Permission should be given for the union to meet Oldendorff workers at their worksite

Dear Editor, As it relates to my letter that was published in Stabroek News on September 1 (‘Workers still waiting for bonus frm Oldendorff’), the editor of Stabroek News noted that they had sent a copy  of it to Captain Zakaria El Dib, general manager of Oldendorff Carriers Guyana Inc (OCGI) for any comment he might have wished to make and had received no response.

Why are loans not available for some UG programmes?

Dear Editor, With respect to the students’ loan applications at the University of Guyana (UG), I think it is unfair that some of the programmes were never advertised as being “cash only.” It was only after the students started submitting applications for loans to commence studies that they were told that no loans were available for those programmes.

When will the teachers who worked for the Maths and English remedial programme in August be paid?

Dear Editor, I am using this medium today to ask the Ministry of Education, especially the Assistant Chief Education Officer for Secondary Schools  Ms Melcita Bovell and the Minister of Education when teachers who gave of their time, effort and labour during the past August summer vacation for six weeks in a national Maths and English remedial programme will be paid?


Dear Editor, According to the Guyana Chronicle, Saturday, September 25, President Jagdeo, speaking at the United Nations on Friday, said the United Nations needs to establish global accountability indicators to assess whether the implementation of policies is in accordance with the international responsibilities.

Poor people cannot afford always to play by the rules

Dear Editor, I am beginning to feel a bit for NIS Publicity and Public Relations Officer Dianne Lewis-Baxter who is having the devil’s job after being bombarded with relentless queries and complaints, and coming under constant pressure from disgruntled, frustrated and irate contributors as she tries to satisfy them and struggles to put to right a deformed, malfunctioning and derailed system.

Proud of Team AFC

Dear Editor, We Guyanese have important work to do.  I write this letter first to support the AFC, Mr Trotman and Mr Ramjattan in their quest for leadership of Guyana.

Questions surround death of Ivor Gomes

Dear Editor, The Gomes family is soliciting your help to highlight the unanswered questions the Guyana Police Force, B Division East Berbice is avoiding about the death of Ivor Gomes, former police officer and taxi driver of Asylum Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Our cricket is in a sad state

Dear Editor,A national cricket team left these shores amid all the hype of ‘taking it.’ Little did we know that what they really meant was teking a good lickin from sides that were superior in almost all departments of the International 20/20 game.