Georgetown minibuses demanding an unreasonable fare for a short drop

Dear Editor, I am totally confused when I hear minibus operators shouting that ‘Government don’t have control ova we, is we bus.’ These minibus operators must understand it was the Guyana government under the leadership of Mr Hoyte that allowed the buses to come in duty free, so that the bus operators could make a living and commuters could travel without paying more that what was considered fair and reasonable.

Obama and the youth will give the world new meaning

Dear Editor, Where is al Qaeda? Only in the mind of Gaddafi who is trying to blame the uprisings in Libya on Islamic fundamentalism, when the facts are that the people of the Middle East are rebelling for democracy and demanding a new era of information and information technology which is available in true democratic countries, especially the United States.

Termination of BBC Caribbean programme unfortunate

Dear Editor, The termination of the BBC Caribbean programme after some seven decades of programming for the region is unfortunate. As someone who follows the BBC news coverage very closely, I am disappointed by the decision taken, especially given the historical and cultural links between the region and Britain.

Semi-final was a matter of national pride

Dear Editor, The anticipated semi-final between Pakistan and India which was played yesterday in Mohali, India, evoked so much emotion and interest that these two countries who fought each other since their independence have put on their sporting gear for the prize of national pride.

Waste of electricity

Dear Editor, It is 4pm Friday afternoon (March 18) and it is blackout again in the Meadow Brook area. These power outages have recently been ‘beefed up’; maybe they are compensating for the 300-plus street lamps lit throughout the day in Georgetown.