Gold, diamonds should be mined only by Guyanese

Dear Editor,The list of the exploiters is long and extensive .

Many people have friends in commercial Guyana

Dear Editor,This is my second reply to the second letter of GHL Lall who has made three accusations against me which I honestly thought I had answered satisfactorily, but Mr Lall persists .

The problem is not the Amerindian Act 2006

Dear Editor,In his letter of March 23 in SN captioned ‘Amerindians should press for revision of the Amerindian Act,’ Mr Patrick Fitzpatrick commented on problems involving governance in Amerindian communities .

Public conveniences at Babu John should be rehabilitated

Dear Editor,Last Sunday, on our way to the Whim APNU+AFC rally, our group stopped at Babu John, Corentyne for the benefit of those who had not previously visited the gravesites of Dr Cheddi and Mrs Janet Jagan .

Are the government and opposition satisfied with the quality of medical care offered in Guyana?

Dear Editor,Further to former President Jagdeo’s very correct suggestion made at Babu John that there should be a discussion of substantive issues facing the nation which need to be addressed by the main protagonists in the upcoming elections, I hope that you will afford space in your column for this modest contribution, which I believe raises an important issue in respect of which a response would be welcome from the powers that be and the powers that want to be .

Double standards

Dear Editor,Desperation leads politicians to do and say strange things .

Polygraph tests should be used in the Crum-Ewing case

Dear Editor,I spent the weekend speaking with citizens of every age, class, political and religious persuasion on the lower East Coast and in Cummings Lodge and Charlestown .

Guyanese first and foremost

Dear Editor,I am a Guyanese living in the US and recently saw in your column a letter writer commenting on Mr Moses Nagamootoo telling Indians in New Delhi that he is not Indian but Guyanese .

How to get the roads fixed

Dear Editor,The roads in the Kitty area have been deteriorating for some time, particularly on the verges, leading to problems for motorists and pedestrians especially in the twilight and night hours .

Nigel Hughes should return to the coalition podium

Dear Editor,I have no intention of convincing anyone of my support for the coalition .

PPP believes in promoting development with a human face

Dear Editor,Politics is defined as who gets what, how and when .

Blackouts return to Essequibo

Dear Editor,Blackouts have returned to cripple the entire Essequibo Coast .

Poor landline service in Essequibo

Dear Editor,GT&T stands to lose nothing; only customers like me and others who suffer from the improper landline service being provided on the Essequibo Coast .

Hinds has overseen the modernization of the country’s energy sector

Dear Editor,I respond to a recent letter by Charles Sohan headlined ‘Hinds neglected his primary responsibilities in relation to GPL and became a dreamer,’ printed in the Stabroek News of March 27 .

Police should have been called in immediately over forgeries at registries

Dear Editor,I understand from your article ‘Probe underway at Deeds, Supreme Court registries over forged documents’ carried in the Stabroek News of March 30, 2015 that the investigation referred to is an internal investigation .

A Lethem-Georgetown road is unlikely to become a reality any time soon

Dear Editor,In a presentation to the media on March 20, former parliamentarian Stanley Ming stated in his overview of options and opportunities for national development that the Lethem-Linden road was essential for the development of Guyana, a goal which fulfils the development plan for the integration of regional infrastructures for South America .

Medical assistance cheque was returned to Ministry of Health

Dear Editor,Your Sunday Stabroek of March 29, highlighted the beneficiaries of Government Medical Assistance for 2012-2013, but I do have concerns regarding the information shown against my name, Winston George, on page 2c under Region 4 .

Lethem nursery school in poor state

Dear Editor,On behalf of the Parent-Teachers Association of the Arapaima Nursery School in Lethem, I wish to bring to your attention, a matter of serious concern which is affecting the pupils there .

Jagdeo has a track record of distortions

Dear Editor,Bharrat Jagdeo has emerged from his hibernation and is now ‘talking-up .

Do Jagdeo, Ramotar have more evidence about Crum-Ewing’s killing than the rest of us?

Dear Editor,If press reports are to be believed, former President Jagdeo and President Ramotar have confirmed that Courtney Crum-Ewing’s killing was political .

