Majoritarian government is the worst form of democracy for Guyana

Dear Editor, We in Guyana, like everywhere else on the planet, live by a ‘social contract .

Delays in mail delivery are caused by factors outside the control of the Guyana Post Office

Dear Editor,Thank you for requesting the Postmaster General’s comments to the issue(s) raised in a letter sent by D Howells captioned ‘Why does mail to and from Guyana take so long to arrive?’ (SN 21 .

GRA was aware of the foreign-registered vehicles in Lethem and was drafting a policy relating to them

Dear Editor,Following several articles in the media on Venezuelan vehicles in Region 9, the latest being in the KN on March 9, I find it necessary to break my silence on this issue .

Can’t get NIS pension

Dear Editor,My sixtieth birthday was observed in July 2006, and to date I have not received any NIS pension, despite several frustrating visits to the NIS office at Anna Regina .

An airstrip on Leguan could expose the residents there to a floodgate of criminal activity

Dear Editor,In SN of March 8, an advertisement was put out by the Ministry of Public Works & Communication (MPWC) inviting applicants who have lands measuring approximately 3000 ft long by 300 ft wide for sale on the island of Leguan for the construction of an airstrip .

Fighting corruption requires institutional reform not polygraph tests

Dear Editor,I am amused that the President and certain agencies are promoting polygraph testing as a panacea for combating corruption in the public sector .

Yupukari staged a Mashramani celebration this year

Dear Editor,When the village of Katoka was smaller in population, I observed how my village elders came together to help each other in building their houses or in farming generally .

Why do our circumstances not allow discussion without political rancor?

Dear Editor, There is currently an accusatory but essentially pointless discourse in some of our dailies, which, if memory serves correctly, began between John da Silva and Donald Isaacs (KN 3 .

‘Pelting’ not ‘chucking’

Dear Editor, In my long, long, long-ago cricketing and newspaper-writing days, it was clear to me when a bowler was pelting, and I used to have no hesitation in saying that the bowler was pelting .

Government’s handling of CLICO leaves much to be desired

Dear Editor, The government’s handling of the CLICO situation leaves much to be desired .

Phagwah is celebrated similarly in India, Guyana and NY

Dear Editor, A group of Guyanese left NY to celebrate Phagwah in India .

Seaman who lost legs should be given urgent help

Dear Editor, I read a very heartrending story a few days ago in your newspaper .

Road from Wauna to Mabaruma airstrip in a bad state

Dear Editor,Our roads have deteriorated and are in such a terrible state in some parts, that when the rain falls they are almost impassable .

What was the capitalization status of the financial sector at the end of February 2009?

Dear Editor,In the March 5, 2009 Stabroek News article titled ‘Bank of Guyana says financial sector adequately capitalized at Dec 2008’ the Bank of Guyana in response to purported continued deliberate attempts to mislead the public on the health of the financial system made it abundantly clear that Guyana’s financial sector was adequately capitalized until the end of December 2008 .

Telephone problems at La Grange

Dear Editor,I am a resident of La Grange West Bank Demerara and I am a customer of GT&T .

Unsung heroes

Dear Editor,Recently, a letter writer sought to remind us of an unsung hero, one Mr .

The government has never had a five or ten-year economic recovery plan

Dear Editor,Almost ten years ago, on August 8, 1999, to be exact, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo took over the Guyana presidency from Mrs Janet Jagan, who served from December 1997 after successfully leading her party’s A-Team comprising herself, Mr Jagdeo and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, in a tensely waged election fight against the PNC .

There should be a commission of inquiry on the abuse of women

Dear Editor,For some time I had planned to write about the epidemic of abuse, disrespect and violence against women .

Programme on the origins of Mashramani was quite a feast

Dear Editor,The TV programme ‘Our Culture Our Life’ hosted by Wanita Huburn, and which quite recently featured Jimmy Hamilton and Don Gomes leading up to the Mash celebrations was one with a big, big difference .

