Correia’s companies not Air Services and Roraima Airways invested the money required under the lease agreement with the government

Dear Editor, The Eugene F Correia International Airport, formerly Ogle International Airport (OAI), was originally owned by GuySuCo and was formally privatized by the Government of Guyana on17th July 2003, when Ogle Airport Inc (OAI) entered into a 25-year, renewable up to 75 years, lease agreement with the Lands and Surveys Department for 441 acres, therefore passing title of the land to the company.

What are we so proud of?

Dear Editor, But for a few more days and it will be fifty years since Guyana became an independent country. Fifty years away from colonialism, but are we better off in terms of freedom, security and prosperity?

Hurtful language, unsound decision

Dear Editor, I hope the language used by head coach Simmons in explaining to Ambrose the reasons for the decision to not renew his contract was not accurately reported, because not only was the language unnecessarily hurtful, but the decision was not sound, given the head coach`s acknowledgement of Ambrose’s contributions in inculcating discipline and in the area of motivation.

The EPA’s procedures for the registration of consultants have been long established

Dear Editor, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refers to the letters written by Mr Charles P Ceres which were published in the May 10, 2016, issue of the Stabroek News (‘The EPA is contravening the Environmental Protection Act…’) and Guyana Chronicle, and hereby issues responses as to the functions of the agency in executing its mandate under the Environmental Protection Act, No.