‘A kind of missile defence system around the PPP’

Dear Editor, Mr Ravi Dev, as his fellow columnist Mr Kissoon declares, is a person of many resources. In his recent column Mr Dev makes the following broad-banded claim: “In Guyana the debate involved opposition elements that insisted the PPP government was a fascist, racist, ‘elected dictatorship’ and that the party supporters, who are generally Indians, were directly responsible for the claimed excesses of the government.” As one who claims that there can be, and is in Guyana an ‘elected dictatorship,’ I find the argument curious.

India Day Parade invited President Jagdeo to participate

Dear Editor, It was amusing to read a letter by one Mr Malcolm Harripaul in your newspaper (August 8) claiming that President Bharrat Jagdeo sent a memo to our organization requesting an invitation to attend this year’s India Day Parade scheduled for August 21 on Madison Ave (‘Jagdeo sought invitation to Manhattan parade of Indian-Americans’).

A brilliant work

Dear Editor, I just finished reading Rahul Bhattacharya’s debut novel The sly company of people who care.  The author is from India and spent a year in Guyana. 

NCN twice failed to keep appointment with Buxton Fusion School of Music

Dear Editor, I am the artistic director of the Buxton Fusion School of Music. It was after two stunning performances by the children of the school, one private and the other public, that I was asked by senior officials of NCN to have the children recorded for a television broadcast, bearing in mind that it was newsworthy, especially since this was the International Year of People of African Descent.

Allegation is false

Dear Editor, Malcolm Harripaul’s missive ‘Jagdeo sought invitation to Manhattan parade of Indian-Americans’ (SN, August 8) is absolutely false. Since the letter contains malicious allegations, the facts should have been verified with the President’s office, and/or the FIA (sponsor of the parade), and/or Mr Harripaul should have produced a copy of the memo that he makes reference to (I believe there is no such memo and Harripaul is engaged in trawling).

False allegations

Dear Editor, It has been brought to my attention that the Guyana Chronicle published an article captioned ‘Controversial accountant’s sons threaten to hack PPP websites’ dated July 31, 2011, where my brother Ravendra Ram has been wrongfully accused of being an orchestrator in hacking government websites.

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