The Scene

Beauty pageants


I’ve watched my dear friends do it, as well as a sister I earned (long story) and women I feel acquainted with because of the many times I have seen them on stage, but somehow I never had the courage to do it.

Jamzone Summer Break wrapping up

If there was any weekend like this one in 2010 we might have missed it, but Jamzone Summer Break weekend (now unfolding) takes top honours not just for endless entertainment, but for the best entertainment we have had in a long time.


In last Saturday’s edition of The Scene in the story headlined ‘Talented pianist plays for the love of it,’ it was reported that “Jared gave a piano recital in an effort to raise funds for a local charity which promotes the arts here.” His aunt Charlene Wilkinson, in a clarification said that his recital was in fact the initiative of the Rufaro Centre – a fledgling collective for the promotion of arts and culture in Guyana – and David and Marilyn Dewar.

T.I.’s doing something for the kids

(EUR) T.I. has something new up his sleeve. He’s producing a new animated series called, “Lil’ Homies.” He’s been making his return to the music industry with his latest album “King Uncaged” and his debut, post-prison performance in New York City earlier this week, and let’s not forget his star appearance on big screen film, “Takers.”  Now he’s getting ready to star in a cartoon series.

The ideal guy


Which is more difficult, realising that your love never meant crap and ‘chucking it,’ for want of a better phrase, or concluding that love is worth holding onto regardless of how much it sucks?