The President should stop procrastinating

Dear Editor,I heard a joke from a friend of mine recently that I want to share with Guyanese to lighten the atmosphere .

A punch is more severe than a slap

Dear Editor,In catechism class we were instructed that the Pope was infallible as he was the direct representative of the Supreme God .

When Burnham established relations with Cuba the context had changed

Dear Editor,Paul Tennassee’s letter dated December 31, 2014 which was published in both the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News and Peeping Tom’s article dated December 29m 2014 in KN, as they relate to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Guyana and Cuba are significantly flawed since they fail to discuss the context in which LFS Burnham, Prime Minister of a newly independent Guyana, operated between 1964 to 1972 .

All GGMC employees except the commissioner are members of GPSU

Dear Editor,It was interesting to observe the TV news clipping wherein a representative of the Women Miners Association commented on the impact of the strike by employees of GGMC for better pay on the mining industry .

High Court order relating to chicken pen not enforced

Dear Editor,Despite the fact there is a High Court order made in 2010 by a Judge in Chambers restraining the owners and proprietors of a large, stinking, rat and fly-infested chicken pen in Chateau Margot, a residential community, the uncaring owner still stubbornly continues to operate and carry on that illegal business as usual, that is a health hazard and irritation to neighbours .

The Caricom ministers are concerned with fringe matters rather than issues of substance

Dear Editor, The following statement is taken from an article in SN of January 17: “Caricom Council of Ministers were satisfied that the prorogation of parliament by President Ramotar was in keeping with the provisions of the Guyana constitution and did not constitute a breach of the Commonwealth Charter .

Time might be the only ally the PPP has

Dear Editor,It is infuriating that there are these clumsy dodges in naming an election date; that the ruling PPP has such seemingly insurmountable difficulties to step forward and cast the die .

Sunday editorials are informative

Dear Editor,I noted with some anxiety that Ms Anna Benjamin will no longer be editor of the Sunday Stabroek .

Pope’s message is relevant

Dear Editor,I followed with interest Pope Francis’s recent visit to Asia .

Oil prices here should be at least 30% lower now, gov’t must take action

Dear Editor,The Government’s refusal to reduce the price of fuel to consumers and businesses is just another example of how repressed Guyanese are and how repressive the current PPP/C regime is .

How can small miners benefit from this fuel tax ease?

Dear Editor,The most recent concession by the government to the mining industry, of dropping the tax on diesel fuel, is most welcome .

Only the media, players and Caribbean people can save cricket from the inept WICB

Dear Editor,After reading with interest the comments and opinions of various distinguished West Indian personalities on the subject of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) governance woes, I feel obliged to add my views .

K.A. Juman-Yassin was only person on UG council in 1982 who voted against my dismissal

Dear Editor,On Wednesday March 3, 1982, the University of Guyana Council terminated my appointment as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies .

A multicultural sugar industry?

Dear Editor,Late last year emerging from an official visit to Cuba, was an announcement of the intention to engage assistance of Cuban expertise for Guyana’s sugar industry .

The killings at Charlie Hebdo and the nature of the cartoons do not belong in the same sentence

Dear Editor,Unless somebody was living under a rock, they will know about the attack on the French cartoonists a couple of weeks ago .

When a community cares everyone learns to care

Dear Editor,Under a facebook post of an elderly Guyanese woman who committed suicide at Golden Fleece on the Essequibo Coast, another Essequiban asked “Where is Annan Boodram?” This question saddened us tremendously if only because it seems to speak to the over-dependence on overseas-based Guyanese individuals and entities to tackle social issues in Guyana, whereas the reality should be that a combination of state and community involvement should form the fundamental basis for structured and ongoing assistance .

Our country cries for leadership that will solve problems

Dear Editor,Recent developments in the relationship between Cuba and the United States have reinforced my belief in the ‘audacity of hope’ and the positives which can result from having such hope .

Is there no other way to South Africa than through Britain?

Dear Editor,I excuse cricket journalists for not saying or writing too much on the Deonarine story and Duckworth-Lewis because, after all, one does not want to go around making the people with whom one works regularly, angry, unless one must .

Postings on website were misrepresented on TV programme

Dear Editor,Stabroek News of January 16, 2015 carried a letter captioned ‘Informed speculation,’ in which Mr Kit Nascimento, sought to respond, in defence of Mr Winston Brassington, Chairman of Atlantic Hotel Inc, to an editorial in the newspaper of January 6, 2015 titled ‘Questions continue over Marriott deal, opening date .

