Thomas, others in WPA leadership have abandoned the working class

Dear Editor, Dr Clive Thomas has been writing for decades about the phantom/underground/parallel economy in Guyana, He has been enumerating some fantastic numbers such as those penned in Stabroek News of February 16, captioned ‘SARU defends assets recovery bill -says country was bleeding $313 B per annum.’ The $313 billion the country is supposedly losing per annum is sourced from undefined metrics, with numbers that are unverifiable.

Education is a basic right

Dear Editor, During the last elections campaign, one would recall President David Granger was a strong advocate of strengthening and improving the country’s education system, or in other words, his emphasis was more so on the quality of education.

We should embrace Mashramani

Dear Editor, I’m calling on all my peeps who did not get their Mashramani gear as yet to do so. They should get cracking to prepare their husband, wife, mother, father, children, grandmother, grandfather and neighbour.

ExxonMobil will make its decision on the basis of net price in 2020 and beyond

Dear Editor, At the end of last year I had pointed out that the Hotelling rule for optimal extraction of a non-renewable resource would suggest that oil companies, had they owned or controlled a resource such as the Liza and Payara wells, would in fact choose not to produce if they expected the net price (ie, its price less extraction costs) of oil to rise in the future, and in particular to rise faster than the interest rate.

City Council should consider parking options in dialogue with the people

Dear Editor, I always strive to maintain a position of objectivity as best as I can.  Looking at the parking meter issue; signing of a contract without allowing councilors of the Georgetown City Council the opportunity to peruse same, not having enough and wider dialogue with the Georgetown community pertaining to the proposal for a parking meter system prior to the signing of such contract was wrong.

Immigration raids on Liberty Avenue raising fears

Dear Editor, Guyanese and Trinidadians have reported that Federal Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) Agents of Homeland Security raided restaurants, stores and other job sites on Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill (dubbed Little Guyana) a few days ago picking up undocumented immigrants.

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