The bauxite union is committed to staying the course

Dear Editor, The Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GB&GWU) fervently believes in the principle that “a people united can never be defeated.” The court challenge brought by the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI) against the arbitration to resolve the three-year old dispute and restore normalcy to the lives of Guyanese workers goes to the core of who we are as a nation.


Dear Editor, Thank you for sharing the customer’s concerns with us (‘ATM machine “disappeared” money’ SN, April 3). We are in the process of investigating the facts of the matter and shall be contacting the customer directly.

The Sexual Offences Act is still not effectively implemented

Dear Editor, In view of the recent ruling by the Chief Justice Ian Chang to dismiss charges of rape recommended by the DPP against the Commissioner of Police, Mr Henry Greene I, as a woman and child rights activist, would like to point out the following passages in the Sexual Offences Act 2010 which have significant relevance and which seem not to have attracted the consideration of the Chief Justice in his ruling: In part IV of the SOA, Procedures at Court, # 52, Behaviours and reaction of complainant it says “Where on the trial of an accused person for an offence under this Act evidence is given or a question is asked of a witness about the behaviour or reaction of the complainant during or after the alleged offence the judge shall inform the jury that complainants of sexual offences display a wide range of responses, and that the absence of behaviour that they might expect a complainant of a sexual offence to display should not be taken as evidence that the offence charged did not take place.”  It would appear that the Chief Justice did not take this into consideration during his ruling and even though this was not a trial it would seem to me, as a lay person and not a lawyer, that the law ought to be observed without fear or favour in all cases regardless of the position or status of the accused or complainant.

Disability community has been left out of the budget

Dear Editor, It would appear that the disability community has been left out of the 2012 budgetary allocations. On November 10, 2011, then President Bharrat Jagdeo pledged $20M to the disability community in Guyana, at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary where he met with representatives of the different organizations representing persons with disabilities in Guyana.

The Commissioner should have faced the court process

Dear Editor, I would like to give a completely opposite take on the views presented by Abu Bakr in his letter, ‘A “landmark“ decision‘ in which he concludes that “the decision by Justice Ian Chang in the Henry Greene case is correct, of “landmark” quality, and “a major contribution to legal history in the Common-wealth.” My instant response is that the Chief Justice (ag) Chang lost the perfect opportunity to stamp his foot down on waning morality and rein in the rampant disrespect for the law and the rule of law that is contributing to Guyana’s social and economic slide.

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