The new economy demands knowledge workers at the top and vulnerability at the bottom

Dear Editor, Much has been written about immigration in the press recently .

Lethem needs attention

Dear Editor, With the much anticipated, long overdue opening of      the Guyana-Brazil Bridge, Lethem is in a state of disarray .

Beer ads are misleading

Dear Editor, The misleading beer commercials that have been flooding our TV screens during the family dinner-time and relaxation periods in the evening with family and friends, are a new low for the advertising industry in Guyana .

The PPP wants local government elections now in order to prepare for the 2011 national elections

Dear Editor, The recent pronouncement by this government that local elections will finally be held after so many years (14) is a slap in the face of the Guyanese nation .

Barbadians stand firm with Prime Minister Thompson on his new immigration policy

Dear Editor, Since the recent announcement by the Barbados government of a new policy on immigration, there has been much heated debate locally and regionally .

We need to look to the future while remembering the past

Dear Editor, Thanks for a well written editorial that put slavery and indentureship into proper perspective and made readers better understand the two systems (‘Hijacking history’ Sunday Stabroek, May 31) .

Overseas mail is stuck in transit in Trinidad

Dear Editor, I sent mail to Toronto, Canada in the first week of April .

Guyanese bloggers provide comic relief

Dear Editor, I would like to note with gratitude, a deeper level of tolerance and decency by Guyanese in their blogs in the electronic edition of local newspapers .

Today we can work in our common interest

Dear Editor, I would like to thank Dr McGowan for revisiting the issue of slavery and indentureship (SN, May 28) and Mrs Anna Benjamin for her brilliant editorial in the Sunday Stabroek (‘Hijacking history,’ May 31) .

President Jagdeo should put Guyana’s house in order before criticizing Barbados

Dear Editor, Before President Jagdeo jumps on his high horse and launches an attack on Prime Minister Thompson for the mistreatment of Guyanese in Barbados, he should put his own house in order .

The people of Santa Rosa should seek appropriate help

Dear Editor,After creating fear and panic in schools in Dakar and at Thiès, the jinniya called Maimouna made a theatrical appearance at Kaolack in Senegal last week .

Commentators fail to appreciate the implications of a huge debt burden and the time it takes to reach financial viability

Commentators fail to appreciate the implications of a huge debt burden and the time it takes to reach financial viability

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Emile Mervin’s letter of June 1, 2009 in the Stabroek News, with the caption ‘It isn’t the President and his supporters who will define his legacy .

Copyright laws are long overdue

Dear Editor,Within the music industry in the Caribbean and the wider world, Guyanese musicians have always represented their country, keeping the Golden Arrowhead flying proudly with the works they perform .

Loud music in buses is back

Dear Editor,The campaign against loud music in public transportation has lost its momentum, and the loudness (lewdness) is back .

We need education as well as legislation to deal with domestic violence

Dear EditorIt sickens me to read nearly every week another report of a woman injured or killed by her husband or partner .

Globe Trust should have been investigated at the time it failed

Dear Editor,The President of Guyana, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, said that if CLICO Guyana is to be investigated then Globe Trust will also have to be investigated .

Guyanese have lost a scholar

Dear Editor,It is with profound sadness that I read of the passing of Ivan Van Sertima .

It isn’t the President and his supporters who will define his legacy

Dear Editor,Ever since I wrote a letter urging President Bharrat Jagdeo to redeem his sagging legacy by restoring public confidence in government – executive, legislative and judicial – PPP and government apologists have been wallowing in an orgy of consensus about statistics as they try to hijack the ensuing discussion/debate by shifting the focus to the President’s handling of Guyana’s foreign debt crisis .

The people of Guyana owe a great deal to groups like Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds

Dear Editor,As we celebrate World Environment Day, I would like to praise and thank Andy Narine and his group - Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds - for raising awareness and appreciation for our wild birds .

Caribbean anti-immigrant hysteria must be understood in the context of a more generalized global phenomenon

Dear Editor,If you look at the reasons for which our countrymen and women are being picked on, you will realize that it is all too familiar in the saga of anti-immigrant hysteria .

Guyanese no longer know the national songs

Dear Editor,Much service was not done to the beautiful, meaningful words of our national anthem when it was sung last Tuesday morning at a flag-raising ceremony in New Amsterdam .

Linden schools need help

Dear Editor,On Wednesday, May 20, 2009 I was one among many parents/guardians who were invited to a meeting at the Linden Foundation Secondary School (LFSS) .

Noise nuisance in Cummings Lodge

Dear Editor,I wish to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities another instance of noise nuisance created by my neighbours in Cummings Lodge [names and address supplied] .

Score card on sport and culture

Dear Editor,Reading the comment on my previous letter on hopelessness among some of the youths in Guyana, I felt compelled to re-look at the PPP 2006 manifesto and its programmes for ‘Developing Sports and Culture’ – page 26 to be exact – since I firmly believe Sport and Culture are among the tools we can use to also address this hopelessness that is eating away at our societal fabricIt is also imperative that I make it clear for the detractors of the PPP, this is not PPP bashing, this is soul searching so they should not try to use my letters to grind their own axes .

What is ‘okay’?

Dear Editor,At 7 .

Anyone concerned about the consequences of the Guyanese exodus to Barbados should be concerned about its causes

Dear Editor,The reaction to the recent anti-illegal immigration policies by the Government of Barbados from the PPP was as can be expected .

The government should send a strong message to the Caribbean community

Dear Editor,Finally, I agree with Peeping Tom; Guyana should refuse to host the Heads of Government Summit in protest at the anti-Guyanese attitude exhibited by the Barbadian government and, yes, some of the locals .

Cost for LIAT in employing pilots goes beyond salaries

Dear Editor,The LIAT Pilots under their umbrella organization The Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA) appear to be on a collision course with their employer – LIAT .

The Guyana Government should focus on the plight of those Guyanese in Barbados who have broken no laws but are encountering discrimination

Dear Editor,The many critics of the Barbados government’s position regarding undocumented Caricom nationals include a couple of Caricom heads of government who have publicly remonstrated against the Thompson administration’s stance .

Stellar performance

Dear Editor,If there is a minister of government who has delivered and done excellently since his/her appointment, it has to be the Human Services and Social Security Minister Priya Manickchand .

Mexico is a member of APEC not OPEC

Dear Editor,I refer to the interview which I granted to journalist Miranda La Rose on Friday May 15 and was published in the Stabroek News on Sunday, May 24 .

Parents were not to be blamed for Tesshanna’s death

Dear Editor,After long consideration, I have decided to pen this letter concerning my child ‘to clear the air’ from our side .

Failure to ensure water was available for new cultivation at Skeldon may create intractable production problems

Dear Editor,In a letter to SN on May 23 (‘Sugar can be saved if it modifies its plantation mode…’), Clarence Ellis listed some broad proposals to resuscitate the ailing sugar industry and I wish to add my comments .

We should go it alone

Dear Editor,I have been following West Indies cricket all my youth and adult life, and that is a very, very long time now .

Reduced hours for water at Enmore

Dear Editor,One is often forced to wonder whether our public functionaries spend more time conning the public rather than getting on with the job of serving the public .

Why were there no Independence banners on City Hall and municipal buildings?

Dear Editor,Something must be wrong with the Georgetown City Council .

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