Let Ogle remain Ogle

Dear Editor, The suggestion by President Granger for the renaming of the Ogle Airport as the Eugene Correia International Airport has had some unintended consequences: accusations by nine of the ten aircraft operators at Ogle of unfair practices by the Correia group in its control of Ogle Airport Inc (OAI); comparisons drawn between OAI and the Berbice Bridge Company Inc; calls for placing the Airport under the Public Utilities Commission; an exchange between two correspondents to the letter columns in the media, Mr.

Isseneru story has more than one side

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter to enlighten the Guyanese public that a story has more than one side. I started working my Draga SD 7652 at a point about 400 yards above where the dredge is presently located – (which by the way is a white Draga and not the one shown in the newspapers).

Twins has been manufacturing quality products for local and overseas markets since 1970

Dear Editor, We would like to raise objection to the statement made by the Finance Minister at the GMSA annual dinner as reported in Kaieteur News’ November 21 edition in a story captioned ‘No Guyanese products adorn Caribbean shelves -save for El Dorado rum…’ Our company, Twins Manufacturing Chemists, has been producing quality locally made products since 1970 for the local and export markets.

There is progress in Region Two

Dear Editor, As I travel across the length and breadth of Region Two, I can see massive progress and improvement since the coalition assumed office, thanks to the wisdom and prudent management by the new Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt, and Regional Executive Officer (REO) Rupert Hopkinson.

Inaccurate statements

Dear Editor, In a letter titled, ‘Who is the Indian intellectual’? in the Stabroek News of November 19, Abu Bakr wrote: “An activist called Annan Boodram writes letters a couple of years ago blaming persistent suicide patterns in the Indo-Guyanese community on Burnham/ PNC, a trope for Black people.

LGE date is a ‘real big deal’

Dear Editor, I think all of Guyana must celebrate that our country finally has a date for local government elections. We must thank the APNU+AFC administration for fulfilling this promise to the people as made in the Manifesto.

Newborns do not roll immediately following birth

Dear Editor, At the risk of sounding repetitious, in my capacity of Certified Midwife, ex-head of an Obstetrical Post-Partum Unit, and also a Nursing examiner for State Registered Nurses awaiting licensure, I am somewhat awestruck at the excuse that a newborn ‒ Baby Balgobin ‒ rolled off the cot and fell to the ground.