Corentyne River

Dear Editor, Since bloggers in your paper seem to be up in arms against Janette Bulkan for her “appalling lack of judgement on a matter of national sovereignty,” I wish to draw their attention to others equally deserving of their anger: the people or administration that allowed, or agreed to, the indignity of having Guyana’s border with Suriname being placed on the western bank of the Corentyne River and not in the middle of the river. 

Sugar inventories in the world at an all-time low

Dear Editor, The headline screams in the FT of January 22, 2010, ‘Sugar crisis worsens as Indonesian tender fails.’ Sugar prices closed last week at 29.82 cents on the world market since Indonesia, one of the world’s leading importers of sugar was not able to procure one pound of sugar on the world market.

Graduates should use their education for the upliftment of the people

Dear Editor, Every time I read about or listen to the utterings of individuals who have had the opportunity to attend a university (especially those who have majored in the humanities) I try as best as I can to evaluate and balance their point of view by juxtaposing it with that of the thoughts expressed by profound Barbadian writer George Lamming on the question of education and the intellectual.

Wealth must be created on a personal level

Dear Editor, In his January 11, 2010 letter titled ‘There are many instances where government has created roadblocks to personal development,’ Mr Lewis tells us something we already know: roadblocks to personal economic development are par for the course and our rulers since independence (PPP and PNC) have practised ethnic economic marginalization to varying degrees.

A new tactic

Dear Editor, Government representatives are employing a new tactic as part of their resolute efforts to defend the sometimes indefensible.  Not surprisingly, this tactic in practice more resembles an attack than a defence.