Media ignored Rights of Children march

Dear Editor, Since the adult world is always wringing its hands over how to relate to young people, they may be interested in the experience of the members of Rights of Children (ROC) with the media in relation to its recent ROC-A-Thon to stop violence against women held on Sunday November 21st, 2010.

Organisations like GMR&SC must not see the President as some cash machine

Dear Editor, The spirited defence in yesterday’s issue of Stabroek News by two letters of the GMR&SC’s acceptance of $40M of taxpayer’s money to repave their track `The President’s gesture will certainly catapult motor racing in Guyana to new heights’ by Bryan Mackintosh and `Motor racing inspires national pride in all the people’ by Malcolm Harripaul gave a good indicator of the mindset of the elite of this country.

‘Mission Impossible’ at the Land Registry

Dear Editor, Upon your publication of my letter of 5th August, 2010 on the tiresome issue of the Land Registry I had resolved to give rest to my mind and pen regarding the many irritants and illegalities inherent in both the appointment and performance of the current Registrar. 

There can be no turnaround in sugar unless workers are properly rewarded

Dear Editor, The Stabroek News editorial (22.11.10) that referred to the seven days strike called by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union as ‘’thoughtless” and in stark contrast to an anonymous column in  another daily that accused GAWU of not doing enough and followed by a letter on the same day  in SN  “that GAWU needs to make informed decisions” are shortsighted and unfortunate especially when those in the corridors of power have consistently refused to settle labour disputes via the process of negotiations or through a process of mutually beneficial dialogue.