Did not have a medical check-up overseas

Dear Editor,For the sake of everybody’s information, including that of Messrs Ramjattan and Kissoon, I do have access to local doctors and I consult with my doctors at the GPHC periodically .

Mahaica, Mahaicony, Abary farmers fear flooding

Dear Editor,Farmers in the Mahaica, Mahaicony and Abary regions who depend on these three rivers for drainage have a great fear of flooding .

The Low Carbon Development Strategy is for the development of the country

Dear Editor,Over 85% of Guyana is covered with tropical forest, and although we have been utilizing this resource for centuries, the maximum export revenue to Guyana from forest utilization has been just over US$60M .

Apportioning blame is not the priority objective in investigating air incidents

Dear Editor, It was reported in the media that on July 5, 2009, there was a near miss within the airspace of the Guyana Air Traffic Control System, involving an outbound Learjet aircraft and an inbound Liat Dash-8 aircraft .

Musical chairs in the passport office

Dear Editor, The Guyana Passport Office must be commended for the rate at which it processes and issues new passports .

Better late than never

Dear Editor, Finally! Finally at the age of 32, Travis Dowlin has made it to the West Indies team .

When will noise nuisances in GT be charged?

Dear Editor, It was sweet music to learn someone was finally charged and fined for noise nuisance (SN, July 10, 2009) .

The Low Carbon Development Strategy uses a simplistic formula

Dear Editor,After conducting a thorough review of the draft low carbon development strategy (LCDS) document, I wish to put forward these preliminary points for discussion .

Kwakwani Secondary coached by Anne Gordon has done well in basketball

Dear Editor,I would like to use this medium to congratulate the Kwakwani Secondary School for their success in the Under 17 segment of the National Schools Basketball Championship .

The Linden Citizens Committee has been in existence since 1993

Dear Editor,Following the publication of a letter from the Linden Citizens Committee (LCC) in SN about Linden Town Day, some people told us they thought we were a new organization .

Guyana has managed to maintain sound macroeconomic fundamentals

Dear Editor,The global economic meltdown is now beginning to devastate developing countries, especially those with investment products in the US .

A family affair

Dear Editor, The finals of the Wimbledon Champion-ship on the women’s side was a family affair for the Williams .

Hindus need a reference book on rituals and practices

Dear Editor,Another memorial is to be held for the late Pandit Prakash Gossai this weekend .

Summonses are served on a timely basis in Essequibo

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to a letter published in the Stabroek News of February 10, 2009, under the caption ‘Some Essequibo cases involving mothers seeking support are stalled because of no returns of service in the case jackets,’ a copy of which was forwarded to the Commissioner of Police .

The government should provide a dialysis service at low cost

Dear Editor,The articles in the press over the last week with respect to a 38-year-old patient, Nalini Shivram, revealed a desperate woman in a desperate situation .

Developing a low carbon strategy should wait till after the Copenhagen meeting

Dear Editor,Minister Persaud’s July 6, letter to Stabroek News titled ‘Low carbon strategy makes it clear that areas already allocated for sustainable forestry will continued to be harvested’ in response to letters from Eric Phillips and articles by Stabroek News and Kaieteur News provokes some serious thought .

UG is already a teaching institution doing little or no research

Dear Editor,We are surprised at Mr Sherwood Lowe’s comments advocating a different system for lecturers and researchers at the University of Guyana .

Fine too low

I must commend the Ministry of Legal Affairs for instituting a system of lay magistrates to deal with small offences .

Cattle nuisance in the Suddie Hospital compound

Dear Editor,The stray cattle nuisance continues to be a serious problem for the Suddie Hospital compound .

Term limits are necessary in Guyana

Dear Editor,Was the Guyana Chronicle sending a message to its limited audience when it gave prominence to the news article, ‘Gonsalves backs removing term limits for Caricom leaders,’ (July 8)? In the article, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Mr Ralph Gonsalves, reportedly said that because there is a shortage of quality leadership in the region, there should be an end to artificial term limits for heads of government, but even before he shared his opinion, President Bharrat Jagdeo was on record as saying he will not seek a third term .

The next batch of Miss Guyana Universe hopefuls should begin research from now

Dear Editor,I said it before, but this young artiste is indeed living up to expectations .

Michael Jackson lives on

Dear Editor,For my generation and indeed, for the generations following mine, and .

The MMA/ADA needs rice farmers on the board

Dear Editor, The MMA/ADA Board has no rice farmers other than Mr Seeraj, the General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers Association .

Street in Dundee, Mahaicony in need of repair

Dear  Editor,I have been reading in the newspapers that streets will be repaired and old vehicles, etc, and illegal structures removed .

Indian High Court’s decision was wrong

Dear Editor,The letter ‘UNAIDS applauds the decision of India’s High Court’ by Michel Sidibé (SN, July 7) is disturbing in its whimsical disregard for science, medicine, the extant law, and the truth .

Failure to maintain public buildings, etc, is a barrier to progress in Region 2

Dear Editor,We have a great amount of man-made wealth in the form of schools, hospitals, community centres, offices, magistrate’s courts and other public buildings, to name some in Region 2 .

Sheer excitement at the Wimbledon men’s final

Dear Editor,Apart from track and field athletics, I have also been a fan of tennis over the years .

Statements conflicted

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to a letter that was published in the Stabroek News of September 8, 2008, under the caption ‘Police did not respond,’ a copy of which was forwarded to the Commissioner of Police .

Our problems stem from within

Dear Editor,What are the functions and responsibilities of the government and elected leaders? Is it just to go to the polls every five years and thereafter be unresponsive to the development of the people? President Bharrat Jagdeo in addressing the 30th Caricom Heads of Government Conference expressed the view that, “if we treat our own people badly how can, we then, expect Third Countries to treat them with respect?” This is the hypocrisy that goes on in politics .

To fulfil its developmental objectives UG cannot just be a teaching institution

Dear Editor,Given that the University of Guyana is the only university in the land of Guyana, it ought to view the creation of ideas and knowledge suitable to the domestic circumstance as its primary objective .

Comrade Ranji was a simple man

Dear Editor,It was with much sadness that I learnt of the death of Comrade Ranji Chandisingh .

Nostalgic return

Dear Editor,Here’s my response to Alan Fenty’s weekly column ‘Frankly speaking’ on Friday, July 3 .

The existing body of laws in Guyana is not an impediment to extradition

Dear Editor,It seems that everything and anything connected with the drug trade in Guyana is a comedy of errors, a web of deceit and a cloak of subterfuge .

Criticisms of Jagan, Burnham are political, not personal

Dear Editor,I have just seen Mr Ogunseye’s letter ‘Damned if they do speak, and damned if they don’t’ (SN, July 3) .

The government’s lack of respect for its own citizens is a dynamic in the mistreatment of Guyanese in the region

Dear Editor,In his address to the 30th Caricom Heads of Government Conference in Georgetown, Guyana, President Bharrat Jagdeo appealed for the human rights of Guyanese to be respected by Barbadian Immigration authorities .

Workers should not be trapped

Dear Editor,I thought that the letter under the caption ‘An employment conundrum’ by Mr EB John in your edition of June 26, 2009 would have generated some discussion amongst trade unionists, human resources experts and specialists, and most importantly employers, especially those from within the private sector .

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