Henry Jeffrey cannot have it both ways

Dear Editor,I refer to the comments by former Minister of Foreign Trade Henry Jeffrey (SN, July 9) .

The US concern for building democracy in Guyana may be a cover for countering the influence of Venezuela and other left-leaning nations

Dear Editor,The recent controversy over United States Ambassador Brent Hardt’s tenure in Guyana seems to have focused on his persistent calls for local government elections, and the government’s “feral” reaction towards his so called meddling .

The government should develop a plan to recruit skills from overseas

Dear Editor,Guyana, as everyone agrees, suffered and is continuing to suffer from a massive brain drain; even labourers are in short supply .

Operational capacity of Gecom affected by vacancy

Dear Editor,I must be numbered amongst the citizenry who clamour vociferously for local government elections .

Is Section D Sophia supposed to be a residential area?

Dear Editor,Could the relevant authorities kindly inform the residents of Sophia D Section in the third street from the police station if this area was designated as a residential one or otherwise .

Manickchand’s salvo was a result of the policy of abuse Freedom House has for those who speak out against its interests

Dear Editor,I’ve been observing with no great surprise the aftermath of the embarrassing Manickchand attack on now former US Ambassador Brent Hardt .

NIS increases should be given to all pensioners not just those in receipt of the minimum pension

Dear Editor,Present-day pensioners have been contributing to the National Insurance Scheme since its birth in 1969, and these contributions are made on a percentage fixed by NIS .

Break the anvil of PPP, PNC witchcraft politics

Dear Editor,Any person with an iota of common sense will agree that if you ask, request or beg someone a favour or for something they have in their possession that may be rightfully yours and he/she finds excuses on more than one occasion not to grant it, then maybe that person has no intention of yielding positively to that request .

Manickchand was misguided by her own PPP comrades

Dear Editor,At the reception held at the US Ambassador’s residence to reflect on the 238th Independence anniversary of the United States of America, the Guyana government’s message read by Minister of Education and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Manickchand, whom this country’s youths depend on for educational guidance, was misguided by her own PPP comrades .

‘Cuss’ words have become the order of the day

Dear Editor,Our society has suddenly become a place where curse words or ‘cuss words’ have become the order of the day .

Pickup which had hit car into trench sped away

Dear Editor,I witnessed one of the most horrific incidents while standing on the eastern side of the La Grange Public Road yesterday evening at about 6 .

The assault on Vanessa Kissoon is an assault on the youth leadership of the party

Dear Editor,Over the last week I deliberately restrained myself from commenting on or seeking additional information on the Ms Vanessa Kissoon and General Secretary Oscar Clarke debacle, since I took comfort from the reassuring comments of my friend Mr Christopher Jones’s missive to me in the Stabroek News of February 15, 2014 captioned ‘The PNCR has several forums where arms of the party can vent dissatisfaction .

While Guyanese are encouraged to party with rum the society is overwhelmed by the violence and health care costs

Dear Editor,The alcohol industry has great power in the way it uses sport to market a product that is destructive to many persons .

Manickchand’s behaviour should be condemned by every right-thinking Guyanese

 Dear Editor,The recent outburst by the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Priya Manickchand directed at the outgoing US ambassador at the 238th independence anniversary celebration of the United States is vulgarity of the highest order and totally unacceptable .

In general the PNC and government were relatively restrained in their response

Dear Editor,Freddie Kissoon says that, in his estimation, in a small closely watched country such as ours, it would have been impossible for the plot and execution that ended Dr Rodney’s life to have taken place without the knowledge of the paramount leader/president of the time, Forbes Burnham .

Manickchand did write her own speech

Dear Editor,I have publicly expressed the opinion that Priya Manickchand’s delivery was not written for her .

The people can take back their consent

Dear Editor,Government is there for a purpose .

Much behind the Manickchand Manoeuvre

Dear Editor,As the disgust fades-like everything else-over the recent Manickchand Manoeuvre at the Independence Day reception, it is timely to examine what prompted the premeditated histrionics .

Is there a plan for Area Q, Turkeyen roads?

Dear Editor,I am a resident of Area Q, Turkeyen; a community that is contiguous to the Caricom Secretariat and located to the west of the University of Guyana access road, south of the Railway Embankment Road .

