If our method of governance and doing business does not change soon the future will be as uninviting as the past


Dear Editor, For those who needed reminding, in his parting comments, the outgoing United Kingdom High Commissioner, Mr Fraser Wheeler,  is reported to have said that our “politicised racial divide” is hindering our development and  that “all political and civil society players need to find some form of accommodation” (SN, June 27).

Why did the Inter Religious Organization not make a public outcry about all the violence in our society?

Dear Editor, In Stabroek News dated Tuesday, 29 June 2010, Mr Juan Edghill is reported to have said that “SASOD’s  Painting the Spectrum, now in its sixth year, is wrong and religious leaders have to speak out since they represent the conscience of the nation.” I would like to know Editor, why Mr Edghill did not come forward as the “conscience of the nation” in relation to all the women who were brutally slain and maimed by their husbands, the sexual and physical abuse of children and the recent shooting to death of a sixteen-year-old schoolboy allegedly by a policeman?

‘Proposed cabinet’ for coalition

Dear Editor, Ever since I migrated to Canada more than 6 years ago I have been constantly following developments back home (moreso because I was also a former reporter) and I am very happy that people are rooting for change in the way our country is being governed.

‘Not a routine search’

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter by the Head of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit, Mr James Singh, purporting to explain the search of my luggage at the Cheddi Jagan Airport on June 14, 2010 (‘CANU does not conduct operations based on political directives’ Stabroek News, June 30).

A coalition will not prevail

Dear Editor, The recent successes of coalition political parties at national elections in Trinidad and Tobago, and to a lesser extent in Suriname and the United Kingdom, have given the opposition parties in Guyana the belief that the same thing can happen here, if they were to unite to contest the 2011 elections.