What ‘other things’ could be more important for the PPP than looking for a presidential candidate?

Dear Editor, In your news item, ‘Search for PPP candidate still in initial phase – Ramotar,’ (July 4), PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar’s claim that the PPP’s search for a presidential candidate in still in its initial phase because the party has been tied up with other things, may have revealed a lot more than he intended or even knows.

A lost decade for the working class

Dear Editor, “How can they borrow to pay some privileged elite and not pay the ordinary employees?” asked Christopher Ram in 2004, when he was exposing the US$15,000 (G$3 million) per month salary of an advisor to President Jagdeo.

CADRES released no report of its poll to Stabroek News

Dear Editor, Last Sunday (June 27) the Stabroek News carried an article authored by Andre Haynes entitled ‘CADRES poll sample not representative of national demographic profile,’ and we believe that this warrants a response which speaks to the methodological issues raised as well as to the circumstances that have given rise to the publication of this article.