Parents have to get involved in their children’s education from playschool to sixth form

Dear Editor,Reading about the successes of our children at the CSEC and CAPE examinations this year, I, as I am sure many other Guyanese, swelled up more than a little bit with pride over their accomplishments .

Urgent action needed for overall development of WI cricket

Dear Editor, I have read and listened to the myriad of exchanges between the parties (WICB, WIPA, BCCI & the WI squad) and the subsequent editorials and other articles from leading media houses and cricket experts and their respective apportionment of blame towards the respective parties .

Opposition needs to press for the return to Parliament and let the PPP face its destiny there

Dear Editor, I read former Clerk of the National Assembly Frank Narain’s letter (“Clerk of the National Assembly has acted impartially…”  SN – November 1, 2014) and I am disappointed, at best, on the degree to which the writer missed the opportunity to tie his commentary on precedent to the current context of the situation upon which he chose to write .

Navin was a noble soul

Dear Editor, I am saddened to learn that Navin Chandarpal has died .

Clerk of the National Assembly has acted impartially, correctly and fearlessly like his predecessors

Dear Editor,This is the first time as far as my memory goes, in my 82 years, that I am writing a letter to the Press .

An important aspect of self-reparation is convincing ourselves that we have the capacity to prove the illegality of the slave trade in a court of law if necessary

Dear Editor,The British, in the 1803 Articles of Capitulation adopted and enforced several treaties and laws from the Dutch which guaranteed protection and freedom from enslavement to the Indians (Amerindians) of the three counties which became British Guiana .

Parade of a pathetic battalion of so-called warriors

Dear Editor,The air crackles with the stain and stench of those glorying in the self-description of warrior, and the swagger that comes from testosterone purchased in bottles .

Invalidity benefit not paid by NIS

Dear Editor,I am writing about the problems that I am having with the National Insurance Scheme .

Guyanese migrant died in NY hospital after what family said was poor treatment

Dear Editor,Guyanese-American Pitamber (Prem) Lekhram, formerly of Tain Settlement, died at Jamaica Hospital last Sunday apparently of, what family members feel, was neglect and poor medical services .

It was unfair to make a comparison of  taxes on the salvaged vehicle with others

It was unfair to make a comparison of taxes on the salvaged vehicle with others

Dear Editor,I noted in your newspaper, an article published on October 27, 2014 captioned `GRA Head says bought salvaged Prado at auction’, for which a similar article was previously carried by another newspaper captioned `Auditor General should investigate Sattaur’s vehicle…GRA boss imports Prado for $1 .

Get out of the elevated offices, get to the people

Dear Editor,I am privy to some encouraging stories, as shared by citizens recently, on a common experience that originated from a rather surprising source .

Terrible and dangerous contradictions

Dear Editor,Very few people can put up with folks who think the world about themselves and very little-if any of others; folks who foolishly think the world spins for them alone .

Navin had a full and fruitful life

Dear Editor,To Cde Indra, the children and the rest of the family, we the close comrades and friends of Navin express our collective deep grief and sense of loss by celebrating the life of this extraordinary human being, Cde Navin Chandarpal .

A case for the Speaker’s powers?

Dear Editor,I am not an attorney, a constitutional expert, a politician or a current or former member of the National Assembly and therefore do not seek to pronounce on matters of the Assembly .

Either the President or Mr Nandlall must respond directly to issues raised in tape recording

Dear Editor, With reference to the “threats recording” scandal involving the Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr .

Diminishing output from private cane farmers disturbing

Dear Editor,Recently I was invited as a cane farmer to attend a meeting of the National Cane Farming Committee (NCFC) .

Cde Navin was able to re-energize the PYO

Dear Editor,It was with profound sadness that I received the news of the untimely death of Navin Chandarpal, a veteran politician, science teacher and lecturer .

GRA employs on agreed terms and conditions between the employee and the Authority

Dear Editor,I have read the article in the Kaieteur News dated October 27, 2014, captioned `Sattaur collected full retirement package in 2012 .

Kudos to the Reliance police

Dear Editor,I applaud the police ranks of the Reliance Police Station at East Canje for responding in less than ten minutes to a break-and-enter reported in the wee hours of Wednesday .

Navin was a great raconteur

Dear Editor,I shall miss my friend Navin Chandarpal .

This transcript must not be another lost day, another sick story

Dear Editor,I reserve public conclusions, condemnation or judgment .

St Kitts gov’t also faces no-confidence motion

Dear Editor,No-confidence motions have been filed against the administrations of two states in the Caribbean community and the electorates in these two countries are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the no-confidence motions which if passed will pave the way for early general elections .

What about Team Coco?

Dear Editor,Kindly permit this correspondence to be considered for your letter column because it’s a sensitive subject pertaining to the development of sports in Guyana .

How much has Skeldon Sugar Modernisation Project cost to date, what about operational losses?

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter from Mr Mark Jacobs in yesterday’s Stabroek News captioned `Varying figures have been given for the cost of the Skeldon factory’ .

Demand for service determines which sections in GRA function during lunch

Dear Editor,The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has taken note of the letter written by Mr .

Navin’s dream remains unfulfilled

Dear Editor,Politics will never be the same without gentle politicians like Navin Chandarpal .

Evidence of vileness

Dear Editor,I note Mr .

Creation of a healthy, sustainable Linden dependent on enlightened solutions to the challenges of the River Front

Dear Editor,I read Mr Orrin Gordon’s (Linden IMC Chairman) response `Digicel project received bipartisan support from Linden IMC’ (SN October 25) to my letter that you graciously published on October 22, 2014 `Location chosen in Linden for Digicel rehab centre not appropriate’ .

Parental grief at loss of child

Dear Editor,I am responding to an article in KN Oct 26, by Mr .

Pinnacle’s scientists have been very clear in their recommendation of the species for the intended energy plantation in the Pomeroon

Dear Editor,In a letter which was kindly published in the Stabroek News (SN 22-10-2014) and the Guyana Chronicle (GC 22-10-2014) Pinnacle Green Resources (Guyana) Inc .

Excellent reflection of our common humanity

Dear Editor,Your editorial on October 25th, `Canada’s mature response to acts of terror’, was excellent .

There is a perception that the APNU leadership is swiftly evolving into political lackeys of the PPP

Dear Editor,I observed a letter in yesterday’s SN from Mark DaCosta captioned `APNU’s apparent reticence is saving Guyana from another five years of PPP dictatorship’ .

No significant growth of economy can be expected unless there is substantial investment

Dear Editor,In a SN letter of Oct 25, Nowrang Persaud, a human resources development expert seemed to be in agreement with the views expressed by Prime Minister Hinds in his SN letter of Oct 23 that in order to improve the lives of Guyanese, attention must be focused on improving the low production, productivity, quality and competitiveness of Guyanese organisations/industries .

Varying figures have been given for the cost of the Skeldon factory

Dear Editor,There is a glaring factual error in yesterday’s Stabroek News article `Sugar output still dismal, Skeldon far below target .

Prof. Hinds did not call out the other newspapers

Dear Editor, Prof .

Mechanisms needed to prevent future governments from making us relive the authoritarianism of the past

Dear Editor, One of the fundamental problems to be surmounted in Guyana is our inability to become involved in genuine dialogue and to compromise and find consensus in the interest of the entire body politic .

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