In other developed countries the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of Police would have tendered their resignations the next day

Dear Editor, As the entire Guyana shares in the pain and the horror of the community of Lusignan, one is left shocked by the lack of positive reaction from the Government in attempting to apprehend the criminals who perpetrated this heinous act against innocent victims .

Declare a state of emergency and go for the criminals

Dear Editor, First of all, Stabroek News, as much as you are the vanguard of the free press and as much as you are in the forefront of the fight against police and military brutality (as you should be), I think that pretty soon there would be no one left in Guyana to fight for .

Employ a Private Military Contractor to do the job

Dear Editor, I am amazed that after such a brutal attack on innocent women and children in which 11 lives were flushed out Mafia style, our President is asking residents to form Community Policing Groups to protect themselves .

Obama’s wife Michelle looks a lot like Condoleezza

Dear Editor, I read Mr Bisram's recent letter about Barack Obama's presidential candidacy .

The constitution in Venezuela can only be changed by the people not the Parliament

Dear Editor, I refer to the article in your issue of 24 .

We are becoming desensitised to murder

Dear Editor, SASOD extends its condolences to the families and loved ones of the six children and five adults killed in Lusignan on Saturday morning .

What is the point of these killings?

Dear Editor, Born in Lusignan and grown in Buxton, I state publicly my sympathy with those people on the East Coast of Demerara who have suffered at the hands of lawless gunmen or official security forces, trained to secure officials only .

We must not let a few take us down the road of ethnic warfare

Dear Editor, I write to categorically condemn this vicious, cowardly act of murder of 11 innocent Guyanese, including children, carried out no doubt by deranged and demented gunmen .

Piles of garbage outside our church

Dear Editor, Since Christmas week, we the members St Barnabas church, have been encountering piles and piles of garbage at the entrance of the church from the parapet on Regent Street leading up to the gate .

How can the diplomats call for confidence in the security forces

Dear Editor, The EU, UK, US and Canadian Heads of Mission advised that, "there should be some level of confidence in the country's security forces" .

The President keeps saying the same things but does nothing

Dear Editor, Cry me a river .

The overriding dilemma is the lack of confidence in the security forces

Dear Editor, With impunity, a gang of demented individuals went on a murderous rampage, slaughtering eleven innocent individuals; how can the nation comprehend the murder of children while they sleep? The actions of these individuals and the reported motivations share an eerie resemblance to inter-tribal conflicts, much like the senseless killing that is occurring in places like Kenya today; murderous mobs slaughtering innocent people, creating mayhem and destruction in their path .

I beg you to turn away from shallow arrogance

Dear President Jagdeo, I have recently returned to a country gripped by the race hatred and race fear that I came to accept as a normal thing as a child growing up, while you were still a babe in arms, in the sixties: Mainly working class Africans and Indians slaughtering each other while an Anglicized 'raceless' middle class shook their heads in various shades of horror, sadness, disbelief and impotence .

Why were poor Indians from Lusignan targeted?

Dear Editor, In a previous letter I cautioned against ethnic finger pointing as it relates to the Lusignan massacre since the actions of a few should not be used to taint an entire group .

This traffic officer should have used his discretion

Dear Editor, On November 24, 2007, my wife and I travelled from New York to Guyana for a two month vacation .

Some ideas for defending yourself in your home

Dear Editor, After the tragic incident in Lusignan , I have decided to share some essential home defence ideas .

Recount Kenyans’ votes

Kenya is aflame after a presidential election on December 27 widely believed to have been rigged to secure the re-election of Mwai Kibaki .

The total mismanagement of finances at City Hall must be stopped

Dear Editor, With the deepening financial woes of the Georgetown Municipality, it comes as no surprise that the City Council has ordered an audit probe into the operations of its Finance Department .

There was no legal justification for the release of Dataram

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter by Mr Vic Puran captioned "The point raised by the DPP of want of jurisdiction was not raised by the Attorney General in any of the Dataram case" (08 .

People must be helped to form community groups to protect themselves

Dear Editor, My soul cried out when I read of the brutal killings of the innocent victims in Lusignan .

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