‘We are all Lindeners’

Dear Editor, Contrary to reports, including in the media, the vigil taking place on a public park on High Street between Brickdam and Hadfield Street is not a Red Thread initiative; it is something far more unusual in Guyana and therefore far more significant – an initiative by individual Guyanese at home and in the diaspora to come together to occupy a space where Guyanese could meet to begin the work of rebuilding “a society based on justice and human rights.” What spurred the initiative was the response of the state to the demand by the community of Linden for the removal of the 800% rate hike on electricity; shooting unarmed protestors is the most extreme form of denial of the rights of “ordinary” people, acting on their own behalf and in their own name, to say what kind of community and what kind of country they want to live in.

Under the convention of ministerial responsibility Minister Rohee should resign

Dear Editor, I write with reference to Verwayne Adams’ letter titled ‘All the facts should be given‘ (SN, August 17). Mr Adams is dealing with the subject of the Linden crisis, and writes: “The editor owes it to the nation to get all the facts and publish them, and not feed the readers with half truths.“ Mr Adams is asking for all the facts, but he is still interested in one fact only, namely, that Mr Granger agreed with government to raise the electricity rates.

A shared vision

Many years ago, a primary school teacher in Georgetown divided her class into two halves on opposite sides of the room and placed a cardboard box on a table between them.

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