Trinidad’s elections warming up

The campaign towards general elections in Trinidad & Tobago, announced in mid-June to be held on September 7, appears to be getting more and more truculent, leading some observers to wonder what the atmosphere will be like by the time the scheduled date arrives.

Nuggets between the trash

Dear Editor, Dave Martins ‘So it go’ in Sunday Stabroek of the 28th, was indeed correctly titled ‘For the last time’, because as we all know complaints that “todays music is garbage!” will never stop.

Government should not pay Rudisa

Dear Editor, Since the May ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the Rudisa Environmental Tax matter, much has been said about what should or should not be the position of the Government of Guyana on the ruling.

Tri-country partnership is nonsense

Dear Editor, There is a reason why Peter Ramsaroop’s political career is defined by what I view as ‘grasshopper’ errors. That is evident in Mr Ramsaroop’s letter titled ‘The economic slump is self inflicted’ (SN, July 23).

Advice for the new administration

Dear Editor, A former Prime Minister has given some good advice to the newly elected Granger-Nagamootoo administration. Hamilton Green who served as Prime Minister and Vice-President for several years in the Forbes Burnham administration said that the new government should stay on track in terms of their campaign promises.

A ministerial Code of Conduct

By moving to put in place a Code of Conduct for ministers (which we hope would apply equally to other senior functionaries in the political administration) President David Granger is demonstrating an awareness of the endless difficulties which the previous administration faced with the delinquent excesses of some of its own ministers, many of which have long been public knowledge and need hardly be mentioned here.