When does Christmas begin for GPL?

Dear Editor,The headline ‘Xmas should be bright’ in the November 1 edition of the Stabroek News was indeed a deceiving one .

‘Where the mind is without fear’

Dear Editor,It is with deep regret that we at the Centre for Communication Studies (CCS) at the University of Guyana learned of the passing of David de Caires .

The interest on rates and taxes owed to the city council is set in accordance with the Municipal District and Councils Act

Dear Editor, Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of November 5, 2008, headlined, ‘Why is the interest charged by the M&CC on rates and taxes owed so high?’ Actually, the interest is calculated at 21 .

When conducting aircraft search operations no report of a sighting is considered too trivial

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to a letter by Donald Lindee in the Kaieteur News of Friday November 7, 2008, captioned, ‘The child’s claim must be fully investigated,’ which referred to the Kaieteur News report of Thursday November 6, 2008 on the child’s report of sighting the missing aircraft .

The IAC is ready to support any initiative which would help reduce the incidence of domestic violence

Dear Editor, The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to respond to a letter titled ‘Does the IAC sponsored play send the message that Indian women should remain in abusive relationships?’ by Vidyaratha Kissoon, (SN, November 6) .

Providing a public space for different points of view

Dear Editor, Mr David de Caires, Editor-in-Chief of Stabroek News, has made a significant contribution to Guyana, ensuring that a public space has been provided for all who have different pints of view on critical issues facing Guyana .

A true friend of the free press

Dear Editor, I wish to join with the rest of the Guyanese community in expressing my profound sadness on the passing of David de Caires .

A man of integrity

Dear Editor, When I called my former wife in London to let her know that David de Caires had passed away she immediately referred to his professionalism as an attorney-at-law, saying that when she lived in Guyana in the seventies only David and Miles Fitzpatrick struck her as persons of integrity, despite the plethora of lawyers at the time .

David de Caires was an outstanding advocate of media freedom

Dear Editor, I am saddened by the death of David de Caires, whose remains were cremated in Barbados .

Lament for Campbellville

Dear Editor, Come Saturday, November 8, residents living in the vicinity of the fish shop in Drury Lane will be plummeted, bludgeoned and bombarded into dead meat, further degraded from their present vegetable state – a state in which they have found themselves for three long, excruciating years .

Sleeping policeman

Dear Editor, I am still reeling from shock and utter disbelief after viewing the Prime News on the evening of Wednesday, November 5, 2008 .

A void has been left in journalism

Dear Editor, The void left in Guyanese journalism with the death of Mr David de Caires may never be filled .

Strong single women can bring up children who could move the earth

Dear Editor, Today I let go of the fear of letting my young daughter go to school in a taxi by herself .

A rich example

Dear Editor, I take this chance to offer my deepest sympathy to Mrs Doreen de Caires, widow of David and a Director of Stabroek News and to their daughter and son on the passing of a remarkable husband and father .

Yes we can!

Dear Editor, I think what we saw on November 4, 2008, was beyond our wildest expectations −  America has elected its first black President, Barack Obama, WOW, WOW, WOW!I am writing you with a great sense of pride, tremendous respect for ‘white America’ and America as a whole, for demonstrating to the world that it is possible as human beings, despite the colour of our skin, cultural and religious backgrounds, irrespective of our many differences, to focus on the issues .

An exceptionally enlightened Guyanese

Dear Editor, Guyana has suffered a grievous loss in the passing of this distinguished citizen, David de Caires .

Vivian Jordan has passed away

Dear Editor, The passing of Vivian Jordan (VJ) was so sad and sudden .

The tour companies and the GTA need to put petty pride aside, and work together to develop the tourism product

Dear Editor, My love affair with the hinterland of my country Guyana started way back in 1954 when I was employed as a young field assistant fresh out of school (Queen’s College) and worked in areas such as Marlissa Falls, Christmas Falls, Canister Falls, Barima and Barama Rivers, Mazaruni and Cuyuni Rivers and other areas too numerous to mention here for six years until I resigned in 1960 .

Caring and humble

Dear Editor, I once wrote a letter to the editor of Stabroek News complaining of something or the other as usual .

How we celebrate each other’s festivals is important

Dear Editor, This year’s Diwali celebrations were marred by attacks on the festival .

David de Caires made a significant contribution to the print media

Dear Editor,It was around midday on Saturday when I learned by reading one of the local ‘bloggers’ here in Guyana that Editor-in-Chief of the Stabroek News, Mr David de Caires, had passed away .

David de Caires’ achievements belong to the intellectual history of the Caribbean

Dear Editor, I am deeply saddened by the passing of my friend, David de Caires .

Does the IAC sponsored play send the message that Indian women should remain in abusive relationships?

Dear Editor,There are advertisements about a play being produced by the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) which is supposed to contribute to efforts to prevent domestic violence in Guyana .

A man who lived his passion for press freedom

Dear Editor,The women of Red Thread are saddened at the death of Stabroek News Editor-in-Chief, Mr David de Caires .

Minibus fares are not reflecting the drop in gas prices

Dear Editor, It has been some time now since the drop in fuel price at the pumps but the minibus fare has not changed to reflect the drop in the gas price .

Mr de Caires offered the opportunity for many young people to grow

Dear Editor, It was with profound sadness that I learnt of the death of my former employer, Mr David de Caires, the man who welcomed me into the world of journalism, just after I graduated from university back in 1993 .

The American dream in action

Dear Editor, To be alive at this moment, November 4, is a privilege of being part of history as we witnessed democracy in action which permitted the voice of the people through the ballot box to choose a Black man (Barack Obama) to be the 44th President elect of the USA .

A historic victory

Dear Editor, We are extremely delighted to learn that Senator Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America .

The authorities need to take decisive action to preserve the sanctity of our places of worship

Dear Editor,I wish to condemn in the strongest possible way the attacks carried out by unruly and inconsiderate persons on the Alexander Village Mandir and community on Diwali night .

Criminals have the upper hand

Dear Editor, In reference to your editorial of Monday, November 3, about the Alexander Village hooliganism, you must realize that the best of plans will still remain a plan if it is not put into operation and carried out by those who are responsible for carrying it through .

The real culprits for what happened at Diwali were the greedy businessmen who import and sell fireworks

Dear Editor, I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Stabroek News Editor-in-Chief, Mr David de Caires .

Why is the failure of a temporary bridge blamed on the users?

Dear Editor, How come that the failure of a temporary structure is blamed on persons using the said structure for its given purpose? How come that the collapse of a bridge from wear and tear brought about by expected normal use is blamed on the users rather that those who neglect to perform maintenance?A bridge providing access to a community has to be built and maintained to serve the reasonable and necessary needs of the community .

A gentleman

Dear Editor, David de Caires was a rare soul who worked to leave his world better than he found it .

What is the quality of the lifejackets used in speedboats?

Dear Editor, I do thank Captain REW Adams, MNI, for his response captioned, ‘Life jackets used in Guyana are not buoyancy aids,’ (GC November 4, 2008) to my letter titled ‘Buoyancy aids’ (SN October 27) .

David de Caires instilled principles

Dear Editor, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to family of Mr David de Caires and the staff of Stabroek News .

Why is the interest charged by the M&CC on rates and taxes owed so high?

Dear Editor, My friend is a pensioner, a bottom-of-the-ladder NIS pensioner, and has been so for a few years .

David de Caires stands tall in the struggle for press freedom

Dear Editor, I did not know David de Caires .

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