We will not be able to find anybody to replace Godfrey Chin

Dear Editor, “No man is indispensible” goes the saying, no matter how remarkable, great or invaluable their contribution to society. With all the geniuses and extraordinary heavyweights who have passed on since time immemorial, not a single one has ever had such a commanding influence on nature’s course as to still the ticking of the clock or the rise and ebb of the tide, and though we are sadder and poorer for the loss of such personalities, life goes on.

The Amaila project should be comprehensively reviewed by professional engineering and financial experts

Dear Editor, There has been a significant upsurge in interest in the Amaila Road Project (Motilall’s road) and the Amaila Hydro Project, no doubt occasioned by the termination of the contract and the visit of Sithe Global representatives to Guyana.This upsurge in interest is understandable given the recent disclosure by the Sithe representatives, and the accelerating costs of the hydro electricity project.

The IMC should acknowledge the Rupert Foster report

Dear Editor, Amid the continuing and equally contentious differences between the government anointed Interim Management Committee (IMC) and the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), I feel compelled as a member of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) to support the members of the GCB in the light of the Rupert Foster Audit Report and in particular Mr Sheik Ahmad, who is the President of the Essequibo Cricket Board and former Treasurer of the Guyana Cricket Board.

The PPP is the last government which should talk about intractable postures

Dear Editor, I have been watching patiently as our new political situation unfolds, and I have seen numerous signs that the PPP does not understand the current dispensation, starting with that first article in the media when Mr Nandlall was recorded as telling the opposition that his department will not be drafting or re-tabling any bills modified to the wishes of the now opposition controlled parliament, since he says that he is working for the executive and not the legislative part of government.

Recalling ‘Deslyn’s Parliament’ in Linden

Dear Editor, As the years go by, many of us would from time to time turn back the pages of years long past  reminiscing on events, incidents, gatherings, associations, etc, sometimes wishing we could turn back the hands of time to return to particular occasions which delighted us. 

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