The Scene

Burger joints

There aren’t many restaurants with the word ‘burger’ in their names; maybe JR Burgers is the only one. But a lot of places with the words ‘fast food’ or ‘snackette’ in their names sell burgers.

Meet the Miss Guyana Talented Teen hopefuls


The nine young women vying for the Miss Guyana Talented Teen title and crown, along with a chance to represent Guyana at the Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant are: Chelsie France Chelsie is proud to be wearing the sash of Miss Enmore, paying homage to the martyrs who fought for what they believed in.

Harold Bascom is the real deal


Having won the Guyana Prize for Literature three times, Harold Bascom has nothing to prove. He is the real deal. The celebrated Guyanese playwright is now focused being recognised and winning an award for film in the USA, his adopted homeland.

Naya Zamana’s dance production to mesmerise audience

Naya Zamana dancers from left to right Tonya Singh,
Rishi Dubraj and Gina Arjoon.

Guyana Hindu Dharmic Shaba’s 18th production of its annual Naya Zamana dance production will take the form of a “riveting drama” titled Tall Dhamaal which promises to entertain and mesmerise the audience who attend its staging on August 24th at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).