Areas of concern

Dear Editor,Kindly allow me to highlight some areas of concern to all and sundry: Profanity:  The use of profanity in public places has now become endemic.

Shallowness of the question precluded a thoughtful response

Dear Editor, In the ‘Stella Says’ article of June 25, Stella Ramsaroop sets out the responses gleaned from the three presidential candidates on the following question: “Tell me what is your view of older men who seek out girls under the age of 18 for sexual relations?” The writer seems to believe that there is some profundity in this question.

Motor vehicle licensing process and TIN

Dear Editor, Permit me to respond to a letter written by Rafiq T Khan and published in the Thursday, June 23 edition of the Stabroek News under the caption ‘What is the rationale behind the bureaucratic nonsense at the GRA?’ I must first commend Mr Khan for not only having attended St Stanislaus College, but for his forthrightness in admitting to the humiliation he has been subjecting himself to over the years while living in Guyana under most difficult circumstances.

Tourist destination

Dear Editor, Proudly we are once again being featured as a top eco-destination to see and visit. It is obvious that the filming teams do not visit Garbage City, well known for its styrofoam boxes, plastic bottles and a world renowned cemetery.A documentary about the city is long overdue and this will certainly put as well ahead of other nearby countries.

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    Who is to blame for Dataram escape?

  3. Lakeram Kewlachand

    Gangaram man takes his own life

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    Teen shot dead outside Rio nightclub

  6. Courtenay Griffith’s home in Lodge that is earmarked to be demolished.

    City to tear down 52 derelict buildings

  7. Barry Dataram

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    Bus ends up in Homestretch trench

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    Youth killed, friend wounded after nightclub shooting

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