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Express Guyana addressing social ills

While it has been around for some time, Express Guyana recently became a registered organisation and it kicked official proceedings with a forum at the National Cultural Centre which informed students on preventative measures focused on domestic violence, suicide, youth crime, violence and teenage pregnancy.

Phoenix Park turns fifty

Phoenix Park, a closely-knit community on the west bank of the Demerara River, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on Friday and it boosts of being one of the first self-help housing schemes to be constructed in Guyana.


In our October 15, 2016 edition we featured an article on Merundoi in which it was stated that the organisation started on October 26, 2006 when it fact it should have read October 16, 2006.

Nicole Bissoo-Williams: Savouring memories through art

Nicole Bissoo-Williams, painter and ceramist, goes back in time to savour memories through art. The semi-abstract and realism artist portrays her work mostly using oil and acrylics and dabbles a bit in watercolours but regardless of what she uses the end product takes you down her memory lane.

Yoruba Singers turns 45

- grand concert billed for tomorrow night

Yoruba Singers celebrates its 45th anniversary tomorrow night with a grand concert themed ‘For the Love of a Common People (2)’ at Congress Place, Sophia.

SASOD’s costume ball on tonight

Tonight the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) will host what it bills as its “highly anticipated” ‘Butches & Barbies’ costume ball at the Tower Suites Hotel on Main Street, Georgetown.

Merundoi turns ten

-longest running radio serial in Guyana and Caribbean

Ten years after it came into existence Merundoi is celebrating not only its anniversary but holding the coveted position of being the longest running radio serial in Guyana and the Caribbean twined with two of its members being invited to sit in on the last television debate between the US presidential hopefuls.

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