Mrs Singh should be seconded to another office with the same status and pay

Dear Editor, In the midst of the ongoing debate or discussion over the appointment of the Finance Minister’s wife, Mrs Gitanjali Singh, as Audit Director in the Auditor General’s office, we have HPS, Dr Roger Luncheon, saying there is “no conflict of interest in [the] appointment of Audit Director” (SN, July 8), even though the fact stares him in the face the same way pervasive corruption does, yet he is in denial about it.

Not a moral stance

Dear Editor, An editorial in the Guyana Chronicle, dated July 3, 2012, elicited a fierce public reaction. Many individuals and organizations voiced their outrage at this insensitive race-baiting, trashy piece of journalism.

Bank panic

For journalists in Latin America the direst threat in recent years has emanated from the drug cartels and the gangs that proliferate particularly in Honduras.

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