Next phase of world cup ticketing pushed back

Phase Three of public ticketing for the ICC CWC 2007 matches has been pushed back to February 1 and the distribution of tickets to those persons who made purchases in Phases One and Two has also been delayed.

According to the Finance Manager of the ICC CWC Local Organising Committee, Chateram Ramdihal the ICC/CWC 2007 West Indies Inc decided to push back the date for the third phase of public ticketing to ensure seating arrangements were done according to standards required. A number of the stadiums have been newly built including Guyana’s.

Ramdihal said, “We were aiming to start distributing tickets mid-January and that would now be shifted back to mid-February.”

However, he said that the sale of bulk tickets to the corporate or business community for their staff has been extended to January 31 after which no more tickets would be available in bulk to businesses.

Businesses interested in the purchase of tickets for staff are required to contact the LOC Office in Georgetown.

Ramdihal told reporters at the first LOC media briefing for the year at the LOC office in Georgetown that even though the overall sale of tickets for the six Super Eight matches that would be held in Guyana was just over 50%, it was “a bit of comfort” that most, if not all of the tickets would be sold out come match day. He made this assumption based on increased sales during the second phase of public ticketing and the last-minute nature of Guyanese and Caribbean people.

In phase three, the buyer would be able to choose the seat number based on availability of seats. There would be a viewing chart with the seats and sale would be on a first come, first serve basis.

A person would be eligible to buy at least eight tickets for one match. Those who would have bought four tickets for one match in Phase One could buy four additional tickets for the same match.

Ramdihal cautioned that the resale of tickets was illegal and persons caught doing this would be subject to the laws in place under the sunset legislation. “You could buy a ticket and give it to someone. Selling it back for a profit is the problem,” he said noting that those selling tickets on E-Bay would lose their tickets as well as the monies they would have paid for the tickets.

To boost sales the LOC would be paying a visit to the Guyanese diaspora, particularly in North America to promote sales and marketing of the mega event. Enquiries are still being made from the diaspora about the availability of tickets, flights and accommodation in Guyana, Chief Executive Officer of the LOC, Karan Singh said.

With just over 60 days to go to the first set of warm-up matches, Singh also said that the LOC would be moving into high gear with the opening of an ICC CWC LOC secretariat at the Guyana National Stadium at Provi-dence, East Bank Demerara next week. Singh and other managers of the LOC would be operating out of the Providence secretariat periodically until the matches are held.

The Super Eight matches in Guyana would be held from March 28 to April 9. (Miranda La Rose)

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