The country is on the move – above ground and under water

Dear Editor,How could I have been so blind, so inexcusably daft? I have to eat my previously challenging words .

The half-year report means nothing to the man looking for a job

Dear Editor,My previous letters on the government’s management of the affairs of Guyana have been less than flattering .

Logging syndrome

Recent reports about the forestry industry present a significant problem for this already weakened and increasingly rudderless government .




The rate of harvesting of our forest species exceeds the rate of regeneration

Dear Editor,During the last week, the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) in two full-page paid advertisements in Kaieteur News on (August 13; August 15) has defended the massive over-cutting by and for the Chinese transnational logger Bai Shan Lin .

A number of troubling questions

Dear Editor,The gathering storm over the management of Guyana’s forestry and related concessions raises a number of troubling questions especially as this government approaches the end of its term in office .

The police and the submersible

Who would have thought Guyana had developed so far so fast? It is true we built ships in the old days to ply our rivers – but transoceanic submarines – or in this case, a submersible, constructed, it must be said, in fairly primitive conditions in the Waini forest? This was the last thing even the ever optimistic Minister of Finance could have anticipated in one of his more uninhibited flights of imagination .

Misinformation on the forestry industry is damaging Region 10

Dear Editor,Guyana has the most beautiful and durable species of wood in the world .

Sunday Cartoon

Sunday Cartoon

Sunday Cartoon .

UG must be put on a firm financial footing

Dear Editor,The University of Guyana (UG) is a state-owned institution .

Why were not more Limacol matches played in the evenings?

Dear Editor,Firstly let me acknowledge that the Limacol CPL T20 Tournament seems to be a rip-roaring success .

How far is poor sanitation responsible for stunting in Guyana?

Dear Editor,Research shows that poor sanitation accounts for 54% of international variation in child height or stunting .

The city council and citizens need to exhibit pride in the capital

Dear Editor,There has been much talk but little action when it comes to a solution to the problem of pride and managing the litter and garbage problems in the city .

Letter was misinterpreted

Dear Editor,On July 1, 2014 I wrote a letter to Mr Eric Phillips in which I made the following points:1 .

Students from the elite schools outperform the others

Dear Editor,The recent grim news of unacceptably high failure rate at the CSEC examinations come as no surprise .




Guyana’s scholars

The Guyanese who earned first-class results in this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) exams are living proof, if any were needed, that despite our periodic jeremiads about the brain drain to Everywhere Else, there is no shortage of intelligent people in this country .

To present Burnham as ‘sin-less’ is politically counter-productive

Dear Editor, In the public polemics on the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, the question of the timing is often raised .

It should be mandatory to install sprinklers in commercial buildings

Dear Editor, In Guyana, we see a growth in commercial buildings and they are being built using lighter materials .

No old age electricity subsidies yet in Regions 2 and 3

Dear Editor, In the 2013 and 2014 national budgets the Minister of Finance made provision for a subsidy of twenty thousand dollars for 2013 and thirty thousand dollars for 2014 for old age pensioners’ electricity .

Marian Academy is right there among the elite performers

Dear Editor, It is the season of CXC results again .

Artists have a duty to other artists

Dear Editor, As expected, there continues to be no response from either the Minister of Culture, Dr Frank Anthony or the Caribbean Press editor, Dr David Dabydeen on some of the critical issues I’ve raised regarding governance and accountability of the Press’ operations .

‘Uncomfortable truth’

Dear Editor, Really, we are not a people known for steadfastly following through on anything no matter how wholesome or righteous, except when it is of direct personal interest .

The working class no longer wants to go to the barricades; they want to go to Disney World

Dear Editor, President Donald Ramotar is nearly three years into his presidency and seems to face in the immediate future the possibility of early elections .

Did not object to the standing of the GTUC

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter written by Mr Selwyn A Pieters published in your newspapers of August 13 2014, captioned, ‘Objection was misplaced,’ and his letter similarly published on August 9 2014, where he libelled me under the caption, ‘Unprofessional .

Still waiting for a call

Dear Editor, I am not employed by the Guyana Times and neither was I paid a hefty sum for my four photos which were used by the newspaper in its Inter-Guiana Games 2014 sports reports on Monday, August 4 and Wednesday, August 6, 2014 .

More controversy in T&T

The latest political controversy in Trinidad and Tobago surrounds the passage early on Tuesday morning of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014, in the lower house of Parliament .

The administration of local football is in turmoil

Dear Editor, The decision of six legitimate affiliates of the Guyana Football Federa-tion (GFF) namely, the Georgetown Football Association, the East Dem-erara Football Association, the East Bank Football Association, the Guyana Football Coaches Asso-ciation, the National Women’s Football Asso-ciation and the Guyana Football Referees Council, to walk out of the reconvened ordinary Congress of the GFF, held on August 9 at the Regency Hotel was justified .




Less than half the permitted volume of logs from Region 10 is being shipped out at present

Dear Editor,Over the past few days, Kaieteur News – a daily newspaper, previously known for its keenness and professional investigative journalism, has been engaged in what can be justifiably called a programmed hatchet job against a foreign investor – Bai Shan Lin – from China .

A long-term solution to GWI’s dumping of backwash into the Church Street canal is possible

Dear Editor,Since its inception, Guyana Water Inc’s (GWI) water treatment plant at the Shelter Belt has been dumping the backwash from its filters (sludge) into the Irving and Church Streets canals thereby silting them and clogging the drainage system .

The UN Declaration has been qualified by subsequent developments in international law

Dear Editor,I write further to a letter by Mr Justice Duke Pollard, former Justice of Appeal of the Caribbean Court of Appeal, published in your newspaper (‘Hardt’s spat should be examined by reference to Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,’ July 7) .

Our internet is only 8% of the speed of that in the US

Dear Editor,Is GT&T having a joke with the people of Guyana? I’m talking about internet services here .

‘State of African Villages’ forum to be held in Buxton

Dear Editor,In response to recent calls for African Guyanese Revitalization by Mr Vincent Alexander, the Cuffy250 Committee in collaboration with the Buxton First of August Movement will be holding a ‘State of African Villages’ forum in Buxton on Sunday August 17 at 1 pm at the Friendship Primary School .

History of Berbice cricket to be launched

Dear Editor, A former Guyana cricket official has written an excellent book on the history of Berbice cricket .

Habeeb Khan was short changed

Dear Editor, Straight away I want to agree with everyone who made the point that the late Habeeb Khan was terribly short changed – ‘an icon who was not honoured .

Ebola Cartoon

Ebola Cartoon


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