Guyoil does not advise payment of large sums in cash

Dear Editor,An article captioned ‘Armed motorcycle bandit, accomplice rob businessman of $2 .

It isn’t about a candidate

Dear Editor,Just this past 45th anniversary of our Co-operative Republic, my plea to potential voters was published .

Following Crum-Ewing’s death all young people should become fully engaged in the electoral process

Dear Editor,Courtney Nickosi Crum-Ewing dedicated part of his life to social justice and betterment for all our people .

No survey for the granting of state lands to Minister Sukhai has been executed at Laluni

Dear Editor,The Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission has noted an article published in the Stabroek News on Sunday, March 8, captioned ‘Laluni farmers fear losing cultivated lands .

Political leaders should deal objectively and circumspectly with Crum-Ewing’s death

Dear Editor,At approximately 1930 hours the evening before last, from where I reside, I heard at least five separate explosions which from the sounds, suggested they came from a firearm or from several firearms .

There should be no tit for tat

Dear Editor,The night before last Guyana crossed yet another dangerous line .

Authors of Facebook comments did not go to support Crum-Ewing at his protests

Dear Editor,Doing something that we perceive as right, might be judged as good by some and a nuisance to others .

Devastated by news of Crum-Ewing’s death

Dear Editor,I remember my school days at QC with Courtney Crum-Ewing .

What about fire exits?

Dear Editor,Recently in my visits to quite a few well-established public (government owned and controlled) and private entities, it caught my attention that these businesses appeared to have sacrificed customer and employee safety for the sake of internal expansion .

Can we not avoid ad hominem attacks during the campaign?

Dear Editor, This week we celebrate the death anniversary of the reputed ‘father of our nation’, personal hero to me and I believe most Guyanese, the late Dr Cheddi Jagan who dedicated his life for the betterment of Guyana .

Opposition media should focus on issues of substance

Dear Editor,The attempts made by the political opposition, aided and abetted by the opposition media, to divert public attention from real and substantive issues of national development has not gone unnoticed .

The WI team does not always have to be ill prepared

Dear Editor,West Indians are not the only cricket lovers who seem preoccupied with West Indies cricket .

Congratulations to Shah and Johnson

Dear Editor,I wish to extend congratulations to Ms Ryhaan Shah and Mr Ruel Johnson for the recent duel in the media and exchange of intelligent views on the nomination, selection and awards process for the Guyana Prize for Literature .

Will the PPP invite ROAR to join it?

Dear Editor, Election fever is in the air again and parties are jockeying for position .

Jagdeo desecrated Babu John with a racist speech

Dear Editor, In his desecration speech at Babu John on Sunday, May 8, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo said that the opposition “consistently shout about the racism of the PPP but they practise racism .

The party which masters youth mobilization will prevail on May 11

Dear Editor,I write this letter in an attempt to generate public debate on how best to mobilize young voters, to participate in a big way in the upcoming May 11 general and regional elections .

Case study done on East Canje road speed limit

Dear Editors, A letter published in your newspaper some months ago, captioned ‘What is the rationale for fixing the speed limit in East Canje at 50 kph?’ from Mr Mohamed Akeel refers .

Conflict of dates

Dear Editor, I understand that the correct date for Phagwah was Thursday, March 5 but it was celebrated on Friday, March 6, even though some mandirs, including the Radha Krishna Mandir of Camp Street, held their service on Thursday, March 5 .

The 10th Parliament failed because of the PPP’s refusal to concede they lost the 2011 election

Dear Editor,I am responding to a letter in your edition of March 9 by Minister Robeson Benn captioned ‘Over 23 years in government the PPP/C has managed to bring Guyana from dire straits to one of expanding progress and prosperity .

Slates of two major parties have failed to have Amerindian or Mixed leaders at the forefront of their tickets

Dear Editor, Recent letters demanding more prominence for Amerindian leadership candidates in the forefront of the slates of the two major parties come as no surprise .

Baroness Scotland has great international experience

Dear Editor, I hereby respond to Mr Kads Khan’s missive in Monday’s edition of SN, in which he accused me of writing an ill-informed letter on Sir Ronald Sanders’s suitability to be Secretary-General of the Common-wealth Secretariat (‘Sir Ronald Sanders has considerable international experience’) .

Gender equality represents a paradigm shift away from systems favouring men

Dear Editor,I salute women past and present who have been and still are working towards realising a just and fair world for all humanity .

Coalition launch should not have been held at the Pegasus

Dear Editor,Finally the long conversation is at an end .

The nation should do better

Dear Editor,As an American-born citizen, I am one who holds the country of Guyana very close to my heart .

Sir Ronald Sanders has considerable international experience

Dear Editor,Freddie Kissoon’s letter (‘What has Ron Sanders’ career been like?’ SN, March 6) refers .

Phagwah is a cultural rather than a religious celebration

Dear Editor,I’ve appreciated the sentiments expressed by letter writers Sharma Solomon (‘Happy Holi’ in SN, March 6) and Shivanie Rampersaud (‘Holi – a reflection of harmony in Guyana,’ KN, March 6) .

Elisabeth Harper should have a right to succeed to the presidency

Dear Editor,It is very rare for one individual to be vested with so much potential power to change the trajectory of Guyanese politics as Elisabeth Harper .

Nothing to lose

Dear Editor,‘Alliance gearing up for civil society talks’ (SN, Mar 8): I am ready to believe that these folks are genuine .

Edghill’s comments made zero contribution to building a better Guyana

Dear Editor,Minister Juan A Edghill expressed opinions that undermine building a better Guyana in a Hard Talk radio interview aired on March 1, 2015 .

Over nearly 23 years of gov’t the PPP/C has managed to bring Guyana from dire straits to one of expanding progress and prosperity

Dear Editor;The spectacle contrived by the APNU-AFC coalition at its launch at the Guyana Pegasus on March 4th would have left many Guyanese scratching their heads, or shaking them in shocked disbelief, on reading some of the bold assertions of the coalition leaders .

The fear is not natural; it is nurtured by politicians

Dear Editor,I refer to Dr Jeffrey’s latest article (March 4, 2015) in SN .

A new mood of confidence among Guyanese

Dear Editor,I read with interest an article in the Stabroek News of Saturday, March 7, captioned ‘Fewer Guyanese looking to migrate .

Optimism about the immediate efficacy of a new administration must be tempered with caution

Dear Editor,Nowrang Persaud’s recent cautionary piece on the ability to deliver on promises must be taken seriously by politicians, as well as political commentators .

The election season promises to be a fun time all around

Dear Editor,This young election season has already had its share of surprises .

Demographics do not favour the PPP

Dear Editor,I read with great interest M Maxwell’s letter dated March 4, titled ‘The numbers favour the PPP in a two-horse race .

Government should be more strategic in how it approaches foreign policy

Dear Editor, In light of Venezuela’s objection to offshore oil exploration activities by Exxon in Guyana’s territorial waters, the Guyana government has got to strengthen and improve its diplomatic relations with the United States .

The Consolidated Fund is not a medical insurance pool for ministers and their families

Dear Editor, The first hint that the government was financing cosmetic treatment for those close to the party arose out of Attorney General Anil Nandlall’s astonishing conversation with the Kaieteur News reporter a couple of months ago .

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