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Granger’s style

20150620presi granger

It’s been just over a month since the new government has been in power and boy oh boy was I dying to see the wardrobe of the new President!

Outside her comfort zone: Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong

When Jasmine Wong won the Best Supporting Actress award last November at the National Drama Festival for her role in the play Guilty Pleasure, it was just two years after throwing herself headlong into drama, while also attending university.

Disaster barely avoided

“Let we in nuh officer.” “Is me president swearing and I gaffo see it.” These were some of the pleas made to the junior police ranks who were at times assisted by fire officers in manning the gate at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence on May 26.

The ‘Granny’ dress


It’s impossible to get dressed and not think of what other people may think of your outfit, especially if you happen to be a fashion conscious person.