There are still concerns about David Granger

Dear Editor, The issue of a possible David Granger presidency has raised much concern, because of the silly excuses he continues to make regarding his role in the GDF and more importantly his strenuous defence of the role of the army in removing the ballot boxes and storing them at the army headquarters, Camp Ayanganna for more than 3 days.

West Indies should qualify for the semi-finals

Dear Editor, I was hesitant to write about the West Indies team, knowing how unpredictable they can be. But such insecurity cannot deny the passion of every proud West Indian fan who identifies with every special moment of the West Indies team, whether it is a resounding victory or even a disappointing loss.

Thinking people must stand up for freedom

Dear Editor, What should be the role of progressives in relation to the popular rebellion in Libya? As I write this letter to the press, the Libyan dictatorial family, Gaddafi, his sons, and their henchmen continue their military campaign to purge Libyan society of citizens who dare lead a popular rebellion against their rule.