Number of teaching vacancies advertised reflects a chronic deficiency in the education sector

20110124table 1

Dear Editor, The vacancies advertised by the Teaching Service Commission in the Sunday papers of January 16, 2011 total 620, identified as follows: a)  Nursery – 85 b)  Primary – 237 c)  Secondary – 77 d)  Heads of Department (Primary and Secondary) – 203 e)  Practical Instruction Centres – 18 Examination of the various texts reveal some interesting, if not wholly disturbing, indicators of the extent to which some regions are bereft of relevant qualified human resources.

Greenidge is far removed from the realities in Guyana

20110122table 3

Dear Editor, I noted the contents in Stabroek News of January 18, ‘Budget fails to deliver to poor, jobless – Greenidge.’ In the article Mr Greenidge was reported as speaking of widespread poverty and unemployment which the budget does not address; making a number of political statements many of which have no connection with reality; claiming that the last ten years were the worst for security and public accountability; accusing the staff of Parliament of destroying or removing parliamentary records for the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and parliamentary sittings; and criticizing the use of supplementaries, saying they abuse the total picture and can be inflationary.