What the people say about -Telling bus drivers they’re going too fast

When travelling on minibuses and they are speeding do you complain? What about the music in the bus and when they overload? We asked the man and woman in the street these questions and this is what they had to say.

Patrick Joseph, Joiner: ‘I often complain about speeding, overloading and loud music in minibuses. The conductor would usually signal to the driver my disapproval and they would comply, they are never rude to me. I usually complain about the music if it’s too loud or if it’s not decent. Sometimes the other passengers are the ones who get upset when I complain and say that I have to give other people a chance because everyone wants to go home. The passengers are the ones who encourage the drivers to continue overloading minibuses, play loud music and speed. I think passengers should be fined not just the conductors.’

Victor Sobers, Public sector employee: ‘I complain when I’m in a bus and its speeding. Most of the time the conductor would put me out of the bus if I talk about the music or about extra passengers being placed in a seat. I often come out too, even though I know it’s against the law for them to put you out, but I do not pay. They would then say things like I’m rich and that everyone has to live. The drivers often pass you straight on any other day if you complain. I’ve heard them talk about people who they pass on the road and describe that person as disgusting because that person objected to the bus speeding. They hardly ever turn down their music and the regular passengers don’t complain and while some persons may agree with you when you speak up, they don’t say this loud enough for the driver or conductor to hear.’

Christopher Rambaran, Tutor: ‘I don’t complain about speeding when I’m travelling in a minibus because it’s kind of a thrill. I know it’s against the law but I still don’t complain. However I do complain when they overload the minibuses because it’s uncomfortable. The minibus operators don’t usually have regard for you when you complain though. The only reason I do not leave the bus is because I often want to get home early. I sometimes complain about loud music because it’s annoying but the music is only turned down if someone is using a cellular phone. The other passengers never say anything.’

Teon Joaquin, Barber: ‘I do not usually complain when travelling on minibuses. A few times I complained about speeding but on those occasions I was ignored while one bus slowed the speed. I don’t think they have respect for people. The music I think keeps the people in the bus lively and I do not mind shifting down a bit to allow another person a seat in a bus. I don’t complain about the overloading because most times it’s in the morning and I want to get to work early. On the few occasions when I did complain I was not insulted by the driver or conductor.’

Cyril Kalie, Security Officer: ‘Normally I do not complain when I’m travelling in a bus when it’s speeding because I can’t talk to the driver. I complain at times about the overloading because the touts and conductors pack up the buses. They often tell people to leave the bus whenever someone complains. I complain about the music because when you’re telling them where to stop they do not hear and often drive past your stop. However I have never gotten put out of a bus and that’s mainly because I say nothing for fear of being left stranded.’

Adrene Benjamin, Facilitator/Student: ‘Yes I have to complain about speeding and the vulgar music played in minibuses. Some of the drivers and conductors often tell you to get out of the bus when you complain. I was even cursed once and told that I didn’t have money to travel after I came out of a bus and refused to pay when it did not slow down. I complain about overloading as well because people are paying their money to be comfortable. A conductor told me that look at my size and I didn’t want to shift down. The drivers like to mark your faces when you object to them speeding but a stitch in time save nine. People need to complain and I usually come out of any bus that is speeding, playing vulgar music or overloading. They tell me all sorts of things like buy a bus or take a taxi but I don’t care I will not sit down and encourage them.’

Joycelyn Benfield, Teacher: ‘I usually complain when buses are speeding and when they play music too loudly. In some instances they would turn down their music. When they are speeding it makes you feel unsafe and one wonders what is going through the driver’s mind. Some slow down when told to but others continue on their way. The younger passengers don’t really object to the speeding since they like the speed. Sometimes I do not voice my opinion when they overload because they tell other people to find another bus so to avoid this I stay silent. When ever you speak out they do not pick you up.’

Nerisa Adams, Fashion Designer/Ex-Model: ‘I usually complain about speeding and loud music in a minibus. However the drivers don’t usually listen and sometimes I come out of the bus but only if I’m not late. When I’m late I continue on in the same bus but don’t ever travel in it again unless I’m left stranded and don’t have a choice. I like to let the drivers and conductors know that I am paying for my seat when they tell people to double up. Some of the drivers refuse to pick you up on any other occasion but this depends on who is the driver. I say bring back the Tata buses because they are safer and more comfortable and there won’t be the problem of speeding.’

Veronique Sami, UG Student: ‘I usually come out of any bus that is speeding before I reach my stop. I never let them know that I am unhappy with the speed and prefer to come off and pay. I usually try to travel in the old buses so that I won’t have this type of problem. I do not mind music in buses but not with profanity. I never had a problem with overloading in buses because I’m careful about the buses I choose to travel in.’

Gailon Samuels, Student: ‘I would complain about the speeding and sometimes the drivers would ignore me. When they do not slow down I don’t bother to say anything else. I do not complain about the music however I do have a problem with them overloading the buses because I still have to pay the full fare. They often still put an extra person in the seat and then try to sweet talk you into accepting the other person.’

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