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Feeding the fashion greed

Essena O’Neill

Who doesn’t like a sale? I personally fancy a good bargain and getting constantly bombarded by emails on a daily basis to notify me on sales and flash discounts.

Also-ran: Guyana

Out of the blue last Thursday, which was October 29, the media were informed that the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant contestants were going to be introduced to the media and the public on Sunday evening, November 1, at the Princess Hotel.

Balmain x H&M, a review

20151107red skirt

Almost every fashion conscious person with Instagram is aware of the Balmain Fashion Revolution or the hashtag Balmainarmy. Balmain has made its way to the ultimate fashion popularity pinnacle and is currently the cherry on top for “fashion table talk”

Leeanna Allen is ‘Labeled Loved’

The CD cover

Leeanna Allen, a contemporary gospel singer, songwriter and spoken word poet is making waves in the music industry. She recently dropped her first album, ‘Severely Flawed But Labeled Loved’ and also collaborated with Kross Kolor Records on its Christmas CD where one of her poems is featured.

Not investing


Of recent, I find myself being drawn towards buying the impractical and cute as opposed to the necessary and basic. I find myself easily justifying and listing countless reasons why I would need a bag that can’t even hold my phone and wallet whilst quickly shutting down the practicality of buying something for everyday use; you know like a good ‘old’ pair of working shoes.