No political coercion

Dear Editor, With respect to accusations carried in the April 4 edition of the Guyana Times, I will confess that I have hit my workers in the past…with bouncers on the cricket field, during the matches that staff and customers in our small community regularly play together.


Dear Editor, I am amused at the drama that followed the multimillion dollar heist which occurred outside the Bourda post office last week.

The PPP and Hinds never produced a comprehensive strategic plan to develop the energy sector

Dear Editor, In response to my SN letter of March 27 saying that Prime Minister Sam Hinds had neglected his primary responsibilities in relation to Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Teri Phang attempted to portray him as the PPP government Minister who has overseen the investment of billions of dollars in rehabilitation and modernization of Guyana’s energy sector including GPL, and there had been a drastic transformation (‘Hinds has overseen the modernization of the country’s energy sector,’ SN, April 1).

Identity is complex

Dear Editor, We should not allow Guyana’s frustrating politics and the political dinosaurs in the PPP to drive us to border on demeaning or denying some uplifting aspects of our identity.

Plunging Guyana into the past

Dear Editor, Dreams die hard for the Grangers of this world and so it is for the retired Brigadier. Granger swore of his membership of the PNC during his military career when competing with Carl Greenidge for the leadership of the PNC.

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