Some folks had a hidden agenda to cause trouble at Congress

Dear Editor,Quite a lot is being written and said about the PNCR Congress held over the last weekend .

Chronicle incorporated text which appeared in SN in its Buxton feature without acknowledgement

Dear Editor,I was pleased to see the article captioned ‘Buxton: Holding fast to its roots and boasting striking historical features’ by Alex Wayne, together with the accompanying photographs, in the Guyana Chronicle of July 26, 2014 (http://guyanachronicle .

Guyana should be a collection of groups defining themselves in ways which include but are not limited to race

Dear Editor,Are Guyanese beyond race? Heading, in historical terms, to a ‘post-racial’ dougla paradise? Or, on the contrary, en route to the final segregation of the federated race homelands some dream of from their exclaves in New York or Toronto?Is the ‘principle of adherence’ around which we congregate and cohere now something more advanced than the primordial incidence of the common race?The week’s newspapers are laden with phrases evocative of our dreams as of our fears .

Decency has died

Dear Editor,Decency has died .

Mayor & City Council situation has deteriorated

Dear Editor,The situation at the Mayor and City Council, has further deteriorated and the duly elected Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown despite what the public rightly expects, are in no position to assist or intervene in any municipal matter affecting the city .

It shouldn’t take a policy to ensure that you treat your writers and artists with basic respect

Dear Editor, In July of 2012 Dr David Dabydeen announced that of the upcoming books to be released for 2013 by the state-funded, ministry-controlled Caribbean Press, one would be a book by the younger daughter of the Minister Dr Frank Anthony .

Special Branch document with McPherson’s signature was a forgery

Dear Editor, I quietly withdrew from Guyanese politics and from active Guyanese public service more than 30 years ago .

The EDWC should be allowed to function at a lower floodwater level

Dear Editor,The Conservancy Adaptation Project (CAP) Report with respect to the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) has been completed and selectively released, but the government has considered its content confidential and despite requests it has failed to make the document public .

The police should be examining the records of payments from the Consolidated Fund

Dear Editor,Please permit me to follow up on my earlier letter which you so kindly published in your July 23 edition .

The windfarm project should have an EIA since it is a major source of noise pollution

Dear Editor,With regard to the report which appeared in the Kaieteur News edition of July 20, about the windfarm project, I was surprised to read that “The EPA has determined that the Guyana Windfarm Inc…project .

Guyana is a signatory to the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and cannot discriminate in the award of contracts

Dear Editor,I refer to two letters in yesterday’s KN newspaper, one of which was written by Suresh Ganesh captioned ‘Ansa McAl is dodging the issue .

There were hopeful signs too at the PNCR’s Biennial Conference

Dear Editor, I have been a member of the People’s National Congress Reform for the past twenty-two years and I can say without fear of contradiction that the last two congresses of 2012 and 2014 were the most vulgar and despicable events in the party’s fifty-seven year history .

The PNC helped the PPP last Sunday

Dear Editor,The political incident at Congress Place on July 27 has caused us to reflect on this question: What are the nation’s shared values? The politicians are not putting the country and people first .

What percentage has been set as a pass mark at NGSA?

Dear Editor,We are in the middle of some major problems where our education is concerned .

Did not say would resign from PNCR

Dear Editor, I note in the media that there is a lot of speculation that I will resign from the PNCR .

Why did security company not hand man who attacked sex workers over to police?

Dear Editor, The recent stabbing to death of two young transgender persons on the streets of Georgetown has raised several important issues which I think all Guyanese should be concerned about .

The PNCR must exemplify transparency before calling for it in others

Dear Editor, The open dissatisfaction by numerous PNCR members, relative to the election of a PNCR leader, could result in that party daubing or staining itself with its own brush .

US Supreme Court ruling will also impact aged-out Guyanese children

Dear Editor, A recent US Supreme Court ruling will have an impact on children of Guyanese and other immigrants who have been waiting for their green cards and have aged out (attained the age of 21) changing their eligibility status for a green card .

