Norway has fulfilled its commitment

Dear Editor, I am very pleased to read (in SN reports over the last several days) that Norway has fulfilled its commitment to provide significant amounts of money (up to US $250 million by 2015) for the preservation of our forests as part of President Jagdeo’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). 4

The most senior officers of the Berbice lawyers’ association are sick or have resigned

Dear Editor, With respect to the letter written by Mr Adrian Anamayah under the caption ‘The association of Berbice lawyers is a vibrant and functioning one’ (SN, October 23), I  did make mention of the the Berbice bar association in my original letter of September 14, but I was referring to the organization that lawyers in Berbice belong to, in the same manner that one may refer to the ‘Georgetown bar.’ I did not say that the name was the ‘Berbice Bar Association.’ The point is still the same: this association is non-functional and at best is ‘headless.’ When I referred to the ‘Guyana Bar Association’ I meant that this should speak of lawyers in all of Guyana, but it only includes lawyers from Georgetown. 2

The elephant in the room Dear Editor,

Many thanks to Ms Gail Teixeira (‘I never said the gov’t had no interest in Roger Khan’ SN, Nov 4) for establishing once and for all that as Minister of Home Affairs she never stated “I am not interested in Roger Khan” when he was arrested in Suriname.   9

Why were half tickets not returned to patrons?

Dear Editor Could the relevant authorities responsible for ticketing arrangements at the National Stadium  explain why no half tickets were returned to patrons who attended the President’s Cup Final between Guyana and T&T when they presented their tickets for entry into the stadium? 8