How did QAII get its concessions?

Dear Editor, I am told that GPC is suing me for $100 million, I don’t have $100 million, but if I did have such an amount to spare I would gladly spend it to see what turns up in court when Nigel Hughes cross examines Bobby Ramroop and Bharrat Jagdeo since he won’t be president then.

Riot police not sent to Stabroek Market during meeting

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force wishes to clarify that contrary to what was stated by Stabroek News in its publication of Saturday, November 19, 2011, riot police ranks were not dispatched to the Stabroek Market Square during a political meeting held by the PPP/C party, that was being disturbed by a crowd of about 200 persons.

Next time I’ll use the phone

Dear Editor, Dr. Surujbally is right. There was no call for me to write without checking carefully. GECOM is trying to do a difficult job at a difficult time and I am grateful that a person of his integrity is the chairman.

The airport should be more conveniently sited

Dear Editor, Why do they continue to have the airport in the most inaccessible area for the country?  It initially was an airfield specially positioned away from the population, and due to lack of imagination the authorities continue to spend resources on this location.

Voting times on November 28 are 6 am to 6 pm

Dear Editor, Please permit me to comment on the letter titled ‘Why did Gecom change the polling day times?‘ which was published in the Stabroek News of November 14 under the name ‘Alfred Bhulai.‘ It is amazing that Mr Bhulai would raise a non-issue in the media thereby exposing himself to the possibility of being deemed a ‘loose cannon.’  His letter proves that even educated people can be sucked inextricably into black holes of absurdity.

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