Light bulb

Dear Editor,   Here are the words the recently appointed Health Minister was reported as saying when commenting on the Ophthalmology Centre restarting operations.

Will an audit be done prior to Village Council elections?

Dear Editor,   I have to write begging on behalf of myself and other Amerindians for clarification of the report in Kaieteur News of June 21 headlined ‘Toshaos elections set for July.’ Either the reporter was as confused as we are by numerous contradictions and puzzling statements in the post-cabinet press briefing, or he has seriously misrepresented the Minister of State and our own Sydney Allicock.

The people are confident the government will do the right thing

Dear Editor,   As an antecedent to the debate, we have no immediate expectation with respect to the raising of wages by 10 per cent as expressed in the APNU+AFC Manifesto which states “APNU+AFC in government will… award a 10% increase on the total public sector wage…” We are of the firm belief that Guyanese of all political stripes owe the Granger-Nagamootoo led coalition administration its first 100 days in office without criticism.

Traffic lights

Dear Editor, Could the relevant authority please inform drivers as to when the traffic lights at the Diamond junction will be reinstalled to regulate traffic there?