Ignored by media or presented as a threat

Dear Editor,For the past year Cuffy250 has been engaging the African Guyanese community in a conversation aimed at restoring a sense of cultural pride and self-activity among African Guyanese .

We should return to the earlier constitution

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Mahadeo Persaud’s ‘Consociationalism cannot work’ (SN, Aug 25), supposedly a critique of Dr Henry Jeffrey’s proposed solution (power sharing) to Guyana’s nagging ethnic conflict .

Lionel Peters lived his life well

Dear Editor,Lionel Peters, carried himself so humbly that it was very easy to be unaware of all his accomplishments .

Another ride?

Dear Editor,My intuition is screaming: Something is up and in the making .

An impressive Emancipation Day celebration in Kara Kara

Dear Editor,Once again reminiscent of their first Diwali celebration the Old Kara Kara Community Development Committee sparkled .

Just a quick fix of the Linden-Kwakwani road

Dear Editor,We, the residents of Sub-Region Two of Region Ten are somewhat relieved that the length of our journey from Linden to Kwakwani and other communities has been shortened .

Several bad areas on Linden to Lethem trail have not been fixed

Dear Editor,It is so disgusting to see and hear this government continuing to mislead Guyanese .

GT&T customer’s concerns are being addressed

Dear Editor,Mr Khan’s complaint which was published in the August 27, 2014 issue of the Stabroek News under the caption ‘GT&T billing system not functioning efficiently in Essequibo’ was read and recorded .

The Minister of Local Government does not have authority over city council counts

Dear Editor,Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Friday, August 29: “City council’s no-confidence motions are taking precedence over critical matters citizens want addressed” by Norman Whittaker, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development .

There should be constitutional reform before elections

Dear Editor,I write this letter fully aware of the political implications and the accusations which will follow from what I consider a bold attempt on my part to draw to the attention of the African community and the nation, the danger that is inherent in the ‘no-confidence motion’ which has been presented and is expected to be passed in Guyana’s Parliament thereby forcing the country into general and regional elections some time soon, without the most critical and necessary constitutional changes being put in place .

What is going on in the forestry sector?

Dear Editor, The issue of the large-scale export of logs by Bai Shan Lin must be taken in the context of what the forestry policy filtered down to Guyanese is .

Whittaker should stop interfering in the internal management of the council

Dear Editor,Today, August 28, 2014, we have noticed an article in some sections of the media where the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Mr Norman Whittaker has said that the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has an oversight role in the Georgetown municipality .

Toshaos should make their voices heard

Dear Editor, Heritage Month celebration is once again here so kindly permit me to share some reflections and suggestions on this special occasion for the sake of history, the memory of those who played a useful role in its early visioning, and for the young and others so they would know the significance of the Indigenous peoples of this beautiful land of ours .

City council’s no-confidence motions are taking precedence over critical matters citizens want addressed

Dear Editor, No-confidence motions seem to be a popular agenda item at statutory meetings of some Municipal Councils and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils, the most recent ones being at the city council’s recent statutory meetings of Monday, August 25, 2014 .

City Hall should forget the bickering and start planting trees in Georgetown again

Dear Editor,I was wondering if it is at all possible for City Hail to quit bickering and do just one thing to endear themselves to the populace?Could they please start planting trees in Georgetown once again? There is a competent staff at the Promenade Gardens and I would venture a guess that the Office of the President (OP) has its own gardening staff too .

Calypso should be revived

Dear Editor,Calypso has been a part of our culture ever since its creation, and it is sad today to see this art form disappearing with no help for its revival in sight .

Not friends, but acquaintances

Dear Editor,People have often said they have many associates but few friends .

ECD has had enough of cricket politics

Dear Editor, We on the East Coast Demerara have had enough of cricket politics .

Why does Canada refuse non-resident visas to those who have already had one and returned to Guyana?

Dear Editor, I wish to express my concerns regarding persons who have come to my office to make enquiries in relation to applications made to the Canadian Embassy for non-resident visas .

We must start by talking to each other

Dear Editor,It was with little surprise that I read that the PPP was finally giving lip service to the concept that as an executive it should be involved in a more inclusive form of governance .

NM Services Ltd not responsible for customer being without DSL service

Dear Editor,This is our response to letter captioned ‘Can’t get internet service connected’ that was published in Stabroek News on August 22, 2014 .

Government response to chikungunya is inadequate

Dear Editor,The government’s response to the scourge of chikungunya has been inadequate if at all existent .

‘Wonderful’ customer service at GWI

Dear Editor,    At 8 .

The State Planning department should be reconfigured

Dear Editor,The writing is on the wall that Guyanese will be going to the polls soon for general elections .

‘Half-year report on the state of the state’

Dear Editor,I am pleased to present my half year report on the state of the state here .

Lionel Peters was not given his due credit for his role in the PPP

Dear Editor,During my stay in New Delhi, I was informed of the passing of my friend Lionel Peters, well known as ‘Lio’ among the small group of us who fought in the campaign against the PNC dictatorship .

Article 106 of the constitution is clear

Dear Editor,I see the PPP is playing a troubling game .

Why did we install an 80,000 tonne packaging plant in a factory which produces only 19,598 tonnes of sugar a year?

Dear Editor,Reference an article in the Stabroek News of August 25 captioned ‘Inadequate, pricey and not in demand, low sugar supply slows Enmore packaging plant .

The malady continues at City Hall

Dear Editor,The malady continues at City Hall with the recent forgery charge against Mr Royston King and the decision of the city council to move a motion sending the acting Town Clerk, Ms Carol Sooba, on administrative leave .

A foreigner in the Immigration area without clearance

Dear Editor,I returned home on Sunday night, 24th August, arriving at CJ Intl at around 9 .

Jamzone disturbed Republic Park residents, frightened pets and compromised safety

Dear Editor,I would like to highlight a major problem affecting the residents of Republic Park EBD .

The intellectual class should speak truth to power

Dear Editor,One of the things Guyanese academics and the intellectual class ought to be doing is to speak truth to power; this simply means sharing analyses and observations about the core reasoning, manoeuvering and strategies behind the actions of our political leaders and government .

GT&T billing system not functioning efficiently in Essequibo

Dear Editor,For the past three months Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has been disconnecting my telephone even although I am paying my bills promptly .

‘We are passengers on the power-drunk-driver minibus’

Dear Editor,Mr Maxwell’s letter of August 21 in SN returns to an old theme, Burnham-bashing, with which I for one have no quarrel, not being one of FB’s defenders (‘Burnham’s socialist path prevented Guyana from developing like Singapore’) .

There ought to be a restart with another group

Dear Editor,So now there is a quest for a national alliance .

Williams’s cross examination on the Rodney commission is hostile

Dear Editor,I write to make public the concerns raised with me by APNU supporters, who have asked why Mr Basil Williams and I were so adversarial and uncomradely during his cross examination of me in the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (WRCI) .

Lionel Peters had nuanced views on politics and international relations

Dear Editor,I’ve learned with great sadness the passing of Mr Lionel Peters who was very active politically in the PPP, Hoyte’s PNCR and later the AFC .

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