The leader of the PNCR has to be more proactive

Dear Editor, Stabroek News on April 29 carried an issue of the Guyana Review which had on its front page, a captioned article, ‘Robert Corbin: A political career at the crossroads.’ The writer of the article demonstrated that he is a keen observer of the issues impacting the national political landscape and developments in the PNCR.

It is an embarrassment that Ms Whyte-Nedd has been in limbo for five years

Dear Editor, I am currently in London because of the death of my elder brother and I appreciate my staff bringing to my attention Minister of Education, Mr Shaik Baksh’s letter in Stabroek News of May 12, regarding Mrs Genevieve Whyte-Nedd While I have no intention of dignifying what Mr Shaik Baksh stated by replying to him since it is evident in my letter dated October 16, 2008, addressed to him, that the conversation took place, the nature of which he is personally aware and which letter his office acknowledged and has not disputed what was communicated.

Guyana needs more forensic pathologists

Dear Editor, The death of Bridgette Gangadin brings into focus very important issues that must be urgently addressed. Firstly relatives and friends of battered persons must abandon the idea that abusers will eventually change if they shield them from prosecution; they need to think again because this does not happen.

The service at most post offices is poor

Dear Editor, In a letter by PRO of the Guyana Post Office Corporation, Ms Yolaskee Jervis in Stabroek News of May 12, captioned ‘The post office has measures in place to expedite the processing of mail,’ it was said my comments were “unfair.” She sought to justify her arguments by painting a nice picture of the processes which the postal company has employed to transport our mail out of Guyana.

The T&T election is close

Dear Editor, While NACTA polls have been accurately predicting the outcome of general elections in Trinidad since 1995, it is very difficult at this stage to pronounce on the outcome of the May 24 general elections in spite of other polls showing a landslide victory for the opposition UNC-led Peoples Partnership coalition.