If a project is poorly designed there will be many variations during construction

Dear Editor, Minister of State Joseph Harmon in his recent post cabinet press briefing to the media which was reported in SN on Sept 24, stated that some contractors were deliberately under-bidding government projects to win contracts only to return later with lame excuses to justify the need for contract cost increases, thereby causing bona fide contractors to be cheated out of government contracts.

River taxis should remain permanently

Dear Editor,   Reference is made to the ongoing matter between the Berbice River Bridge Company Incorporated and the Govern-ment of Guyana, and also the concerns of the members of the Route 56 minibus service relative to the recently introduced water taxi service between New Amster-dam and Rosignol.  

The decimation of the public service

With the Commission of Enquiry into the operations of the Guyana Public Service having only just gotten underway, it is evident that the commission’s journey will be a long and interesting one and that the outcomes – many of them – will spark more political cat-sparring between the Granger administration and the opposition PPP/C.

Sense of pride

Dear Editor, I was filled with a sense of pride on Saturday, September 26, when I witnessed the Guyana Defence Force on a route march along the East Coast of Demerara.

Cricket is too important to be used as a proverbial football

Dear Editor, Mr Barton of the East Coast Cricket Board, in a recent retort to my suggestion that cricket clubs on the East Coast be told the truth, claimed that the East Coast Cricket Board and the East Coast Demerara Cricket Association are two names belonging to the same board and that the names are being used “interchangeably.” Just to be sure, I researched some of the statements made by Mr Barton.