The city markets are secured by the constabulary

Dear Editor, Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of March 27: ‘City not getting money’s worth from private security service.’ We are very grateful that Mr Gavin Stall has taken the time to express his views on our performance in the area of security.

Bartica beach is cleaned once a week by the NDC garbage tractor and trailer

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to an article written by Tiffny Rhodius in Stabroek News on Monday,  March 15, captioned ‘Bartica’s Golden beach becoming a garbage bin.’ The report made reference to a letter from Mr Winston Miller, published in SN on March 4 under the caption ‘Bartica beach should be cleaned every day.’ The entire slant of the story leaves one to wonder, as many Barticans are doing presently, if the letter writer is a firm critic of Bartica and Barticians, seeing that the contents seek to tarnish the historic site where our annual regatta is kept, and also characterize the NDC as a lame duck unable to perform its duties at all. 

Will Mr Corbin step down as party leader?

Dear Editor, For two consecutive days (March 30 and 31), PNC and Opposition Leader, Mr Robert Corbin, has been featured among the lead stories of your newspapers, first announcing that he would not be his party’s presidential contender in the 2011 elections, and then generating a buzz among politicians who view this announcement as an opening or opportunity either for a better or different PNC or a coming together of opposition political parties to form a formidable alliance to unseat the PPP.

Ask why and why not

Dear Editor, Disappointing is the one word that keeps coming back as I read Mr Seopaul Singh’s ‘GK Lall has raised the bar so high that even poets and philosophers have no answers’ (SN March 31).