Questions for David Granger

Dear Editor, Stabroek News of Saturday, May 4, in a news item quoted Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the PNCR and Chairman of APNU Mr David Granger as saying that “Burnham was not responsible for the murder of Walter Rodney.” In support of his position Granger relied on statements from a book – Assassination Cry of a Failed Revolution ‒ allegedly authored by Rodney’s accused assassin, former GDF army sergeant now deceased, Gregory Smith and his sister, Anne R Wagner This is not the first occasion nor will it presumably be the last when a PNCR leader has done/will do a great disservice to his credibility by denying that Burnham master-minded the assassination of Rodney basing their contention on Smith’s book. 

Produce the dog

Dear Editor, As a dog lover, I understand Mr Calvin Benjamin’s grief over the loss (hopefully temporary) of his beloved pooch, ‘Pal.’ As I read the article carried in the Kaieteur News and newssourcegy.com, I said to myself, “What madness is this!” What sort of welcome is this for someone who has put such faith in a country that promotes itself as a tourist destination with true Guyanese hospitality?