There is a pattern of disregard for African village lands

Dear Editor,There is an ongoing dispute between the Plaisance community and the government, and the latter seems to have already allocated the lands to a businessman and has also imposed an overseer on the NDC .

Interior locations need access to diagnosis and treatment of chikungunya and dengue

Dear Editor,As the chikungunya virus continues to spread throughout our country, I would like to enquire from the health authorities about what mechanisms are in place to combat this virus if, for example, it spreads to the interior location, especially the mining locations where malaria is already rampant and given that most miners come from the coastland .

Send Shiv to join the WI team now

Dear Editor, The West Indies suffered a nightmare in the opening match against India when the A team bowlers routed the entire team for a mere 148 all-out within 40 overs .

Election manifestos have to deal with specific reforms in detail with timelines

Dear Editor, We do not tire of repeating that we are a special people .

The late Joseph Bacchus played a role in the struggle for free and fair elections

Dear Editor,I hasten to pay tribute to Mr Joseph Bacchus late of 22 Trotman Alley, Wismar-Christianburg in the Town of Linden, Demerara, who died on September 30, 2014 .

Hard to get drugs at hospital

Dear Editor,We should expose corruption in every office or corner in Guyana, whether it is investigated by the government or not .

Can the spirit of Blairmont be rekindled?

Dear Editor,By some quirk of memory I related to Carl Greenidge’s excellent commentary (‘The composition of the new GuySuCo Board is highly unsatisfactory,’ SN, August 24) on the wilderness through which the sugar industry is headed (by pedestrians), again recalling the inspiration Blairmont Estate of the 1950-60s has been to my later professional life .

We should develop a trusting relationship with our children

Dear Editor,Many factors contribute to indiscipline but the lack of a secure family environment and the demise of the extended family are major contributors .

The time has come to effect significant change to the constitution

Dear Editor,While next year will mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the most famous constitutional document in England’s history, it is of note that October 6, 2014 marks the 34th Anniversary of the imposition of the controversial 1980 Constitution of Guyana .

Is the Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority a victim of the privatization process?

Dear Editor,I have managed to hold my peace ever since Friday July 25, 2014 on which day there appeared at page 8 of the Guyana Chronicle, a Gina feature entitled ‘The Deeds Registry – and the Act to make it work .

Police do not need more training about rape, sexual assault but more understanding and accountability

Dear Editor,There have been several recent very alarming reported statements in the media by senior ranks in the Guyana Police Force regarding rape, including by Commander of F Division Courtney Ramsay (Stabroek News, Sept 29), and Commander of G Division Kevin Adonis (Guyana Times, October 2) .

Joseph’s letter evades the issues of who should pay reparations to whom?

Dear Editor,An interesting letter from Mr Cedric L Joseph enjoined us to approach the Reparations issue from a legalistic and jurisprudential point of view and to avoid the emotionalism on which some seek to set afloat the case .

The AFC’s no-confidence motion makes no sense in the context of a three-way election race

Dear Editor,Following a meeting between AFC and APNU officials on Oct 1, the AFC announced that APNU had reiterated its commitment to supporting the AFC’s no-confidence (NC) motion .

We should evaluate our preparedness should anyone present with ebola symptoms

Dear Editor,That America’s health authorities have confirmed that they have diagnosed the first patient with ebola in the United States of America, really demonstrates the interconnectedness of our world – the global village .

Fenty got the muse

Dear Editor,A brief comment on A A Fenty’s ‘Bharrat Who? Some Jagdeo legacies’ in Frankly Speaking (SN, August 29):   I like people who exercise independence of thought, desperately endeavouring to be authentic, seeing through their very own eyes, and more importantly being open and fearless in stating their views contrary to general opinion – swimming against the tide, as one would say .

Theatre of the absurd

Dear Editor,The media footage given to the Town Clerk (acting); Treasurer (errant); Public Relations Officer (verbose, rightfully so); the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown (stressed out, as they should be) in that order, may appear to some to be a matter of amusement, to others consternation, and yet others symptomatic of a malodorous environment of governance, local and instant; none recognising the brew of intemperance respective acts and actions will concoct .

No Sarwan?

Dear Editor,It is with much interest that I have read the list of ten players who will be contracted by the GCB for the upcoming regional franchise tournament .

The PPP/C should see the writing on the wall

Dear Editor,Change is constant .

