Enough is enough

Dear Editor, It’s with great pleasure that I commend the bold efforts of Messrs Donald Duff and Marlon Munroe, Sports Editor and journalist respectively, for the extensive coverage on the football saga that Stabroek Sports has been providing almost on a daily basis for the past two weeks.

‘Ram and Bulkan need to start getting their facts right’

Dear Editor, I refer to Christopher Ram’s letter of April 11 in SN, captioned ‘Serious questions remain about the LCDS including the wisdom of putting Norway funds into the Amaila project.’ In his letter, Mr Ram makes several points to justify his claim that the government is “intolerant of independent voices and critical views,” and he bemoans a lack of “openness, transparency and accountability.” This is in line with views on the LCDS and the Amaila project previously expressed by Mr Ram and Dr Janette Bulkan, to whose inputs Mr Ram increasingly defers.

GPL is in a muddle

Dear Editor, After performing my morning chores on April 7, that included tending to my kitchen garden (it is flourishing) I placed some coffee to ‘perk’ and realized that nothing was happening. 

Monopoly breeds contempt

Dear Editor, Minibus drivers and conductors provide an invaluable service to Guyanese. In a land where public transport, via land, is non-existent these hardworking men and women transport the nation’s citizens to their various places of business. 

A spectacle to behold

Dear Editor, The scenes from India’s triumph in the World Cup final were a spectacle to behold. I was initially left stricken by Sri Lanka’s demise after viewing one of the most gracious centuries in a World Cup final by Mahela Jawaredeen.

What commitments were made by VHPI?

Dear Editor, With reference to the information from the press conference held by Minister Robert Persaud on April 12 about VHPI and reported variously in all three daily newspapers on April 13, perhaps you could jog the memory of Minister Robert Persaud about the wording of the National Forest Policy and the procedures of the Guyana Forestry Commission for handling applications for logging concessions? 

City councillors should await the ruling of the court

Dear Editor, Unhappily the statutory meeting of the Mayor and City Council on April 11 ended in disorder. Recall after Councillor Jordan’s petition supported by legal opinion that Ms Pluck-Cort discontinue functioning as Town Clerk (ag), I was careful to explain that earlier I was in receipt of advice from the council’s legal firm Luckhoo and Luckhoo to the effect that the injunction document read by Councillor Jordan did not require the Town Clerk (ag) Ms Yonnette Pluck-Cort to cease functioning as Town Clerk (ag).

What is so democratic about leaders refusing to go to the members?

Dear Editor, In a letter in SN dated April 13 and captioned, ‘Consensus represents an ideal state,’ Mr Hydar Ally praised the PPP leadership as being very democratic and speaks of persons being able to subordinate their aspirations for the collective good of the organization – mind you not the good of the members, the supporters or the people of Guyana.