Why is PPP/C not regenerating itself?

Dear Editor, Why is the PPP/C not regenerating itself before the next General Elections due by 2020? Clearly, Bharrat Jagdeo (and Donald Ramotar) are not the solution to Guyana’s problems as they have had their chances to unite Guyana but chose to play politics (race-based politics at that).

Unity is the key

Dear Editor, Today, Guyana celebrates 51 years as an independent nation, As we celebrate nationhood it is opportune for us to reflect on where we are and where we came from; there is an old saying that he who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it.

We are all affected by what happened in Manchester

Dear Editor, This is in reference to your news items (SN, May 23, 24, 25) on the Manchester terror attack. I do not know anyone (friend or family) who was directly affected by the latest terror attack, but I spoke with several Guyanese in the UK since that suicide bombing and they are all concerned and edgy about this massacre and the recent spate of terror attacks across Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, etc).

Human rights should not be decided by referendum

Dear Editor, I wish to address the proposition of a referendum concerning the legal recognition and decriminalization of homosexuality. According to the Guyana Chronicle report dated April 20th 2017, the Government of Guyana issued a letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) addressing the “issues of human rights violations against young persons in Guyana.” I encourage readers to read this letter if possible.

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