‘Human beings are strange creatures’

Dear Editor, “Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts/ Be acceptable in thy sight here tonight.”  For some strange reason these words kept ringing in my ears as I sat and pondered what strange creatures human beings are.

The Auditor General should investigate payments under the Synergy contract

Dear Editor, The government’s Request for Proposals in early 2010 for the building of the access road to the Amaila Falls hydropower dam site called for an all-weather road for heavy traffic; 85 km of road rehabilitation; 110 km of new road; the whole 195 km of road, 20 metres wide, surfaced with a white-sand-clay base 300 mm thick topped by 150 mm of laterite, the whole compacted to 95 proctor; HDPE culverts, bridges and river-crossing pontoons capable of bearing 100 tonne loads, 20 tonnes per axle; 65 km x 100 metres wide completely cleared right-of-way for the transmission line; all to be completed within eight months/240 days from contract effectiveness date.

The US Embassy is fair with applicants

Dear Editor, With reference to the letter ‘US embassy officials accept and draw conclusions from any rumour presented to them’ (SN, September 18), it appears that the writer, Mr Urling, is misguided and has some dislike for the US Embassy in Georgetown and the US government.

Could not the money spent on the Appreciation have been better used supporting those in orphanages and old people’s homes for a year?

Dear Editor, So we have had it, the staged show to chaperone the champion of poverty on his way out, while at the same time making it clear that his successor will ensure that he remains very much in command if (and this is a big if), the Guyanese people make that historical mistake of ever voting for the PPP again.

What legacy?

Dear Editor, The Guyanese information networks are overloaded with an avalanche of propaganda attempting to portray Bharrat Jagdeo as  an omnipotent and benevolent leader and head of state in Guyana, Caricom and the globe.

People United union still waiting for recognition

Dear Editor, Due to loss of confidence in the representation provided by the Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GB&GWU), which is the present certified union representing non-management employees of Oldendorff Carriers Guyana Inc, on February 2, 2011 over one hundred of the said employees sent an application to the Guyana Trade Union Recognition and Certification Board seeking the cancellation of the certificate of recognition issued to the GB&GWU.

An abuse of power

Dear Editor, The so-called ‘President’s Apprecia-tion Day,’ held on Friday September 16 must surely be the most brazen of a series of acts of abuse of power and political corruption in the region.

The true Guyana economy remains broken

Dear Editor, After reading your newspaper’s lead story yesterday, ‘Jagdeo ‘appreciation’ draws cheers and jeers,’ and then the state-owned Guyana Chronicle’s, ‘President urges national pride, healing of wounds of the past,’ I have to say thanks for a balanced report.

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