Wheat was important in Hindu religious rites

Dear Editor, I am in writing in response to Mr Hamilton Green’s defence of Forbes Burnham’s policy of banning the consumption of wheat (and other essential foreign imports) so as to promote the use of local products (‘Had the project to produce rice flour not been suffocated, we would have been proudly eating bread, pastries from local grain,’ SN, August 23). 

Claim that GSPCA staff member said a cruelty case was one for the police will be investigated

Dear Editor, We refer to a letter authored by Ms Syeada Manbodh and published in Sunday Stabroek, of September 5, captioned ‘Who is responsible for controlling animal cruelty?’ The incident referred to in this letter is horrific and any human being who would perpetrate such cruelty against a helpless animal, once found guilty by a court of law, deserves due penalty.

SN editorial was divisive

Dear Editor, I refer to the Stabroek News editorial on Monday, September 6, titled ‘The Buxton visit,’ where an attempt was made to politicize President Jagdeo’s recent visit to Buxton.

The Amerindian Act 2006 has not yet been brought into force

Dear Editor, A GINA release in early March 2008, reported that the Amerindian Act, 2006 passed on February 16, 2006 and assented to by the President on March 14, 2006 had “paved the way for Amerindians to empower themselves socially, economically and politically.” Further, and as a measure of its pride in the act, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, under Ms Carolyn Rodrigues, expended considerable sums on the publication of user-friendly booklets for distribution to Amerindian communities.

A ‘mirror image’

Dear Editor, In his  September 5, 2010  column  in another section of the press, Mr Ravi Dev has called me ‘Elder Kwayana,’ and says  that I am the eminence grise  of Buxton – the grey eminence.