The annual ‘Nothing to laugh about’ shows have taken the country by storm

Dear Editor, Al Creighton’s poison pen, which is usually used to advance the interests of his elitist friends and viciously demolish the achievements of brilliant talent, has reached a new low in his absolutely ferocious denigration of Ron Morrison’s ‘Mori J’von Comedy Jam’ and Maria Edwards-Benschop’s  ‘Nothing to Laugh About.’ However, these two producers should feel elated by Mr Creighton’s attacks, because the more vicious he is the greater is the perceived threat to the elitist clique he represents by the talent that he seeks to suppress.

Members of the bauxite union petitioned the Trade Union Recognition Board

Dear Editor, Further to your subject article published in your daily of March 9, captioned ‘Union wins key battle at RUSAL –derecognition denied’, please be informed that it was 131 members of the bargaining unit (employees of Bauxite Company Guyana Inc and members of the Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GB&GWU)), who petitioned the Trade Union Recognition and Certification Board in December 2009 for the derecognition of GB&GWU.

Some of our earlier police commissioners

Dear Editor, It was some time in 1972 that the Mighty Chalkdust sang a calypso which he called ‘Ah Fraid Karl.’ The main theme of that song is that he was afraid of the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago in the person of Mr Karl Hutson Phillips.

We need to rise above baser thinking

Dear Editor, Of late, every so often I would hear some form of outlandish or convoluted political discussion, and depending on the topic I would thereafter make an effort to revisit sections of works by various distinguished writers who have in some way addressed the topic in question, in search of a semblance of sound and healthy understanding.

Ralph Ramkarran has the qualities to be president

Dear Editor, As a potential presidential candidate, Mr Ralph Ramkarran is not a person who is unknown. He has universal knowledge, he is an even-handed person, he is honest and has worked legitimately for his current possessions; he is a professional manager, and is a partner in a renowned law firm.

Sheriff Street’s survival as a public thoroughfare is under threat

Dear Editor, The passing by the National Assembly on Thursday, March 10, 2011 of the Title to Land (Prescription and Limitation) (Amendment) Bill 2011 is an opportune time for me to ventilate some very relevant concerns I avoid at this time the controversial aspect of the Act which will have the effect of protecting from acquisition by prescription all land owned by the State, or its wholly-owned agencies.