Barticians comment on their community

Dear Editor,On my usual weekly community programme, ‘Live on TTS’, Ch 5 in Bartica, where residents call in and air their views on matters concerning the town and its environs, I do not allow politics to be discussed on my programme, only community affairs. 

No basis for hasty comparison

Dear Editor, The disappointment expressed by your correspondent (‘It is shocking that Guyana produced less sugar than Jamaica and Belize in Jan 2011’ SN, March 7) regarding Guyana’s sugar production in January 2011 reflects a palpable ignorance of the industry’s operations.

The government should have overhauled the police force since 1992

Dear Editor, Piggybacking on my comments in the discussion forum of your newspaper under the news story, ‘We could have taken care of Buxton, Fineman sooner -Jagdeo tells police conference,’ (February 4), let me add that the President and his government could have taken care of most all law enforcement problems long before Rondell ‘Fineman’ Rawlins and Roger Khan, if only the Guyana Police Force had undergone long overdue reforms.