Questions on the laptop project

Dear Editor, I hope that the President, his office or his erudite press liaison officer can help this nation by offering clear and lucid answers to the following: First, according to GINA, the President two weeks ago stated that by now, the specifications and therefore advertisement for tenders for the instruments for the one laptop per family (OLPF) project should be ready.

Guyana needs minority government

Dear Editor,Instead of shared governance, which is notoriously difficult to accomplish in ethnically fractured societies such as Guyana, minority governments are easier to achieve as they are achieved by selective voting.

Suggestions for solutions to the nation’s myriad problems must be grounded in universal principles and the constitution

Dear Editor, With general and regional elections due this year there is a heightened misguided focus in the letter columns and elsewhere to influence the voter by making the case that 1) the opposition presidential candidate should be Indian to beat the PPP, or 2) the country’s problem is the result of ethnic voting and prosperity can only come when there is ‘cross-racial voting.’ Both positions are retrogressive and lack the foundational bases that respect fundamental rights, understand the role of government and what constitutes democracy in our society.

What were the criteria for selection for the sports awards of 2010?

Dear Editor,After my letter questioning the non-recognition of Samuel Ming and Christy Dey by the NSC Awards Panel appeared in the newspapers (‘Despite outstanding achievements…’ SN, Feb 14), I was engaged in some interesting person to person and telephone conversations with folks like Bud Mangal, Big Jer Goveia, Laurie Lewis, Godfrey Chin, Foster Sampson, Mike Benjamin, Dennis Dias, David Fernandes, Keith Campbell, Peter Peroune, Raymond Khalil, Neville Denny and John Carpenter, to name a few.

Efficient police officer

Dear Editor, On Tuesday morning at about 7 o’clock, I was in the Grove Police Station for a traffic matter. During the period of time I was there I had the opportunity to observe the actions of the Officer in Charge.

Gecom does not regard any stakeholder as an ‘enemy’

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter penned by Mr Sixtus Edwards which was published in the Kaieteur News of Thursday, February 12 under the caption ‘AFC looks forward to a stronger partnership with GECOM.’ Firstly, Mr Edwards stated: “ …the Alliance for Change (AFC) is not the enemy of GECOM; we are partners in the process of holding free and fair elections in 2011.” In this regard, let me state that Gecom does not consider the AFC or any other stakeholder to be enemies. 

Sharief Khan had many friends and admirers

Dear Editor, I am very saddened to read of the death of my old friend Sharief Khan. We had so many good times together in the editor’s office of the Chronicle working out whose tail Bill Cotton was to pull next, and in the bottom house parties chez Nagamootoo.