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‘Explosive’ summer break promised by Hits & Jams

Kerwin Bollers

Hits & Jams Promotions is promising Guyanese an “explosive affair” during their popular summer break with the traditional Miss Jamzone pageant being a thing of the past since it will not only be Guyanese faces gracing the stage, but the faces of contestants from seven other Caribbean countries.

Mercy Johnson: It’s a matter of choice

Star actress, Mercy Johnson Ozioma aka. Mercy Johnson, speaks about her life, the movie industry and other issues Q: You have played different roles in the Nigerian movie industry to the extent that your fans don’t know the kind of person you are.

A lot of hot air!


Dear Woman-who-thinks-like-a-man, Can you believe how ridiculous some women are? Last Christmas when my girlfriend expelled flatulence during my family dinner I didn’t get mad and I still kissed her that night.

Moussaka: A shared dish

Moussaka made with ripe plantains (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone, Ask anyone to identify a Greek dish and the iconic Moussaka immediately comes to mind.  However, Moussaka, an eggplant-based dish, has its origins in the Middle East and the Mediterranean not in Greece.

GFW opens in TO


On Wednesday the Toronto Premier of the Guyana Fashion Weekend (GFW) was launched at the art infused Trane Studio. This historic event, a GFW release said, featured the Caribbean flavours of Mariska Designs, Marica De Santos, Nitisha Johns, Carol Fraser, David Clarke, Michael Kellman, Alana Bining & Michael De Abreu and is a prelude to the Caribana festival in Toronto.

Musa Njoko’s inspiring Caribbean visit

Musa Njoko

Guyana and Barbados recently benefited from visits of a woman of substance in the name of Musa Njoko, a South African Zulu gospel singer who gave inspirational testimonies through songs and inspired many with her life story of living with HIV for 16 years but has not given up on life and is closer to God.

Things that make you go hmmm.…


We’re hosting guests from overseas. They’re Guyanese who have not been “home” in perhaps a decade. They don’t want to appear obvious so they have tried very hard to “blend in” (their words).