Hajj visas now issued in Guyana

Dear Editor, I take this opportunity to express profound gratitude and appreciation to our Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett for initiating and facilitating the bilateral agreement between the Government of Guyana and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for immigration officials from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to visit Georgetown, Guyana during October, 2011 to issue Hajj visas for all Guyanese who will be performing the obligatory Islamic rituals of Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia during November, 2011.

Guyana is on the verge of taking off after years of economic stagnation

Dear Editor, As you are aware, Guyana experimented with two diametrically opposed development paradigms after gaining political independence in 1966. Between 1970 and 1985 the country pursued ‘Cooperative Socialism’ where the state (at that time, the PNC-led government) assumed dominant control over the economy by nationalizing most of the production and distribution entities.

Why not provide dustbins instead of billboards?

Dear Editor, In Guyana, election campaigns are in full heat, and Guyanese must ‘Beware, the vultures are here.” There are promises of good and better things to come and what they are going to do for us; large and small billboards and flyers with names and faces; and millions of dollars invested in their quest for power and leadership.

What PPP vision?

Dear Editor, With respect to Roger Luncheon’s letter in SN on October 26 (‘Ever increasing numbers of Afro-Guyanese are imbued with the vision of the PPP/C administration’) I would have liked him to explain what PPP vision he is referring to that can inspire Afro-Guyanese.

A cut above the ordinary

Dear Editor, I’m sure Nigel Hughes knows that in Guyana today there is a price to pay for being a cut above the ordinary, professionally successful, fearless, outspoken and well liked across ethnic, political and socio-economic lines.

NACTA poll puts PPP in lead

Dear Editor, A tracking opinion poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association last week to determine popular support for the political parties in Guyana’s general elections showed the incumbent PPP/C leading the opposition parties. 

Four observations

Dear Editor, I refer to the long letter from Gail Teixeira in the SN of October 27, titled ‘There is a rich history of religious leaders’ involvement in the struggle for democracy…‘ I have four observations: 1.

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