I was not at this meeting

Dear Editor, I find it odd that the Guyana Times which prides itself in being the “Beacon of Truth” would place me at some media consultation in Linden by a group calling itself the Independent Media Association of Guyana, when in fact I was never a part of any such meeting and or consultation in mind, body or soul.

Who is to be blamed for what passes in politics?

Dear Editor, Alissa Trotz has been a brilliant scholar and I assume enjoys a successful professional career. Indeed her previous written press interventions have been good reading but I find her letter in the Stabroek News of March 13, 2012 out of line with reasoned thinking and allowed myself to reflect on the motivation.

The Standing Orders of the Guyana Police Force are for all without exception

Dear Editor, Standing Order 38(a) of the Guyana Police Force states: “The following Officers only are authorized to issue releases  to the Press on behalf of the Commissioner in respect of the subjects shown against their names: Assistant Commissioner                         –        Criminal matters Law Enforcement Traffic Officer                                               –        Traffic matters Public Relations & Press Officer           –        All releases with reference to other matters In every case, releases must be approved by the Commissioner of Police” Every Member of the Force without exception is duty bound to honour the Standing Orders of the Organization.

Right of self determination is the most important fact in Falklands matter

Dear Editor, 2012 will see the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands conflict which followed Argentina’s illegal invasion of the Islands.  Ahead of commemorative events both on the Falklands Islands and in the UK, it is worth reflecting on some of facts, including those enshrined in international law, against a background of unfortunate misinformation emanating from Buenos Aires.

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