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2015 Soca Monarch calls ‘Unruly’ win his best yet

– dedicates it to his fans

2015 Soca Monarch Jumo Primo

This is the third time that the Carib Soca Monarch crown is sitting on his head but for the recently crowned king Jumo Primo this time the taste of victory is just different and he believes it is because he worked hard coupled with the monumental support he received and continues to receive.

Soca Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s that day of the year devoted to love. It’s that day when regardless of what’s hot in local couture, red and white clothing will be seen left, right and centre, hither, thither and yon.

My German experience

20141115the last word

As my time in Europe winds down, today I decided to share some photos and experiences from my trip. Apart from spending the first four weeks learning German, I went to Berlin for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and to Hamburg to work on my blog with a photographer.

Grammy Awards


The 57th annual Grammy Awards will be shown live on television tomorrow night. Though it is being held in Los Angeles, California, it will be watched by millions around the world since many of the top recording artistes in America, all of whom are not necessarily American, have an international presence.