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Young people recognise they do not need to belong to any political party to effect change

Dear Editor, I attended a youth-led workshop late last year and was refreshingly surprised by one of the presentations which highlighted the youth activism of our past Presidents and other well-known Guyanese personalities .

Political mysteries

It is not often that the political cognoscenti of this land are mystified; after all, that which is outrageous has become so commonplace in our little universe that the term ‘bizarre’ is fast losing its meaning .

Provisions for access to speedboats  at stellings are inadequate

Provisions for access to speedboats at stellings are inadequate

Dear Editor,Numerous letters and articles have been written about the various kinds of public transportation available in Guyana, and they mostly are concerned with the conditions, attitudes of the operators, overcharging, etc .

‘National Assembly’ should have read ‘Parliament’

Dear Editor,Our earlier statement on the prorogation of Parliament dated February 13, 2015 referenced in the opening sentences the prorogation of the “National Assembly” which should have read in each instance “Parliament .

We should encourage discussion in the society on what we are raising our children to be

Dear Editor,I refer to Will A Campbell’s letter of February 18 in SN, ‘Lowering age of nursery school entry misguided .

The AFC agreeing to coalition was not a volte face but a response to prorogation

Dear Editor,I wish to take this opportunity, amidst the noise and haste associated with the emerging opposition alliance, to congratulate the lead negotiators of both APNU and AFC, for hammering out the deal that has given Guyanese a more definite and unified alternative to the PPP, as opposed to a splintered alternative that could have resulted in a repeat of 2011 .

Without professional help teammates must try to motivate one another

Dear Editor,Delivering talent under pressure, is the test that Graham Gooch said England failed in describing what he called England`s disgraceful performance in its opening match against Australia; the same England, whose journalists were so gleeful and disparaging in their commentary on the WI defeat at the hands of Ireland .

Corruption is the primary reason for wanting to change a government

Dear Editor,The number one reason for wanting to rid a country of its government is corruption .

Youth will decide which party wins

Dear Editor,The first few words of one of our national songs run, “Youths are important to Guyana .

Parents should instil moral values in children

Dear Editor,We must ask ourselves where are the moral values, decency and upbringing that our foreparents left behind .



Politikles .

The wretched of the earth

Last week the Guardian published a report on the use of child labour at brick-making factories in Nepal .

Ramotar must be commended for setting up the Walter Rodney CoI

Dear Editor, The Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry set up by President Donald Ramotar continues to unearth new episodes in the circumstances that led to the assassination of Dr Walter Rodney .

There is no silver bullet for the problems of UG

Dear Editor,The present impasse at UG has it’s genesis in the consistent failure of the current government to address problems that have existed before, or that have emerged since 1993 .

No final agreement yet between ministry and minibus union on fares

Dear Editor,Representatives from the United Minibus Union including Mr .

The AG’s interpretation of the court’s decision was extremely self-serving

Dear Editor,Attorney General Anil Nandlall has regaled the media with a verbose statement on the decision by acting Chief Justice Ian Chang in the case brought by opposition leader David Granger challenging the legality of the spending of $4 .

The Ministry of Labour is fully aware of what it can and cannot do

Dear Editor,I must confess that I find it very challenging to respond to a letter authored by former Assistant Chief Labour Officer, Mr D Sookdeo (‘Ministry of Labour should avoid a perception of bias in disputes,’ SN, February 17) .

Leslie Melville was a friend of the workers in every respect

Dear Editor,It is with a great deal of sadness that I read in your Saturday edition of the passing of veteran trade unionist Leslie Melville in the USA .

Money is spent on Kwakwani contracts but the only people benefiting are the contractors

Dear Editor,For the past few days I was bombarded with queries concerning a news item on television in Linden, where it was said that I told a government minister at a public meeting that Kwakwani had no problems .

Practice of using private cars for hire should be eliminated

Dear Editor,I have tried my utmost to refrain from writing since I wanted others to take up the mantle and expound on the many ills that are facing the citizens of this nation .

Cannot follow the thinking of Nagamootoo

Dear Editor,It was in the early 1980s after the assassination of Dr Walter Rodney during the Burnhamite dictatorship that the PPP was debating whether to confront or have dialogue with the ruling PNC .

The impact of lower oil prices has not trickled down to the travelling public

Dear Editor,Guyana remains unprotected from movements in the oil price as a result of our policy-makers failing to successfully diversify our energy sources over the last 50 years .

Jaideo Doodnauth entertains the Guyanese public

Dear Editor,Permit me to showcase another NCN broadcaster with a purpose to entertain, educate and inform the Guyanese listening public .



Politikles .

Information technology should be one of Guyana’s focal points

Dear Editor,The recent advances in information technology are becoming central to the process of socio-economic development in many countries worldwide .

Change in St Kitts and Nevis

Following the St Kitts and Nevis general election on Monday, conducted in an atmosphere of calm, with a high voter turnout, Tuesday was a day of extreme post-electoral uncertainty and tension in the twin-island federation .

Different closing dates for applications to TSC in same Vacancy Notice

Dear Editor,I note that the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has published its Vacancy Notice, 2015 in the Sunday Stabroek of February 15, 2015 .

Ramcharitar’s pension being finalised

Dear Editor,We refer to your February 2, 2015 Stabroek News edition in which a letter was written by Mr Madhoo Ramicharitar captioned ‘Still waiting for NIS pension .

Post Office responds

Dear Editor,The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) wishes to acknowledge your publication’s February 18, 2015, letter captioned, ‘Guyana Post Office failed to deliver mail from US Department of State relating to a visa .

UG staff should return to work while negotiations take place over a two-week period

Dear Editor,I am on my final year, final semester, in my law studies at the University of Guyana .

Douglas tried every trick in the book to stay in power in St Kitts-Nevis

Dear Editor,Last Monday’s general election in St Kitts-Nevis was won by the opposition Team Unity which took seven of the 11 seats .

We need to act on our hopes and dreams not on our fears and mistrust

Dear Editor,For a long time, Guyana languished for national and racial unity to move our people forward .

Downward slide of the city continues unabated

Dear Editor,The downward slippage at City Hall perpetrated by the President, Minister Whittaker and Ms Sooba triumvirate, continues unabated .

It is hard to find models of rectitude in business decision-making nowadays

Dear Editor,Decades ago when I and others waxed warm in the theory and practice of management (as it was spoken and written), I was regaled with a story about the recruitment process which involved the president of the company itself .

No surprise that PPP stalwarts are trying to score political points

Dear Editor,It is no surprise that the likes of Clement Rohee, the People’s Progressive Party General Secretary during his February 17 press conference, and Hydar Ally, PPP political activist in a letter to the Stabroek News on February 18, are attempting to paint the AFC-APNU alliance as a mere coalition of convenience to score political points and power .




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