No dentist registered in Lichfield

Dear Editor, In Sunday Stabroek of October 13, there is a feature on Lichfield written by Miss Shabna Ullah. The second sentence of the first paragraph states, inter alia, “Some have established businesses like gold mining, while others are employed as teachers, nurses, dentists and clerks.” Dentists?

Under siege from neighbours

Dear Editor, I have been living in Carmichael Street for the past 25 years. The only vehicular access to my home is through an alleyway which is shared with my neighbours to the north, a group of three families who occupy two container houses owned by the Roman Catholic Church.

Justice and rights are not about race and gender

Dear Editor, I would like to add my pen in response to two letters Minister Priya Manickchand has written in relation to the interpretation by the opposition AFC and APNU and the Chairman of Transparency Guyana,  Mr Anand Goolsarran, that the wife of the Minister of Finance is in a conflict of interest situation because of the position she holds at the Auditor-General’s Office.