The Rodney COI is a means of dividing the nation

Dear Editor,Some observers have argued that the Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) is a necessary step towards national healing .

Those who see Burnham as innocent operate from predisposition and preconception in the same way as those who see him as guilty

Dear Editor,Did Forbes Burnham order the execution of Walter Rodney? This was one of the defining questions of a certain epoch and as such the answer, for each of us, has moral implications that determine where we stand politically and then the course of action imposed by the response .

The media should publish/broadcast at least one public service ad daily or weekly

Dear Editor,In a nation where far too many are not proactive enough and information seeking is still not a norm, people’s consciousness can best be impacted by messages that are relayed to them on a constant basis .

The Works Ministry would present a complete package of compensation, lands, etc, to the Timehri farmers if it were serious

Dear Editor,I’d like to respond to a letter of June 29, 2014 ‘Works Ministry and airport authority have held meetings with Timehri squatters since 2008’ by Aneka Edwards .

Was Smith an assassin?

Dear Editor,The Commissioners at the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, and Counsel Pilgrim are arguing from the position that Sgt Gregory Smith was a “murderer,” meaning the assassin of Dr Walter Rodney .

Government backdated Gazette to validate Rodney COI proceedings of June 23

Dear Editor,The Guyana Chronicle’s front-page headline published on June 28, 2014, captioned ‘Williams objections about the legality of COI extension overruled’ is grossly misleading .

Sending engineers to the US to study Gulf Coast defences is a waste of public funds

Dear Editor,It has been reported that four engineers from the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) are being sent by Minister Benn to the United States of America for a technical working visit to understand processes and hydro-dynamics as well as to get some cross fertilization ideas with respect to sea and river defence construction now being undertaken along the Gulf Coast by the US Army Corps of Engineers with the help of Dutch consultants .

Not a ‘marginal’ reduction in population

Dear Editor,The 2012 census data are now out .

The new Management Committee should review the housing and care of the national art collection

Dear Editor,I write in response to some of the issues which have come to the fore in the light of your reporter’s article of May 25, your editorial of May 29, and Ms Bissember’s lengthy diatribe in the letter columns (June 26) concerning my damaged paintings in the National Collection and, by extension, the critical state of the National Collection, in general .

How much money did the National Family Commission intend to spend on bringing Dr Munroe here?

Dear Editor,It was reported that the National Family Commission was going to bring in Dr Myles Munroe, the senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship .

Is the PPP trying to force a no-confidence vote?

Dear Editor,The ongoing developments regarding a possible no confidence vote against the PPP/C regime have resulted in many analyses .

Some funds have been spent elsewhere and not on the items which the parliament approved

Dear Editor, Much concern has been expressed about the lawlessness of the current administration and its disregard for constitutional and legal obligations .

Yesu Persaud blames PPP and PNC for downfall of sugar industry in first volume of his book

Dear Editor, Guyana’s leading businessman, enterprise developer, entrepreneur who worked most of his life in Guyana’s development is very worried about the future of the sugar industry which employs more than 20,000 workers and shaped the lives of almost fifty per cent of Guyanese .

The biggest loser after the Commission completes its work will be the Rodney family

Dear Editor, I offer some comments on a letter by Mr Abu Bakr, (‘An evocation of context is important to an understanding of events surrounding Walter Rodney’s death,’ SN, June 28) .

GT&T pole threatening to fall on electric wire

Dear Editor,On Sunday, June 29, I informed GT&T via phone number 0488 that a telephone pole implanted at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets, Patentia West, is leaning and threatening to fall .

Crazy Stop signs

Dear Editor,My good friend and ex-Chief Labour Officer, Mr Mohammed Akeel, has written about the Corentyne Highway Stop signs before, but to date it appears that the powers-that-be have not taken note or are reluctant to take corrective action .

It is time for the supporters of the PPP and PNC to cut the navel strings to these parties

Dear Editor,There is a view that the calls for the PNC to apologise are misplaced .

Name Essequibo sports’ ground rehabilitation projects after local sports heroes

Dear Editor, The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Sport must be commended for the much admired initiative of the community enhancement programme .

