Practice can take the place of a policy

Dear Editor, The 2010 US State Department Inter-national Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), produced in news format by your newspaper (‘Guyana’s drug lords still operate with impunity,’ March 2), repeats most of what previous INCSRs said, including that Guyana is still a major transshipment point for narcotics, that the government has not done enough to combat the situation, and most shockingly, that the government does not facilitate the activity.

Minister of Local Government called in Auditor General

Dear Editor, I wish to draw your attention to an article dated February 27, and published on page 8 of SN under the caption ‘Arrest warrant out for Region Four REO,’ which stated that your paper was reliably informed that the Chairman of Region 4, Mr C Corlette was forced “to call in the Auditor General to conduct a probe after certain difficulties arose.” I wish to state that the investigation currently being carried out by the Auditor General into alleged financial irregularities by Region 4 personnel was done on my explicit instructions and I have since received a preliminary report.

Not an impressive interview for a possible presidential candidate

Dear Editor, I would like to read the views of your writer, Mr GHK Lall on the performance of Mr Ralph Ramkarran in the interview with Mr Christopher Ram (Ram’s television programme, Plain Talk) against the background of Mr Lall’s view that Mr Ramkarran might be the PPP’s choice of presidential candidate for the general elections deadlined for 2011.

The US objective in Haiti has always been humanitarian in nature

Dear Editor, Thank you for keeping the situation in Haiti in the public eye with your February 25 Guyana Review article, ‘When will Haiti’s travails end?’  Only by keeping the disaster at the forefront of the news can we, all the international partners working for Haiti’s recovery, hope to continue to draw in the private and public contributions essential to this long-term, monumental effort.