Prime Minister’s statements about Linden electricity are pipe dreams

Dear Editor, In order to justify a ‘level playing field’ for electricity costs,  Lindeners were informed (SS April 15), by Mr Samuel Hinds, Prime Minister of the Republic of Guyana, that their power supply costs now heavily subsidized will have to be standardized with the rest of the country, since their continued sound growth and development without constraint is dependent on this necessary reform. 

Essequibo police were guilty of noise nuisance

Dear Editor, On Easter Monday, April 9, 2012, to my utmost surprise I learnt that the police in ‘G’ Division, that is the Essequibo police, held a bar-b-que and lime in the police compound next to the Richard Faikal Police Training School, where loud, lewd and vulgar music was played.

The hassled hassar?

Dear Editor, Intriguing as your Sunday (April 15) editorial’s uncovering of the “undercover hassar“ was, it somehow seemed to relate to a larger mystery, in that no mention was made of the role of the Regional Administration in this project of despond, loosely termed as ‘aquaculture’ which, according to the current national budget, ‘falls’ within the Ministry of Agriculture.

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