‘SN an enabler for the PPP’

Dear Editor, Stabroek News, in my opinion, continues to act as an enabler to the PPP regime in Guyana. Many Guyanese believe that the PPP government has an oppressive noose around the necks of Afro-Guyanese, their communities and trade unions, which they attempt to subjugate.

Jagdeo should intervene in the bauxite dispute

Dear Editor, As a concerned citizen and a worker in this country who fears the same could happen in the organization in which I work, I am calling on President Jagdeo to intervene and put an end to this depressing dispute in the bauxite industry, and launch an investigation into the Ministry of Labour to find out why Mr Manzoor Nadir and Mr Yoganand Persaud did not carry out their responsibilities by organizing a meeting and making sure BCGI and GB&GWU attended the meeting according to the collective labour agreement (CLA).