Freedom of the press is the backbone of a democratic society

Dear Editor, I am so digusted with the PPP/C’s persistent efforts to deny opposition parties equal access to government-owned/controlled media houses, and muzzle the independent media such as Sharma’s TV station, that I am forced to support the pledge of APNU that it will liberate the media, once the partnership is elected to office after the November 28 general elections.

Why is Kissoon not writing on Ramotar?

Dear Editor, Why the silence of Mr. Freddie Kissoon on the Presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Ramotar? Mr. Freddie Kissoon, a columnist of the independent Kaieteur News, covers a range of topics, issues and personalities relevant to Guyana and Guyanese.

The hearing of CN Sharma’s court case against suspension should be expedited

Dear Editor, I thought that when the Chief Justice, Mr. Ian Chang brought up President Jagdeo’s libel suit against me and the Kaieteur News exactly one year after the writs were filed, it gave enormous latitude to lawyers to request the speedy moving up of matters involving the Constitution and human rights issues that have been part of the gargantuan backlog in the High Court.

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