What’s in a date?

Dear Editor,What’s in a date? Here in Guyana it could be nothing, something, anything, and everything, especially now that an election is involved .

A contradictory statement from the Council of Ministers

Dear Editor,Perhaps reeling under the intense glare of the brightening international spotlight, Guyana’s Foreign Minister, Ms Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, tried to make good on her faux pas about the Commonwealth Secretary General denying the British High Commissioner’s remarks that the organization is considering sanctions against Guyana, by now assuring the Caricom Council of Ministers that general elections in Guyana are “imminent” – whatever that means to her and the PPP regime .

Guyana is a signatory to the Commonwealth Charter to which it is failing to adhere

Dear Editor,In response to the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s weak statement that the Commonwealth Secretary-General said there has been no discussion about the situation in Guyana (‘No discussion by Commonwealth about situation in Guyana -Rodrigues-Birkett,’ SN, January 15), I think the ministry either missed the essence of the High Commissioner’s remarks or is deliberately attempting to deflect from Guyana’s abysmal failure to adhere to the Commonwealth Charter .

Would the GFC place documents relating to joint  ventures with Bai Shanlin in public domain

Would the GFC place documents relating to joint ventures with Bai Shanlin in public domain

Dear Editor,Twice in the last few days the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) has re-asserted in the government-owned or related press that the Chinese transnational logger Bai Shanlin has legal access to a much smaller area than was claimed by CEO Chu WenZe in November 2012 (see http://www .

Internet service restored

Dear Editor,We thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr Leon Suseran’s letter published in Stabroek News on January 16, 2015 (No internet service for two days’) .

Playing field is not level in the timber industry either

Dear Editor,I am bemused by the article in your paper (Gov’t drops tax on fuel for miners by 10 %’ SN, January 15) .

Chapel Street NA is in poor condition because of beverage company

Dear Editor,The continued abuse and destruction of Chapel Street, New Amsterdam by a popular beverage company whose operations and bond are housed there is most disgusting .

Atlantic Hotel named Marriott investor in May last year

Dear Editor,Both the editor of the Stabroek News and I know perfectly well that speculation, whether informed or not, should be confined to the editorial columns of a newspaper and not introduced as news reporting where the reader expects fact, not fiction .

Only small minds do not recognize the greatness of the PPP

Dear Editor,It is amazing the extent to which some people will go to denigrate the PPP and the role played by the PPP in the liberation struggle for a free, democratic and prosperous Guyana .

Chronicle article was not truthful

Dear Editor,The Management of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would like to express its profound disgust and shock at an article appearing in the Guyana Chronicle of Friday January 16, 2015 under the caption, ‘Confusion or Dictatorship in our Cricket .

Guyanese must decide how much more of the same they want to endure

Dear Editor,It is no easy task these days to open any of the dailies in Guyana that are not mouthpieces of the current Government of Guyana, as one is invariably confronted with what is, should, could, and ought not to have been .

Why has Lodge been bypassed in the Clean up my Country campaign?

Dear Editor,Several months ago the Clean Up my Country team held a consultation with residents of Lodge regarding the cleaning up of our community .

Contractors on the East Bank road will not speed up construction at this late stage

Dear Editor,In an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) on January12, Geoffrey Vaughn, Coordinator of the Work Services Group (WSG) of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) expressed MPW’s dissatisfaction with the pace of construction of the East Bank, Demerara four-lane road extension after its three contracts ended on December 31, 2014 .

Sunday Stabroek cartoon should be condemned

Dear Editor,With reference to the cartoon published in the Sunday Stabroek of January 11, the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to bring to your attention its observation regarding same .

‘Informed speculation’

Dear Editor,The editor of the Stabroek News in responding to a letter from the Chairman of Atlantic Hotel Inc, Mr Winston Brassington, published on 11th January, 2015, introduced a new practice of journalism, the reporting of “informed speculation”, to justify unsubstantiated, undocumented, unsupported reporting published as fact by his newspaper .

New Leonora court not so comfortable

Dear Editor,On the 17th January, 2014 at the re-commissioning of the Leonora Magistrate’s Court, President Donald Ramoutar said that the magistrate would now have a more comfortable environment to work in .

A balance between the sacred and the profane

Dear Editor,The awful assassinations of the French Charlie Hebdo journalists have shown us, once again, that sacredness means something profound – and something very different – to just about everyone .

No internet connection for two days

Dear Editor,I am at my wits end right now .

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