The pressure has to be kept up on the WICB

Dear Editor, I hope the proposed meeting between the CARICOM cricket committee and the West Indies Cricket Board would not simply be another talk shop and that the board would be told in no uncertain terms that West Indies cricket does not belong to their old boys’ network but to all West Indians.

Bauxite arbitration another milestone for workers

Dear Editor, The scheduled commencement of the arbitration proceedings on Tuesday, March 13th is another milestone for workers employed by the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI/ RUSAL) which has been earned through their consciousness that rights and the rule of law are essential elements in their day to day lives.

Gov’t must hit WICB half-volley out of the ground

Dear Editor, For a reason that will become patently obvious at the end of this missive, let me state from the outset that the apercu expressed herein is not indicative, or conclusive, of the policy of the Executive Government of Guyana which ought, or may seek, to be more ably advised on the imbroglio created by the unpardonable intransigence of the current West Indies Cricket Board.

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