An injustice was done to my son by the Suddie police

Dear Editor, A serious injustice was done to my 17 year old son who the Suddie Police are targeting. At all times, it is incumbent upon the police to do their job in an impartial and professional manner, but it was contrary to natural justice the manner in which he was treated on a report relating to the larceny of a gold chain last Sunday night (2010-01-24).

A new low

Dear Editor, Mr Faizal Jafarally, on a live call-in show with Minister Robert Persaud and Chairman of Region Six, Mr Mustapha referred to me as “Ms Leon Suseran and Mrs Leon Suseran,” in relation to my letter about the Corentyne cabinet outreach.

Beware the matatu drivers in Nairobi

Dear Editor, I spent six weeks in Nairobi, Kenya, where I experienced the flouting of codes. Nairobi traffic lives on two codes: ‘We are carrying esteemed passengers who need to get home or to work fast,’ and ‘Don’t you dare, I also got right of way.’ The first code is famous with the bad boys in town, the matatu (mini-bus) drivers.

President is right not to be swayed by BBC, CNN reports on Iran post-election upheavals

Dear Editor, I am pleased that President Jagdeo and his team visited Iran to strengthen the relationship with the Islamic state and not allow himself to be dictated to by those Western leaders who want to impose sanctions against Iran just because the country is preparing itself for defence against an Israeli attack, which is being instigated by the said Western powers.

‘Sleeping with the enemy’

Dear Editor, Pardon the phrase ‘sleeping with the enemy,’ which is at times preferred to reaching a peaceful climax. The preamble is in support of an initiative by Western allies to end the war in Afghanistan.