We should not conduct a survey to tell us what we already know

Dear Editor, I write in response to an article in the Stabroek News on Monday, April 12, with the caption: ‘Ministry of Health to collect data on alcohol abuse,’ and I ask, “Where does the Minister of Health really live?”  It would have been a relief if the caption had read instead: ‘Ministry of Health to clamp down on alcohol abuse.’ The only possible reason for the ministry to conduct a survey on alcohol abuse in Guyana, is if the data is required to qualify for a grant from the World Health Organization or some other source.

There should be an independent autopsy of Sangeeta Persaud

Dear Editor, Following what the Guyana Police Force has described as an “inconclusive” autopsy, the intervention of the Ethnic Relations Commission in the sordid affair of the death of Sangeeta Persaud seems to be yet another attempt to cover up an ugly and dastardly episode that is clamouring for investigation and transparency.

When will GECOM workers be paid?

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Finance, the President, all political parties and competent authorities must immediately rectify the very scandalous situation with regard to outstanding payments to workers who worked very hard every day including Saturdays and Sundays in the recently concluded Claims and Objections exercise conducted by the Guyana Elections Commission.

Trotman dodged the issues

Dear Editor, I must congratulate Mr Trotman on a well written letter but one designed to dodge issues and claim innocence of any political dimorphism on his part (‘The AFC did not join the “Third Force platform” and therefore could not be responsible for its collapse’ SN, April 10).

Still more questions than answers

Dear Editor, I thank Stabroek News for sending my recent letter to Synergy Holdings principal, Mr Motilall, for his response (‘Synergy, the company’s partners and the lenders will be spending US$500-600M on the Amaila Falls hydro project, not the government,’ April 8).