There will be division not solidarity on May Day

Dear Editor, May Day 2010 is fast approaching. Workers will be expected to march through the streets with their respective unions and assemble, sadly, at separate locations to listen to their respective local leaders speak to them about the significance of workers’ rights, the history of trade unionism and the glorious future that lies ahead for workers in Guyana.

Congratulations to the President

Dear Editor, Permit me to extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes to our dedicated, respected and outstanding Leader, President Bharrat Jagdeo on his international achievement, the 2010 Champions of the Earth Award.

We live in a binary world

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter by Vicky Sawyer (SN, April 23) captioned ‘Sexual orientation and sexual attraction are different issues.’ Sawyer’s avoidance of objectivity is truly tragic to behold, and again, there is that eerie feeling that what the Bible tells us in one or two sentences is inevitably borne out by hundreds of years of secular research.

‘Ignorant insensitivity’

Dear Editor, I stopped writing letters in the press because there is a nauseating level of ignorant insensitivity that emanates from the pages of all the print media houses in Guyana as it relates to issues involving or connected with Guyanese of African descent.