Religious holidays are first and foremost religious holy days

Dear Editor, It is interesting to note that around the time I penned a letter asking for a little more sensitivity towards the Christian devout regarding Christmas, and receiving much criticism for daring to add to the voices that wish to see Christmas as a more spiritual occasion, Ruel Johnson writes on how the religious community has failed society .

How did the PPP agree to the no-confidence article in the first place?

Dear Editor, The deep political quagmire in which the no-confidence motion has thrown the PPP  raises the question again in my mind, what were the dynamics within the party when it agreed to this and several other far-reaching constitutional reforms in 1999/2000 .

India tour debacle needs to be placed squarely on the shoulders of the WICB CEO

Dear Editor, Before we really knew what was going on with the India tour dispute, SN in the usual way of defending the status quo decided to do just that in two Editorials, `The West Indies Cricket Crisis,’ of 24 October, 2014 and `The West Indies Cricket Crisis II,’ of October 31, 2014 .

Why is the present government not being investigated?

Dear Editor, There have been many justified calls from opinion-makers for the PNC to apologise for its share in the deformation of the state .

Police force is inconsistent

Dear Editor, So we are yet to hear what our police are doing about the report made by Mr Glen Lall .

Green did not challenge Hoyte for PNC leadership because it would have divided party

Dear Editor,Hamilton Green, former Prime Minister who held several ministerial positions in the Forbes Burnham administration said that he was not annoyed with the party leader when Desmond Hoyte bypassed him in the party’s hierarchy and eventually became President after the demise of Burnham .

The religious community has failed the society

Dear Editor,The religious community has decidedly failed this society – at the time of greatest spiritual crisis in this nation, it has chosen to still its collective voice .

Seize the day in a positive way

Dear Editor,Following the article `Carpe Diem? Maybe not…’ which appeared in the online edition of your paper on 1st November, 2014 I feel compelled to respond to the piece by Ms Ashma John .

Failure to recognize the error of pride will doom leadership

Dear Editor, “There is perhaps not one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride .

Constitution does not empower a government to spend without parliamentary approval and any prorogation would not alter this

Dear Editor,It appears as if the Government of Guyana has no intention of ceasing their abuse of our Parliamentary democracy and of the public purse .

Granger has proven that he is no political joke

Dear Editor, A lot has been said about David Granger’s leadership and political skills, some critics were adamant that he is politically naive and too meek for the PPP .

Hydar Ally misrepresented trade union history

Dear Editor,This continuous effort to rewrite history by seeking to paint some trade unions in a negative light, with only GAWU and NAACIE positively painted, is an act of public mischief .

The government should allow the debate on the way it has governed this country

Dear Editor,When the AFC indicated enough was enough, when it indicated that our people can no longer suffer the neglect, the hardships, the squandermania, the PPP’s demonstration of contempt for parliament, for the peoples’ voice, and threatened a no-confidence motion against the government that would result in the government resigning, the President said “Bring it on!”Now the AFC brought it on the government stalled for time to think of ways to forestall it .

School voucher distribution is a long tedious process

Dear Editor,The sharing out of the $10,000 school vouchers is not a bad initiative by the government but there are some flaws which should be addressed by the Ministry of Education .

There would have been a national front government had Burnham not died

Dear Editor,If Forbes Burnham had not died unexpectedly on August 6, 1985 the Peoples’ National Congress (PNC) and the People’s Progressive Party would have merged or at least have had a national front government in order to work in the interest of the Guyanese community .

Is the city council dumping garbage?

Is the city council dumping garbage?

Dear Editor,On the morning of Wednesday, November 5, 2014, I witnessed a most bizarre incident, even by our ludicrous standards here in Guyana .

The Christmas season means different things to different people

Dear Editor,This is a response to Ms A Ally’s letter published in Stabroek News of November 6 captioned ‘Slogan is in bad taste .

The population doesn’t care about the no-confidence motion

Dear Editor, All three political parties are misguided in their focus on the no-confidence motion when it is among the least of the concerns of the population .

Nowrang Persaud could have got any information he wanted at the National Cane Farming Committee meeting

Dear Editor,Please permit me space to respond to Mr Nowrang Persaud’s letter dated October 30, 2014 captioned, ‘Diminishing output from private cane farmers is disturbing .

