Bartica needs two ferries

Dear Editor, Bartica is one of the fastest developing communities and tourism is picking up rapidly. It is one square mile in extent with narrow roads, and has the most vehicles, from cars to 4×4 trucks and ARVs.

Romney won the debate

Dear Editor, It is indisputable that the challenger Mitt Romney won Wednesday’s US presidential debate with President Obama, but it will not necessarily change the outcome of the presidential race in which Obama was leading in all of the opinion polls.

It was not the people of Linden

Dear Editor, With reference to the article in yesterday’s Stabroek News dated October 04, 2012 captioned, `Lindeners demand Justice as shooting commission visits’ on page 12, I wish to state that the article is erroneous because it was not the people of Linden but Mark Benschop and his sidekick Norman Browne attempting to attack the solid record of representation of the people of Linden by the PNCR /APNU leaders.

Back to the future

Dear Editor, During the decade of the 1950s I happened to work in three different locations. The first was at the Public Works Department, situate exactly where the successor Ministry of Works is today, in Kingston.

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