The Scene

Spaced out

One day soon I expect an enraged minibus conductor to come in search of me. I expect to hear a string of truly Guyanese expletives and the accusation of trying to buy my roti (unleavened bread) with someone else’s paisa (money).

Ummm… More pancakes

Batter up! Part 2

Hi Everyone, After all the pancake-talk last week, did you make any? You know, as a trial run. I did. Oh come on, don’t judge me, I had to; I did it for you so that I am better informed to communicate with you about pancakes (laugh).

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  2. Guyanese woman killed after car hit by NY drunk driving cop

  3. Man who died on CAL flight identified as Bath resident

  4. Guyanese remitting $$ from US may have to help pay for Trump wall

  5. Pastor sentenced to 18 years for rape of six-year-old

  6. Man who died on CAL flight identified as Bath resident

  7. Nandlall charged with fraudulent conversion of $2M law reports

  8. Former AG Nandlall arrested over law reports

  9. Use of private plane for Bahamas trip was most feasible option for president

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