What were your favourite songs at this year’s soca and calypso competitions? Who is your favourite Guyanese singer?

Stoyann Cato, Secondary School Student

`I don’t really listen to calypso or soca music but there is a song that was sung and it was something about “cochore”. I heard the guy that sang the song is from New Amsterdam but I don’t know his name. I like it because it has a fast beat and because the words that he was singing were true. My favourite Guyanese singers are First Born and Natural Black. I like their songs.’

Erlene McDonald, Receptionist

‘I don’t really listen to music though I like some of Adrian (Dutchin) and ‘Big Red’ songs. I like the rhythm and the beat of the songs. For calypso, I like the song the ‘Mighty Rebel’ sang. I like the words and his music. My favourite Guyanese singer is ‘Malo’. I saw him on TV and asked about him and saw him live at the soca competition. I don’t really know why I like him; I like his music.’

Nicole Williams, Housewife

‘I don’t really like calypso but I like ‘Big Red’ music. I listen to it on the radio and I like it because of the way she sings and the way she puts it; in a day-to-day manner. Timeka Marshall is my favourite local singer. I like the way she sings; she sings good and has a beautiful voice. She is a good role model because she visits schools and shares out things; that is very good of her.’

Stacey Oliver, Nursing Student

‘I like Adrian (Dutchin) and ‘Malo’ songs because they have nice beats for young people. As for calypso the ‘Mighty Rebel’ composition was great. I like it because it is not only political; it has things that are relevant right now. As for my favourite Guyanese singers, Jomo and Adrian are my favourites because they have style and their music catches people. They do their music very well.’

Rockel Mingo, Security Officer

`I don’t listen to soca or calypso music because I don’t like them. I listen to oldies. I would listen to soca but I don’t follow it or buy the CD. I love oldies and soul. My favourite local singers are Timeka Marshall and Celeste David. They sang the Christmas song very well and I have a copy. I like them because they sing very well. I also like Shawn English. He works at the same company as me.’

Colin Lovell, Fisherman

‘I like Shelly G ‘Unity’ song and also the ‘Malo’ song. I like those songs because of the rhythm. I didn’t hear any calypso this year and I didn’t listen to any because I was away. My favourite local singers are Shelly G and Celeste David. I like them because the music they sing sends a positive message.’

Khamisi Slowe, Custo-mer Care Representative

‘I didn’t listen to calypso. For soca, I like ‘Malo’ songs. I think he did a good job at the soca competition and he deserved the title. I like the song because it was a song for the Mash festival. I was very busy so I didn’t get a chance to listen to the calypso competition so I don’t have a favourite song. My favourite singers are Adrian (Dutchin) and Timeka Marshall. I like Adrian because he believes in himself and he is a good role model for all the other local singers. Even though people talk about him he deserves everything he has and he works towards his music though I expected more from him at the Soca finals. As for Timeka I like her because she is a hot girl. When she went to Jamaica to make the video for the song she was doing it for herself though she could have done it here. She is also a role model for young ladies and believes in herself and goes and reaches for her goals. I believe that she would make it big someday and represent Guyana. She is my local Beyonce’.

Dexter Gill, Hospital Attendant

`There is a song, ‘Iron Crazy’ that I like. I like it because it has a nice rhythm and beat to it. I also like Adrian Dutchin’s songs because he sounds real good. My favourite Guyanese singer is ‘Slingshot’. I like him because he actually sings about things that make sense and most are about Guyana.’

Keny Ato, Hospital Attendant

‘I don’t listen to calypso or soca. I heard some songs but I don’t know them and I have no favourites. The calypso singers I like are not from this country. My favourite local singers are Natural Black and First Born because they sing about things that makes sense, things about reality.’

Jevon King

‘I don’t listen to soca or calypso because I am not into it. I listen to rock and I would have to take time to listen to soca or calypso. I like Shelly G though; she is working at it right now. I think she could really do something with her song. My favourite local singer is Typheon. I like her because she has a nice personality, voice and has the talent to make it very far.’

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