Police should have investigated complaint

Dear Editor, With reference to the letter written by Mr  Laurie Greenidge and published in the February 11 edition of Stabroek News (‘Threatened by neighbours who are causing noise nuisance’), Mr Greenidge informed me that both he and his female companion were charged by the police for disorderly behaviour.

Suggestion to amend land law does not include anything to prevent fraudulent agreements of sale

Dear Editor, I write with reference to a letter by Mr Anil Nandlall in SN of December 2, ’09. ‘The land law should be amended.’ It would appear that that Mr Nandlall would like the present land laws to reflect a proposal that “section 22 of the Deeds Registry Act be amended to include either, (i) that a registered encumbrance includes an agreement of sale and that the necessary amendments be made to permit an agreement of sale to be so registered or, (ii) to add an agreement of sale as one of the categories of matters to which the absolute title which a transport confers shall be subject.” The proposal does not include anything to combat and prevent fraudulent agreements of sale.

No ‘white Messiah’ in Avatar

Dear Editor, I refer to Dr Steve Surujbally’s letter titled ‘Avatar creates a two-edged sword of cultural imperialism.’ Dr Surujbally’s disdain for the global hit movie Avatar is that it openly perpetuates racial superiority and, borrowing from New York Times columnist, David Brooks, the “white Messiah” fantasy.