Apology and a smile

Dear Editor, Last Sunday, while driving to church, as I approached the junction at Mandela Avenue and the East Bank Highway, one of two young girls who were selling newspapers, attempted to cross the road, causing me to ‘brakes up.’ She eventually turned back and as I was about to pass her, she looked in my direction and with the innocence of youth planted on her face, she said, “sorry.” Any intention I had of upbraiding her disappeared into the morning sunlight, and with a smile I continued my journey to church.

Let justice be served and peace reign

Dear Editor, I am sad. So sad that tears came to my eyes when I thought of what I learned. I have prayed my prayers for peace; I (and many others) have asked that we all together as a nation seek peace throughout this season and it has been so.

Young child begs instead of going to school

Dear Editor,                           I cannot escape the daily sight of a desperate and helpless child in need of an education, yet he is joyfully embraced by his mentally challenged mother who daily seeks sympathy from a sometimes hostile public while being exposed to the wrath of the weather.

An interesting statistic

Dear Editor, Having been present at the compilations of all General and Regional Elections since 1992, an interesting statistic is evident – more so after the 2006 and the just concluded 2011 elections.

The President and his party cannot be considered the sole decider of what is in the national interest

Dear Editor, In a two-part series captioned ‘Expectations for  the 2011 national elections in Guyana‘  (‘In the Diaspora,’ SN, July 5 and 12, 2010) in which I reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the three major political parties, the PPP, PNC and AFC, at the time, I wrote: “I believe the governing PPP is likely to be returned with a majority.

Our youths have chosen to be positive

Dear Editor, As a citizen of Guyana, I am proud of our youth and I would like all of our adult Guyanese to give thanks and praise to our youth who have let their votes that were cast on November 28 bring back some pride and dignity to the Guyanese people.

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