Nothing ‘historic’ about cross-dressing motion

Dear Editor, One year ago (February 15, 2009) we had cause to write a letter to the local and regional press, which was published in an edited version by Stabroek News on February 17, 2009 under the caption ‘Sasod should be rejected yet again.’ One year later, Stabroek News now carries the unfortunate story with the triumphant-sounding caption, ‘Historic constitutional motion filed against cross-dressing law’ (February 23).

Little addition to Suriname story

Dear Editor, With reference to your editorial of Sunday, February 21, here is a little something that I do not believe reached the press, at the time when the Surinamese President had the nerve to send his gunboats to force out the CGX oil rig from Guyana’s waters.

What has Mr Ramotar accomplished in the last 17 years?

Dear Editor, In response to your February 23 news item, ‘Cabinet shake-up looms,’ with the strap line ‘- to shoo-in Ramotar as PPP candidate,’ let me say that, assuming this revelation from your inside source holds some element of truth, I am utterly disgusted with the PPP, which continues to think that it can simply foist any one of its so-called leaders on the nation, as if there is some sense of political entitlement for such party leaders to run the country.