Plan for the WICB

Dear Editor, Since there are no legal or political avenues open to those who are not directors or have the right to vote in meetings of the WICB, perhaps such outsiders should use their powers of persuasion to plead with the insiders to do something.

Why weren’t internet subscribers consulted by GT&T before the change from pre-paid to post-paid?

Dear Editor, I was taken by surprise when upon paying the monthly charges for internet usage (as I usually do) I still could not connect to the internet, so I called customer service and after a lengthy wait on the phone line I was finally connected to an agent who after checking my account told me that I still have an outstanding amount which I must pay before my internet service could be restored.

It’s time to focus

Dear Editor, Wow! Wow! It is amazing how life can get interesting for a person and a people.              I have been having my street debates which I have come to enjoy, this time the topic was on ‘what do we do as a people with all of these challenges facing us?’ Guyana/Venezuela border controversy, now Suriname’s renewed claim to the New River Triangle, challenges with our foreign exports –rice and sugar, falling gold prices, a slowing down economy and spiraling crime rate; the answer is, we focus!

The case for the CCJ

Dear Editor, I was born in the Caribbean and spent the first nineteen years of my life there. I practised law in Ontario, Canada for twenty-nine years, and sat on the bench of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario for sixteen years as a trial judge.