The US and Caribbean political delinquency

For most of this year, the United States has been visibly in pursuit not only of persons in the Caribbean allegedly involved in drug trafficking, but in so doing, the authorities seem to have been seeking to ensure that those perceived to be involved in behaviour deemed unacceptable, do not received the protection of  Caribbean governments.

Guyana United Artists will be walking to the major administrative centres with message of peace and unity

Dear Editor, As part of a continued effort to highlight the role of the creative arts in interpreting our history and culture to foster and promote national unity, members for the Guyana United Artists will be undertaking a nation-wide walk to the major administrative centres of Guyana in the run up to General Elections 2011 and in the aftermath.

Men like Ralph Turpin

Nothing that we have read or heard about Mr. Ralph Turpin has caused us to believe that he was anything but an ordinary Guyanese, a man, apparently, of modest means, possessed of a caring spirit and a passion for reaching out to those most in need.

Promises! Promises!

Much as we would wish to believe APNU when they say that if they win the elections they would stop using taxpayers money to (as a section of the media put it) “reward the corrupt class of parasitic political cronies through the arbitrary and ministerial use of ministerial discretion” we prefer to wait and see rather than take them at their word.