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Dear Editor, Now that it is well known that David Granger is the presidential candidate of the People’s National Congress Reform and is the owner of the Guyana Review, I believe that in all fairness to everyone, the Stabroek News should stop publishing this magazine, at least during this upcoming elections period.

‘A triumph of negotiations’


Dear Editor,The writer is indebted to Mr Milne Seymour whose letter to SN of May 16 (‘Comparing the GTU agreement of 2006 with that of 2011’) provided the information used again below, hopefully, in a more comparative format, inclusive of ready remarks.

Cornelia Ida water


Dear Editor, They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words, so I decided to send a picture of the water that comes through the taps of the residents of Cornelia Ida, West Coast, Demerara.

Noisy cricket players

Dear Editor, I live in Duncan Street, Bel Air Park between Ituni and De Abreu Streets, Newtown. Every day including Sunday mornings and afternoons there is a group of boys and girls playing cricket on the road, making loud noises and using filthy words.

‘Bakes’ and language

Dear Editor, I read Cynthia Nelson’s ‘Tastes Like Home’ cooking page every Saturday. It is a page I enjoy because of a shared interest in food, but also because I am glad that someone capable is writing regularly on Caribbean cooking, and staying close to the essence of everyday cooking rather than trying to gloss it up to look like some fancy cuisine for a non-Caribbean audience.

‘A waste of news space’

Dear Editor, On Friday, May 13 I opened Stabroek News and came face to face with a two-page report about a bin Laden “kill” plan, so I immediately went to the coffee shop and showed the report to five men there.

We are not educating our workers about working in a world controlled by entrepreneurs

Dear Editor,I am extremely worried that Guyana is demonstrating that it is the best country not to do business. At a time when a massive influx of business is needed to create earnings for a lot of struggling families, when it is clear to see that the new owners of Simon & Shock prefer to take our lumber across the Atlantic to be processed by workers there instead of here, and when it is already announced that the potential construction of the Amaila hydro will see no more than a 40% involvement of local Guyanese workers, we are still treating our workers as spoilt brats.

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