Harripaul’s letter on Dr Jagan was spot on

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter from Malcolm Harripaul in your Saturday 11th March issue, captioned `With his adherence to Communism Dr Jagan committed political suicide.’ Had I written a letter on the matter it would have been identical to Malcolm’s letter and I am sure that when the history of this country is finally written, it will be recorded very much as Malcolm has written it, and I want to congratulate him.

A double century and a century

Dear Editor, Reference is made to a letter written by Mr R G Venton which was published in the March 11 edition of Stabroek News under the heading ‘A triple and a double century,’ and I wish to make the general public aware of a few of several inaccuracies contained therein.

More democracy, less centralism

Dear Editor, I would like to bring to your readership’s attention that in 1998, when I gave up my seat as a PPP parliamentarian and resigned from the PPP, calling publicly for reforms in our constitution and new politics for this country and in the PPP also, not one of the present agitators for “change” who were in the PPP at that time ever opened their mouths to support my positions.

The President and punctuality

Dear Editor, I wish to refer to your editorial in today’s Stabroek News (March 10) under the caption ‘Time,’ in which you commented on the concerns raised by Mr Vanrick Beresford in a letter published last Tuesday (‘Punctuality is a hallmark of excellence’ SN, March 8) in connection with the launching of the Men’s Affairs Bureau.