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Plus fashion

20141115the last word

Over the years, the fashion industry has learnt to become more accommodating and welcoming to all women. I believe the retailers’ interest in plus-size fashion was sparked by the outpouring of disgust and complaints

What the bleep?

culture box

We have had the conversation before. But things have not improved—if anything they have gotten worse—so we’re having it again. These are words that tend to drive fear into people: If it’s a man or a woman and the words are coming from his or her spouse; or if it’s a child and the words are coming from his or her parents.

Fabulous Lystra

Lystra Adams

UK-based Guyanese style icon Lystra Adams, commonly referred to as ‘the Queen of Instagram’ is possibly the most vivacious Caribbean woman of style to follow on the social media platform-Instagram.

Young Bill Rogers lost his ‘larki’, but won the monarchy

Bill Rogers

Two-time Chutney Monarch Roger ‘Young Bill Rogers’ Hinds won this year’s competition with his song “Ah Searching For A Good Larki,” which is a follow-up to his two previous songs “Ah Chutney For My Larki” and “Gimme Moh Chutney.” In an interview with The Scene, Roger reminded that ‘larki’ was Hindi for girl.

Mature women set for Ms Guyana Renaissance


In three weeks, the Ms Guyana Renaissance Pageant which showcases the inner beauty, creativity, cultural awareness and accomplishments of the matured Guyanese woman aged 30 and older will take to the stage of the National Cultural Centre.

Kes and Bang Bang TT

20141115the last word

Kees Dieffenthaller, lead singer of Kes the Band, is incredibly gorgeous. I don’t know what your taste buds are like, but when it comes to men, if they’re talented, ambitious and good looking, they are ‘my type’.