The altruism of public service is nowhere to be found

Dear Editor,The sprawling, open-ended discussion – a spectacle, really – continues about who must be captain, and who should be assigned which key slots .

Has not been paid for eight months; file still with Sooba

Dear Editor,I am a 20-year-old Guyanese woman and was interviewed for a job as a clerk at the Mayor and City Council, presented my qualifications and after my application was approved by the city council, I received a letter of appointment dated 1st July 2014 .

Commander’s words could have been open to more than one interpretation

Dear Editor,I read with interest the counsel purportedly offered by Mr Kevin Adonis, Commander of G Division, to Mr Asif Khan, the victim of a violent robbery at Zorg on the Essequibo Coast .

The PPP/C has carefully cultivated civilian-military relationships

Dear Editor,I currently hold the PPP/C sole appointment since 1992 of Secretary to the Defence Board of Guyana .

Two Guyanese who put people first

Dear Editor, They came from different backgrounds and travelled different pathways but what they had in common was a fervent patriotism and a burning desire to see the land of their birth develop into a society that fostered the flowering of all potential and provided equity every which way for all citizens .

Poor judging of calypso competition

Dear Editor,I am a culture lover, especially of the arts, drama and calypso .

Goolsarran has his work cut out if he launches a party

Dear Editor,I hear that Mr Anand Goolsarran is considering launching a political party .

Great benefits are in store if the Amaila project comes on stream

Dear Editor,The recent promise of the 10 per cent reduction in electricity rates (as issued by President Donald Ramotar and a few others) is a very refreshing piece of news for all Guyana .

Elected representatives have abrogated prudent management of the nation’s business

Dear Editor,As conversations continue on elections and minority or majority government/executive, one has to be mindful that in the desire to govern, such discussions do not lose focus on what makes any government a government of the people .

Persad-Bissessar ahead in the polls

Dear Editor, With regard to ‘Trinidad pre-election rumblings’ (Editorial, SN, Feb 11), the findings of three different surveys show Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s United National Congress still ahead of the opposition PNM in elections due this year .

The Minister of Local Government has no authority to dictate to the city council; the Town Clerk (ag) is the chief administrative officer of the council not the CEO

Dear Editor,Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Thursday, February 12, 2015: ‘It would be highly irregular for the Mayor’s Office to manage the sale of “spots” for Mash Day’ by Minister Norman Whittaker .

Businesses should try and secure jobs for the 12 Nepalese

   Dear Editor,I appreciate the news report, ‘Court orders release of 12 Nepalese held in lock-ups for months’ (KN, February 8) .

Voting trends in Guyana

Voting trends in Guyana

Dear Editor,The illustration below, reflects the voting trends in Guyana over the last five election cycles, starting from 1992 when PPP/C won the elections for the first time post independence .

Not the author of letter

Dear Editor,I shall be grateful if you could inform your readers that the letter in Stabroek News dated February 11, 2015 titled, ‘APNU, AFC could contest separately but each in different regions’ by Ramesh Persaud is not the same Ramesh Persaud who is the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission or CEO of IPED .

Increase in robberies on the Essequibo Coast

Dear Editor,There has been an increase in armed robberies and petty theft on the Essequibo Coast .

The small party cannot win alone

Dear Editor,Mr Moses Nagamootoo has recently made some interesting public statements which may clarify the views of the AFC’s leaders, and allow Guyanese to make logical inferences .

We need to put in place mechanisms to make government more participatory and inclusive

Dear Editor,There is a tendency on the part of some people to devalue our democracy because in their opinion it is more the result of ‘ethnic arithmetic’ rather than the ‘true’ expression of the will of the people .

The PNC had achievements

Dear Editor, This will be a historic election in Guyana, especially for the young Guyanese voters .

Putting the arrogant in their place

Dear Editor,There are times when nothing irritates you more than finding yourself around folks who think excessively of themselves, creating an atmosphere of utmost discomfort and tension; it’s like an aggression and it tears you up!I’m not talking about people with good reason for feeling on top of the world, who exhibit a kind of exuberance and sense of pride which is healthy and good for the soul .

The PPP/C has delivered

Dear Editor,Based on issues and performances, and not race, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is the only credible political party in Guyana that should win the 11th May 2015 general election .

GWI has confirmed customer did not apply for new water service connection

Dear Editor,Guyana Water Incorporated wishes to respond to the Stabroek News front-page photograph, titled ‘Fetching water’ dated Tuesday February 10, 2015 .

EPA secured a court order in relation to the Autobody Workshop

Dear Editor,The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as mandated by the Environmental Protection Act, 1996, has a responsibility to prevent or control environmental pollution and has been executing this function assiduously since its establishment in 1996, through authorization, education and awareness, compliance and enforcement interventions .

No policy statement on UG from any of the parliamentary parties

Dear Editor,It appears as though the crisis at the University of Guyana has only caught the attention of your editorial page and a few letter writers .

It would be highly irregular for the Mayor’s office to manage the sale of ‘spots’ for Mash Day

Dear Editor,The sale of ‘spots’ for Mash Day vending, a revenue-earning activity of the city council ought not to be executed/managed from the Mayor’s office .

Pity the nation which fails to protect and preserve its national treasures

Dear Editor,In my personal and official capacities, I have over time written to, and pleaded with the government, to save one of our historic wooden buildings – City Hall .

There should be more than talk from the AFC

Dear Editor,The emergence of the Alliance For Change brought a lot of hope to Guyana and it was expected that all of the old political posturing would have been a thing of the past .

Timehri road needs surfacing

Dear Editor,I have been a resident of Alliance Road, Timehri, for fifteen years, and it was only in the last two years that portions of the roadway have been asphalted and maintained .

Would like to help Kissoon family to get water

Dear Editor,Let’s try to help the Kissoon family get their own water connection and meter in their yard .

How can we talk about a paradigm shift in the sugar industry without mentioning human resources?

Dear Editor, As a Guyanese with the ‘sugar industry in my blood’ as it were, having regard to my antecedents, I could not believe my eyes when I read, re-read and reflected on the lengthy statement by the Minister of Agriculture on the paradigm shift in GuySuCo, as reported in yesterday’s Guyana Chronicle .

Proclamations have been backdated

Dear Editor,On Monday a colleague sent me an email with the subject ‘Proclamation’ and directing me to the website of the Official Gazette at http://officialgazette .

Casket damaged at gravesite so thieves won’t steal it

Dear Editor,When I die I want to be buried in a cheap cardboard box .

APNU, AFC could contest separately but each in different regions

Dear Editor,I read with deep interest a report in KN’s February 7 edition, ‘APNU will remove all impediments to national unity -Harmon,’ in which Mr Harmon tries to discount race as merely just one factor in general elections, while preaching that the population has moved on to include other issues .

No reimbursement for truck which fell off steamer in 2013

Dear Editor,I am one of the business personnel who has been using the T&THD facility to transport my goods from Parika to Bartica for the past 30 years or more .

Bartica speedboat fare should be reduced

Dear Editor,Since the reduction in the fuel price commuters travelling to and from Bartica by speedboat are complaining that the fare should be reduced .

Correcting the problems in WI cricket will need a lot of money

Dear Editor,While there is stiff competition for the presidency of the West Indies Cricket Board, the poor performance of our cricketers, allegations of bankruptcy by the WICB .

Who will lay it on the line for the sake of country?

Dear Editor,I read of men and groups manoeuvring for leading positions .

Indo-Caribbean Federation of America elects executives

Dear Editor,The Indo-Caribbean Federation (ICF) of America held an executive election last Thursday at its office in Richmond Hill, Queens .

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