‘Gravel don’t travel’

Dear Editor, Mr VC Bird, the father of the nation of Antigua, once said, “gravel don’t travel,” and what he meant was that as Prime Minister of Antigua (for many years), his policy towards foreign and local investors was to invite them into Antigua, knowing full well that any hotels, condos, docks, beach development, housing construction, commercial buildings, etc, could not be dismantled and taken out but left to the general wealth of the people of Antigua.

Good Hope cemetery permanently under water

Dear Editor, On my way to the Lusignan open air market, every Friday midday, I must pass the Good Hope East Coast Demerara, cemetery where my parents and most of their peers are interred, and I feel sad to behold the deplorable state of their final resting place, which is neglected by the administrative authorities of that area.

When will Guyana’s youth wake up?

Dear Editor, First Tunisia, then Egypt; and the youth set the pace and called the shots. When will Guyana’s youth wake up and bring real change by retiring all the so-called politicans we have in our midst who collectively do nothing much for us?

The people of this nation can only speak up with their votes

Dear Editor, Why must this country endure these recurring nightmares such as political charlatans like Hamilton Green taking high pedestals and telling people to speak up fearlessly (‘People should speak up fearlessly,’ SN, February 12), when Hamilton Green’s PNC played an integral role in creating this crushing psyche of fear and numbing silence during the heyday of the PNC?