There should be a comprehensive upgrading of Bourda market

Dear Editor,   The TV news channels were replete with depressing scenes of a most dilapidated Bourda Market – leaking from the roof, and flooding at the floor ‒ while a host of vendors complained about the prolonged lack of maintenance and repairs; of the threat of waterborne disease; of the stench of large amounts of garbage; of the loss of revenue and customers; and of still having to pay the statutory rental.

Investigations into car robbery completed

Dear Editor,   The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Kaieteur News of Thursday, July 23, under the caption ‘Remigrant loses vehicle to carjackers, calls for justice.’ The Police Force wishes to state that investigations into the matter where taxi-driver Errol Andar of Tuschen, EBE, was robbed of his motor vehicle HC 4463, have been completed and the police are in the process of seeking legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecution.