People should look out for one another

Dear Editor, There is no doubt that violence in Guyana has reached unsurpassed levels of depravity. There are cases where such carnage could have been prevented if those in authority could have simply taken a second look and had a little more investigation and evaluation of the signs staring at them.

What are field conditions like on GuySuCo’s Demerara estates?

Dear Editor, One of my GAWU contacts has shared some dreaded news on the field conditions at GuySuCo’s Demerara  estates. Any concerned Guyanese would be wondering why the independent media and the political opposition, including the AFC are not drilling down into the field conditions in the Demerara estates and the state of readiness of the new Skeldon state-of-the-art factory to expose the incompetence of this regime.

The PNCR is the most democratic political party in Guyana

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to the letter published in the SN dated October 9 under the caption ‘PNCR should allow free, and transparent system for selecting its presidential candidate.’ The unnamed writer has decided to make his/her contribution to the advancement of the silly season political agenda, since it is made pointedly clear in the letter that the PNCR has found itself in a position of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

What is the ‘traditional method’ of the PPP in choosing a presidential candidate?

Dear Editor, In a news item in the KN captioned ‘PPP to use old model being to select presidential candidate’  dated September 23, 2010,  extracted from a press release issued by the PPP General Secretary it was stated, “The process that was used in the selection of previous Presidents, Dr Cheddi Jagan, Mrs Janet Jagan and the current President Bharrat Jagdeo, will be used to select the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Presidential Candidate for the next General Elections.” It went on to say the procedure allowed for the expression of interest by interested individuals and “deliberations at the level of the Executive Committee, and subsequent approval by the Central Committee.” I would like to suggest to the General Secretary that it was here the undermining of the constitution of the PPP commenced.

Columbus did not discover the Americas

Dear Editor, The second Monday in October is observed in the US and other countries as Columbus Day (a government and banking holiday) to pay homage to the Italian seafarer and explorer Christopher Columbus for his ‘discovery’ of the Americas (and the Caribbean). 

Evelyn Rayman has passed away

Dear Editor, Evelyn Rayman, a distinguished Guyanese who was active in public life in Guyana in the 1960s has died and was cremated in Toronto, Canada on Thursday 7th October after a well attended funeral service.

Guyana has become a morbidly violent place

Dear Editor, Guyana has become an unusually and morbidly violent place.  The gut wrenching and sickening use of all sorts of force by the violent on their victims to satisfy lusts for power, money and compliance has reached proportions equal to that manifested in Caligula’s Rome.