We spend half of our life waiting

Dear Editor,Elizabeth Taylor said, “It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting .

It is not credible Rodney was assassinated by state actors and Burnham didn’t know about it

Dear Editor,I would like to place on record as I have done several times in print, my position on the death of Walter Rodney .

It is the Jagdeo-Ramotar PPP that has lowered the standard of government

Dear Editor,In his latest piece, `The defence of Guyana’s sovereignty’, (SN, July6), former House Speaker, Mr .

The Ministry of Agriculture needs to monitor the farmers’ use of chemicals on vegetables

Dear Editor,I was very happy when it was announced that the University of Guyana would be the recipient of funding from the World Bank to study one of our local vegetables, Corilla (Momordica charantia) in order to pursue the fight against cancer .

Court should not be held where there is seepage from the sewer lines

Dear Editor,Recently you published photographs on two occasions of sewage seepage at the Magistrates Court .

Evidence-based discussions needed on executive governance to address the interest of all

Dear Editor,  The time may be now for us to find public space/outlet to engage in serious, evidence-based discussions on proposed models of executive governance to address the interest of all .

Hardt spat should be examined by reference to Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

Dear Editor,In respect of what may be described as a spat between the Guyana Administration and the former Ambassador of the United States, Mr .

Now the PPP/C is in office they no longer fight for the rights of the sugar workers

Dear Editor,  Over the years we heard of the fight for the rights of sugar workers by the PPP\C so that they would not be trampled upon by any government .

Guyanese should welcome all voices including those of diplomats to help make our democracy less flawed

Dear Editor, Minister Manickchand has stirred up quite a furor with her remarks at an event to celebrate the United States’ 238th Independence anniversary .

Police used harsh methods against rice farmers

Dear Editor,  During the height of the protest by some 500 rice farmers at Three Friends on the Essequibo Coast, the police forced them to move from the road, but harsher methods were used when 35 of these protesters were locked up in the Anna Regina station .

Manickchand’s speech was a wake-up call

Dear Editor  The colloquial phrase ‘is Guyana we deh’ is used to communicate that all manner of foolishness, ignorance, corruption and ill-treatment occurs in Guyana .

We need to save Guyana from our self-absorbed selves

Dear Editor, As a young Guyanese citizen, I strongly believe our voice should be audible and articulate in expressing the concerns we share with all citizens in our country .

Police ranks did not strip Naith Ram

Dear Editor,Cognisant of media reports concerning protest activities by a number of persons on the Essequibo Coast on Friday, July 4, 2014, the Guyana Police Force is denying the allegation that police ranks stripped the protest leader Mr Naith Ram, Chairman of the Essequibo Paddy Farmers’ Association, during their engagement with the protestors .

Young people have no chance in ‘old boys’ political parties

Dear Editor,The whole Vanessa Kissoon suspension episode reinforces the view that young people hardly stand a chance in leadership positions in the established ‘old boys club’ political parties .

Doctors not clerks assign return dates at Georgetown Hospital eye clinic

Dear Editor,Management of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has observed a letter from one of your readers headlined ‘Doctors should give return dates for patients not clerks’ (SN, July 4) .

Defensive cover?

Dear Editor,Dr Roger Luncheon, Head of the Presidential Secretariat may have intended to provide cover for and defence of acting Foreign Minister Ms Priya Manickchand whose toast at the Fourth of July celebration of the Independence of the United States of America and farewell for its Ambassador to Guyana Mr Brent Hardt has drawn widespread criticism, including words like “disgust”, “lacking decorum”, “descent into the gutter .

Prior to 1992 the PPP begged foreign missions to intervene in local politics

Dear Editor,I consider the reactions by the PPP and the statements by President Donald Ramotar in response to outgoing United States Ambassador Brent Hardt’s comments at the Blue Caps function, that many of the issues raised by the American diplomat “are really way out and the Ambassador would do very very well, instead of getting involved in local politics, to really represent the interest of his country properly,” duplicitous and hypocritical .

Georgetown needs a four-storey parking lot

Dear Editor,As one travels the East Bank Demerara road from 6 .

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