CJ’s naming of date two weeks ahead to hear case disappointing

Dear Editor,On March 13, Mr Roysdale Forde, Attorney-at-law, filed with the courts in Guyana an application by way of an affidavit for certain declarations and a conservatory order intended to prevent the Minister of Finance from carrying out his usual trick of spending from the Consolidated Fund without the benefit of an Appropriation Act or the prior or retroactive approval of the Parliament .

Police must investigate two government officials who allegedly threatened Crum-Ewing

Dear Editor,The killing of Courtney Crum-Ewing on Tuesday, March 10, has shocked and galvanized citizens from all walks of life to stand in solidarity and to salute and honour a Guyanese brother who in the face of countrywide disillusionment and apathy became an example and the public conscience for all Guyanese .

Jaundiced views

Dear Editor,I watched with more than a tinge of sadness the presentations by former President Jagdeo at Babu Jaan and a press conference at Freedom House in which he gave his own peculiar version of aspects of our country’s past .

We must ensure democracy extends beyond the ballot box into institutions

Dear Editor,A few years ago, I wondered aloud in the letters pages whether anyone had done a survey of former colonies to determine how many had achieved promised socioeconomic and political goals since gaining political independence, and if those that failed miserably should be re-colonized .

Business public or private must be kept separate from politics

Dear Editor,I am a retired and former member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Belvedere/ Hampshire Branch, without any faded conviction to the party, and wish to make reference to a letter from the Chairman of the WPA Ali Majeed which appeared in SN on March 16, captioned ‘GuySuCo has been treated like a party institution .

Growth is a means to a higher end

Dear Editor,Guyana is a country with great potential .

Corruption in Latin America

Our editorial on Wednesday (South American turbulence) focused specifically on the political and economic problems of Brazil and Venezuela, as cause for concern in Guyana and Caricom as a whole .



Politikles .

Jagdeo should not have invoked Dr Jagan’s way of life

Dear Editor,Former President Bharrat Jagdeo should stick to the old adage: if you don’t have anything good to say, keep quiet .

Benschop may not be able to enjoy the popularity in politics he has in other areas of his public life

Dear Editor,Social and political activist Mark Anthony Benschop, who is seeking to gain a few seats in Guyana’s Parliament by contesting the 2015 national elections, has complained about his flyers and political party posters being vandalised in APNU+AFC strongholds .

Demerara Harbour Bridge needs more imagination and innovation in its management

Dear Editor,Some two years ago I had written about the obvious lack of foresight or innovation in relation to the operational practices at the Harbour Bridge; particularly in light of the rapidly increasing number of newly licensed vehicles .

An uncomfortable truth

Dear Editor,There has been quite a stir in Guyana since former President Bharrat Jagdeo, in defending his sumptuous lifestyle, suggested that the party’s founder leaders and heroes Cheddi and Janet Jagan lived well too .

You cannot fight racism by calling the other side racist

Dear Editor,There is something odd about this elections period with its polarising energies and the drumming of fear and contempt in the language of the politicians .

Why have the police not interviewed the official whom Crum-Ewing said had threatened him?

Dear Editor,The murder of Mr Courtney Crum-Ewing has cast a shadow of tension .

Caribbean, not West Indies

Dear Editor,The cricket duels at World Cup 2015 in Australia are consuming me and until the West Indies team made it to the knock-out stage all I did was watch cricket online and talk about the great moments in the great game .

Berbicians must not allow their cricket to be hijacked

Dear Editor,The rot that has engulfed cricket at the national level has now reached the ancient county, where without doubt it has been the administered cricket in Guyana .


Cartoon .

The Normalizing Committee should not be stifled

Dear Editor,Football in Guyana was on the verge of reaching its apex with Christopher Matthias at its helm .

Don’t pass the salt, please

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) is placing emphasis on reducing salt intake starting with children as the world observes ‘Salt Awareness Week’ which ends on Sunday .



Politikles .

Dr Jagan deferred life-saving surgery for two months

Dear Editor,I visited Mrs Janet Jagan at her home just a few days before she died .

Worrying that PPP hierarchy has not criticized Jagdeo for statement on Jagans’ lifestyle

Dear Editor,Three distinguished persons in different walks of life have criticized former President BharratJagdeo for misleading the public in relation to the lifestyle of the late Presidents Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan, which he compared to his, and it is worrying that the PPP hierarchy has failed to criticize Mr Jagdeo for his false statement .

PPP/C seeks to recover lost ground in the context of a lower than expected turnout and voter apathy

Dear Editor,Someone once said that the greatest of all freedoms is the freedom of choice .

Babu John was an insult to Dr Jagan’s memory

Dear Editor,I feel compelled to express my disappointment with the quality and focus of the speeches given at Babu John last Sunday .

Police wanted statement signed before it was read

Dear Editor,On Saturday, March 14, 2015 I visited Sparendaam police station, where a family member had been arrested .

A lot of interior children of school age do not attend school

Dear Editor,The school population 32 years ago was much less than now .

Opposition parties did nothing with their one-seat majority

Dear Editor,A Partnership for National Unity led by David Granger and The Alliance For Change led by Khemraj Ramjattan together at the last general election secured thirty-three seats, one more than the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic, and thus took control of the National Assembly .

Reason for Guyanese happiness?

Dear Editor,According to a recent Latin American Opinion Project (LAPOP) Poll, Guyanese were happier and less likely to migrate in 2014 .



Politikles .

South American turbulence

The increasing turbulence in both Brazil and Venezuela in South America must be of concern for Guyana and indeed the countries of Caricom .

Hoyte’s medical expenses were not paid for by government

Dear Editor,I refer to Sunday Stabroek editorial of March 1, 2015, paragraph six of which reads as follows: “Just to put things into context, in a letter to this newspaper in 2011, the Prime Minister wrote: ‘The records would show that the coverage for medical care was another discretion extended humanely, and provided to every single former president .

The first 24 hours after a murder are crucial

Dear Editor,It is said by the experts in the field of crime-fighting that the first 24 hours are crucial .

Can’t get benefits under Mortgage Interest Relief Programme

Dear Editor,I have delayed as long as I possibly could before penning this letter .

Culture cannot be separated from religion

Dear Editor,In his comments appearing in the letter column of Stabroek News on March 10, regarding the letters of Ms Shivanie Rampersaud and Mr Sharma Solomon on Phagwah, Mr Devanand Bhagwan mentioned, among other things, that, “Holi (Phagwah) is a cultural celebration, not a religious one,” and, “there is little religious significance in the celebration of Holi .

The Crum-Ewing case has taken people’s curiosity to a whole new level

Dear Editor,Like US-based Guyanese political activist and commentator, Dr David Hinds, (`Since when did calling on people not to retaliate become incitement to violence?’ SN, March 15), I was nonplussed by the Guyana Police Force’s letter under the hands of its PRO, Ivelaw Whittaker, urging that Dr Hinds cease and desist from using his call for no violent retaliation to Courtney Crum-Ewing’s death to actually incite violence .

Saddened by the death of Crum-Ewing

Dear Editor,We were stunned and saddened by the news of the assassination of Courtney Crum-Ewing, and although we did not know him personally, the shock and grief we felt were great .

Statement in sports article was incorrect

Dear Editor,An article which appeared in your Sports pages on Thursday, March, 12, with respect to the AAG’S selection of a team to participate in the Carifta Games 2015 over the Easter weekend in St Kitts refers .

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