The former presidents’ benefits package is vulgar when compared to $7,500 per month for pensioners

Dear Editor, In reading about the Former Presidents (Benefits and Other Facilities) Act No 12, 2009, as presented by Alissa Trotz in the Diaspora column under the caption: ‘The distance between government and the governed: Another look at pensions in Guyana‘  (SN, July 18), reminded me of an Anancy Story in which Brer Anancy named himself ‘All of you‘ so that every time the servant brought the various foods on a platter and placed it on the table which Anancy and the other animals sat around, saying “this is for all of you,“ Anancy smiled and took it all for himself while explaining to the animals that treating him in this special way was an expression of love and appreciation.

Not amusing

Dear Editor, Did Donald Ramotar really find amusing the WikiLeaks cables with their references to murder, phantom squads, anti-government criminal gangs, possible plots to assassinate prominent citizens and a US ambassador, the rise of warlord zones like Buxton terrorizing people, the murder of a government minister, PPP government officials compromised by drug cartels, the possibility of a narco-state developing and the appointment of a Commissioner of Police who the Americans alleged benefited from the profits of the drug trade, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat allegedly proposing sanctions other than prosecution for drug traffickers and allegations of corruption?

Free public announcement?

Dear Editor, Could somebody please enlighten me as to who pays for the advertisement/ announcement on NCN radio every day regarding a lecture at the Dr Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Kingston, “this Thursday 5 pm.” Is it taxpayers’ money or is it the money of the research centre, or is it free?

Why not some old sitcoms?

Dear Editor, We Guyanese have come to accept low standards. Take the sitcoms for example, they are shown with such frequent repeats that it is pathetic – Golden Girls; Raymond, Jim, Family Matters, Friends, My Wife & Kids, King of Queens, Seinfeld, Cosby Show.

Old age grant was paid

Dear Editor, In response to the letter ‘Denied NIS pension‘ which was published in Thursday, August 18, 2011 Stabroek News, please be informed that Mohamed Hoosein was paid an Old Age Grant of one hundred and thirteen thousand, nine hundred and twenty-six dollars ($113,926.00).

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