Secret land deals should have no place with a decent government

Dear Editor, Since early October there have been reports in the media that residents of Plaisance have been barred by force from land they began to occupy or planned to occupy, and to utilise for livelihood purposes .

Gender-based violence continues to be a cause for concern

Dear Editor,We stand united with the world in observance of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW) through sixteen days of activities under the theme ‘Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women .

For how much longer will citizens be willing to be taken for a ride?

Dear Editor,Put the names and enterprises in a building block arrangement, and something becomes immediately undeniably clear .

The West Indies team needs a Psychologist

Dear Editor, If one digs deep enough in relation to any successful modern international team, except the West Indies, one will find a Psychologist somewhere in there .

The government should look for an alternative management organization to provide drainage for the coastland and city

Dear Editor, It appeared that the November ’14-January ’15 rainy season commenced on November 19, arriving with a vengeance as it dumped over 5” of rainfall on Georgetown and much of the low-lying coastland during a 24-hour period, causing widespread flooding and extensive damage to properties .

We want a radio station where leaders respond to our calls and concerns

Dear Editor,We are blessed in Guyana to have so many radio frequencies, and I, like many others, listen to radio .

We should push our leaders in the right direction

Dear Editor,Progressive Guyanese often criticise like-minded political leaders for failing to do enough to fix our racial problem .

We need an interim PPP/C-APNU-AFC government until the next elections

Dear Editor, How can we solve the political problems which Guyana faces with the gridlock and citizen dissatisfaction with the political process? The answer lies within the hands of our leaders and their acolytes to create, first and foremost, breathing space to step back, take reality checks and then proceed to understand that Guyana and its citizens come first and patriotism and love of Guyana is the one and only criterion for moving forward .

The opposition missed an opportunity

Dear Editor,It is my belief that the combined opposition missed an opportunity when it rejected the President’s call for dialogue, which causes me to think that the opposition is not serious about the development of our country or the upliftment of its people .

The President and the PPP now find themselves on the other side of democracy

Dear Editor,Chapter II of the Constitution of Guyana deals with the principles and basis of the political and social system .

Permaul should have replaced Johnson as the Jaguars’ captain

Dear Editor,Prolific left-arm leg spinner Veerasammy Permaul would have been the best choice to replace Leon Johnson as the Guyana Jaguars’ captain .

‘Wrong company’

Dear Editor,Having much regard for the efforts of the late David de Caires, a Guyanese lawyer and the founder of Stabroek News in fighting for press freedom and democracy in Guyana, it is a sad day when on November 27, the cowardly editors of Stabroek News, more aware than many of Guyana’s embattled state against efforts to subvert that very democracy, think it appropriate to run a picture on its front page, promoting the fallacy of the PPP’s legitimacy in office .

There can be no allegation that an offence was committed by the AG which the police should investigate

Dear Editor, I refer to page 6 of the Kaieteur News of November 6, under the caption ‘The world is watching police investigation – APNU .

It is time to make some major decisions with regard to flooding

Dear Editor,When I write a letter I usually want to see what the comments are concerning it .

Medical attention refused because there was no original clinic card

Dear Editor,My grandson who is 2 years 4 months became ill in the wee hours of Tuesday November 25 .

Why can’t people use taxis when they are drinking instead of driving their own cars?

Dear Editor, Reading the Stabroek News on November 25 I noticed four people lost their lives as a result of road accidents in different areas .

Frequent flooding underscores need for local government elections

Dear Editor,Blue CAPS notes with grave concern the alarming frequency with which flooding occurs in coastal areas .

There is a huge difference between ‘contribute’ and ‘condone’

Dear Editor,Recently the comments of the Commander of ‘A’ Division, Mr Clifton Hicken regarding the topic of rape have stirred a great deal of comment and condemnation from individual women and women’s rights groups, amongst others .

Constituting a national front body

Dear Editor,I seek to share my thinking on what should constitute a National Front Body .

What has happened in the Sheema Mangar case?

Dear Editor,Like so many Guyanese, I remain interested in finding out what has really happened in the Sheema Mangar case .

In the absence of the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana the Vice-Chancellor shall perform the functions of Chancellor

Dear Editor,I noted a letter in Stabroek News of November 25, 2014 in which Mr Leon Suseran questioned the validity of UG’s 2014 Convocation (‘Were the proceedings at the last two UG Convocations valid in the absence of a Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor?’) .

Minister failed to engage city council on use of $500M ‘clean up…’ campaign money

Dear Editor,The Mayor and City Council is surprised and amused by statements attributed to Mr Norman Whittaker, the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development that he had failed to put enough pressure on the city council to deal adequately with the maintenance of flood prevention mechanisms before the rains .

We have a rape culture in Guyana

Dear Editor,“Rape culture covers everything from victim-blaming to the prevailing notion of rapists as menacing strangers who attack from bushes — not friends, confidants, mentors or spouses .

Authorities ignoring branches and garbage heap at Oronoque and Forshaw Streets

Dear Editor,For the past two months the cut branches of the parapet tree have been lying at the corner of Oronoque and Forshaw Streets, Queenstown with no sign of them being removed .

We should not prop our teachers up with welfare officers and counsellors

Dear Editor,The editorial titled ‘Violence in schools’ in the November 22 issue of Kaieteur News proposed the appointment of welfare officers in schools as a potential solution for what was projected as dysfunctional relationships between teachers and students to the extent where both male, and increasingly female students are physically attacking both male and female teachers .

Corruption is a symptom of a larger disease

Dear EditorFighting corruption requires a new understanding of how this global quandary has evolved, for it is bigger and broader than petty bribery or crooked deals in some developing countries .

A lesson learned in combat

Dear Editor,I have stayed silent until now about my experience in the war .

Polls show support for Obama’s immigration order

Dear EditorAn opinion poll conducted by NBC-Wall Street Journal shows significant support for Obama’s executive order to grant reprieve to illegal immigrants in the US .

Hydromet’s forecast for Saturday and Sunday was grossly inaccurate

Dear Editor,I refer to an article on page 3 of your issue dated Saturday November 22 .

Were the proceedings at the last two UG Convocations valid in the absence of a Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor?

Dear Editor, The former Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG), D .

A National Front government will be meaningful only if comprised of non-party people

Dear Editor, It is time to look ahead .

We are addressing the effects of neglect of the drainage system

Dear Editor,In 2005 this country experienced major floods .

Everyone who embraces democracy should support the President’s prorogation decision

Dear Editor, Respect for law and order and the constitution is not an option; it is an imperative .

The Ministry of Education should formulate guidelines about the use of cellphones in schools

Dear Editor, There is an increase in the use of cellular phones by students, especially in the secondary schools .

The constitution is illegal

Dear Editor,Lincoln Lewis obviously did not read my letter directed at him (‘Lewis has to stop peddling his notion…’ SN, November 14) .

GT&T will not give Business Directory to those with residential numbers

Dear Editor,The yellow pages in any telephone directory have always been of great interest to me due to the fact that they showcase talent in terms of concepts, creativity, etc .

Every Guyanese should contribute to the negotiation process for good governance

Dear Editor, The resumption of Parliament is an important topic to be discussed and every citizen of Guyana ought to be involved in making a peaceful contribution to the negotiation process for good governance .

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