I came out against the ad ban on SN

Dear Editor, I refer to your article in the Sunday Stabroek, May 16th `Guyana Times received 22% of state ads in April’ in which you referred to the Kaieteur News’ endorsement of the Government’s ban on state advertising to the Stabroek News in 2007.

The supporting beam for the ramp on the Supenaam stelling would have failed even if the drawbridge came from the ferry

Dear Editor, I have looked at the various photos in the newspapers of the ramp and drawbridge for the Supenaam stelling and in my opinion as a chartered civil and structural engineer the beam supporting the back wheel load of the truck at the junction of the ramp and the drawbridge would have failed regardless of whether the drawbridge came off the ferry or not, since the main supporting beam appears to be both poorly sized and of poor construction.

Bridgette’s case was uncharted waters and the police did their best under the circumstances

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force wishes to put on record its concern over the Editorial published in the Guyana Times on Saturday May 15, 2010, which is obviously timed to fall in conjunction with the statement made by the Director of Public Prosecutions that police investigators need more supervision, which is captioned on the front page with a subsequent story inside.

The President has the power to stop the speculation by making the details of deals public

Dear Editor, I am absolutely amazed at the arrogance of the leader of our country. In an article published in the Stabroek News on May 13: ‘Avoid “cake-shop” reportage on Amaila-Jagdeo’  President Jagdeo, in referring to previous articles published in the Kaieteur News questioning the qualifications and technical expertise of Mr Makeshwar Fip Motilall and Synergy Holdings Inc to undertake the major construction of the access road for the Amaila hydro project, labelled it “cake-shop” reporting.