Dead fish on 63 beach are those discarded by fishermen

Dear Editor, Beginning a few weeks ago and up until now dead fish have been washed ashore at 63 beach. As the old adage goes, ‘News runs like wildfire in the woods.‘ Rumours have been going around to reach as far as Canada that toxic fish have been found dead along 63 beach being washed up from a contaminated sea and that people should stay away from the beach.

The weakness of Caricom diplomacy

Wednesday’s editorial, ‘Britain and Caricom,‘ raised a few questions about the coordination, coherence, efficiency and efficacy of Caricom’s collective diplomacy. It focused, among other things, on the failure of the region’s foreign ministers to extract an agreement from British Foreign Secretary William Hague, at the UK-Caribbean Forum in Grenada, to review the exorbitant and discriminatory Air Passenger Duty (APD) unilaterally imposed by the UK on travel to the Caribbean.