Albion did a good job hosting awards ceremony

Dear Editor,I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Albion Cricket Club for doing an excellent job in hosting its 2013 presentation of the award ceremony .

Fines, penalties under the Public Health Act need to be updated

Dear Editor,With the exception of perhaps the City of Georgetown the Environmental Health Officer faces a dilemma when carrying out the provisions of the Public Health Act Chapter 145 owing to the following:Nuisance - If a person is taken to the magistrate’s court for causing a nuisance and found guilty, the magistrate cannot order the defendant to execute the work to abate the nuisance if the cost exceeds $240 .

Not a Blade of Grass simply a case of Guyanese fervently expressing love for Guyana and things Guyanese

Dear Editor, My attention has been drawn to a recent Stabroek News guest editorial (“Really Dr .

Region 5 RDC not responding to issues affecting residents

Dear Editor,As an AFC Councillor on the Region 5 RDC, I wish to express my disappointment over the non-response by the council to a number of issues affecting residents:-1 .

Homosexuality and the Christian world view

Dear Editor,Leon Suseran (SN, June 26) inserts his brand of intellectual misrepresentation into the LGBT debate with Juan Edghill .

Protocol was not observed

Dear Editor,The Private Sector Commission meeting took place recently and interesting things were said .

Can there be any better idea than inclusionary democracy

Dear Editor,During Mr David Granger’s visit to the US in May, and following his return to Guyana, the Leader of the Opposition called for support for the idea of inclusionary democracy .

Why do local companies not reply to queries transmitted through their websites?

Dear Editor,Over a period of time I have been browsing a lot of companies/organizations’ websites and whilst doing that I would click on the link to contact the sites with queries or comments like GPL Inc, NM Services Ltd, GT&T, Guyana Police Force, Food for the Poor (Guyana) etc .

Legalizing marijuana could create jobs

Dear Editor, Over the last years, there has been much said about police brutality towards members of our society, moreso the poorer class .

Why did those who tried to overthrow the GFF president not try to have a meeting instead to discuss problems

Dear Editor,I am somewhat amazed to see people who purport to be intelligent and are the watchdogs of a nation being caught up in a fiasco to blatantly overthrow an elected president of one of our main sporting disciplines .

The right to do something does not make the action right

Dear Editor,Those who are advocating the gay and lesbian lifestyle should consider that the right to do something or to live a certain way does not make the action or lifestyle right .

Works Ministry and Airport Authority have held meetings and discussions with Timehri squatters since 2008

Dear Editor,The Ministry of Public Works is extremely disappointed with the biased nature of an article published in Stabroek News Business section on Friday, June 27, captioned ‘Timehri farmers losing valuable crops as airport expansion moves apace .

More hot air

Dear Editor,The President was acting in one of his more playful roles recently .

Let us dredge all our canals

Dear Editor,After attending the ‘National Conversation on a Clean Guyana’ at the Amerindian Village, Sophia Exhibition Site on Saturday, June 21, apart from my comments, it is apparent that what we heard from three government ministers (Health, Natural Resources and the Environment and Local Government) was no more than part of a propaganda blitz .

The behaviour at the Miss Guyana World Pageant reflects what we live daily

Dear Editor,The report done by Desilon Daniels on the recently concluded Miss Guyana World Pageant (‘The Scene,’ SN, May 31) has yet again shown us in a bad light exhibiting rotten behaviour at shows and concerts in fine style .

An evocation of context is important to an understanding of events surrounding Walter Rodney’s death

Dear Editor,It is interesting to read Tacuma Ogunseye’s testimony before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Walter Rodney’s death .


In the May 29,   2014 edition of Stabroek News under the headline `All the poor performers executing government funded contracts should be weeded out’ was published a letter to the editor which erroneously stated that Courtney Benn Construction Services Limited had failed to perform a contract to relocate a sewerage pipe in Kingston and a contract to construct a sluice .

The government should support the rice farmers

Dear Editor,Rice farmers on the Essequibo Coast had announced a massive picketing exercise, billed for yesterday, starting from Reliance and going to Anna Regina in protest at the non-payment of money owed by millers for paddy .

PNC has not yet issued membership cards to many bona fide members

Dear Editor,The People’s National Congress Reform Biennial Congress is July 25 to July 27 .

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