Ask not what Guyana can do for you…

Dear Editor, Three sets of comments surfaced in response to ‘Guyanese bloggers should return home’ (SN, November 27).  They were: 1) offence at “clueless”; 2) resistance to “return home”; and 3) disagreement over “first class citizens.”  I share my thinking and experiences on each. 53

No surprise in St Vincent referendum

Dear Editor, The rejection of Republican status by St Vincentians (and the people of the Grenadines) in a free and fair referendum comes as no surprise, but the large percentage of voters who backed the move was a surprise to some people.  5

Few of the recommended strategies to combat domestic violence in all its forms have been implemented

Dear Editor, As we mark International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Violence against Women and Help & Shelter’s 14th anniversary on November 25, 2009, the tragic reality is that Guyana is still a society in which violence is seen as an acceptable means of resolving conflict and enforcing control and discipline and that its use continues to escalate. 7

Is engineering guess-work involved in the Hope Canal project?

Dear Editor, I refer to an article in SN dated November 25, 2009, on the subject ‘Hope Canal still on govt radar –Persaud.’ The Minister of Agriculture has accepted the fact that his technical people do not really understand the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC), how it flows, what are the appropriate water management protocols and what the compulsory maintenance should be. 27

Are there other factors as well?

Dear Editor, Mr Skinner, in his letter dated November 25, captioned ‘No suggestion that anyone should stop their activism’ stated, “It is in no way my intension to ‘let the government off the hook’ in relation to fulfilling its responsibilities to the masses… What I am worried about is the disregard for the bigger picture and that is what I am addressing.” I think this is a very important injection into the debate. 46


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Guyanese bloggers should return home

Dear Editor, There is a wonderful new group of people gathered at points along the information superhighway.  I do not think that that this group has an equivalent for sustained interest from a distance by natives anywhere else – at least not in the Caribbean.  122