Private sector bodies dominated by gov’t

Dear Editor,Private sector bodies including the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) and the Private Sector Commission (PSC) are highly dominated by the Government .

I was assaulted by police while attempting to walk on public road

The Editor,On Thursday, March 16, 2015 at approximately 0955hours, with others we witnessed clear evidence that we now live in a police-type State - I was travelling north along Fort Street, Kingston on foot, when I encountered at the junction of Wights Lane, Assistant Superintendent Stanley of the Guyana Police Force .

Ministry of Housing kept my elderly mother’s $92,000 for six years and never gave her a house-lot

Dear Editor,The Ministry of Housing & Water has treated my mother Evanghn Naughton with disrespect .

Brute force was used by the police on Marriott protesters

Dear Editor,I’m writing to condemn the appalling behaviour of the Guyana Police Force on Thursday, April 16th at the opening of the Marriott Hotel .

Corriverton Town Council sought approval for an increase that its estimates did not cater for

Dear Editor,In relation to the letter entitled `Corriverton Town Council employees waiting for their increase since July 2013’ in yesterday’s edition of Stabroek News, I wish through this medium to bring clarity and correction on several issues and concerns raised in the letter .

Ms Shah should have answered Mr. Khalil’s argument

Dear Editor,It is difficult to respond to “nonsense”, but when “nonsense” flows from the pen of an accredited writer, it becomes dangerous if left unchallenged .

Let us keep the campaign clean and civil

Dear Editor,In the marketplace of ideas, no single individual or political party enjoys a monopoly .

The lists are replete with persons who hold citizenship in other countries

Dear Editor,The upcoming general and regional elections are perhaps the most important elections since those of 1992 and every citizen has a right and a duty to vote for the list of his or her choice .

GWI has not received an application for a water distribution network from the private developer of Bunkin Sand Road

Dear Editor,Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) wishes to respond to statements published in the Stabroek News, April 15, 2015, in the letter titled ‘East Bank area needs potable water, electricity .

What is the view of the political parties towards state-owned media houses?

Dear Editor,In 2009, Anoush Begoyan, a member of the international NGO ‘Article 19’, wrote: “The availability of information and its accessibility is central to the functioning of contemporary democracies and in modern economies and societies in general .

Corriverton Town Council employees waiting for their increase since July 2013

Dear Editor,Since government granted a $35,000 .

Revisionist history

Dear Editor,The fever of elections in Guyana produces protean manifestations of unimaginable infections and Stabroek News of the 15th inst provided a ready and willing waiting room for the patients to congregate .

Our choice on election day should be the result of critical thinking

Dear Editor, As the date of elections approaches, it appears that many Guyanese may have already closed their minds, reached a decision and are now just waiting for May 11 .

An intellectual dead end

Dear Editor,The PPP seems to be in full self-destruct mode .

Rice trailers parked without lights are a danger

Dear Editor,Over the years parked vehicles on public roadways caused many accidents, some claiming a lot of lives, but still people are parking without giving any thought to the consequences .

Greed should not guide Venezuela’s actions

Dear Editor,Recently Stabroek News reported the Venezuelans as chiding Exxon Mobil over the exploration venture being carried out offshore Guyana .

RPA has systems in place to ensure seed sold to farmers is of highest quality

Dear Editor,The Guyana Rice Producers Association (RPA) would like to bring to the public’s attention, especially rice farmers in Region 2, several inaccuracies penned by Mr Mohamed Khan in his letter published in Stabroek News on April 14 .

Uncertain whether public corporate executives on list would have to resign

Dear Editor,With reference to SN’s letter of Tuesday, April 14, captioned ‘Rajendra Singh and Badrie Persaud should resign their substantive posts immediately’, the prime ministerial candidate, as Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs was required to resign .

Internet service now activated

Dear Editor,We thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr Sarius’s letter published on April 14, in which he complained about the “unsatisfactory service” he experienced while attempting to activate his internet service (‘Can’t get GT&T to install internet service,’ SN, April 14) .

Pile of garbage cleared so PPP could hold political meeting

Dear Editor,Some time ago I wrote a letter about tons of garbage that’s piled up in a street opposite the Mon Repos Primary School, that was a health hazard to over one thousand students and citizens who walked that road daily .

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