Being There

Peter Sellers, the English comedy actor is best remembered for his acting roles as Inspector Clouseau, an inept inspector in the French Sûreté, in the Pink Panther film series and as Hrundi V Bakshi, a bungling Indian actor who is accidentally invited to a lavish dinner party, in the film, The Party.

Is this really an independence arch?

Dear Editor, Stabroek News of Saturday, May 13, 2017 carried a story headlined ‘Works to complete new arch continue without disrupting traffic.’ In the body of the story the arch is described as “the new independence arch.”  If this is truly an independence arch, why is the presidential emblem perched atop the arch and not the national emblem as is the case with the arch at Agricola?

‘Ghost’ teachers

A cursory glance at what is just the preliminary report of the Commission of Inquiry into the state of education in Guyana tells us – as if we needed to be told, anyway ‒ that the system is underperforming woefully and that the need for a comprehensive overhaul has reached the point of a national emergency.

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