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The Link opens tonight

From left: Simone Dowding, Henry Rodney, Michael Ignatius, Sherry Ann Dyal, Raymond Persaud, Sonia Yarde, Francis Bailey and La Vonne George at rehearsal.

Brand new scintillating material is promised when the curtain rises on Link Show 26 tonight at the National Cultural Centre.Directed by Ron Robinson (the Theatre Company) and produced by Gem Madhoo Nascimento (GEMS Theatre Productions), the Link Show’s huge cast includes veterans like Henry Rodney, Nazim Hussain, Howard Lorimer, Ajay Baksh, Lavonne George, Simone Dowding, Sherry Ann Dyal, Sonia Yarde and Michael Ignatius; and new but known comics like Linden ‘Jumbie’ Jones, Kijana Lewis, Tishondra Innis, Clement Stanford and Quesi Edmondson. 0

Jay-Z: ‘Music labels must streamline to survive’

(BBC) – Newly-crowned best international male at the Brits, Jay-Z’s advice to the British music industry is less is more. The rap superstar set up his own Roc Nation music business, a joint venture with gig promoters Live Nation to manage artists, which looks after their tours as well as putting out CDs and downloads. 0

Valentine’s jinx

Culture Box I was up a few nights ago thinking about what excuse I will come up with this year when people ask me if I am celebrating Valentine’s Day. 0

Comedy Jam and the Business of Theatre

Calypso queen Tennicia De Freitas

Last week’s signing of 2010 Junior Calypso Monarch Tennicia De Freitas to perform at this February 19th encore performance of Mori J’Von Comedy Jam 11 marks what Producer/Director Ron Morrison says is a bold attempt to build stronger bridges between business and the performing arts Although he accepts that the local business community is far too fragile to fully support the growth and development of the creative  arts, Ron Morrison believes that neither business nor the arts have sought sufficiently diligently to explore such opportunities as exist for a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.  1

Soca, Calypso divas face off over ‘Man’ song

Barbara Nedd

By Oluatoyin Alleyne Pearl Lewis also known as ‘Precious Pearl’ is fighting to win this year’s calypso crown but she is also fighting to boot a contestant out of this year’s Carib Soca Monarch competition on an accusation that the woman has stolen the words of a song she originally wrote. 4