More electricity woes

While responding to a tax relief call made by the GAWU General Secretary on Wednesday at the GLU Triennial Delegates Conference, President Jagdeo almost casually slipped in that another US$20M will be needed to secure power generation to meet peak demand and ensure stability in supplies. 0

A law unto himself?

Dear Editor, Last Sunday, October 24, some boys of Saraswati Vidya Niketan (more popularly known as the Swami school), Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, were sent by the school into the community to get some dried coconuts to be used for decoration purposes in preparation for the school’s annual graduation which was to begin at 4 pm, the same day. 0

Amerindian leaders and free speech

“Except with his own consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of expression, that is to say, freedom to hold opinions without interference, freedom to receive ideas and information without interference, freedom to communicate ideas and information without interference and freedom from interference with his correspondence.” As many people will recognize the above quotation comes from Section 146 (1) of the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, and is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens of this country.  0