Sooba has been doing whatever she pleases

Dear Editor,We, at the Mayor and City Council are deeply troubled by the continuously rancorous behaviour of the government-imposed Town Clerk (ag), Ms Carol Ryan Sooba .

Photo of rape victim should not have been published

Dear Editor,I was appalled to see, in the January 20 edition of Kaieteur News, a clear photo of the 18-year-old male rape victim in the Old Year’s alleged gang rape story, taken from his hospital bed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation .

A date with destiny?

Dear Editor,So it is May 11 .

Essequibo Cricket Board should not participate in the general meeting of the GCB

Dear Editor,The Berbice Cricket Board has publicly announced that its executives will not be participating in the upcoming Biennial General Meeting (BGM) of the Guyana Cricket Board scheduled for Sunday, January 25th, 2015 .

May 11 must be a victory for all Guyanese

Dear Editor,Those who have contacted me since President Ramotar announced the date for national elections as May 11, with many questions about who I believe will win, must understand that my concern is more about who will lose .

Employers need to critically re-examine their compensation packages

Dear Editor,This week the GGMC published a full-page advertisement on the “benefits” it provides its employees who are on strike .

A double standard

Dear Editor,I’ve been watching the news about the Paris attacks and their responses .

Thursday's cartoon

Thursday’s cartoon


We must learn to respect others’ religious beliefs

Dear Editor,Historically religion has played an integral part in the life of every human being .

No quid pro quo

Following the unrestrained plummeting in the price for crude oil over the past seven to eight months, its plunge below US$50 on January 7—the lowest in six years—has led finally to the government, through Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh announcing a reduction in the price of fuel on Monday .




Child Protection Hotline did not record call

Dear Editor,Two weekends ago I had cause to call the Child Protection Hotline .

Sooba rejected council’s decision to tender for garbage collection

Dear Editor,We, at the Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown, continue to express disgust at the way in which the government-appointed acting Town Clerk, Ms Carol Ryan Sooba has been flouting our decisions .

Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service in Region 8

Dear Editor, I have been prompted to express my concern and disappointment at the manner in which a popular aviation company has been delivering its services in Region 8 .

Agreement between rice farmers and millers is not private

Dear Editor,I was really amused reading an article in the Guyana Chronicle of January 14, ‘APNU Councillor says farmers should take millers to court to get their payments -AFC says farmers are afraid to do so, calls for delinquent miller’s licence to be revoked .

Why bring a writer resident overseas to lecture and not local writers?

Dear Editor,In what one would hope to be his final stretch in an almost nine-year tenure of abysmal accountability and gross mismanagement, Minister of Culture, Dr Frank Anthony seems incapable of getting anything right with regard to the proper management of culture, particularly as concerns the literary arts .

Has the dependency on political parties for largesse weakened self-esteem so that men cannot let a woman go?

Dear Editor,My sympathy goes out to the relatives of Sheniza Mohamed .

Why has the government suffocated the wishes of the citizens of Georgetown?

Dear Editor,Thursday’s Stabroek News editorial of January 15 titled ‘$1B and counting’ was exceedingly useful to help readers obtain a glimpse of the crisis we have reached in so far as governance is concerned .

Sheriff Street and Vlissengen Road should be one way

Dear Editor,The maxim, ‘You never missed the water till the well run dry’ is a story which can be interpreted in many different ways .

All right-minded citizens should be concerned about the killing of women

Dear Editor,The continuous slaying of our women should be of great concern to all right-minded citizens; daily statistics would show an upsurge in domestic violence perpetrated against our women .

Abu Ghraib faced daily bombings

Dear Editor,After a long and scary drive from Kuwait, I arrived in Baghdad (Green Zone) Iraq .

The Middle East’s influence

It appears that the Middle East continues, in one dramatic way or another, to be at the centre of world events .




It is not prudent to rebuild a team at a major tournament like the World Cup

Dear Editor, I have tremendous respect for the Chairman of selectors for his achievements on and off the cricket field, but his recent attempt to explain questionable selections and omissions of the West Indies World Cup squad has left me and most of the cricketing world aghast .

Machinery not properly maintained, drainage trenches silted up in Region Two

Dear Editor, Heavy rain flooded out a number of villages on the Essequibo Coast and the Pomeroon, causing severe damage to crops and livestock in addition to businessmen’s stocks which were stored on the floor .

Questions asked in interview were all based on KN report of Ram’s website articles

Dear Editor,Mr Christopher Ram, (‘Postings on website were misrepresented on TV programme,’Sunday Stabroek January 18), much more a practising politician than he is an accountant and lawyer these days, not surprisingly, is upset over a television interview I recently conducted with Mr Winston Brassington on the Marriott Hotel .

Fumes, noise from auto repair shop affecting schoolchildren and neighbours

Dear Editor,There is an unauthorized bottom-house, auto body repair workshop functioning in Prospect, East Bank Demerara .

The President should stop procrastinating

Dear Editor,I heard a joke from a friend of mine recently that I want to share with Guyanese to lighten the atmosphere .

A punch is more severe than a slap

Dear Editor,In catechism class we were instructed that the Pope was infallible as he was the direct representative of the Supreme God .

When Burnham established relations with Cuba the context had changed

Dear Editor,Paul Tennassee’s letter dated December 31, 2014 which was published in both the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News and Peeping Tom’s article dated December 29m 2014 in KN, as they relate to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Guyana and Cuba are significantly flawed since they fail to discuss the context in which LFS Burnham, Prime Minister of a newly independent Guyana, operated between 1964 to 1972 .

All GGMC employees except the commissioner are members of GPSU

Dear Editor,It was interesting to observe the TV news clipping wherein a representative of the Women Miners Association commented on the impact of the strike by employees of GGMC for better pay on the mining industry .

High Court order relating to chicken pen not enforced

Dear Editor,Despite the fact there is a High Court order made in 2010 by a Judge in Chambers restraining the owners and proprietors of a large, stinking, rat and fly-infested chicken pen in Chateau Margot, a residential community, the uncaring owner still stubbornly continues to operate and carry on that illegal business as usual, that is a health hazard and irritation to neighbours .

The Caricom ministers are concerned with fringe matters rather than issues of substance

Dear Editor, The following statement is taken from an article in SN of January 17: “Caricom Council of Ministers were satisfied that the prorogation of parliament by President Ramotar was in keeping with the provisions of the Guyana constitution and did not constitute a breach of the Commonwealth Charter .

Time might be the only ally the PPP has

Dear Editor,It is infuriating that there are these clumsy dodges in naming an election date; that the ruling PPP has such seemingly insurmountable difficulties to step forward and cast the die .

Sunday editorials are informative

Dear Editor,I noted with some anxiety that Ms Anna Benjamin will no longer be editor of the Sunday Stabroek .

Pope’s message is relevant

Dear Editor,I followed with interest Pope Francis’s recent visit to Asia .




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