Those who accuse the PPP of race baiting do not understand it

Dear Editor,It is amazing the length to which some people would go to misinterpret and distort what is being said by PPP leaders at political meetings and rallies .

Brazil’s political turmoil

Any sense of euphoria experienced by President Dilma Rousseff and her Workers Party following her re-election as President of Brazil last year must now have vanished as large scale demonstrations broke out in protest against not simply sluggish economic growth, but what appear to be credible allegations of substantial corruption, associated with the state-owned oil company Petrobras, seemingly   beneficial to the Workers Party, prior to the elections .







Urgent attention needs to be given to parking impasse

Dear Editor,The evidence would suggest that our Police Force is under-exposed; that its members do not read, certainly of the various, and even repetitive, commentaries in the media about themselves .

Ogle Diagnostic Centre is open and functional

Dear Editor,In response to the letter published in Stabroek News, Monday, April 20, 2015, `Sugar workers suffering since the closure of Ogle Diagnostic Centre’, I would like to categorically state that the Ogle Diagnostic Centre is open and functional .

More thinking critically needed

Dear Editor,Mr .

In an election, history is everything

Dear Editor,I refer to the sentiment expressed recently by Mr .

Many Hindus have used their faith to give up the certain which was unjust for them

Dear Editor,It is no secret that the Guyanese politicians will use their religious beliefs as they see fit .

PPP/C Govt has failed to deliver and is now making hollow promises

Dear Editor,As Guyana approaches its general election on May 11, I would like to share some views with my fellow Guyanese as to why a APNU+AFC led Govt .

None of the embarrassments the Minister of Finance now faces would have occurred had there been better PPP leadership

Dear Editor,The PPP finds it politically expedient to take out full page advertisements denouncing Carl Greenidge as Minister of Finance taking issue with Anand Goolsarran on central government accounting prior to 1992 .

How can the persons responsible for the deterioration of sugar be trusted with its revival?

Dear Editor,President Donald Ramotar announced at the PPP Albion Rally on Sunday a revival plan by his team for the sugar industry .

‘Animal Farm’ makes good reading

Dear Editor,I have read and have been told many amusing stories and think the most seriously amusing one to be “Animal Farm”- a masterpiece of satire by George Orwell .

Cheating at examinations

The report earlier this month that several educators in the US State of Atlanta have been handed heavy prison sentences on racketeering charges linked to a widespread cheating racket at schools’ tests serves as a timely reminder that the region faces its own challenges with cheating at examinations, ranging from individual student concealment of answers to questions set for routine end-of-term/year examinations to more elaborate scams – including the advance acquisition of examination papers – that target the CXC examination .

Data-driven research urgently needed at UG

Dear Editor,Our nation is badly in need of national development research to guide policy .

Peasant cane farmers in Demerara want same benefits as those in Berbice

Dear Editor,It appears that the Ministry of Agriculture and Guysuco have different sets of policies and systems for Berbice cane farmers/contractors and another for Demerara cane farmers, especially West Bank Demerara cane farmers .

Young voters must be aware that no one can simply put aside the past

Dear Editor, It is very difficult to take Mr Jerome Khan seriously since he reads plain English like this and sees in it a tantrum, a fit, and a deepening vortex that swallows .

‘Critical support’ was motivated by the socialist dream

Dear Editor,In a letter to the Stabroek News on 17/4/15 (‘Revisionist History’), Justice Charles Ramson makes the astonishing claim that “critical support” was given by the PPP to the PNC “only for the nationalisation of the bauxite industry .

It happens in Maryland, too

Dear Editor,       Guyana has been described by letter writers and columnists alike as the place that civilization touched but briefly .

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