A publicity stunt

Dear Editor, I will take a different angle in relation to Dr Steve Surajbally’s letter in the SN titled, ‘Crawford  kept the torch of true Olympism burning bright’ (February 6) .

Stanley Ming should be leader of the PNC

Dear Editor, If the PNCR does not rebuild the party and go on to win elections all members and supporters will walk through the door and never return .

‘In the current exchange on the Integrity Commission, my focus was on compliance with the law’

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Christopher Ram’s letter of February 8, in the Sunday Stabroek .

Hope channel the most suitable flood relief proposal in the circumstances

Dear Editor,In the SN letter dated Feb .

Still can’t get money from NIS

Dear Editor,A month has passed since I last wrote concerning the non-payment of my NIS benefit (‘Can’t get money from NIS’ SN 31 .

Deryck Bernard was selfless and honourable

Dear Editor, One year ago the death of our friend and mentor Deryck Milton Alexander Bernard shook us to the core, as our image of him was not of a sick and ailing person, but of a strong man, upright and resolute .

Minister Benn mishandled the air traffic controllers’ strike

Dear Editor,It appears as though we, a democratic society, have resorted to an archaic, draconian and uncivil manner of settling disputes .

The people should be told the truth about what has happened in the sugar industry

Dear Editor,I would like to respond to the missive written by Mr Tej Singh in the Guyana Chronicle of February 2, 2009, captioned ‘Production shortfall in the sugar industry is climate related .

AFC should jump-start the election campaign

Dear Editor,I am advising the Alliance for Change (AFC) to jump-start the campaign for the upcoming general election .

President Obama’s birth chart

Dear Editor,A mixed bag of blogs on the subject of President Obama’s birth chart .

This Idol season promises to be one of the best

Dear Editor,My favourite show has started to air on Tuesday and Wednesday nights on Vieira Communications Television (VCT- 28) [In Berbice Channel 12] .

New batting stance for Shiv?

Dear Editor,Am I mistaken or is Shivnarine Chanderpaul using an extravagant batting stance in the current Test against England?As far as I recall, Chanderpaul used this unusually widened technique, similar to Lambert’s, against Sri Lanka in the first Test last year, and he failed by his standards .

The Integrity Commission is not a subject for spinning

Dear Editor, Perhaps it is because in cricketing terms both Dr Prem Misir and Mr Kwame McKoy would be considered spinners of the pedigree of Ramadhin and Valentine; perhaps it is because they work at the same place, or that they write and think alike; or perhaps it is their knack for assigning a political party because they do not understand or practise independence,  political or otherwise, but whatever it is, Dr Misir’s missive in the Stabroek News (February 3), repeated I believe in all the dailies, wishing me luck in my campaign in the 2011 elections surely extends their line about my political goals and plans .

The Hope Canal could worsen the conservancy problem, not improve it

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Mr R Seegobin’s letter in SN dated February 3, (‘The model and risk analysis are everything to the Hope Canal project’) which identifies the essential parameters for hydrological modelling of the EDWC to determine the proposed additional capacity of the conservancy flood relief as well as where to locate the canal .

We need to get it right in GuySuCo as soon as possible because the price of sugar on the world market is going up

Dear Editor,In my last letter to the press about Guysuco (‘Change instruments are needed to move GuySuCo forward,’ KN 4 .

Will the Turkeyen squatters be removed early?

Dear Editor,Some time in December 2008 and January 2009 the section of land north of the railway embankment in Turkeyen was advertised for sale by NICIL .

Punitive taxes, lax penalty system breed corruption

Dear Editor,I was shocked to read about the lack of co-operation that the Polar Beer probe team received from GRA .

There should be a moratorium on Obama comparisons

Dear Editor,Many local politicians have been in full praise of President Obama and his historic victory .

People should choose competent leadership in the next election

Dear Editor,I have a simple and clear message for the people of Guyana, and it is this: We are responsible for what is going on in Guyana right now, (i) because we failed to vote in Guyana based on pressing realities, and (ii) because we are still not making sure that our incumbent government is accountable to us for all actions and decisions taken .

SN ‘faltering’ − again

Dear Editor,I respond to the editor’s note in Stabroek News on February 5, 2009 regarding my letter titled ‘SN caption on letter “distorted” its intent .

Guyana frequently absent from top tables in UK

Dear EditorWhy is Guyana so often absent from the top tables in Britain?I am a member of the Caribbean Board which currently advises the British government on matters Caribbean .

No cause for apology

Dear Editor,I wish to express my concern for different impressions given in your paper of Sunday, February 1, 2009, in an article entitled ‘Rupununi Chamber Chairman apologizes over Brazil Army gravel transport matter .

You do not have to be a nuclear scientist to know when to put up road safety signs

Dear Editor,In your January 17, 2009 issue of the Stabroek News, letter writer M Emile wrote about the conditions of the roads in Lethem .

What has changed in the prison system since the US State Department’s report of 1999?

Dear Editor,The computer technicians were able to save some of my files after my computer crashed, and now that I have it back, I took the time to see what files were saved and also to decide on some ‘clean-up .

Crawford kept the torch of true Olympism burning bright

Dear Editor,The Guyana Chronicle carried a story which educated us that Shawn Crawford handed over his Olympic 200-metre silver medal to the sprinter, Churandy Martina of the Netherlands Antilles, because he felt the latter, who had come in second but was later disqualified, had earned the medal .

Radio in Linden hardly functions

Dear Editor,It is understandable why many Lindeners do not tune in to radio and young people especially are distant from it .

Not surprised by fraud

Dear Editor,Behold, there is another fraud at the Republic Bank .

There is nothing wrong with the Consumer Movement of Guyana seeking assistance from businesses and others

Dear Editor,I wish to refer to a letter dated January 27 in the Stabroek News captioned ‘Guyana Consumers’ Association not connected to “The Consumer Movement of Guyana”’ by Eileen Cox of the Guyana Consumers’ Association .

Christmas in February

Dear Editor,The 2009 Christmas holidays seem to be over everywhere except in the Guyanese local advertising world .

It should be the mission of the trade union leaders to rekindle the spirit of ’53

Dear Editor,I just received a copy of an article titled ‘Controversial trades union bill passed’ by Andre Haynes (SN January 9) .

When will the Rupununi Bridge be repaired?

Dear Editor,It’s now almost a year since a spanking new multi-million dollar bridge over the Rupununi River caved in under the weight of an excavator heading into a mining location .

Ban alcohol advertisements

Dear Editor,I will get straight to the point on the issues of alcohol and tobacco .

The Guyana constitution makes more adequate provisions for its indigenous communities than the US constitution does for Native Americans

Dear Editor,During his campaign, President Obama placed indigenous communities high on his agenda .

SN caption on letter ‘distorted’ its intent

Dear Editor,It is amazing to see the length and breadth of mischievousness some media houses practise .

According to his astrological chart Obama will have to tread very carefully

Dear Editor,Humble he may be, but I see President Obama as a strong humanitarian, a sincere chap who believes in the brotherhood of man .

A loving heart passes

Dear Editor,Allow me to express my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Hajji Hyderali of Logwood, who was recently placed to rest after eighty-five years of tireless toil .

The nation needs to know whether or not the President is guilty of the allegations of spousal abuse against him

Dear Editor,It is indeed a good sign to see that various organizations in Guyana are committed to pursuing a path to ensure that the allegations made by former First Lady, Varshnie Jagdeo, are investigated .

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