Truth has no political party

Dear Editor, “One thing I cannot do, unless I am prepared to resign from the PPP, is to add condemnation to my appeals.” This quote is extracted from Ralph Ramkarran’s article titled ‘Speaking Out’ dated August 4, 2010 in his blog ‘Conversation Tree.’ Mr Ramkarran explains himself in a nutshell right there in that quote.

It is the government and not the municipality which is responsible for the situation at the Le Repentir Disposal Site

Dear Editor, Season’s greetings to all Guyanese. The caption of the Demerara Waves online article ‘Kissoon Benschop arrested for blocking landfill site; Government intervenes in chaotic landfill’ and comments by Public Works Minister Robeson Benn surely give the impression that the problem at the Le Repentir Disposal Site was caused by the Georgetown municipality.

The PPP has always conducted contested elections by secret ballot

Dear Editor, In your edition of December 22, 2010, Cde Donald Ramotar, commenting on the portion of my advertisement published in SN on December 21, in which I expressed the expectation for a secret ballot if there is a contested election for the presidential candidate of the PPP, said that he did not know whether there would be a secret ballot for the election because there was none before and that the meeting would have to decide.

GAWU is the real champion of sugar workers

Dear Editor, In a letter entitled ‘What about the rights of workers?’ published in the Guyana Chronicle of December 21, 2010, someone claiming to be Mr Ganesh Singh made a number of malicious accusations about my role in GAWU and the struggle of the sugar workers.

While work was temporarily halted in some sections of the Hope Canal project, there was mobilization for works to be carried out in other sections

Dear Editor, I am not surprised about recent comments made by Mr Charles Sohan in a letter titled ‘Bewildering that Hope Canal excavation has been halted because of weather,’ dated Monday, December 20 in the Stabroek News and an article in the Kaieteur News titled ‘Technical sound, feasible Hope Canal project delayed until mid-January’ dated Tuesday, December 21 which contains a number of inaccuracies.