Do we have what it takes to make this Guyana’s finest hour?

Dear Editor, Ethnic harmony recommended.  National unity it is, and must be.  Social cohesion is the answer.  From the Rodney CoI to the Head-of-State to a few intrepid citizens the word goes forth in different rhythms and volumes and postures on this Holy Grail so indeterminate in individual hearts and so haphazard in the collective consciousness.

SILWF is running out of funds

Dear Editor, Many may have observed that over the last few weeks I was placed in a position where I had to call out the coalition government, which I supported in 2015, for its less than acceptable performance over the last year.

What training will the new town clerks, councillors receive in decision-making, structured analysis?

Dear Editor, One notes the clamour surrounding the establishment of new towns, and could hardly help but wonder what training new councillors would have received in decision-making say, (after structured analysis of the evidence); and how briefed would have been the town clerk designate in the legal provisions which must inform the execution of his/her mandate.