Recent case could pave the way for more abused women to come forward

Dear Editor, As we were doing our daily monitoring of the newspapers we read the accounts of the young woman whose throat was slashed by her child-father ‘Jealous man stabs woman, slashes her throat,’ SN April 21) .

Keeping the city drained during heavy rainfall is a complex, costly exercise

Dear Editor, The letter written by Charles Sohan titled, ‘The city needs a plan of action quickly to deal with flooding’ (SN 22 .

Gasolene is up again

Dear Editor, It was too good to believe and the honeymoon is over .

Old national flags should be taken down from lamp-posts

Dear Editor, The first line of our National Pledge says “I pledge myself to honour always the flag of Guyana,” but this line is not adhered to by the department of government which is responsible for putting up our national flag on lamp-posts on special occasions .

There are many positive forces at work in the society

Dear Editor, Let’s all work together to keep Guyana afloat .

The UN report on minorities reflects the Guyanese reality

Dear Editor, Both the government and FITUG have condemned UN Minority Expert Ms Gay McDougall’s report on the minority status of Afrikans in Guyana in the strongest of terms, calling it among other names offensive and divisive .

Georgetown needs a drainage plan

Dear Editor, I think the problem of flooding in the City of Georgetown needs to be understood first before a plan of action can be formulated .

The Caribbean Link of Guiding has passed the test of time

Dear Editor, In a wonderfully incisive column, ‘Fulsome words, faltering deeds,’ of Sunday April 19, 2009, Ian McDonald wrote about the fulsome rhetoric that speaks about global unity and of the world fast becoming a global village, while in fact we are faced with so much disunity .

Let us hope that Obama’s attendance at the summit will help strengthen the regional economic bloc to deepen the democratization and development process

Dear Editor, It is impossible to overstate the significance of what is likely to emerge between the United States and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean after last weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad that basically saw President Barack Obama set a new American foreign policy tone for the region, at a time when the region was looking for a sense of direction from Washington to counter what it perceived as the rising alternative from Caracas .

The US trades with China et al so it should trade with Cuba

Dear Editor, I would like to join with all those who are yearning to visit Cuba and enjoy the natural beauty of that island and the hospitality of its people in thanking President Obama for taking the first steps in making Cuba once again accessible to the rest of the world .

Further advice for imbibers

Dear Editor, I am deeply touched by the concern shown by a purveyor of spirituous liquors about how the consumers of its beverage, and presumably that of other purveyors as well, would reach home after the event .

Democracy perishes in the dark

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to one captioned ‘The AFC has failed again,’ which was published in the April 21 issue of the Guyana Chronicle newspaper .

Arrests of journalists

Dear Editor, I have a lot of respect for the journalists who often go out on a limb and become the eyes, ears and mouths of the impoverished and forgotten in extremely remote areas of the globe, among other assignments .

City Council has taken action regarding illegal storage of building materials on Queenstown parapet

Dear Editor, Please refer to a letter in your newspaper of April 13, 2009, captioned ‘Queenstown road blocked by sand .

When GRA completes the computerization of its Licence Revenue Office it will examine linkages with its other offices throughout the country

Dear Editor, I wish to make reference to a letter which appeared in the Stabroek News letters’ column dated  April 2, 2009 and captioned ‘Why is there only one licence office in Georgetown?’The Guyana Revenue Authority is currently reviewing its systems with a view to improving the quality of service provided to taxpayers at the Licence Revenue Office, including the computerization of the operations at that office .

Clico should switch off the fairy lights outside their HQ

Dear Editor, As I patiently await my cheque from CLICO (Guyana) after having surrendered my policy (of nine years) to what now seems like an eternity ago, I am not amused by the tiny ‘million’ lights that continue to illuminate the exterior of their headquarters on Camp Street during the nights .

There are several impediments to improving the city’s drainage

Dear Editor, Please refer to a letter which appeared in the Stabroek News of April 19, 2009 headlined ‘The city needs a plan of action quickly to deal with flooding’ by Charles Sohan .

Suddie beach littered with cans and broken bottles after ‘kite-flying’

Dear Editor, Over the years, I have always boasted to my friends about the beautiful stretch of beach which is located in the village of my birth − Suddie, Essequibo Coast .

