LGE date is a ‘real big deal’

Dear Editor, I think all of Guyana must celebrate that our country finally has a date for local government elections. We must thank the APNU+AFC administration for fulfilling this promise to the people as made in the Manifesto.

Newborns do not roll immediately following birth

Dear Editor, At the risk of sounding repetitious, in my capacity of Certified Midwife, ex-head of an Obstetrical Post-Partum Unit, and also a Nursing examiner for State Registered Nurses awaiting licensure, I am somewhat awestruck at the excuse that a newborn ‒ Baby Balgobin ‒ rolled off the cot and fell to the ground.

Recognising irony

Dear Editor, Your correspondent M Maxwell (‘A massive salary increase…’ SN, Nov 20) is yet another reader who can’t recognise irony when he sees it, as in the Nov 18 letter of Pastor Jeffrey that he referred to.

An insult to women

Dear Editor, ‘Coke in Poke’ was the headline in Kaieteur News (November 20) referencing an article about two St Lucian women attempting to smuggle cocaine out of Guyana.