The PPP has had nearly two decades to change the ‘Burnham constitution’

Dear Editor, In a letter to the Stabroek News of March 5th on the question of voting and other rights of the Guyanese diaspora, Vishnu Bisram refers to the struggle for the restoration of democracy, and mentions the limiting of rights under what he calls the ‘Burnham constitution.’ While it is certainly an undeniable fact that the 1980 constitution was imposed upon the Guyanese people through a fraudulent referendum during the Burnham years, it strikes me as ridiculous to simply speak of the ‘Burnham constitution’ without qualification, and after 18 unbroken years of a PPP/C administration during which the most egregious aspects of this document still hang around the necks of the Guyanese citizens.

No controversy over PNCR’s election of presidential candidate

Dear Editor, Someone drew to my attention the Chronicle’s bold front page headline: ‘Controversy surrounds elections of Granger, 65, as PNCR Presidential Candidate.’ I was present last Saturday throughout the PNCR Special Delegates Congress, called primarily to deal with the final stage of a process, which was highly commendable, transparent and spoke to the desire of party members, a process that others could do well to emulate.

Dress code

Dear Editor, I applaud the efforts by those in authority to enforce a ‘decent’dress code for persons entering certain government buildings/agencies.