Mayhem in the Parks

Dear Editor, If I may borrow  a term from the Arab Spring media it’s that of “Celebratory Noises” which is a common practice of  shooting  live ammunition into the air as seen in Cairo  and Libya last year.

Where has the money gone?

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter in the press on December 31, captioned ‘Why the obsession with Jagdeo?’ which accused sections of the media of trying to keep this man in the spotlight.

Not an AFC representative in negotiations regarding the Speaker

Dear Editor, It was brought to my attention that a website called OneVoiceCanWin that propagates the views of Mark Archer, Malcolm Harripaul and Lurlene Nestor among other pro-APNU advocates alleged that “I was an AFC representative” and I am “echoing [the] party line.”  Let me clear up this misconception with haste before it causes irreparable damage to what I am advised are very cordial negotiations between the APNU and AFC.

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