Pandit Bangat’s spiritual service to New York Hindus will be sorely missed

Dear Editor,Popular Berbician Pandit Vishnudat Tiwari (commonly known as Pandit Bangat) passed away in New York .

The two major parties need to become genuinely multi-racial

Dear Editor,Noted PPP propagandist Hydar Ally has published a letter bemoaning the loss of two years of his party’s term of office in 1997 and now again in 2015 .

In the elections season Guyanese should raise the bar above the personal, racial, etc

Dear Editor,In what has been referred to as ‘the crazy season’ of elections in Guyana, I find Mr Ralph Seeram’s article in last Sunday’s KN not only ‘crazy’ but very unfortunate in its failure to appreciate the need for new initiatives to break the logjam that has been stifling national progress in recent years, even as admitted by the government of the day .

Granger should be the presidential candidate

Dear Editor, While one would have hoped that issues, policies and political agendas would have dominated the current discourse, the fact that the AFC and APNU are engaged in coalition discussions has resulted in the national conversation being focused on parties and personalities, specifically, who should ‘lead’ the coalition, should one eventually materialise .

Company should have fixed rotten bulk paddy tank

Dear Editor,The death of 17-year-old Caricom Rice Mills employee Threeion Gittens was caused by the failure of the company to fix the rotten bulk tank which stored tonnes of paddy .

When did this change in ideology happen?

Dear Editor,My attention was drawn to a press report in which A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) General Secretary, Joseph Harmon stated that “determining its presidential and prime ministerial candidates on the basis of race is a failed model and does not determine how the coalition decides who fills these posts .

The inhumane exploitation of children

Dear Editor,Last Friday the Guyana Chronicle carried a report of a most heinous example of enforced child labour in India which still ‘haunts’ me as I am sure it must have troubled any caring human reading it .

Jagdeo is not the client in the two-term case

Dear Editor,I write in response to Attorney-at law, Mr Harmon’s statements to the press .

Sankar Nirahu has passed on

Dear Editor,Sankar Nirahu has passed on .

Folks dazzled by their own brilliance

Dear Editor,In your January 31 edition in your letter column under the headline ‘A mass of hard words’ Gordon Forte an “émigré from the coastlands” expressed a concern that reflected the view of many of your regular customers .

UG strike long overdue, improved conditions desperately needed

Dear Editor,I am compelled to write this letter in support of the ongoing strike action at the University of Guyana because I have felt the burden of being employed at the university .

We should demand changes for UG

Dear Editor,It is established that as the University of Guyana goes, so does the rest of Guyana .

Edghill should be taken to task

Dear Editor,I refer to Minister Edghill’s letter to the editor (‘SN did not attend the Lusignan ‘Night of Remembrance’ February 6) in response to your editorial ‘What Minister Edghill said at Lusignan .

Benn should be careful what he wishes for

Dear Editor, Mr Robeson Benn, Minister of Public Works is the latest in the line of ministers of the government prepared to violate the oath/affirmation they have taken and to defy the constitution and the laws of the country .

Zoo does not need more animals in its present state

Dear Editor,I was greatly disturbed by Hamilton Green’s February 7 letter in SN captioned ‘No animals in the zoo,’ in particular by his statement: “Halfway through I was embarrassed – no lions, no elephants, no adequate representation of our hinterland or animal life .

Caricom is a club of and for governments

Dear Editor, Some pronouncements tell the reader more about the institutions making them than the matters they are supposed to be addressing .

There is a lot that needs fixing at UG

Dear Editor,I worked at the University of Guyana until almost three years ago .

The plight of Guyanese is being noticed abroad

Dear Editor,I am a UK resident of dual UK-Guyanese nationality .

Court case is not an attempt by Jagdeo to run for the presidency

Dear Editor,With respect to the recent court action to overturn the amendment to our constitution requiring term limits, I respectfully submit that the public are being fed red herrings by many who construe this as an attempt by former President Jagdeo to run for the presidency or to abolish term limits altogether .

Leaders should put the country first

Dear Editor,The taxi driver said to me: “I hope the leaders would put the country first .

Resources provided to UG by the government have been increasing since 1992

Dear Editor,The University of Guyana is currently faced with industrial action over the issue of salary increases for staff members .

No animals in the zoo

Dear Editor,When will misspending and mismanagement end by this Government of Guyana – forget the Georgetown municipality for a moment .

It’s not the question of race that resonates with most Guyanese but accountability

Dear Editor,Like most letters penned in this era there are twisted opinions that attribute guilt and obliterate considerations of the ‘Other’ as if he has no truths, or perhaps his humanity is so flawed that he could not retain his ancestral pain .

Government should look into providing increased funding to UG

Dear Editor,After reading the Stabroek News editorial ‘Fixing things’ (February 5) about the state of Guyana’s university, I have read up a little about UG .

The way the security forces manhandled two Rupununi Amerindians is unlawful and challenges our democratic rights

Dear Editor,I will fairly say that successive post-Independence governments led respectively by the PNC and PPP have made efforts to improve the status, conditions, rights and representation of Amerindians in Guyana .

Government has not produced a serious plan to improve the long-term financial viability of UG

Dear Editor, As usual the PPP’s awesome propaganda machinery is busy blaming university faculty and staff for the present crisis at University of Guyana .

Exceptional spring tides around Feb 19, March 20, Sept 28

Dear Editor,I should like your readers to know that the most exceptional ocean tides of the year 2015 will be on the days around Feb 19, March 20, and Sept 28 .

Another election in advance of the constitutionally due date

Dear Editor,Guyanese will once again be required to go to the polls to elect a new government of their choice .

SN did not attend the Lusignan ‘Night of Remembrance’

Dear Editor,The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has noted your extensive editorial on Monday, February 2, 2015, regarding comments made by Bishop Juan Edghill at the ‘Night of Remembrance’ to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the Lusignan massacre .

Spinner Brown gets last-minute recall to Jamaica squad

(Jamaica Gleaner) Experienced wrist spin bowler Odean Brown has been recalled to the Jamaica cricket set-up after being overlooked for last season’s first-class tournament as well as the start of the new campaign .

A coalition is the better option

Dear Editor,In preempting a coalition between APNU and AFC, many pundits are engaged in what seems to be casting lots .

We must think of ourselves and our families first

Dear Editor,In a previous letter captioned, ‘Voters have the right to abstain from voting’ (SN, February 4), I had posited that both abstentions and valid votes determine electoral outcomes, in equal measure .

Officials should rectify Mackenzie High School problem soon

Dear Editor,I am prompted to write about the water situation the teachers of Mackenzie High School are facing, after reading the Kaieteur News of February 3 .

The current management paradigm at UG is not to inject new funds but to slash expenditure

Dear Editor,The university undertakes one of the largest value-added operations in Guyana .

There is no reason why talented writers with a will to work cannot get published

Dear Editor,In his reply to my letter, Ruel Johnson says there are no publishers in Guyana (‘There are no publishers in Guyana for emerging writers to take advantage of,’ SN, February 3) .

There is no justification for the promotion of police officers involved in the 2009 torture incident

Dear Editor, I believe that lawyers are outraged and distressed by the criminal violence which has engulfed our country which the police and the state have been powerlessness to contain .

It is a tragedy that the government aligns with the unjust and those who discriminate

Dear Editor,At the recent Universal Periodic Review of Guyana’s human rights obligations, Minister Rodrigues-Birkett deflected the government from the responsibility to stop teachers beating children .

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