Most unions under the PNC were toothless poodles

Dear Editor,I wish to commend Minister of Labour Dr Nanda Gopaul for taking the stand and highlighting the several atrocities that took place under the PNC during the Rodney Commission of Inquiry .

Unsafe Le Repentir bridge denied graveside access to mourners

Unsafe Le Repentir bridge denied graveside access to mourners

Dear Editor,On Friday September 12, 2014 our family chose to bury a family member in the Le Repentir Cemetery on a plot of land to the northern side of the crematorium .

There is a better alternative to the $10,000 hand-out to parents of students

Dear Editor,Now that we have the benefit of hindsight regarding the recent hand-out of $10,000 to parents of every public school student, we can consider how we perhaps could have done better .

GSPCA does use the captive bolt method to put down adult dogs

Dear Editor,With reference to Dr S Surujbally’s Nov 2, 2014 Pet Corner column on euthanasia, I have two comments: First, he wrote, “I remember a supposed pet lover and animal activist holding a bundle of kittens under water …” That prompted several friends to call and ask if I knew who he was referring to .

Institutions are disgraced beyond recognition

Dear Editor,It is inconceivable that the once, and sometimes still, heralded institutions of attorney general and the presidency can fall farther, sink lower .

Difficult to envisage how AG could now be conferred with silk

Dear Editor,I write in relation to the story in the edition of the Kaieteur News dated 1st November, 2014, captioned ‘Legal fraternity calls for immediate sacking of Nandlall .

‘Seize the day’

Dear Editor,I refer to the article captioned ‘Carpe Diem? Maybe not…’ in ‘The Scene,’ which appeared in last Saturday’s Stabroek News (November 1) .

The Guyana authorities should take a page out of Gonsalves’s book

Dear Editor,A few weeks ago I wrote a piece advocating that star batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul should be named a sports ambassador and given a diplomatic passport, so he would not have to queue up atthe airport, etc .

Norman Beaton lifted our spirits

Dear Editor,This letter may seem trivial at a time when we are faced with so many distressing matters within the State of Guyana .

Delightful change on ‘Breakfast Show’

Dear Editor,On October 20, Ron Robinson and Marcia Parker co-hosting and filling in for Kean McRae was a delightful change on the Voice of Guyana’s ‘Breakfast Show .

Nandlall has been a very popular figure since he became AG

Dear Editor,This is in response to your editorial of Nov 3, news reports of Oct 31 and Nov 5 and letters of Nov 5 pertaining to a phone conversation between the Attorney General and a reporter of Kaieteur News .

Silence from religious and civil society on the Nandlall issue

Dear Editor,It is time that someone, if such a person still exists, in the People’s Progressive Party call a meeting of the central committee and just ask them to acknowledge that the party has completely lost its way .

We speak of tourism but are failing to clean the heart of the city

Dear Editor,On August 4, I wrote a letter to your daily newspaper highlighting a few observations concerning the manner in which a contractor was de-silting the Church Street canal with the hope that someone in authority who might have been overseeing such work would have at least remedied it; however, this did not happen .

Slogan is in bad taste

Dear Editor,I know that the festive spirit of the Christmas season is coming upon us, but I do beg that you permit me to express my displeasure at GT&T’s current promotion whose slogan beginning with “All I want for Christmas is Cash! .

Co-operative society is not in compliance

Dear Editor,The Cooperatives Department of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security wishes to respond to correspondence published by Guyana Chronicle on Friday, October 31, 2014 captioned ‘An open letter to the President of Guyana’ penned by Patrick Hamilton of the No 40 Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Limited .

Anomaly in naming female golfing champion

Dear Editor,The Nov 5 letter in the Stabroek News, ‘Change in method for picking female winner of Guyana Open golf distasteful,’ raises a number of issues in Guyana, where golf is concerned .

Private sentiments

Dear Editor,In 1953 a PPP Minister in commenting on actions of the then British Governor said “This confounded nonsense must stop .

How come Christine Sukhram was not named the female golf champion?

Dear Editor,I refer to one of the dailies that reported on the Digicel Open Golf Classic, played last weekend at the Lusignan Golf course, ECD .

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