Ogle airport should be opened to regional flights

Dear Editor,As the infrastructure projects in Guyana come on stream namely, the Berbice River bridge and the GT to Rosignol highway to name two, the icing on the cake would be the development of the Ogle airport to accommodate regional flights .

Excessive charge

Dear Editor,On behalf of a resident of the Rupununi Savannah, I visited GBTI Head Office in Water Street in order to deposit G$50,000 in cash .

The young generation knows nothing of Burnham other than what they have been told

Dear Editor,I agree with W P George’s comment that “to bring some kind of order and morality back, all the people, organizations and churches, etc, have to start a moral revival .

Leonora Park used to be a playground for everyone

Dear Editor,As a supplement to what I had written earlier on Leonora Park, I forward to you a copy of a plan as well as my letter to the President dated March 6, 2007 .

African concerns are under-represented in Guyana

Dear Editor,I have been paying keen interest in what has been published in the media on the situation in the country since the Joint Services’ engagement with armed militants at Christmas Falls .

Guyanese in the US are now patriotic Americans

Dear Editor,This Friday America celebrates her 238th anniversary of independence .

The PPP leaders should take the disillusionment in the diaspora seriously

Dear Editor,The PPP has a huge problem .

Henry Greene should be confirmed as Commissioner of Police

Dear Editor,I strongly believe that the Commissioner of Police, Acting, Mr Henry Greene, should be confirmed at the earliest .

Too many youths are transformed into criminals

Dear Editor,The crimes which have taken place during the period since the PPP/C has been in office are too numerous to mention – too many massacres for a small population like that of Guyana .

Illegal operators bring international calls using Digicel and GT&T networks

Dear Editor,I am writing again about the telephone companies in Guyana .

We are too often suspicious of persons of integrity and ability appointed to positions of responsibility

Dear Editor,I wish to thank the real Sherwin Campbell (‘Judges should be required to deliver their decisions in a reasonable time’ SN 25 .

Why did the government veto the 39 micro projects?

Dear Editor,In a recent letter, ‘The press should investigate the killing of the miners,’ published in SN on June 27, I asked the government agencies concerned to explain why the 39 micro projects  financed by the EU were vetoed by the Guyana government .

Chanderpaul is respected

Dear Editor,I have been in Grenada for several days (not for cricket) conducting a survey, but almost everywhere my accent betrays my nationality, and the name of Shivnarine Chanderpaul and cricket quickly replaces a discussion on politics or elections .

Any dog can be deadly in the wrong hands

Dear Editor,Banning Pit Bulls would be like banning cars because people get killed in car accidents! Who’s responsible, the car or the driver/manufacturer? Any car can be deadly in the wrong hands or if built with defective parts .

‘There are rules governing print journalism’

Dear Editor,I have been following the cartoon controversy very closely in your newspaper and I am compelled to use my pen to highlight one important journalistic perspective, that seems to be missing in all the letters and comments about the cartoon and the IAC .

Bring in the FBI

Dear Editor,The murder of those 8 hapless miners at Lindo Creek reminds me of the murder of the electrician, Charles de Menezes, who was mistaken for a suicide bomber after 7/7 in England .

The destruction of the young started soon after independence

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter written by Desmond Trotman captioned ‘The destruction of the young among us calls out for national consensus’ published in the Stabroek News of  June 26 .

The problem is the standard by which we measure ourselves

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter captioned ‘Women do respect themselves’ (SN June 27) .

Are government-owned buses the solution to the public transportation problem?

Dear Editor,I gather from recent reports that the government is contemplating the reintroduction of government owned buses for passenger transport in Guyana .

There should be an impartial investigation into the Lindo Creek murders

Dear Editor,Allow me to express my deepest condolences to the family and relatives of those hard-working miners, slaughtered on June 21, 2008, at the Lindo camp location .

Has the spirit of the Moyne Commission been subverted?

Dear Editor,Mr Mohamed Alli in his letter of 7 .

Block not bat

Dear Editor,There is a joke which has been published in many regional newspapers, although I do not think it has reached Guyana yet .

The GWI head should demand to know why it took the Peter’s Hall office three days to seal a broken water main

Dear Editor,Many thanks to you for publishing my letter in your Friday, June 27 issue highlighting the inefficiency and lackadaisical attitude of the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) in fixing a damaged water main next to my property at Lots 1-4 Continental Park, East Bank Demerara .

Citizens must play an active role in eliminating crime from their communities

Dear Editor,I am a Guyanese living in the USA and I have been shocked by the three mass murders that have occurred in Guyana in the past six months .

In the country of his birth Obama is an African-American

Dear Editor,I really don’t get what is the big deal about the cartoon portraying Mr Obama as a black man who wants to play a game of basketball .

It is possible to have well-supported events without selling alcohol

Dear Editor,At long last, the Government of Guyana, or at least the Ministry of Health seems to have recognised the contribution which alcohol use makes to increase levels of domestic violence and road accidents .

Ethics was put on the back burner when government took over the school system from the churches

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter by J Kadaru entitled, ‘There should be a moral education programme in the schools’ (SN, 21 .

Costa Rica has banned corporal punishment in schools

Dear Editor,The June 2008 newsletter of the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children reported that “Costa Rica is about to join the list of countries that have achieved equal legal protection from assault for children by prohibiting all corporal punishment .

There should be more programmes to incorporate persons with disabilities into the labour market

Dear Editor,The Government of Guyana through the Ministries of Education, Health and Human Services and Social Security, has committed itself to the development of policies, programmes and activities that will empower and protect persons within society who are deemed to be vulnerable or socially disadvantaged .

Help for a suffering animal

Dear Editor,A friend visiting from Toronto came by my house on Wednesday June 18, 2008 .

Why is water cut off so early on the East Coast?

Dear Editor,One is left to wonder what GWI is playing at .

This is now a race for Obama to lose

Dear Editor,I write to clarify any possible misunderstandings by Clinton Urling (‘I am baffled that Mr Bisram would imply NYT infallibility,’SN 19 .

The courts must ensure that the rights of citizens are protected

Dear Editor,I have observed with great interest the recent comments, mostly adverse to the judiciary and magistracy in Guyana by members of the Guyana government .

True religious education must provide access to information about other religions

Dear Editor,I heartily support Mr Roger Williams’ call for the re-introduction of Religious Education in the school system (SN 24 .

One-sided conversation

Dear Editor,What was an interactive programme that gave Berbicians an actual voice on the airwaves in airing matters of concerns to them is now a one-sided conversation that is called ‘Let’s Talk Berbice’ aired on Channel Fifteen .

Caricom leaders need to move to political union

Dear Editor,Caricom leaders will be meeting for their summit next week in Antigua & Barbuda .

Can’t something be done about speeding minibuses?

Dear Editor,I am a frequent reader of your papers and reside abroad .

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