Unwarranted rhetoric

Dear Editor, Recently, Mr Abu Bakr expressed concerns about former members of ROAR infiltrating the AFC, ‘corrupting’ and ‘adulterating its ideas (Have the ex-ROAR members of the AFC influenced its thinking?’ SN, February 5).

Crime and growth

Dear Editor, This country always had crime. It is the inevitable fate of the destitute. There was crime during the PNC time and some criminal mafias existed.

‘A lovely funeral’

Dear Editor, The attendance at the funeral of the late popular businessman Albert ‘Bolo’ Joseph was undoubtedly one of the largest to date, deserving of being held at the McKenzie Sports Club, which is now seen as the most appropriate venue for the well-attended funerals of popular and outstanding personalities who have served the community well in one way or another.

At Bourda we saw the West Indies at their best

Dear Editor, One reason I heartily support Ian McDonald’s plea for the preservation of the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) at Bourda as an historical sports, and specifically cricket, site is that it must remain to commemorate not only the history of the game which started to integrate the colonial territories of the West Indies, but also that it has been the nostalgic locus of all the great cricket played by the West Indies and West Indians in this country.