Kissoon should embrace full disclosure standards

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Frederick Kissoon’s letter titled ‘Contamination and deterioration?’ (SN, March 30) .

The issuing of US visas is governed by a policy which is unlikely to change

Dear Editor,With few exceptions, non-immigrant visa applications are evaluated under Section 214(b) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, which states, in part, that every applicant for a nonimmigrant visa “…shall be presumed to be an immigrant until (s)he establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer, at the time of application for a visa .

Thanks to staff of Caribbean Heart Institute

Dear Editor,May I take this opportunity to thank the doctors and nurses at the Caribbean Heart Institute for the manner in which they attended to my wife Margery .

Wrong sequence

Dear Editor,In relation to ‘Election Corner’ in Saturday’s edition of Stabroek News under the caption ‘The role of the Poll Clerk, Ballot Clerk and Information Clerk on Election Day,’ I am seeking clarification of the ballot clerk’s duties .

The health sector has delivered effective services

Dear Editor,The health sector has delivered efficient and effective services to the people of Guyana, and while there is huge room for improvement, one cannot erase the evidence of a growing and progressive delivery of health care to the Guyanese people .

Are both parties satisfied with the level of education offered in Guyana?

Dear Editor,Recently, at Babu John, former President Jagdeo challenged the opposition to discuss substantive issues facing the nation which they believe need to be addressed and in which they believe the PPP has under-performed .

Complaints about lifestyle were the PPP’s hallmark in opposition

Dear Editor,On March 16 last, the General Secretary (GS) of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee, attempted to defend the PPP against criticisms of lavish lifestyles .

Who is going to revamp the sugar industry?

Dear Editor,In the Stabroek News of March 29, there is an article entitled ‘Sugar Industry’s problems bigger then Skeldon .

Some PPP diaspora supporters feel Jagdeo should stand aside

Dear Editor,It seems as if there is some justification in the statement made by Raphael Trotman, co-founder of the Alliance for Change (AFC) which has now merged with APNU in its quest to remove the PPP/C from office .

When lights were turned off in the sports hall on women’s basketball, no other activity was scheduled

Dear Editor,I am not puzzled or surprised by Mr Gervy Harry’s effort in his letter dated March 28, in Stabroek News, where he tries to justify the disgraceful conduct of his assistant Mr Bashir Khan who instructed the security guard to take the lights off while the Guyana Women’s Basketball squad was practising at the Sports Hall on the evening of March 24 .

A dismal picture on the world market for sugar

Dear Editor,I note with interest an SN article ‘Revised business plan to tackle production cost, value-added –GuySuCo’ in the March 28, edition .

Government is denying freedom of expression to Region 10 by not adhering to agreement on TV station

Dear EditorFrom my standpoint, freedom of expression, in its varied forms, allows us to tap into our inner being, to express ourselves and realize our true potential .

Guyana has the opportunity to produce its unique brand of democracy in the fight against poverty and ethnic insecurity

Dear Editor,A new Guyana beckons and on May 11 ordinary Guyanese will formalize their preference for a break with the vulgar .

Contamination and deterioration?

Dear Editor,In a letter in the Stabroek News of March 26 with the title ‘Exercise in poor judgement,’ Mr GHK Lall had this to say about of my character: “I heard from reliable sources a few years back about the funding for Mr Kissoon’s house .

There should be a register of sex offenders

Dear Editor, Up-to-date figures are not readily available for Guyana, but over the last three years or so there have been at least eight reported cases of elderly women found murdered, almost all of them after being raped .

Integration is the most rational policy for the West Indies

Dear Editor, Reports of upcoming elections, along with news about ‘Citizenship by Investment’ schemes, lead me to ponder once again about the odds for and against improvement in the quality of life in the region described as the West Indies .

Basketball and other associations need approval before turning up to train at the Sports Hall

Dear Editor,In response to the Stabroek News report on the lights being turned off at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) while the female basketball team was training (March 26), allow me to state the followingReturning to my notes of the meetings alluded to by the President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation, these decisions were taken:‘Road to Mecca’ as requested by Mr Michael SinghDates were agreed on by the National Sports Commission and the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation, namely, February15,18,19, 28; March 1 .

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