Excess bagasse does exist at some sugar estates

Dear Editor,Your kind permission to respond to Mr Tony Vieira’s latest missive in the Stabroek News (January12) is again sought .

Fines for drunk driving are too low

Dear Editor,During the festive season I travelled around Georgetown and the West Coast Demerara and was very pleased to see the police presence around .

Leaders should be the voice of reason

Dear Editor,The American President John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more to do more, to learn more, to become more, you are a leader .

The three parties should work out a compromise to recall parliament

Dear Editor,In light of calls by British High Commissioner Andrew Ayre (SN, Feb 12) and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office Tobias Ellwood (SN, Feb 9) to end the prorogation of parliament, I urge the three parties to put aside their differences and work out a compromise to recall parliament .

A healthy relationship with India

Dear Editor,It is always a joy to know that we think globally for a healthy relationship with other countries .

There could be five end-of-year football tournaments

Dear Editor,A happy and prosperous New Year to all and sundry, moreover, to those who are seriously committed to the continued development of football .

Republic Bank seeks to adhere to new local laws and international banking requirements

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Doreen de Caires’s letter which appeared in your Saturday, January 10, 2015 edition captioned, ‘Why is Republic Bank demanding character references and ID from customers of long standing?’We note with understanding, the concerns shared and will contact her to clarify all areas of concern .

Is the President treating general elections in the same way as local government elections?

Dear Editor,Reference is made to your pointed and direct editorial titled, ‘An election date must be named’ (SN, January 12) .

The PPP propagandists have maligned the victim

Dear Editor,In the face of overwhelming evidence that Mr John Adams was indeed slapped, the PPP propagandists have done what they do best .

Aishalton villagers did not sign on to any petition

Dear Editor,Allow me to respond to an article captioned ‘Aishalton villagers launch petition for teacher’s removal’ which appeared in Stabroek News dated 7th January, 2015 .

If there are airbags in some vehicles why aren’t they operational?

Dear Editor,The writer got a driver’s licence in 1958 after rigid testing by the team at Brickdam Police Station .

Inner peace on the first day of war

Dear Editor,Before leaving for the war, I didn’t keep a diary .

There is no planning for the development of human capital in the public sector

There is no planning for the development of human capital in the public sector

Dear Editor,More than a decade ago the Government of Guyana undertook an imaginative initiative to modernise the public sector in general and more specifically the public service .

The PPP should examine its own abysmal record with respect to press freedom

Dear Editor,I read with complete revulsion the statement by the Government of Guyana condemning the attack on the French newspaper, accompanied by the claim that it subscribes to the principle of the “full and effective exercise of the freedom of the press .

What efforts have been made to implement recommendations from the various observer teams?

Dear Editor,With reference to observers, one reflects as to what extent the professionals, starting with politicians, media, other analysts and, of course, those of the electoral institution itself, have paid heed to the reports of the various observer missions attending say the 2006 and 2011 elections .

UG Council had never before fired an academic on its own

Dear Editor,Against the backdrop of the legal advice on my dismissal from UG requested by the Office of the Ombudsman, it is important for the historical record to publish the sordid dimensions of this event .

Backwards move?

Dear Editor,We have heard spin from the head of IAST on bio-diesel and exploring for oil on the Corentyne, and now we have old firewood technology for boilers supplemented by costly briquette bagasse .


Dear Editor,I read in your edition of January 10 a letter by Doreen de Caires expressing her difficulty, nay consternation, at Republic Bank’s request for character references, ID, proof of income, etc, to a 75-year-old woman who has been dealing with the bank for over 50 years .

Adams has become a hero to many Guyanese

Dear Editor,Even as his village council seeks to have him removed from his hometown for talking back to ‘Daddy’, Teacher John Adams of Aishalton Village has become a hero to many Guyanese .

My experience as an American returning from war has been a good one

Dear Editor,America is not a perfect country, but if you have to go to war and if you get injured, you want to go with America because America takes care of its veterans .

Programmes come before faces

Dear Editor,I notice a letter from one of Guyana’s political matchmakers, who claims that, “pro-democracy leaders will agree that positive change in Guyana must begin with the PPP’s removal from office .

