Good Hope NDC not giving me letter so property could be transferred

Dear Editor, I have been subject to frustration and stress .

Mr Miller should urge Bartica residents to pay up rates and taxes

Dear Editor, I read the letter published by your paper dated Friday, October 3, 2008 written by Mr .

First aid should be mandatory from secondary level to university

Dear Editor, The Guyana Fire Service made an impressive move with its educational aspect of the fire demonstration just recently on the East Bank .

Venezuela arms build-up must be carefully monitored

Dear Editor, In the Guyana Chronicle of October 6, 2008 a letter captioned `PNCR statements totally irrelevant’ and penned by one T King was published .

Savvy investors will consult those who have already walked the road

Dear Editor, We can argue, until the cows come home and pigs learn to fly, that Transparency International’s (TI) 2008 Corruption Perception Index is inaccurate or unfair but it may be congruous with Guyana’s image in the region and in the wider world particularly among the private sector business communities .

Bartica has dramatically outgrown facilities at disposal of NDC

Dear Editor, Stabroek News of Oct 3rd, 08 carried a letter about garbage not being collected in Bartica .

Over a year since my son Navin was murdered and we’re getting no feedback from police

Dear Editor, I am the mother of Navin Serrao, who was murdered on 7th June, 2007 while driving his friend’s car on Thomas Road .

My news day starts with VOG and ends with Evening News

Dear Editor, I like to keep abreast of things happening in Guyana and the world at large, so I listen to, read and watch the news .

GWI’s new Kingston well is the problem

Dear Editor, I have seen what appears to be nothing more than a murky response or reaction to my letter by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) .

NCN’s Berbice programming needs to consider its audience

Dear Editor, I would like to bring certain issues to the attention of the National Communications Network Inc .

How does society benefit from Pinder’s sentence of one year for one bullet?

Dear Editor, There was a period a few centuries ago when offenders were tied to the stocks and crowds were allowed to throw insults, rotten vegetables and other offensive items on them, not knowing whether the victim was truly guilty or a mere impoverished victim of the whim of some vindictive low level minion of the crown, we too had the stocks in old Stabroek .

Lower oil prices haven’t reached here yet

Dear Editor, Can someone please explain to me as a layman why we haven’t benefitted from the retreating world oil market prices at our local pump stations?When the price of oil on the world market shot up to a record US$140+ a barrel the price of gas quickly rose to around $1000/gal at the gas station which the government subsequently responded to with a reduction of the consumption tax to 7% .

The possible effects of a US recession on Guyana’s economy

Dear Editor, Some months ago I suggested to your Business Page columnist, Mr .

The 8th of May Community High building is in danger of collapsing

Dear Editor, It is with great concern that I am writing this letter and it is to inform the public and get the Minister of Education’s attention on the deplorable state of the 8th of May C .

I am ashamed at what has come to define life in Guyana

Dear Editor, Permit me to respond to the letter of Mr .

Dumping of oil, refuse in river at Bartica is disgraceful

Dear Editor, I was pleased to see the letter from Winston Miller Snr .

Garbage being dumped at back of Grove

Dear Editor There is dumping of garbage during the day and burning of same at nights at the back of Grove/Diamond New Scheme by the NDC, yes, the NDC! We are no better off than the residents of Princes Street .

Commercializing of festivals associated with Hinduism hurting this tolerant community

Dear Editor, The commercialization of festivals associated with Hinduism; sadly, with the sanction of the Government, is hurting the sentiments of this very tolerant community .

We need a more realistic approach to agri development

Dear Editor, Mr Persaud’s statement that “We cannot plan a marketing strategy on a crop-by-crop basis” is correct .

Note to readers

The letter in yesterday’s edition headlined `NY Indo-Guyanese community has lost a great friend and cultural promoter’ was penned by Vishnu Bisram .

The DPP should explain her position on the GuyFlag case as she did in the Gilhuys matter

Dear EditorI read with interest the statement published by the DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack, blaming the police for deficient statements which led to her recommendation that no charges be laid against Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys in the shooting of policeman Mark George .

Utterly dissatisfied with GWI’s service in Kingston

Dear Editor,It is not often that I write letters to the editor, particularly when it does not concern the media .

Basketballer’s death points to need for functioning sports medicine association

Dear Editor,My profound sympathy to the parents, other relatives, friends and members of the basketball community on the sudden passing of Kevin Worrell (SN October 6, 2008) .

Who infected the chimp?

Dear Editor,Reuters’ SN Oct 2, 08 news item  reveals scientific findings about the disease HIV which they claim has its origins in Africa and might have been around since the beginning of the 20th century .

A wonderful display for Eid-ul-Fitr

Dear Editor,Permit me to extend my congratulations to the MYL/Anna Catherina Masjid for a wonderful display for the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations .

There seems to be a reluctance to hold people responsible for poor performance

Dear EditorThe news in Guyana gives several impressions .

Tell us more about the radar gun

Dear Editor,Some months ago, the Traffic Department introduced the radar gun in its campaign to curb speeding on our roads .

NY Indo-Guyanese community has lost a great friend and cultural promoter

Dear Editor,I write in tribute to a notable West Indian Clyfee Madhu who recently passed away .

Are Guyanese willing to give the PNC a second chance?

Dear Editor,The editorial in the Guyana Chronicle on October 6, 2008 “The Convenience of Opportunism” raised some interesting concerns, among other things .

Urgent bio fuel decision needed

Dear Editor,I refer to an article in the Malaysian Star Newspaper highlighting the first Clinton Global Initiative meeting outside of USA in Hong Kong later this year .

There could have been more scooters instead of cars

Dear Editor,Guyana Lottery Company has every right to its decision with respect to an unclaimed prize .

Promoting a culture war against pageants leads us down the road of censorship and intolerance

Dear Editor,The current fiasco surrounding the Diwali pageant is baffling .

A new approach to guiding the wayward young?

Dear Editor,Very interesting and insightful, the comment from one contributor to the item about Mr Murray’s experience at the hands of intruders .

Criticism of religious programming during the primetime evening hours was not confined to one religion

Dear Editor,I was accused on live television in Berbice twice of being intolerant of Muslim religious programmes on TV during Ramadan since the publication of my letter in the Stabroek News recently .

There are square pegs in round holes in GuySuCo

Dear Editor,Political interference and gross mismanagement is now reaching a critical stage in GuySuCo .

Mr Lincoln Lewis should be more constructive when speaking about his country abroad

Dear Editor,I attended the opening ceremony of the recent Seventh Biennial Delegates Congress of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB)  held in Bridgetown, Barbados .

Perhaps Hindi should be taught in schools again

Dear Editor,A small article in the Guyana Chronicle caught my attention today .

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