Equine odour

Dear Editor, A young lady not more than 30 years old from Suriname visited Guyana for the first time to see Easter in Guyana and spent five days at my home in Grove .

Why are there ‘No Parking’ signs on both sides of the road in front of Marian Academy?

Dear Editor, What is the reasoning behind putting ‘No Parking’ signs on both sides of the roadway in front of the country’s only Catholic school (Marian Academy) situated on Carifesta Avenue?One does not know whether to be amused or saddened at this action by the relevant authorities .

Like Obama, Jagdeo should look at the future not back at the past

Dear Editor, President Barack Obama since coming to eminence has always been impressive .

Why so many recurring short-term black-outs?

Dear Editor, It is very disgusting at times the way in which GPL gives black-outs .

The rejuvenation of Leguan and Wakenaam is now assured

Dear Editor,Over the last few weeks the issue of two airstrips in Leguan and Wakenaam has drawn a wide variety of views in your newspaper, mostly negative .

Berlin Shaheed was a favourite cricketer and a gentleman

Dear Editor,I was deeply saddened upon learning of the passing of veteran cricket star Berlin Shaheed of Port Mourant .

Obama should read the Galeano book given him by Chávez

Dear Editor,Eduardo Galeano is a brilliant writer who captures the spirit − blood, tears, joy, struggles, hopes − of the peoples of the Americas .

President’s College is in a bad state

Dear Editor,I am very sad that less than 25 years after President’s College (PC) opened its doors there are signs that this educational institution will soon be dissolved .

Sunday Stabroek editorial was full of ‘flimsy elements and misconceptions’

Dear Editor,I refer to Sunday Stabroek’s editorial of April 19, 2009, with the caption ‘State of anarchy?’The attempt on Ms Maria van Beek’s life was cruel and, indeed, leaves considerable mystery on motives in its wake .

Why is the PNCR afraid of an investigation into Globe Trust?

Dear Editor,I am somewhat bewildered!  Why is the Peoples National Congress so afraid of an investigation into Globe Trust?  Absolute mismanagement, wrought by unsecured loans caused the collapse of Globe Trust .

Poor international TV coverage of Summit of the Americas

Dear Editor,I was most disappointed with the lack of live international (US/BBC/ Al-jazeera) TV coverage for the Sunmmit of the Americas .

Obama is re-engaging the world in new ways

Dear Editor,President Obama recently took it upon himself to apologise to world leaders for past US misdeeds (to put it mildly) .

Time for Guyana to say ‘bye bye’ to other Caribbean countries

Dear Editor,Guyana seems to be withstanding the economic downturn quite well .

The President should have handed the Buxton video footage to the DPP

Dear Editor,President Jagdeo and many others have unique gifts which mark them off from the common run of humans .

Disappointment that Michelle Obama did not come to the region

Dear Editor,I wonder how disappointed many from this part of the hemisphere were with US First Lady Michelle Obama’s no-show during the just concluded 5th Summit of the Americas in Trinidad .

The gun has become a form of argument

Dear Editor,There we go again!  I never heard of Ms van Beek before the Clico affair, but I deplore the vicious attack on her life .

‘We don’t believe the proposed Hope canal will only affect a few residents’

Dear Editor,We, the concerned residents of Dochfour, Two Friends, Hope/Lowlands and Ann’s Grove would like to clarify some issues arising from the letter written by the CEO of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), Mr Lionel Wordsworth printed in the Stabroek News on April 3, 2009 (‘Studies by both local and international experts indicate that an additional outlet is required for the conservancy’) .

The perpetrators of the attack on Ms van Beek must be brought to justice

Dear Editor,I wish to join those who have expressed condemnation at the attempted assassination of Ms Maria van Beek .

The acting President, the Commissioner of Police should have called a press conference after the attempt on the Insurance Commissioner’s life

Dear Editor,Although I live three thousand miles away from Guyana and follow with great trepidation the steady decline of this country, I must confess that I was not prepared for Thursday’s brazen attempted assassination of Ms Maria van Beek .

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