Colin Campbell had an acute, sensitive ear for human resources issues

Dear Editor, In reacting to Stabroek News’ thoughtful editorial of Friday, August 16, endorsing the recognition of Colin Campbell’s contribution to Bookers Sugar Estates, I must apologise to Ian McDonald for my delinquency in not thanking him for his fine memorial to Colin, who like his elder brother Jock, notwithstanding colonialism, exemplified not only a fine taste for sugar, but also an acute and sensitive ear for the human resources (then personnel) issues of the day.

Pantomime politics

Dear Editor, On the stage on which the politics of Guyana is being performed, one would expect at any moment to see the appearance of Habeeb Khan or Jerry Lewis to participate in the pantomime.

Who owns the debt in Amaila?

Dear Editor, President Ramotar has stated that the Amaila Falls project would not incur any national debt to Guyana’s Treasury/taxpayers.  This cannot be the case because the government has requested parliamentary approval to pay from the Treasury up to $150.0 billion or US$750.0 million for default payments to Amaila by Guyana Power and Light (GPL), signalling that the Treasury would have to record this liability on the national books.

Contract terminations and mistakes

Dear Editor, I refer to two letters in the Friday, August 16 edition of the Stabroek News: Annan Boodram’s ‘Politics has become a zero sum game in Guyana,’ and Mahamood Shaw’s ‘Boodoo was not given due process.’ Mr  Boodram wrote, “One cannot help but conclude that politics has become a zero sum game in Guyana,” while Mr Shaw, one of Gecom’s Commissioners observed; “Boodoo was never given due process – not even a hearing.” When I read those letters I thought of my own contract termination at UG after serving UG for twenty-six years.

Response to questions posed by Gouveia

  Dear Editor, Captain Gouveia’s widely publicised letter on Amaila in the dailies juxtaposes extracts from statements by Drs Clive Thomas and Anand Goolsarran and the two signatories to this letter on the one hand, and statements made by the government on the same or similar issue on the other.