The people must keep protesting for better security

Dear Editor, The massacre of eleven innocent people in Lusignan is beyond belief .

The government seems incapable of dealing with crime

Dear Editor, I have been residing in the US over a year .

Ashamed to be Guyanese

Dear Editor, For the first time I can say that I'm embarrassed and ashamed to be Guyanese .

We grieve at this atrocious act

Dear Editor, The Canada-Guyana Forum extends its condolences to the surviving families of all the victims of the senseless massacre at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara .

Time to close ranks not play politics

Dear Editor, The massacre at Lusignan has left many Diaspora Guyanese at a loss for words to express their horror .

My prayers are with the people

Dear Editor, I offer my sincere condolences to the families, friends and the people of Guyana, on the recent massacre at Lusignan .

No statement should be made attempting to link the massacre politically unless there is hard evidence

Dear Editor, The Lusignan massacre is shocking in its barbarity .

We share the grief of the families

Dear Editor, It was with great distress and sadness that we learned of the "brutal and cold blooded" murder that took the lives of eleven innocent people including five children, all residents of Lusignan and left so many families and citizens in a state of shock .

Considerable resources have been provided to the police and the army

Dear Editor, It was a devastating tragedy that struck our country on Saturday morning when a body of armed criminals invaded five homes in Lusignan, ECD and mindlessly murdered 11 people, including five children .

The people want answers quickly

Dear Editor, After more than two years of the army's presence in Buxton, criminal elements continue to strive, organise and move freely in and out of Buxton .

The government has failed again

Dear Editor, I listened and watched in horror, as what started out as a tranquil Saturday morning eventually unravelled into a most upsetting day .

The proposed bill to regulate private security companies is defective and there must be full consultation

Dear Editor, The private security companies' regulatory bill, which is in its preliminary stages is in most respects a move in the right direction .

Many soldiers were upset by the President’s remarks

Dear Editor, Those who suffered the ordeal of listening to the leader of this nation on the media on January 26 must have been left stunned .

Do not give in to racial strife

Dear Editor, The Guyana Nationalists Party sends its deepest condolences to the victims and families of the atrocity at Lusignan .

A lot of land has been given out, squatters should not be tolerated

Dear Editor, According to Dr Roger Luncheon, Cabinet has mandated Minister of Transportation and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn, to deal aggressively with persons who disregard environmental laws .

Passports should also be issued in New Amsterdam and elsewhere

Dear Editor, The picture on the front- page of a recent issue of the Stabroek News of a mega- line in front of the Central Immigration and Passport Office in Georgetown sent chills down my spine, even as I (the holder of a passport that expired in May 2007) am hesitant to visit this office to endure a very long wait .

The road to Brazil would fulfil an old dream

Dear Editor, The recent newspaper report suggests that the government must be congratulated for advancing an initiative to make the Georgetown/Brazil road a reality, and so fulfil, the dreams and aspirations of several generations of Guyanese .

Disconnected for a bill I never received

Dear Editor, On January 21, 2008 I went to the GPL to enquire why my light was disconnected and was told I have not paid my November electricity bill .

Swami Aksharananda honored in Mumbai

Dear Editor, Swami Aksharananda, Hindu scholar and Prinicipal of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) High School was recently honored in Mumbai, India .

New retail outlets for rice are welcome

Dear Editor, According to Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud,during a meeting with several rice millers at his boardroom he was convinced of some hanky panky along the way contributing to the high prices .

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