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Comedy jam set for TV syndication

Mori J’Von comedy jam will syndicate its comedy series with an official launch tomorrow, nearly a year after the satirical sketches were first unveiled at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).

BowenForbes seeks to stir interest in the arts

Artist and poet Jorge BowenForbes has resettled in Guyana and hopes to attract public interest in his watercolour paintings. BowenForbes departed British Guiana in 1962 and travelled to various countries before finally settling in the United States of America in 1966.

Ebube Nwagbo: I had to prove myself

Ever since her entry into the industry, she has introduced a fresh wave of youthful innocence, professionalism and quality acting that instantly made her one of the female actress that Nollywood producers trip for.

Culture Box: A toast to my life


I am told that I was born around eight o’clock at the public hospital on a night when two young nurses were on duty along with a doctor a few days from retirement; the child of a man who wasn’t sure whether he wanted a daughter or a son, but was willing to stake money on the baby being a girl.

One to watch:Michael Kellman’s foot’s in the door

Michael Kellman

Twenty-five-year-old Michael Kellman is now getting a foot into the doorway, but he is bursting with confidence and is very serious when he says one day he would not only own his own company to market his products but would also have a school to teach young people “the world of arts.” With his recent success in Sonia Noel’s designer portfolio–he gained third place in that competition–Michael is focusing all of his energies on preparation for the upcoming Guyana Fashion Weekend as he knows that to have models displaying his designs on such an important stage is not an opportunity that should be missed.

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