A brilliant manifesto

Dear Editor,On January 29,  a letter by Mr Ogunseye was published in SN captioned ‘The work of Ronald Waddell resulted in a reduction in extra-judicial killings,’ wherein it is stated, “There is therefore an urgent need for re-thinking and re-strategising on the way forward by the leaders of the African community .

Kindness of St Sidwell’s children

Dear Editor, I read in your newspapers on March 5 that the Animal Health Department of the Ministry of Agriculture seized two pregnant animals that were about to be slaughtered at the Georgetown Municipal Abattoir .

Remembering Cheddi Jagan

Dear Editor, March 6 marks the 12th anniversary since my dear father, President Cheddi, died at an age where his life’s work was not yet completed .

Where are the prescribed locations for dumping sewage?

Dear Editor,Myself and three friends were fishing at the koker located at Princes street on Thursday, March 5, 2009 .

The government should offer a direct bailout of NIS and a limited bailout to Clico policyholders

Dear Editor,The recent comments of President Jagdeo suggesting indemnification of the policyholders of Clico (Guyana) translates to a bailout of around US$34 million dollars .

The memory of Cecil William Shelborne Jones is preserved in Lichas

Dear Editor,On Friday, February 13 at the Lichas building, a dedication concert was held in honour of the godfather of Linden theatre, Cecil William Shelborne Jones .

Given the conditions Guyana is fortunate not to have experienced an epidemic of some sort

Dear Editor,Two letters are published on the same day (March 4) concerning health issues .

The government should not play political football with the Critchlow Labour College

Dear Editor,It came as a shock to learn that the once proud Critchlow Labour College is slowly being suffocated to death .

Under the law the Regional Executive Officer does not need the Regional Chairman’s permission to expend money on a Christmas social

Dear Editor,Again we have seen how misguidedly Clement Corlette has stepped out of his authority as Regional Chairman by attempting to usurp the authority vested in the Finance Secretary within the Ministry of Finance to surcharge a public officer .

Pig-rearing in urban areas is a land-use issue which comes under the Central Housing and Planning Authority

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter in the Stabroek News of March 3, 2009 on the subject of ‘Is it permissible to rear pigs in urban areas?’ and your request for comments thereon from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) .

The price for rice on the world market has dropped considerably

Dear Editor, When people with no knowledge of international trade make public pronouncements on matters about which they have absolutely no idea it can be a very dangerous thing .

The allegation against the AFC is a cheap political ploy

Dear Editor, I write regarding President Bharrat Jagdeo’s assertions on Sunday, as published in the March 4 issue of your newspaper, that one of the individuals involved in the “cocaine in pepper sauce” illicit narcotics trade is a financier of the AFC .

Land alongside the Berbice Bridge road is to be developed into a business and housing area

Dear Editor, I would like to advise Mr Dennis V Debidin who penned a letter in the Stabroek News (‘The land alongside the Berbice Bridge road should be reserved for commercial development,’ 27 .

The Georgetown Solid Waste Management Programme will improve environmental conditions

Dear Editor, We, at City Hall, wish to update citizens on solid waste management in the city of Georgetown .

GMC is in discussion with agro-processors with respect to purchasing Wauna peanuts

Dear Editor,Permit us to respond on behalf of Mr Robert Persaud, Minister of Agriculture, on the letter captioned ‘Wauna farmers cannot sell their peanuts’ published in the March 4, 2009 Stabroek News .

There needs to be regulatory reform in the financial sector

Dear Editor,The Clico crisis follows closely the story of the global financial meltdown .

Ms Lowden has been misguided by her ‘sources’

Dear Editor,I refer to the editor’s note to my letter on March 4, 2009 of Stabroek News with the caption ‘Heritage Foundation did not use Ram and McRae as a “source” for the economic freedom index .

Why has Mrs Hoyte not been paid her late husband’s presidential pension?

Dear Editor,I once again express utter consternation at the refusal of President Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP/C government of Guyana to pay the pension owed to the late former President of Guyana, Hugh Desmond Hoyte, to his surviving 76-year-old widow and former First Lady of Guyana, Mrs Joyce Hoyte .

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