Presidential press conferences should be properly produced for television

Dear Editor, It's a brand- new year but press conferences coming out of the President's Office are still coming into our homes in the same old way .

This child abuse case should not be settled

Dear Editor, Tears came to my eyes when I read the story "Berbice police trying to "settle" child beating case-lawyer" in your edition of January 16, 2008 .

The World Day of Prayer is a world wide movement of Christian women with a group in Guyana since 1976

Dear Editor, I refer to articles published in the Con-sumer's Corner of the Sunday Stabroek of January 6 and 13, 2008 which articles purported to inform on the World Day of Prayer .

All the union leaders must recommit themselves

Dear Editor, Mr .

Barack Obama may well win the Democratic nomination

Dear Editor, It appears from recent polling data that the Democratic Party may very well choose its first African-American for its candidate for the November Presidential contest .

Minister Rohee seems to wish to inhibit free and open criticism

Dear Editor, In his letter of January 15, captioned "There is a brotherhood in the media .

A contract for a probationary period for catering services for Parliament has been signed

Dear Editor, I refer to a news item on page 19 of your edition of January 9, 2008, headed "Parliament staff tasting way through prospective caterers .

I remember ‘Memory Man’ and other Georgetown characters, their deeds should be recorded

Dear Editor, On the morning of January 15, 2008 I was looking at the Good Morning Show on ABC, when a feature was aired on a man with the name Brad Williams, who has what is termed, 'superior memory .

The small parties should receive a fair share of the scrutineers funds

Dear Editor, With regards to comments on the distribution of funds for scrutineers of the voter registration process, fair play dictates that the small opposition parties should receive a "fair share" of the $50 million appropriated to the combined opposition .

Horses can pull quite heavy loads

Dear Editor, Before we can make a charge of cruelty to an animal as the Cullen-Bess photograph of the January 13, 2008 issue of the Guyana Chronicle claims to depict, we must know the mass of the horse and the load it was hauling .

The MV Kimbia can’t handle the heavy seas

Dear Editor, The passengers who were travelling during the Christmas holiday season from Kumaka Region 1 to Georgetown with the MV Kimbia experienced the time of their lives, when heavy seas caught up with them .

Some tips for the police on surveillance of suspects

Dear Editor, For certain types of police investigation to be successful the investigator must be prepared to do surveillance on the subject or premises, in so doing counter surveillance considerations must be considered .

GT&T has only reinvested a fraction of its profits

Dear Editor, I have a .

The future of the world may depend on the attitude of China, Brazil and other countries to pollution and climate change

Dear Editor, The Guyana coastland area, a few miles wide on the eastern side of the continent and a few miles north to south is the main agricultural area producing sugarcane and home of seventy per cent of the country's population of 800,000 plus .

Who works for whom?

Dear Editor, If the story is true in the newspapers, its looks like the customs at the post office is making decisions as to what they will do or permit in using cameras in dealing with drug traffic .

The President has every right to comment on the court’s decision

Dear Editor, The media and opposition elements became frantic when President Bharrat Jagdeo recently expressed concerns over the Court's ruling on how the scrutineering funds should be distributed .

I was not the author of this letter

Dear Editor, It is with some interest I have observed a letter captioned "The issue of torture should be raised internationally" (08 .

Is it compulsory to work overtime?

Dear Editor, As a person relatively new in the working environment I will appreciate if you can kindly assist me by providing some labour laws governing overtime and work duration with respect to the following questions: 1 .

The allocation of taxpayers funds for scrutineers cannot be described as an act of benevolence

Dear Editor, There seems to be a furore over the allocation of funds for "scrutineers" in the current house to house registration exercise .

Army torture must stop now

Dear Editor, The alleged torturing of civilians and soldiers by the GDF needs to be investigated by the United Nations, and those who are responsible must be charged with crimes against humanity .

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