The vast majority of Guyanese in the diaspora have realized the better life they sought

Dear Editor, Re the Stabroek News editorial of July 7, it would indeed be enlightening for SN to tell its readers (especially the ones in the diaspora) how it arrived at the conclusion that “However, the majority of them [Guyanese in the diaspora] find themselves just middling, living pay check to pay check, on or on the verge of the dole/welfare.” This misconception has been peddled around in Guyana for years without a single iota of documented supporting evidence.

‘Provisional registration’ could jeopardize the equivalency status of UG’s LLB degree

Dear Editor, I write this letter with a sad heart, but I feel that if I don’t I may be guilty of not doing my utmost to ensure that a programme which I love, a programme which I and many others, such as the likes of the late great Professor JOF Haynes and many other legal stalwarts and luminaries, gave, as it were, their intellectual blood and sweat for, may very well be relegated to the dustbin of non-recognition. 

Why were the media not allowed into the Guyana Cricket Board AGM?

Dear Editor, I wish to reply to Mr Fizul Bacchus’s letter published is the Stabroek News on Thursday, July 21, captioned ‘Articles on proceedings of Guyana Cricket Board AGM misleading.’ I am advised that the Berbice Cricket Board is engaging their lawyers and my respect for Mr Foster and his executives is tremendous, so I would not address the inaccuracies authored in Mr Bacchus’s letter that could hoodwink the public, but to address what the writer said pertaining to my objection to the video recording.

What the PPP is demanding is unreasonable

Dear Editor, Reading Hydar Ally’s missive on the re-opening of the Claims and Objections period left me mystified. Rather than feeling proud of this man, with whom I once shared membership of a political party which believed in free and fair and free from fear elections, I feel ashamed that today he is attempting to give legitimacy to the PPP’s machiavellian plan to delay the elections. 

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