Football in Guyana is still underdeveloped

Dear Editor, It’s not my intention to dispute the achievements of Guyana’s Senior National Coach in relation to his successes locally and regionally, or his certification – an English FA’B’ licence, as outlined by Bilaal Eusi Nantambu in a letter published in SN on October 1 captioned ‘Wayne Dover is the most successful coach in Guyana,’ since an individual is entitled to express his own opinion.

Presidential candidates and the PPP

Dear Editor, I will state immediately at the outset, that while I was a member of the PPP, I was the political protege of Moses Nagamootoo, who was the most popular PPP leader outside of the Jagans, due largely to his accompanying Cheddi Jagan on most of his outreach meetings over the years, his penchant for public speaking and his ability to rouse the crowds for Cheddi to address afterwards.