EAB report

The EAB has spoken.  Not, one fears, that this might have much impact on our two main political parties, both of whom are long on mistrust and short on reason. 

‘Everything remains the same’

Dear Editor, For any society to advance it has to settle a fundamental question – who governs? Such a settlement is even more urgent in countries, such as Guyana, which are deeply polarized along ethno-racial and political lines.

Locomotive park

Dear Editor, On the front page of the Kaieteur News of March 25 is a photograph of some scrapped locomotives which have been scrapped at Matthews Ridge.

A local government commission should be in place

Dear Editor, The Guyana Chronicle editorial of March 30 dealt with alleged corruption in the City Engineer’s Department. It is an instructive article; the public should know that over the years the Mayor and Councillors have been trying to take a firm hand on this key department, among others.

Manickchand stayed with the facts

Dear Editor, Ms Joan Ward-Mars has misinformed herself as a result of her poor interpretation of Minister Priya Manickchand’s comprehensive explanation of the government’s contribution to legal aid in Guyana, in the face of distorted accounts (‘Funding from UNICEF for legal aid in Region 10 has not been continuous’ SN, March 30).