Claims about the conservation of National Gallery collection unfounded

Dear Editor, Though I am currently on leave from the National Gallery, I am obliged to respond, as the gallery’s Curator and Director of programmes, to the article in your Sunday, May 25 last edition and your extraordinary supporting editorial of Thursday, May 29, which prominently gave vent to the sensational but unfounded claims of the distinguished artist Bernadette Persaud; unfounded because these are based not on any current knowledge or verified facts that she may have regarding the National Gallery’s operations, or the state of storage and conservation of our art collection, but on selective editing of the facts at her disposal.

Raising the retirement age

Dear Editor, Those who should be concerned would wish to know that in a conversation on Dr Grantley Walrond’s ‘Spotlight’ on Thursday, June 19, 2014, the interviewees, Dr Pat Francis and Dr Mellissa Ifill of the University of Guyana, revealed they welcomed the news that the administration had approved raising the retirement age of lecturers (and presumably other categories of staff) from sixty years to sixty-five years.

The ‘Take a number system’ is intended to ensure that customers are attended to in an orderly fashion

Dear Editor, With reference to the letter penned by Mr Roshan Khan which was published on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 in Kaieteur News captioned ‘GPL Main Street – a definite nightmare worse than the US Embassy’ and in Stabroek News on the same date titled ‘It is easier to get a visa from the US Embassy than service from GPL,’ the Guyana Power and Light Inc wishes to state the following.

Guyana is not short of attorneys and public funds should not be used to subsidise legal education at UG and HWLS

Dear Editor, It has been reported that 25 graduates of the class of 2014 from the University of Guyana (UG) have eventually been cleared and granted automatic placement at the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS), University of the West Indies (UWI) at St Augustine Campus after financial and other modalities have been negotiated and cleared by Guyana’s Attorney General.