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Gold in the land, gold in the water

Attracting thievery and corruption

Bartica boys, backdams and banks Did Rasul ever hear or read about Raleigh? What am I really asking? Okay, I’m wondering whether the Bartica fellow accused of suspicious multi-million “gold” transactions knows anything at all about the English Explorer Sir Walter Raleigh who came to the early Guiana in the late fourteenth century searching frantically for a City of Gold – Manoa del Dorado or El Dorado.

Coupling African and Amerindian land issues

Given its historical development and situational context, outside of pure formalism (an emphasis on form rather than content), to which this regime appears particularly prone, there are no good logical, historical, political, economic, social or other reasons why it should have decided to couple the generally settled Amerindian land issue to the yet to be consensually formulated African demand for ancestral land.

A misstep

A meeting was planned to accommodate consultations on the proposed Value-Added Tax (VAT) on private education. I thought, perhaps finally, the government would acknowledge what a misstep VAT on private education is.

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