Murray offers possibilities for change

Dear Editor, The Guyana political spectrum has been dominated by two parties since the fifties, the PPP and the PNC.  They have together ruled Guyana for over 40 years, yet neither of the two can shout about any substantial achievement other than the building of infrastructural edifices. 

Ensuring the safety of every person cannot be put at the doorstep of community policing

Dear Editor, The editorial of Stabroek News March 2, 2010 asks: “What is the point in having a community policing group [in Enmore] if it cannot protect its weakest members?” It is unmistakable that the editor’s thrust was really against money expended on community policing groups although a simultaneous attempt was made to bruise the Guyana Police Force and the administration at large.

A sugar turnaround plan has been drafted and is being rapidly implemented

Dear Editor, With reference to a letter published in your newspaper by writer Mr Sasenarine Singh (‘GuySuCo turnaround requires skilled strategists, technicians,’ March 1) the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc wishes to state that it is always appreciative of constructive engagements as it seeks to not only revamp but expand our sugar industry to an unprecedented level over the next few years.