The people not the politicians should decide whether a shared governance experiment should be given a try

Dear Editor, First, I take strong umbrage with Dr Joey Jagan who contemptuously wrote in his letter, ‘Shared governance is what we really need,’ (SN, February 8), that the Alliance of Change’s “five seats in Parliament following the 2006 polls under the present constitutional arrangements, is really a ticket to nowhere.” The present constitutional arrangements are not inherently bad because, in most Caricom countries, almost the same constitutional concept obtains with no major problems.

Cicero quotation

In a letter published in this newspaper on Thursday, February 4 under the caption ‘A false journalism,’ the signatory, Dr Prem Misir, included a quotation by Cicero.

Shared governance is what we really need

Dear Editor, I refer to the recent articles in both the SN and KN, reporting Mr Corbin’s statements concerning the revelations by Mr Trotman and the AFC that there are ongoing “secret” talks between the PPP and PNC, and furthermore, Mr Trotman’s insinuation that there is something sinister in such talks. 

A few police ranks in Albouystown are there to extort, not prevent crime

Dear Editor, The actions of some police officers are nothing short of distasteful, and are proving to be very counter-productive to the efforts of those who truly seek to ‘serve and protect.’ It is enough that we as a people and community in Albouystown are forced to contend with the harsh realities of everyday living and then our challenges are further compounded by the extortionist tactics of some police officers patrolling our neighbourhood.

Members of community policing groups are not exempt from the law

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to reports published in the Kaieteur News, Stabroek News and Guyana Chronicle on Thursday, February 4, dealing with an incident at Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden, involving members of a community policing group and other residents, and which appeared to indicate that the community policing members were wrongfully arrested by the police.