Swamiji Shiv is being pressured to leave on the basis of rumour and unproven allegations

Dear Editor, The resonances of ugliness currently engulfing the Guyana Sevashram Sangha and its young administrator, Swamiji Shivashankaranandaji Maharaj (Cove & John Ashram) are offensive to all right-thinking Hindus, especially those who revere the works and memories of great departed saints, Guruji Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj and Ashram founder and paramount Guruji,  Swamiji Purnanandaji Maharaj.

Governments should hold referenda on major decisions

Dear Editor, A referendum is a very rare occurrence in the Caribbean. Britain holding a referendum on breaking from the European Union should be a lesson for the globe, particularly Guyana and the anglophone Caribbean – have a national vote on any major decision such as a constitutional matter or treaty, etc.

Let us not demonise rum

Dear Editor, Two letters appearing in the 14th July issues of Kaieteur News and Stabroek News appear to equate alcoholism with the drinking of rum as opposed to other forms of alcohol such as beer, vodka and whisky.