Congratulations to Alana Seebarran

Dear Editor, I write to congratulate the 2012 Miss India Worldwide Queen, Guyanese Miss Alana Seebarran. She is a talented beauty who stood out against 34 other contestants from around the world (countries where Indians are settled).

‘Sloppy reading of the Weekend Mirror and the legislation’

Dear Editor, In a calculated display of vulgar abuse (“political opportunism,” “taint of racially inspired motives,” etc) which I will not dignify with a response, nor would I the ad hominems or trivialities liberally sprinkled over his letter of February 29 (‘Ramkarran has disregarded essential facts…‘), Mr Christopher Ram seeks to respond in the Stabroek News to an article I wrote in the Weekend Mirror, later published in the Guyana Chronicle.

Ramkarran has disregarded essential facts in his comments on the 1961 and 2003 finance Acts

Dear Editor,   In his column in last Sunday’s Weekend Mirror defending the government’s $5.7 billion Supplementary Appropriation Bill No. 1 of 2012, Mr Ralph Ramkarran SC may have been guilty of some of the very charges – political opportunism, a disregard for essential facts and, over one significant issue, the taint of racially inspired motives – which he makes against Mr Carl Greenidge, the APNU shadow Finance Minister.

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