To be eligible for a house lot an applicant must not be the owner of a house or house lot

Dear Editor, In reading your article ‘Pradoville 2 needs commission of inquiry’ in Sunday Stabroek of October 2, the AFC presidential candidate Mr Khemraj Ramjattan was quoted as stating, “…the ordinary person would have had to go through a vigorous process to get a [house] lot including proving that they have children.” Editor, your article omitted another very important criterion for persons to be eligible for government house lots, ie, that person cannot be the owner of a house or a house lot.

An icon in the computer world

Dear Editor, Steve Jobs was no doubt an icon in the computer world and his passing would be greatly felt. He  has been described as having re-invented the technology of computing and communication including entertainment.

What crime has Mingo committed?

Dear Editor I refer to an article in your newspaper on Wednesday, October 5, captioned ‘Head of breakaway PNCR faction calls on Mingo to resign’ Leader of the Guyana Youth Congress (GYC) has called on Chairman Mingo to resign his position as a representative of the PNCR on the grounds that his judgment is questionable over the offer of a lot at Pradoville 2.

Why vote?

Dear Editor, I am neither proud nor ashamed to say that I am one of the persons who did not vote at the last elections in Guyana.

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