How relevant is the current compensation structure of the Guyana Police Force?

Dear Editor It is important to observe that an independent review recently concluded of police pay and conditions in England and Wales, observed (in March 2011) that their salary structure was “designed for a police service and society neither of which any longer exists.” The review made a clear distinction between those positions “largely confined to police stations and not requiring special skills” and those with special skills, including detectives; personnel required to use firearms, maintain public order; as well as neighbourhood policing teams; in addition to having to work “unsocial hours.” The report projected the likelihood of further reforms, including the reduction of pay for under-performing police chiefs and lower ranks; a clear indication of the practice of performance evaluation inherent in the existing salary administration system – to the extent that bonuses are paid as considered earned.

Letter was a fabrication

Dear Editor, ‘A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.’ -George Bernard Shaw The constitution, for now, protects Presi-dent Jagdeo from libel action and forensic audits, but it does not protect the Guyana Chronicle or NCN. 

Ex-army officer not a student of Kuru-Kuru

Dear Editor, With reference to an article captioned ‘Ex-army officer fearful after abduction’ which was published in the Thursday, March 10 editor of the Stabroek News, it was stated that Walter Kendall is a student of the Kuru-Kuru Cooperative College on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.