Duncan St is in a very poor state

Dear Editor, I live in Duncan Street, Newtown, between De Abreu Street and Middleton Street. Could someone in authority at the Roads Division please see if they can do some repairs to that road which is in a very poor state – lots of potholes, etc.

Kissoon’s fears are misplaced

Dear Editor, The constitutional right of freedom of expression is subject to the caveat that this right cannot be exercised in such a manner which may prejudice or influence the outcome of a pending case, or, bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

Presidential guards for hire?

In the wake of the stunning allegation that eight presidential guards spearheaded an enforcer operation on behalf of a Brazilian businessman that involved vandalism and a series of other crimes, one would expect the immediate standing down of the Head of the Presidential Guard, an instant shake-up of arrangements for presidential security, a risk assessment and an inquiry into exactly what transpired.

Many factors affect the traffic situation in Guyana

Dear Editor, The traffic situation in Guyana is more complex than meets the eye. The police traffic department says talking on cell phones while driving, speeding, overloading and driving under the influence are some of the key factors pushing up road fatalities, although there seems to be an increase in single vehicle accidents which includes crashes into stationary objects and canals.

Matter is sub judice

Dear Editor, The University of Guyana appreciates that you have afforded it the opportunity to respond to a letter titled ‘Provisional registration could jeopardise the equivalency status of UG’s LLB degree’ which was sent by Professor Eversley and published on July 23, 2011. 


It is impossible at this distance in time to fully grasp the extraordinary brutality of the eighteenth century slave system and the extent of the suffering both physical and mental which it inflicted.

The National Trust has failed us again

Dear Editor, In May I visited historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia. The church is on the registry of historic buildings preserved by the United States Trust, so that future generations of Americans can be inspired and empowered by such an edifice.