Desmond Moffatt’s contribution should be acknowledged

Dear Editor, Quite recently popular and controversial PPP/C activist/councillor Ian Halls on his television programme ‘Under the Microscope,’ while commenting on Black History Month (February)  expressed his concern about how reluctant we are to recognize and pay respects to the local heroes within our midst who have made valuable contributions to the community, especially if they are ordinary working-class individuals of no status.

National Parks Commission did respond to emailed questions

Dear Editor, We refer to the two most recent articles on the Zoological Park, published in the Sunday Stabroek, April 25 2010, captioned ‘Zoo aquarium gets facelift,’ and in Stabroek News on April 26, 2010, titled ‘NPC denies poor working conditions at zoo.’ It has been noted that in the edition of April 25 it was inaccurately reported that the National Parks Commission did not respond to an email requesting information on the Aquarium.

Labour Day is for all workers

Dear Editor, I refer to a statement made by Mr Carvil Duncan of the Guyana Labour Union on behalf of FITUG, in which he said among other things on national television that persons who participated in the 2009 Labour Day march were associated with political parties and not bona fide trade unions.