Jason Yaw should be given benefits by the state

Dear Editor,While the PPP leader continues to be unreasonable towards the nation and the majority opposition with the infantile act of prorogation and frog-marching the nation into a dictatorship, a nugget of gold dropped into our hands .

When will the UG law students speak up?

Dear Editor,The great Sir Arthur Lewis reminds us that, “…asking questions is the principal business of university people; if we do not ask important questions simply because they are dangerous questions, we cease to be honest and a dishonest scholar is a menace to society .

We have to change the way in which we are engaged in Guyana’s development

Dear Editor,A quote by Maximilien Robespierre is instructive, “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant .

An injustice has been done to Kandasammy and Foo

Dear Editor, With regard to the composition of the Guyana team that is participating in the ongoing West Indies professional Cricket League, after outstanding performances in the first two matches of the competition things seems to be falling apart .

Tourism policy needs a multisectoral approach

Dear Editor,About two weeks ago I was asked by THAG to judge an essay competition under the theme, ‘Guyana South America Undiscovered,’ along with fellow judges Dr Steve Surujbally, writer Sharon Maas, and tour operator/property manager Andrea Salvador-de Caires .

Eileen Cox was a charming and selfless woman

Dear Editor,I read with sadness that Eileen Cox has died .

TV discussions cut off without warning

Dear Editor,There is an unacceptable pattern occurring in at least two TV channels wherein discussions on subjects of importance (more often than not political) are cut off without any warning, to the viewer, and possibly the participants .

The GRA is focused on revenue collection for 2014 rather than conducting a public trial of the tax affairs of someone in the USA

Dear Editor, Once again I am forced to write defending the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) concerning the misinformation and attempt to distort my comments regarding auditing the owner of the beleaguered aircraft on which in excess of US$600,000 was found, carried in the column of the political commentary of Mr Goolsarran as published in the pages of your newspaper of December 1, 2014 .

The AG has not violated his oath of office

Dear Editor,As night follows day, Mr Christopher Ram has replied to Mr Murseline Bacchus’s letter (‘There can be no allegations that an offence was committed by the AG that the police should investigate,’ SN, November 27) .

An election date is not practical before May

Dear Editor,Your media reports say both opposition parties (AFC and APNU) have called on the President to dissolve Parliament and announce a date for general and regional elections .

We need the rhetoric of resistance to the elitist reality

Dear Editor,Speaker Raphael Trotman’s exhortation for reason and dialogue to prevail, while I might not agree completely with the specifics, is hard to argue with; we need a situation in which people who are interested in moving this country forward cam come together to chart the course out of this present quagmire .

A voyage into irrelevance

Dear Editor,Attorney-at-Law Murseline Bacchus (‘There can be no allegation that an offence was committed by the AG that the police should investigate,’ SN November 27) takes us back to a case 184 years ago in feudal England to defend Attorney General Anil Nandlall against irresistible inferences of illegality from his infamous telephone conversation with Kaieteur News (KN) senior reporter Mr Leonard Gildarie .

Political leaders should not be battling to win elections they should be fighting for elections

Dear Editor, On December 1, the Stabroek News editorial explained concerns about the most recent scandal involving Guyana’s government .

Respect for women in their own right is rationed like a privilege

Dear Editor,An online version of a newspaper published a report of the suspension of a magistrate by the Judicial Service Commission on the ground of alleged misconduct during the hearing of a case .

People want the parties to reach consensus on the political deadlock

Dear Editor,Moving around Guyana over the last several days to conduct a NACTA opinion poll on the current political situation, I have found few voters taking on the politicians of the three parliamentary parties .

A many-edged sword

Dear Editor,Now that Guyana has registered its own day of infamy with the prorogation of Parliament, the opposition has been dealt a free hand, complete with aces .

The politicians do not have all the answers for our woes

Dear Editor,It is once again the time of the year when we all look forward to the season of caring and sharing .

