The PPP should welcome the Cadres poll

Dear Editor, In reference to the Cadres poll and the senseless attack by Dr Randy Persaud on SN, I would like first of all to congratulate Mr Raphael Trotman and the AFC on their upward mobility which the poll shows, and I wish them continued success.

Cricket reigns supreme on radio and shortwave

Dear Editor, With reference to a letter titled ‘Test cricket should take precedence over World Cup football’ in the June 11 edition of Stabroek News, The National Communications Network wishes to advise that cricket reigns supreme on radio at 560AM and 102.5FM as well as our shortwave signal which is received worldwide.

Attack on Christopher Ram condemned

Dear Editor, I write in condemnation of the coordinated attack being waged against Mr Christopher Ram and his children on the liveinguyanablogspot, in the letter columns of the state media, the Guyana Chronicle and a paper friendly to the government.

The authorities should seek Paul Slowe’s help in bringing rogue cops to justice

Dear Editor, I would like to suggest that retiring Assistant Commis-sioner of Police Paul Slowe be asked to continue to serve this country by being appointed to head, or at least assist in the setting up of an Internal Affairs Division to act in tandem within the Police Complaints Commis-sion to investigate the behaviour of so many of our local policemen who – despite the venom being spewed on him by the authorities – are a disgrace to the force.