The Scene

Classique pulls it off again

Classique dancers at a previous production

It would be a shame, a real shame, if Classique Dance Company ever slows down and allow its reputation as the most exciting thing to happen to dance here in so long, slip away.

Rembrandt for Classic Tuesdays

Rembrandt, the Danish comedy, will be screened next Tuesday as the National Art Gallery, Castellani House’s monthly ‘Classic Tuesdays’ fil. Named in reference to the famed 17th century Dutch painter, master draughtsman and printmaker, Rembrandt van Rijn, arguably the most popularly recognized and highly valued Dutch artist on the world scene, the film tells the story of some hapless petty crooks who are hired to commit an art robbery but steal a priceless Rembrandt painting by mistake, a release said.

The lost city


“Oh beautiful Guyana, Oh my lovely, native land…” These are truly patriotic words which force my doubting heart to feel love; love for a land where I must go hiking or look beneath layers of filth to see beauty.

Baking to avoid work

Freshly baked Cheese Scones (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone, people do various things to avoid work such as approaching deadlines, must-do assignments and chores. To avoid work, some people go for a drive, some go shopping, some go to a movie, some clean their homes and vehicles.