Smuggling, corruption, high costs, lack of government support have destroyed Guyana’s manufacturing

Dear Editor, There are several factors that contributed to the demise of Guyana’s once thriving manufacturing sector. Smuggling is the number one killer of Guyana’s manufacturing industry; as well as the high cost of financing, poor legal service, high cost of electricity and water (in the land of many waters), untrained workers, high turnover of workers due to poor wages and immigration; business owners’ stinginess with investment in training, workers’ welfare, aesthetic packaging, new efficient machinery and equipment, and facilities maintenance.

Fifteen months of poor administration

Dear Editor, Fifteen months into a new administration comes the first real test of the mettle of President Granger. The Minister of Health’s shameless misleading of the nation in relation to a transaction involving the rental of a bond for the storage of medical supplies at an astronomical sum of twelve and a half million dollars a month, and the subsequent excuses offered by the President’s cabinet sub-committee are an insult to the people of this nation.

Existing hospitals should be upgraded

Dear Editor, I think cabinet has made a wise decision in cancelling the Specialty Hospital which was under construction. If you look at the millions of US dollars which were slated to be spent on the construction and design of that hospital, they could have used that money to modernize all the regional hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment and rehabilitative care.

GuySuCo received only two letters from GAWU

Dear Editor,   The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) wishes to respond to a letter that was published in the Stabroek News on August 19, 2016 under the caption ‘GAWU sent more than 12 letters to GuySuCo for which no acknowledgement has been received’.

We should add agriculture to the primary school curriculum

Dear Editor, The letter by Mr Hamilton Green in the media yesterday which rightly lamented the importation of foreign fruits grown abundantly in Guyana appealed to my passion as kitchen gardener and cane farmer; it also resonated with my belief that our national educational programmes must extend beyond the liberal arts and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) to ‘Steam’ by adding ‘agriculture’ to the mnemonic ‘stem’ acronym.

People need to learn to help tourists

Dear Editor,   One of the major industries in Guyana will be tourism. Many of its aspects have to do with Amazonian trekking, bird watching, mountainous jungle hikes, fresh water fishing, brown water beaches, natural health cures using natural salt water and our mineralized earth, etc, etc.

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