Dictatorship should have been killed in embryo in 1980

Dear Editor,Serpents’ eggs must be killed in the shell, said Shakespeare in Julius Caesar, and if dictatorship in the form of the executive presidency had been stopped when it was in embryo in 1980, the masses would not be feeling its ripple effects today .

Leaders should travel abroad to attract investment

Dear Editor,After reading the Guyana newspapers for nearly 15 years I have come to the conclusion that Guyanese politicians, businesspeople and union leaders are lazy .

Citizens expect certain moral codes of behaviour from an AG

Dear Editor,Attorney Murseline Bacchus made what looked like a nice, neat defence of Attorney General Anil Nandlall’s taped threats in relation to KN .

What did Ramphal think about local politics and Cuba?

Dear Editor,I deeply appreciate your fearless approach to journalism in the context of the questions posed to Sir Shridath Ramphal on the launching of his memoirs .

A pension increase for NIS pensioners?

Dear EditorWe read from the pages of Stabroek News of a salary increase for all public servants in Guyana .

Ramkarran has put forward a workable plan

Dear Editor,Mr Ralph Ramkarran, in his Stabroek News column of November 23, 2014, has put forward a workable plan to take us out of the quagmire that we are in – a plan which could lead to a form of governance that will be one of cooperation rather than the decades of confrontational politics with which we have been burdened and which have led our country to the sorry state it is in .

Constitutions and laws are made for citizens and not just for lawyers

Dear Editor,Reference is made to M Maxwell’s letter ‘The constitution is illegal,’ SN, November 25 .

Structural poverty militates against African American development in the US

Dear Editor,I came across some interesting facts about race relations in the United States of America which certainly do not speak well of American society from a sociological perspective .

More cover ups?

Dear Editor,Quite reasonably, the opposition has called for a probe into the jet with a Guyanese copilot which had a substantial amount of undeclared cash on board when it was bound for Guyana .

Ending the deadlock

Dear Editor, I have had an opportunity to carefully study the President’s 104 word letter to Mr Granger in which he states that he stands “prepared to meet”, to “initiate steps” since there was still an “opportunity” provided by the prorogation to still have the 10th Parliament” “discuss” and “conclude” those issues .

There should be a comprehensive review of parking in the city to explore possibilities rather than covering the canals

Dear Editor,Once again, we, at the Mayor and City Council, have been taken by surprise by the announcement made by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, to cover city canals .

Issuing of radio licences to date not legal

Dear Editor,Since I see some confusion regarding the allocation of frequencies and the way they should be obtained, I would like to offer some observations to the public which hopefully will bring the situation more clearly into focus .

Essequibo experiencing frequent blackouts

Dear Editor,It seems like Essquibians are in a long haul, because as I predicted earlier in the year, we have been experiencing power outages every day and night since the beginning of November .

Domestic Violence Units still to be established throughout the GPF

Dear Editor,It is unfortunate that, in 2014, a senior officer of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) made a statement which suggested a correlation between the dress of females and rape .

Secret land deals should have no place with a decent government

Dear Editor, Since early October there have been reports in the media that residents of Plaisance have been barred by force from land they began to occupy or planned to occupy, and to utilise for livelihood purposes .

Gender-based violence continues to be a cause for concern

Dear Editor,We stand united with the world in observance of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW) through sixteen days of activities under the theme ‘Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women .

For how much longer will citizens be willing to be taken for a ride?

Dear Editor,Put the names and enterprises in a building block arrangement, and something becomes immediately undeniably clear .

The West Indies team needs a Psychologist

Dear Editor, If one digs deep enough in relation to any successful modern international team, except the West Indies, one will find a Psychologist somewhere in there .

The government should look for an alternative management organization to provide drainage for the coastland and city

Dear Editor, It appeared that the November ’14-January ’15 rainy season commenced on November 19, arriving with a vengeance as it dumped over 5” of rainfall on Georgetown and much of the low-lying coastland during a 24-hour period, causing widespread flooding and extensive damage to properties .

We want a radio station where leaders respond to our calls and concerns

Dear Editor,We are blessed in Guyana to have so many radio frequencies, and I, like many others, listen to radio .

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