Silence will be the worst option in 2011

Dear Editor, Systematically this government has weakened the public servants, bullied the teachers, rendered penniless the TUC, conspired with RUSAL to de-unionise the bauxite workers, sidelined GAWU, abused their own Komal Chand and Navin Chandrapal as they do their critic Lincoln Lewis, and harassed the likes of Mark Benschop and Freddie Kissoon.

PPP members should utilize every forum to push for their involvement in the picking of the presidential candidate

Dear Editor, Ralph Ramkarran stated in his letter in the SN online edition dated Sunday, January 2, 2011, `The Central Committee is the only constitutionally constituted body authorized to decide on the presidential candidate.’ I am of the opinion that the CC does not say anything about the CC being authorized to decide on the presidential candidate.