Some comments omitted in reports

Dear Editor, I refer to an article in the Guyana Times of August 14, ‘AFC Councillor lauds Government D&I investment at Supenaam Creek‘ and one in the Guyana Chronicle of August 10, under the caption ‘AFC Councillor reports farmers benefiting from Government Supenaam Creek investment,’ written by Rajendra Prabulall, the reporter employed by the Region Two administration.

Natural resources belong to the people of a country and should be developed for their benefit

Dear Editor, Permit me to assist the readership to have a clearer understanding of my call “for the establishment of a Foreign Investment Commission that will monitor all investors in the country and determine whether the investment is needed or not, and could serve as a long-term solution to companies not fulfilling their promises” (‘Lewis calls for body to monitor foreign investment‘ SN, July 24). 

Merai’s allegations are credible

Dear Editor, I am not surprised at the manner in which the police administration is handling the allegations made by Asst Commissioner Steve Merai, that in my view are very credible, irrespective of past allegations made against Mr Merai.

‘A party of substance’

Dear Editor, The AFC party leaders and supporters should not get discouraged by doomsday soothsayers like Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr) who prophesied in a letter “the writing is on the wall for the AFC.” The AFC leaders have taken the brave and courageous decision for the party to go on its own – a chivalrous move that is to be applauded; the judgement was to stand on principles, rather than jump on the bandwagon in pursuit of power.

‘A beauty in every way’

Dear Editor, On Sunday, August 21 I watched Chris Ram interview Arti Cameron, the beauty queen. I must admit she is indeed a beauty in every way, not just her good looks but also the way she was so unruffled when she answered the questions.

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