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Dear Editor, In this struggle to see a better Guyana shorn of corruption, cronyism, ethnic bias, extra-judicial killings and the infestation of a narco-economy, I have long examined our choices – even if it is with disappointment – and have never shied away from zooming in on a political movement that offers us a genuine opportunity to realise, together as a people, a better society.

SN should question the presidential contenders

Dear Editor, Shouldn’t Stabroek News be encouraging ‘talk’ amongst its readers, by itself questioning the presidential contenders? They should challenge the job applicants to declare the methods they envisage to address the major issues of social services, workers‘ collective bargaining rights, etc.

The Government of Mexico gives special importance to the protection of journalists

Dear Editor, I wish to refer to the editorial which was published in your prestigious newspaper on Saturday November 12, 2011, under the title ‘News from nowhere.‘ In this regard, contrary to your statement that the Government of Mexico has done nothing to protect the media, I wish to ask you to publish in your prestigious newspaper the following comments: On July 5, 2010, the Attorney General of the Republic established the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Freedom of Expression whose principal activities include attention to crimes committed against journalists, attention to reports of missing journalists and to the right to information and freedom of expression.

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