Aurora residents grateful for lights

Dear Editor, On Thursday 6th February, 2016 a visit was made to Region 2 by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of State Joseph Harmon and the Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix and of course other senior ministry officials.

Britain in Europe

It is almost natural that, for reasons of our historical and contemporary connections, Guyana and the other Caricom countries would have been closely following the latest stages, and now the recent agreement, on negotiations between the European Union authorities and Britain.

Professional help should be retained to get the WI World Cup team into a confident frame of mind

Dear Editor, It was always predictable that the attempt of some Caricom leaders to engender radical changes in the formidable WICB would peter out, as only a few of those moderately popular leaders were keenly interested in the arcane subject of cricket governance, and whatever interest there was, emanated almost solely from the circumstance that the team had been losing for so long.

Not receiving justice

Dear Editor, We are overseas-based Guyanese who want to return home with our family and encourage investors to support development in Guyana, but the authorities are making it difficult for me in seeking justice.