Health sector linen should be kept clean and not washed again publicly

Dear Editor, Those who would have been attended by, and at the same time, have attended to the vagaries of the physical (and indeed mental) health of our ‘patient’ society, must at times be concerned as to whether the relevant decision-makers have been informed with sufficiently precise analyses to arrive at conclusions regarding the fault lines perceived in the public sector, and therefore to formulate equally precise solutions.

Leadership challenge

As the potential firestorm continues to brew over the city of Georgetown on the parking meters, the debate rages on, tempers flare, meetings are held, discussions take place, and eventually the dust will settle and the matter will be resolved one way or another.

Aurora heritage site should be preserved

Dear Editor, I had planned to visit one of the oldest sugar estate heritage sites here on the Essequibo Coast, with Mr Tota  Mangar and Dr James Rose ‒ both are historians ‒ some 15 years ago when both men and I were at the  Devonshire Castle Martyrs’ Day wreath-laying  ceremony where 5 sugar workers were brutally gunned down in 1879.

What’s next?

Dear Editor It was noticeable that the AFC arm of the coalition government, whose representative sits on the city council in the form of the Deputy Mayor, who has been vocal on the parking meters and the manner in which this project was rolled out, was not at the meeting between government and city officials recently.

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