Dead puma shown in photo had been killing farm goats

Dear Editor,I wish to correct the misinformation stated in a letter appearing in the Sunday Stabroek of September 28 about the slaughtering of wild animals .

Guyana should emulate Toronto in terms of civility during electioneering

Dear Editor,I am about to return to Guyana after spending a couple weeks with professional colleagues, family and friends in Toronto and Ottawa .

Joseph’s approach to reparations was learned

Dear Editor,The Guyana Reparations Committee is eternally grateful for the letter by Mr Cedric L Joseph titled ‘The region’s case for reparations has to be founded on law rather than morality’ (SN, September 29) .

Other countries offering more competitive prices for rice and paddy

Dear Editor,Inside sources revealed that rice farmers in Region Two today only received 50% of their paddy payment for the last crop from millers, and there is a big decline in the prices for paddy .

Our leaders have failed to comply with the constitution and some in our midst have failed to demand compliance

Dear Editor,The citizens of this nation continue to be done a disservice by those allowed to bandy around terms because they make good soundbytes; by those who encourage them; and by those who realise they can get away with it .

Caribbean Airlines has remained loyal to Guyana

Dear Editor,Reference is made to your editorial ‘Travel Span woes’ (SN, Sep 29) .

CJ’s decision in Henry Greene case went further than the Trotman injunction which does not interrupt an ongoing police investigation

Dear Editor,Responding to Gail Teixeira’s outpouring on the accusation against Raphael Trotman, and her accusation that Red Thread and others are dealing with this differently than we did with the accusation against Henry Greene:First, to correct the omissions of Ms Teixeira, the first organization to concretely address the issue of sexual offences prosecutions was the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) which also produced an analysis of the progress of these cases through the courts .

Anomalies in design of Hope sluice could affect its functioning if not corrected

Dear Editor,Earlier this month, Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ramsammy gave December 31 as the revised completion date for the Hope-Dochfour Canal Project (HCP) when flood waters from the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) could be safely discharged into the Atlantic Ocean .

Where at UG can students identify the once great presence of Arthur Lewis?

Dear Editor,Robert Lalljie, a long-life colleague has just sent me a copy of his biographical profile titled Sir Arthur Lewis – Nobel Laureate (actually published in 1996) .

We need reliable transportation in Guyana

Dear Editor,Letters have been written ad nauseam on transportation problems in Guyana, apparently to no positive effect .

Raising UG tuition fees was a mistake

Dear Editor,The beginning of the academic year in which Guyanese students have been asked to shoulder the burden of paying higher tuition fees at the University of Guyana (UG) has already begun to bring home negative effects on the poor students and the university itself .

The DCB will work with any group interested in cricket’s development

Dear Editor,Mr Sharma Solomon has quite competently replied to Mr Farnum clarifying his position which I fully support .

Concerns about automated voter machines introduced for UG elections

Dear Editor,The Revolutionaries Party under the leadership of Glenfield Dennison has noted several developments in the University of Guyana Students’ Society elections process that are of grave concern .

Prof Menezes was accidentally omitted from list

Dear Editor,I refer to my column headlined, ‘There is a powerful Amerindian presence in Guyanese culture’ which appeared in ‘Arts on Sunday’ in the Sunday Stabroek, September 28, 2014 .

Injunction in Trotman matter should not have been issued

Dear Editor,The struggle for women’s and children’s rights began in the late 1940s in the then British Guiana .

Does Ramkarran still believe in miracles?

Dear Editor,Former House Speaker, Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s most recent column, ‘Ramotar holds the pen of history in his hand’ (SN, September 28), continues to reflect the mind of a man who apparently still believes in miracles; one of which is that President Donald Ramotar, despite his appearance of ineptitude and indifference, has an ace up his sleeve that will, sooner rather than later, overturn the apple cart or derail the gravy train being run via remote control by Mr Jagdeo .

The GTU should do a comparative study within the region of teachers’ salaries

Dear Editor,Sunday evening last, September 21, I happened upon an interesting conversation moderated by Carolyn Walcott .

Further ‘eyepass’ from Baishanlin

Dear Editor,This is more ‘eyepass’ from Baishanlin, which has built a 130-kilometre road without following proper government protocol .

Learning Channel maths programme was not effective

Dear Editor,On the night of Friday September 26 around 21: 45 hours, I viewed a mathematics programme presented by the Guyana Learning Channel relating to the conversion of base ten numbers to base two .

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