There are many instances where government has created roadblocks to personal development

Dear Editor, I respond to Michael Maxwell’s letter in Stabroek News (January 8) titled ‘If enough African-Guyanese return to their capitalist roots Guyana’s economic future will see improvement.’ As a trade unionist I hold dear the principle that each and everyone has his/her unique potential and such potential can best blossom in an environment that respects rights and the rule of law.

The opposition parties should support government’s efforts in the area of agricultural insurance


Dear Editor, I wish to refer to AFC Executive Member Mr Sewnauth Punalall’s column entitled ‘Crop Insurance Required for Our Farmers’ dated January 3, 2010, in the Kaieteur News, in which he argued that Guyana needs to increased micro-financing for small entrepreneurs and have a coordinated approach to crop insurance in order to address the issue of food security. 

Systems that foster cross-ethnic collaboration should be part of this republic’s founding stone


Dear Editor, Mr Robert Corbin, the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, in his New Year message (‘Downward spiral will continue unless…’ SN, 1.1.10) repeated the now hackneyed truism that “breaking the cycle of division and ethnic polarization in the country is an important key for unlocking the potential of the country’s people to ensure a prosperous future.” One must only hope that he does not pin his hopes for achieving its prerequisites – fundamental, constitutional and governance changes – on President Bharrat Jagdeo taking “the opportunity of his last two years in office to leave a [positive] legacy”!