There is no such thing as ‘sexual conversion’

Dear Editor, I was shocked to read the headline of a recent Kaieteur News article (July 5) in which the head of our Ministry of Health discusses the topic of “sexual conversion.” As a trained public health professional, let me assure my fellow Guyanese that there is no such thing as “sexual conversion.” It is impossible for any individual or organization to change another person’s sexual orientation – be it from heterosexuality to homosexuality or lesbianism, as the Minister fears, or vice versa, from ‘gay’ to straight.

The method used to calculate the 2009 GDP is the most reliable at present

Dear Editor, Christopher Ram’s letter dated July 4 in Stabroek News  (‘The EIU report derived its questions from comparative date published by the Bank of Guyana’) is a poor attempt to rebut my arguments in the letters’ column of Stabroek News (June 28) entitled ‘Empirical data do not support the growth contention by EIU.’ Moreover, Mr Ram took a detour and brought in a number of trivial and peripheral issues that are totally unrelated to the discussions.

There are Guyanese who reject cultural imperialist values

Dear Editor, Recent public events have opened discussions of ‘cultural imperialism’ in Guyana. Dr Prem Misir in a letter in the Guyana Chronicle of July 4 (and published previously) appeals for an understanding of the context of President Jagdeo’s call for Guyanese not to succumb to “Western defintions of child abuse.” This letter was a response to a criticism of President Jagdeo’s position published in Stabroek News: (http://www.stabroeknews.com/2010/letters/04/13/what-is-a-western-definition-of-child-abuse/ The President made his comment at an event organised by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha to promote child protection.

Bio-sketch was inaccurate

Dear Editor, The letter by Hazel Woolford in Sunday Stabroek of July 4 (‘Those who chaired panels, made presentations at Institute of Historical Research conference were selected for their academic and professional standing’) contains inaccurate information about me and may cause damage to me.

Sport fishing unlike commercial inland fishing does not impact on fish stocks

Dear Editor, In a report in your newspaper of Thursday, July 1, it was said, “sport fishing in some areas may soon be a thing of the past as the authorities look to prevent overfishing in the inland waterways, according to Minister of Agricul-ture Robert Persaud.” While I do agree that there is need for regulations in everything we do, judgment should be made and regulations put in place only based on facts and circumstances.