Tastes Like Home

Picnic eating

Tastes like home

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is Mashramani and apart from the main event – the parade of costumes and bands in various parts of the country – the number one activity that many will be participating in is some form of picnic. 0

Hot Fluffy Rice


Hi Everyone, Taken for granted though indispensable for many meals, plainly cooked-rice is content and secure in its supportive role. Although rarely viewed as an equal contributor to a meal – because of its physical appearance or taste – many stews, curries, sauces, gravies and cooked vegetables would become like people that get all dressed up to go to parties but never get asked to dance. 0

The Cost of Food

Tastes like home

Hi Everyone, Fact: food is expensive. Fact: we are spending more and getting very little for the dollar. Fact: smaller quantities and higher prices mean we have to buy larger amounts of food to feed our families and ourselves. 0

The spice in my rice

Cardamom-Saffron Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone, With the holidays looming large, everyone is looking to spice things up – literally and figuratively. The powerful spice trio of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg has the path cleared for them as they head directly to many holiday favourites – beverages, meats, cakes and cookies. 0