drug trafficker, and the purchase of spy equipment, whose identical twin has emerged in the said court .

Did not want name to be published as a signatory to US AG letter

Dear Editor, I refer to your story published August 8, entitled ‘Wesley Kirton writes US AG on Simels’ trial disclosures,’ where my name John Decaires was reported as having been appended as a ‘signatory’ to Mr Kirton’s letter .

Guyana is still afflicted by the blight of its political culture

Dear Editor, It troubles me, as it must most Guyanese who have lived through decades of continuous political decay, that as the end of the first decade of the 21st century approaches we are nowhere near overcoming the burden of a political culture which resides mainly in the two political parties which ironically were responsible for leading us out of the colonial era into nationhood .

Ambassador Ishmael’s speech should be posted in Spanish on LCDS site

Dear Editor, I am a Peruvian graduate student specializing in environmental science .

The six parties are following the misguided pursuit of bringing down the democratically elected PPP/C government

Dear Editor, The purposeful ganging up of the political opposition parties discloses an accommodation of baby parties, one-man parties and defunct parties experiencing extreme paralysis, all in the vain hope of demonstrating strength in the misguided pursuit of bringing down the democratically-elected PPP/C government .

The Office of Climate Change should show us the factual bases on which the LCDS is founded

Dear Editor, Todd Morgan is so anxious that I should improve the President’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) that his letter to the editor of the Guyana Chronicle was printed twice, on Sunday August 9 and Monday August 10 (‘Detractors of Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy’) .

Booth cost for GuyExpo discouraging cottage industries

Dear Editor,The cost to rent an 8X8 booth in the Annex building at the National Exhibition Centre, Sophia is $60,000 from the tentative dates September 24th to September 29th .

Some rice millers exploit the farmers

Dear Editor,Many rice farmers are buying fertilizer from some of the East Coast mills on credit .

Ministry of Agriculture nursery at Charity short of plants

Dear Editor,The Ministry of Agriculture nursery at Charity has a shortage of plants for sale, unlike the what obtained previously .

The silent majority is committed to ethnic harmony

Dear Editor, SN seems far too eager to revel in the quagmire, where Guyana has finally ended up at this time .

Trinidad voters think that Panday should step down

Dear Editor, A poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association in Trinidad finds that Opposition leader Basdeo Panday is extremely unpopular among voters who want him to step down as Leader of the Opposition Indian-based UNC .

The government should have sent state media to cover the Simels’ case

Dear Editor, Of recent we have been hearing grumblings from government quarters about the kind of reporting coming out of the Simels’ trial in the United States of America .

Six parties’ initiative commended

Dear Editor, As the startling revelations at the Robert Simels trial continue, our government officials continue to deny all ties with Roger Khan .

Mr Corbin should not be associated with the electoral process at the PNCR Congress

Dear Editor, The PNCR commitment to transparency has to be made manifest in all spheres, especially as these relate to the upcoming biennial Congress .

Magistrate Yohannseh Cave acted well within his powers and duties

Dear Editor, The preliminary inquiry into the brutal murder of Minister Satyadeow Sawh , his family members and a security guard came to a premature end as the accused in the matter, David Leander called ‘Biscuit,’ died under circumstances which are still to be explained .

The Fire Department should use tankers similar to those used by the petrol companies

Dear Editor,Once upon a time I was in the British Guiana Police Force and automatically was in the Fire Brigade .

Small vendors being moved from parapets but not big business

Dear Editor,The handling of the issue of the University of Guyana Taxi Park at the junction of the East Coast Highway and UG access road by Minister Benn must be commended .

Not a signatory to letter sent to US AG

Dear Editor,With reference to your story dated August 5, 2009 entitled ‘Wesley Kirton writes US AG on Simels trial disclosures’ please be advised that neither am I a signatory of the letter sent to  the US AG, Eric Holder, nor have I authorised anyone to sign said letter on my behalf .

Mayor and City Councillors yet to receive a copy of Burrowes report

Dear Editor,A noticeable feature throughout human history has been the failure of leaders everywhere to learn the lessons from history .

Olga Bone worked to see Guyanese children got an education

Dear Editor,Recently two highly respected women passed on, firstly our very own Olga Bone an educator for most of her life .

Congratulations to Ms Boyd

Dear Editor,Now that the much hyped Cellink Jingle and Song Competition has concluded and Ms Boyd was announced the winner, I would like to congratulate  her on her achievement .

Mr Corbin should note that President Obama has refused to recognize the de facto Honduran government

Dear Editor,Reporter, Bert Wilkinson, writing for the IPS news service (August 4), says Guyana is being run by a “Hindu-led” PPP government .

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