Contrary to SN’s assessment the Access to Information Bill is a progressive piece of legislation

Dear Editor, Stabroek News’ recent “assessment” of the Government of Guyana’s Access to Information Bill 2011, published in its editorial column on July 18, 2011 entitled ‘A deeply flawed Access to Information Bill,’ unpersuasively and unproductively seeks to cast doubt on the meritorious, sincere, good-faith efforts of our government to secure for our nation, the globally recognized fundamental right of access to information.

We should take charge of our destiny

Dear Editor, As aptly said by Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” The US State Department report and daily news are further confirmation of the pervasive corruption, lawlessness and social degradation destroying the life of this nation and denying citizens what is justly theirs, and why it becomes imperative we speak out.

Bisram’s sample was manipulated

Dear Editor, Vishnu Bisram of NACTA fame claims he did a recent poll in early July 2011. Mr Bisram published some findings of those polls in two letters in Stabroek News titled ‘Poll finds 42% approval rating for government’ (SN, July 16) and ‘NACTA poll finds PPP in lead’ (SN, July 17).

Guyana has been a democracy since 1992

Dear  Editor, Reference is made to Mr Malcolm Harripaul’s letter (‘Granger wants real democracy, Jagdeo/Ramotar will continue with Stalinism and cronyism’ SN, Jul 25) in which he pens, “Granger wants to restore democracy.” I salute anyone who is defending,  promoting, encouraging democracy in Guyana or anywhere in the world. 

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