Congratulations to Simona Broomes

Dear Editor, I was rescued from human trafficking by the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) in the year 2013. Since then I was given the hope to live and become someone in life, but after some time of being in the system that hope began to die.


Dear Editor, The Guyana Times in its Tuesday, May 26, edition in an article captioned ‘APNU/AFC backers Rap Granger’s high handedness’ sought to give readers the impression that I had criticized the new APNU+AFC administration, in comments I made in a letter which was carried in Kaieteur News and Stabroek News on May 23.

‘One big family’

Dear Editor, I have just come off the Caribbean Airlines flight BW600 between Timehri and Toronto during which I read the airline’s current magazine titled Caribbean Beat in which there was an inspiring article featuring a speech given by the all-time great visionary, Rev Dr Martin Luther King, some 50 years ago in Jamaica focusing on the Jamaican motto: “Out of many, One people.” The strong, direct, immediate resonance of MLK’s half-century old message (which incidentally also echoes similar themes by the revered Mahatma Gandhi and the indomitable Nelson Mandela, with the exhortations of our own newly sworn-in President David Granger this week, compelled my penning this piece as a reminder to my compatriots.

Africans and vagrants

Dear Editor, I was astonished to read in an article authored by Henry Jeffery and published in Stabroek News dated May 27, 2015, the following sentence: “Even African vagrants, not usually too concerned about election, were showing off their inked fingers!” That Dr Jeffrey would refer to African people in such a pejorative and disrespectful manner is in and of itself inexcusable.

Gates locked, artistes soaked, meals spoilt at Stadium cultural presentation

Dear Editor, I had vowed that never again would I take part in a cultural presentation at the National Stadium, after losing my singing voice from expending too much energy performing in the open air on the (middle of the) tarmac for the last Carifesta held in Guyana (2011?) and memories of the daily trips with liquid refreshment for thirsty schoolchildren, delivered from my old van, as there was none officially delivered.

Wordsworth McAndrew deserves a centre at UG

Dear Editor, I do not know whether Volume I of my Wordsworth McAndrew biography, published a year ago by Caribbean Press, has anything to do with him now receiving a Guyana Golden Arrow of Achievement Award, posthumously, but I’m truly happy that he is at last being recognized for his distinguished contributions as a radio presenter, poet, newspaper columnist and, of course, folklorist.

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