Why the brouhaha over a handshake?

Dear Editor,There is something I thought about when Nelson Mandela died, but there was something that occurred during his memorial which I think I should first get out the way .

Jagdeo will have the last laugh

Dear Editor,I have always maintained that the PPP is not a perfect political party .

The Co-operatives Department needs to put its own house in order before casting aspersions on the co-operatives

Dear Editor,It is with great interest and concern that I have read in the Sunday Stabroek editions of March 16 and 30, two notices, one under the hand of the Chief Co-operative Development Officer, and the other by the Registrar of Friendly Societies – both being the same officer .

The parliamentary parties should state clearly and often what they are for and what they are against

Dear Editor,When President Obama and the Democratic Party advocated for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), they had a clear motive: that universal health care should be available to American citizens .

There has been sloth on key initiatives in the area of youth policy and a recycling of projects

Dear Editor,Just to put some perspective on Dr Frank Anthony’s budget speech, particularly in the areas of Youth and Culture .

African chiefs have held a public ceremony of apology

Dear Editor,The comedy to which Eric Phillips lends himself would be merely irritating had it not been for what it reveals about the personalities involved .

There are blatant building violations in the city

Dear Editor,Please allow me some space to highlight and explain the process of submitting a building plan, and point out some loopholes and a blatant building violation in the city .

Tone of Sunday editorial regrettable

Dear Editor,I am particularly mindful of the environment in which  SN, one of the only two ‘independent’ newspapers, has to function .

Minister behaved inappropriately at workshop

Dear Editor,On February 13-14, 2014, I attended a two-day Regional Health and Education workshop for the managers of the ten administrative regions in Guyana that was organized by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development .

No consultation with Mayor and City Council over Waste Management Project

Dear Editor,I read with great surprise a media report of the UNDP US$1 .

West Bank Public Road needs urgent work

Dear Editor,The condition of the West Bank Demerara Public Road continues to deteriorate, and I’m unsure when something will be done to improve the situation .

GPL refund received

Dear Editor,With reference to my letter dated February 15, 2014 captioned ‘Refund on GPL deposit not paid after five years,’ I would like to inform you that after the letter’s publication, I was contacted on March 3 by Ms London of GPL who explained that the payment had been ready since July, 2013; however due to the time which had elapsed, payment could not be made .

NCN should have some training for its broadcasters

Dear Editor,It is a pity that the letter ‘Broadcasters mispronounce words’ (SN, March 28) is so vague, even though it is timely and quite necessary .

When will Ramotar follow Persad-Bissessar’s example?

Dear Editor,We read again that the no nonsense Trinidad Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Monday afternoon (March 31) disclosed that she had taken the decision to fire her Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma .

Bakr has neither the law nor the facts on his side

Dear Editor,There is a famous truism in law:  when the facts are on your side, argue the facts; when the law is on your side, argue the law .

The Human Services Ministry has not reconvened the National Domestic Violence Policy Oversight Committee

Dear EditorThe cartoon in the Sunday Stabroek of March 30, highlights the inability of the government to fulfil its commitments to dealing with domestic violence .

Impressed by students at the Science Fair

Dear Editor,I have had the pleasure of visiting the Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair which was recently hosted by the Georgetown Department of Education and held at Queen’s College (QC), under the Mission Statement of ‘Providing Solutions for the 21st Century .

Halfway measures from Ramkarran

Dear Editor,The problems of racism and prejudice are not easy to discuss and even harder to solve .

Racial constructs are man made

Dear Editor,The problems of racism and prejudice are not easy to discuss and even harder to solve .

Debbie Backer epitomized the virtues which every attorney-at-law should emulate

Dear Editor,The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) joins with the family, friends, colleagues and associates of the late Deborah Backer in mourning her passing .

Why the queries from NIS now?

Dear Editor,I saw a letter in Stabroek News from the Public Relations Officer at NIS on March 23, 2014 headed ‘NIS payments will be made once claimant clears up queries .

Great pretenders

Dear Editor,In this small society a mother poisons offspring, a father incinerates his trapped family, and males (mainly males) routinely intimidate and batter partners .

The pool from which party leadership is drawn is very limited

Dear Editor,The sad state of politics in Guyana has its origins deeply rooted in the design and structure of the two major political parties .

It is the mandate of the gov’t to ensure the law of the land is freely and readily available to its citizens

Dear Editor,The law cannot be a secret, or it will be unfair, and will become a weapon of tyranny available to the minority, who can access the law, to be used against the majority, who cannot .

Parliamentary parties are not promoting the interests of the poor

Dear Editor,In February 2010, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon had pegged the cost of the ICT project under the Office of the President at $8,800 million and it was expected to be completed at the end of 2012 .

There is a lot of dishonesty around

Dear Editor,Observing what is going around us and the way we are living and how we are forced to live it is either laughable or makes you sad; that is why some of us write or talk about it with the hope that it enlightens others and makes a change .

Remembering Deborah Backer

Dear Editor,Today, still in a state of daze with regard to the passing of a colleague, comrade and I dare say relative, I stand to pay tribute to Debbs, as I familiarly called her .

The Reparations issue is being approached in haphazard fashion

Dear Editor,In his latest letter on the subject Eric Phillips again fails to prove that I have written anything against the movement for reparations .

All narratives must be honest

Dear Editor,Indians refuse to be brow-beaten into accepting a repeat of the past and until this is clearly recognized the first step in changing ethnic electoral support cannot be taken .

Vehicles should be fitted with car cams

Dear Editor,In 2010 a vehicle breached the traffic lights and hit my vehicle .

Hindus observing Nava-raatri

Dear Editor,Hindus are currently observing one of our very and perhaps most sacred and auspicious festivals—Nava-raatri .

The PPP cited Mrs Rodney’s letter for propaganda purposes

Dear Editor,The Guyana Chronicle has confirmed what the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News have reported: The PPP has called on the PNCR and the WPA, both part of APNU to cooperate with the Rodney Inquiry .

Large building under way on Chateau Margot reserve will impede the flow of water

Dear Editor,There is currently at Chateau Margot on the East Coast of Demerara, along its eastern reserve, a large two storey concrete building that is in its early stages of construction .

Men need help too

Dear Editor,On the news recently, I heard that another man was sent to prison for hitting his wife .

The other side of the minibus story

Dear Editor,With reference to several letters in the press on the matter of the unscrupulous behaviour of minibus operators at peak hours, and as an operator myself, I am moved to offer the following:1 .

Mistakes in report about Walter Rodney

Dear Editor,I write in response to an article appearing in the Guyana Times of Friday, March 28, 2014 under the caption ‘WPA has evidence Rodney was assassinated .

Educational deficits are cumulative

Dear Editor,Considerable alarm has been expressed over the fact that of 220 candidates who were admitted to the School of Nursing, 120 of the cohort wrote an examination at which only 19 were successful .

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