Cartoon captured attention

Dear Editor, I am cocksure that there were a thousand more like me whose attention was also caught by it. I’m talking about that cartoon by P Harris depicting “mental strength”, in SN Jan, 21.

Much of our communication is implied

Dear Editor, The Guyanese society like many societies is complex and as I have mentioned before in some of my letters, Guyana is generally a high context culture, however, there are shifts towards a low context culture particularly by the people, the followership; while the leadership remains largely high context.

The PPP/C has taken identical positions on bauxite and sugar

Dear Editor, Mr Lincoln Lewis in a letter to the editor carried in KN and SN (‘The administration must use the Jagdeo government’s performance as an example of what not to be’) of Sunday, January 24, in referring to the announced intended closure of Wales sugar estate, presented again his views that our PPP/C administration of 1992 to 2015, in our reworking of our bauxite sector, was inhumane and violated workers’ rights enshrined in various laws including the Guyana Constitution .

Bartica has no treated water

Dear Editor, The community of Bartica has been without a water supply since last Monday. Guyana Water Incorporated’s Bartica Branch said that this was due to technical difficulties being experienced at its water treatment plant located at Seventh Avenue, and that they were working “round the clock” to rectify the problem.