Estimates do not disclose total cost of overseas visits for Office of the President

Dear Editor, In responding to concerns about the cost of presidential travel, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh is quoted as saying that “over the past three years, the average annual expenditure for the entire government on travel has been $200M.” The 2010 Estimates which Dr Singh presented just three days ago has a head ‘Transport, Travel and Postage’ under which is a line item ‘Overseas Conferences and Official Visits.’ The Estimates disclose nil costs for the Office of the President, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and indeed all the ministries, departments and regions, barring the Finance Ministry and the Guyana Defence Force.

Shared governance would surely solve a lot of our problems

Dear Editor, In reply to Emile Mervin’s letter in SN on February 9 (‘The people not the politicians should decide whether the shared governance experiment should be give a try’), I would like to point out that my position on the failings of the PPP government in many areas of governance still stands; however, Mr Mervin’s letter shows his ignorance of political matters in this country.