Commendable move to assist persons with disabilities to vote

Dear Editor,I wish to commend the National Commission on Disability and the Guyana Elections Commission for discussing new modalities that will allow for persons with disabilities to cast their ballot in the upcoming national and regional elections .

APNU/AFC must convince Guyanese that the new age coalition politics is about them

Dear Editor,It is too early to tell if SN’s Sunday (January 11) article, `Prospects good for APNU/AFC alliance negotiations – Granger’, is really a feel-good news story to raise the hopes of readers about a better alternative to the sad story being written by the corrupt PPP regime or a news story about the AFC and APNU wanting to feel good about their own hopes .

The Marriott Hotel will be opening shortly

Dear Editor, I refer to your article published on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, headlined ‘Questions continue over Marriott deal opening date .

How can they start on another paved road in Kwakwani when previous ones lasted only six months?

Dear Editor, I consider it a total failure on the part of Kwakwani elected representatives on the Regional Democratic Council of Region Ten and Junior Minister within the Ministry of Finance to allow another road project to commence in the Kwakwani community .

In agreement with general ideas in Narine’s letter on briquetting technology

Dear Editor, I was pleased to read Professor Suresh Narine’s letter ‘Briquetting technology potentially can reduce GuySuCo’s dependence on firewood’ (SN, Jan 9) .

All Guyana oil companies are affected by a gasoline shortage at the refineries

Dear Editor, The article captioned “Guyoil fuel dealers feeling the squeeze…’ was featured in Kaieteur News’ Thursday, Jan 8 edition, whereby a Guyoil dealer complained about not getting an adequate supply of fuel because of the mismanagement of the company .

Why is Republic Bank demanding character references and ID from customers of long standing?

Dear Editor,I find it difficult to understand why in my 75th year as a citizen of Guyana, and after dealing with the Republic Bank and its predecessor for over fifty years, I now have to submit two character references and identification such as proof of residence, TIN number, and sources of funding and income to this institution to continue with them .

Region 8 machines were left at the residence of the heavy duty mechanic for repairs

Dear Editor,I usually do, to my detriment and that of my administration, allow the many attacks on the regional administration to go unchallenged by not sharing with the public the facts on those stories .

Guyanese should be aware of attempts to further erode our rights

Dear Editor,“They can kill my body but they cannot kill my dream .

Clean, clear water from GWI for Success residents

Dear Editor,Several, maybe all, erstwhile disgruntled residents/ taxpayers and customers of Guyana Water Inc living at Success village on the East Coast of Demerara and surroundings places, eg, Chateau Margot Pigeon Island, may have mentioned openly and perhaps tacitly about the clean, clear, pure water now pumped to their households for domestic use from the current pump situated at Success Village, ECD .

The PPP has no moral currency to condemn the attacks on the freedom of expression of writers and artists

Dear Editor,The PPP never surprises with the depth and scope of its hypocrisy, most recently with its release condemning the attacks on the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo .

Blackout at Suddie Hospital meant medical staff could not work

Dear Editor,About 2 pm on Thursday, January 8, I travelled from Anna Regina to the Suddie Hospital to seek medical attention .

How will ‘discipline’ play out in the Teacher Adams case?

Dear Editor,Now that it has been confirmed via an Aishalton Village Council release to the Teaching Service Commission (SN, January 8) that the school teacher, John Adams, was indeed slapped by a Presidential Guard during the President’s visit to Aishalton, the bigger question being asked is what will happen to the guard who physically assaulted the teacher and those who did all in their power to ensure a cover up?This incident became public news again recently with an apparent sustained effort to have the teacher disciplined and even removed from his village as a consequence of the incident .

The decision to exclude Dwayne Bravo and Pollard involves more than cricket

Dear Editor,Some will say it is only cricket, but the decision of the WICB to exclude first Dwayne Bravo, Pollard and Sammy, and then Dwayne Bravo and Pollard only from some formats of WI cricket without even an attempt to explain the decision, involves more than cricket .

The West Indies team must match pay with play

Dear Editor, Globally, sports attract humongous amounts of attention .

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