Jagdeo’s pension extravaganza should be seen in the context of the growing cancer of corruption

Dear Editor, There has deservedly been a lot of public concern about what a PPP majority Parliament approved (over the objections of the opposition) under the Former Presidents (Benefits and other Facilities) Act 2009, since the present government’s reputation for use and allocation of resources generally has been anything but ‘lean and clean.’ The critics’ contention is that, even though the direct pension voted on for former presidents amounts to as much as $1.0M per month, the indirect benefits (all open ended/uncapped) when conservatively quantified amount to at least another $2.2M, an outrageously high burden on Guyanese taxpayers, especially when compared to the $7,500 currently received by old age pensioners.

What is the eligibility of those employed in 40 or more statutory bodies to the recently announced salary increases?

Dear Editor, Quite apart from the break in the trend of timing (usually in December) of the announcement and payout of across-the-board increases to public servants, and members of the disciplined forces, the 2011 announcing of an 8% across-the-board increase to the named categories, raises at this particular juncture a number of interesting questions.

An act contrary to diplomatic norms

Dear Editor, I have seen the reports in the newspapers about the Governor of Roraima, Brazil mounting the PPP/C campaign platform, an act which is contrary to all international diplomatic norms, and whilst I understand that the opposition political parties are outraged by this act, I actually would like to add another dimension to this matter.

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