The Central Committee is the only body authorized in the PPP to decide on the presidential candidate

Dear Editor, Mr M Maxwell lacks comprehension. See his letter in SN of 31.12.2010 (‘Democratic centralism gets the last laugh’). I explained in my recent letter on the issue of a secret ballot for the choosing of the PPP presidential candidate by the Central Committee (which Mr Maxwell apparently confuses with the Executive Committee, a lower body which is elected by the Central Committee) that in all three previous decisions of the Central Committee there was only one nominee and each nominee, as is the practice in every organization, approved the nominee by acclamation without a vote (‘The PPP has always conducted contested elections by secret ballot’ SN, December 24, 2010).

UN vote is a hopeful sign

Dear Editor, The United Nations General Assembly voted on December 22 to restore the reference to sexual orientation in a resolution condemning extra-judicial, summary and arbitrary executions.

One mistake?

Dear Editor, Ms Gail Teixeira, Presidential Advisor on Governance is quoted in Kaieteur News of Thursday, December 30 as saying that the failure by the government to bring into force the Amerindian Act, 2006 four years after its passage was “a mistake, but the only such mistake by the Government in their eighteen years in office.” For someone who has been part of the PPP/C administration during those eighteen years, Ms Teixeira is at best badly informed or is deliberately casual with facts.