We cannot break up the PNCR at this critical time in the nation and party’s history

Dear Editor,It would be an apt starting point to a public letter to say that in the context of the concept ‘collective responsibility’ with regard to being a member of a national political party, I wish to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the nation and any member of my party, whom I or any other member, may have hurt or disappointed during the 18th Biennial Congress .

Is the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme still the source for the mathematics curriculum Grades 1-3?

Dear Editor, To the best of my knowledge, via a circular to schools from Ms Genevieve Whyte-Nedd, then acting Chief Education Officer, the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme was identified as the source for the mathematics curriculum for Grades 1-3 .

Federalism is the wisest compromise for a unifying Guyanese future

Dear Editor, Freedom of the press still allows Mr M Maxwell as if in contempt, to easily toss federalism over his shoulder .

More compromise, not confrontation needed

Dear Editor, In his letter captioned ‘A real leader of any true opposition would have stepped up to the crease and batted for everyone” (SN, July 29) Mr Emile Mervin seems to be advocating a more confrontational militant approach to politics in Guyana as he sits in New York .

The PNC has more than shot itself in the foot

Dear Editor,It is more than one shot fired in the air .

Airport Flight Information Display, PA systems are functional

Dear Editor, Please permit me to thank Esther Robinson for the letter published in Stabroek News dated July 26, 2014 .

A real leader of any true opposition would have stepped up to the crease and batted for everyone

Dear Editor,In your news article, ‘Riehl says Granger “too aloof,”’ (July 28), former Deputy House Speaker and PNCR executive, Clarissa Riehl is reported as describing Mr David Granger as “an aloof leader who stands aside” when he should be more involved in the management of the party .

There should be local government elections before general elections

Dear Editor,The whole sordid affair that took place over the weekend at the PNC Congress serves as a reminder that our political leaders are failing the people and are afraid to embrace the tenets of what true democracy is all about .

The PNCR under Granger has blown it

Dear Editor,The bitter and angry outcries that rang out at the PNC Congress over the weekend have once again driven the final nail into the PNCR chances of defeating the PPP and forming the next government .

UGSS President did not consult student body on fee increase prior to June 24

Dear Editor,The UGSS President acted ultra vires in representing the students on the fee increase issue .

No GWI bill for this year

Dear Editor,Guyana Water Inc has by way of a press release informed its consumers about the disconnection of water services for outstanding payments for the period up to June 2014 .

The city council not the government first wanted a lottery

Dear Editor,While much has been written about Georgetown, its environs, and the causes of its putrid state, there is one little aspect that I feel needs to be highlighted and brought to our collective attention .

Every country seeks to preserve its own business community

Dear Editor,It often amazes me what passes for news in Guyana .

Faith leaders must speak out on sexual and domestic violence

Dear Editor,On July 24 the Baltimore Sun carried a commentary, which stated, “Gender violence causes more death and disability among women ages 15 to 44 in the U .

We should stop the revisionist nonsense and start telling the truth

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter titled ‘Aspects of Burnham’s vision are still relevant’ (SN, July 11) .

We can learn from the Germans

Dear Editor,As the world celebrated the World Cup finals I took the opportunity to reflect on my journey through Germany (2006), South Africa (2010), and Brazil (2014) and my fortunate experience being at the last three World Cups .

Muslims are marginalized in Guyana

Dear Editor,Islam reached the shores of Guyana during slavery when Muslim slaves from West Africa were shipped to work on the plantations .

Guyanese need a stronger sense of self

Dear Editor,Having myself reviewed and analyzed countries’ economic performances over a number of years, I have notionally juxtaposed them against Guyana in an attempt to determine what can be done to have Guyana perform as some of the better performers do .

Zeelugt dish phones don’t work but still no landlines

Dear Editor,I cannot recall how or why GT&T introduced the dish phones for a few houses, but they supplied a few villages with the phone such as La Grange, Zeelugt and even some in Leguan .

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